1. winnie Gondwe

    winnie Gondwe5 dias atrás

    Hollow raps like he needs lozenges 😩

  2. Al Prano

    Al PranoMês atrás

    K shine is garbage

  3. banjio cain

    banjio cainMês atrás

    I just revisited jas body in this clip and memory

  4. bloodk_ Rex sly

    bloodk_ Rex sly2 meses atrás

    Beat this bars

  5. D Carv

    D Carv4 meses atrás

    @1:42 shine gives dap to the dude on averbs side bc his boy knew his shit was fire. Low key slick shit handshake lol verb the gay one anyways. When you see verb with a chick but talking about he got head from his babysitter and be bangin all these chicks. Averbs the guy one and everyone sees that LoL

  6. Merlo Peguy

    Merlo Peguy4 meses atrás

    Verb said he got boo'ed in NY but he forgot the part where the same crowd was shouting out his slogan out loud word for word

  7. Out Working Talent

    Out Working Talent5 meses atrás

    "It ain't going to be that though Bow,yes it is! " - New Jersey twork

  8. Mij

    Mij6 meses atrás

    "It aint gonna be that" said a 1000x each time his voice pitch got higher

  9. Edwin Thomas

    Edwin Thomas8 meses atrás

    It ain't gon be that tho, bow nigga yes it is!! -New Jersey Twork

  10. Permian Based

    Permian Based9 meses atrás

    Jaz so lame

  11. Derrick Alexander

    Derrick AlexanderAnos atrás

    Nome 5 is the birth of Gun-title's

  12. Antonius sumbry

    Antonius sumbryAnos atrás

    What is the name of the first battle

  13. arran kambo

    arran kamboAnos atrás

    this official girl is fucking crazyyyyY!

  14. arran kambo

    arran kamboAnos atrás

    "aint gon be that" LOOOL Aye Verb

  15. deion sanders

    deion sandersAnos atrás

    y only play hollow shit he got ate

  16. jonjon

    jonjon2 anos atrás

    Stop already you even afraid to even pop your cherry lol

  17. Jax TwentyFiveOweFive

    Jax TwentyFiveOweFive2 anos atrás


  18. Squeeze First Reptiles

    Squeeze First Reptiles2 anos atrás


  19. Hereforthedubs

    Hereforthedubs2 anos atrás

    jaz performance was very good but official had a crazy night...

  20. Optimus Gaming

    Optimus Gaming2 anos atrás

    Nome 5 was hard asf 💯💯👍👍


    PRiiMO VALENTiiNO2 anos atrás

    Hitman taken his watch off.. two deep he was ready!! I just seen that lol.. Hitman the truth


    PRiiMO VALENTiiNO2 anos atrás

    Who fucking wit shine performance tho!? Like just look at all his battles bruh! He bout to bury Rex bum ass

  23. yaboi

    yaboi2 anos atrás

    That nicca K-shine is wack as hell. Is he taking Ritalin or something? Too dam hyped corny.

  24. Mika Stallings

    Mika Stallings2 anos atrás

    Tsurf tho, 😍😍😍

  25. Swift Chancellor

    Swift Chancellor2 anos atrás

    smack took dat W tho

  26. TheGGMan

    TheGGMan2 anos atrás

    Verb gets a lot of hate and Idk why but you gotta respect him during that little spat during him and shines battle. there's just him and holla and shine has a whole group with him and he still was willing to scrap if it got to it.

  27. yoBarlo

    yoBarlo2 anos atrás

    That's a glock-coma

  28. Chuks Nnadi

    Chuks Nnadi2 anos atrás

    Lol clearly you hate Charlie clips

  29. 972SIRE469

    972SIRE4692 anos atrás

    Verb a lame.

  30. Smoking UrFriend

    Smoking UrFriend2 anos atrás


  31. Abdiwahab fitness

    Abdiwahab fitnessMês atrás

    Boooow yes it’s

  32. Esteban Rincon

    Esteban Rincon2 anos atrás


  33. Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth

    Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth2 anos atrás

    Hollow got his acronyms twisted its an E.I.N. number not an E.N.I. so my question to you is.... amþaģsess u truly hollow

  34. yoBarlo

    yoBarlo2 anos atrás

    Two shay

  35. ladrao

    ladrao2 anos atrás

    whos those girls next to samck

  36. Shimon

    Shimon2 anos atrás

    ladrao thots

  37. 노아디

    노아디2 anos atrás

    That fuckin' blonde one...


    TKAYO IS SPEAKING3 anos atrás



    TKAYO IS SPEAKING3 anos atrás

  40. TheLegendOfTheEast

    TheLegendOfTheEast3 anos atrás

    why tf was the strings on John John hoodie so long 😂😂😂

  41. Benji Prophet

    Benji Prophet3 anos atrás

    Peep Hitman taking off his watch at 2:35 ready to bang😹😹😹, thats the type of niggas u need watching ya back

  42. khristle floyd

    khristle floyd2 anos atrás

    Benji Prophet when your jewelry is real that's all you thinking about putting away from the vultures before they swarm

  43. Ali a

    Ali a2 anos atrás

    Benji Prophet nah bro thats fake if you real your not thinking about a watch when its go time!

  44. Jermain Smith

    Jermain Smith3 anos atrás

    Listen to blackhand by Villin #np on #SoundCloud

  45. Craig Arnott

    Craig Arnott3 anos atrás

    Official is fire.

  46. Craig Arnott

    Craig Arnott3 anos atrás

    Official is fire.

  47. Normisha Brewer

    Normisha Brewer3 anos atrás

    I will have you and ya flag hangin from a balcony like I'm proud to be an American ⛽ (PETRO ) -TayRoc

  48. Normisha Brewer

    Normisha Brewer3 anos atrás

    hangin OFF a balcony ( excuse me )

  49. nikki waller

    nikki waller3 anos atrás


  50. 34stzoo

    34stzoo3 anos atrás

    K shine is really tough when his boy's are around!

  51. Yusuf

    Yusuf3 anos atrás

    Tsu Surf spittin that real killer shit. He one of the only real street dudes in battle rap

  52. Bogeham13

    Bogeham132 anos atrás

    i.V.i. L

  53. Junior Unruly

    Junior Unruly3 anos atrás

    Surf can touch GOD with all that reaching

  54. Justin Kirkwood

    Justin Kirkwood2 meses atrás

    Lol I laughed laughed

  55. NW Capital

    NW Capital3 anos atrás


  56. Dirovame1

    Dirovame13 anos atrás

    There's nothing more unattractive than girls rapping about guns

  57. Pray for Harambe

    Pray for Harambe2 anos atrás

    Michael Seckman rapping not wrapping

  58. Bogeham13

    Bogeham132 anos atrás

    Dirovame1 There's nothing more attractive than that IMO

  59. Michael Seckman

    Michael Seckman3 anos atrás

    I mean guys wrapping about Guns too

  60. Kyle 89

    Kyle 893 anos atrás

    sophia body is buff

  61. Joseph Hernandez

    Joseph Hernandez3 anos atrás

    Good vid!!

  62. Joost

    Joost3 anos atrás

    Jaz wasn't killed at all when I watch it back !... (s.o. to official !..)

  63. Kevin Washington

    Kevin Washington3 anos atrás

    yo Tay rock has to be the worst battle rapper ever

  64. Dcrossover

    Dcrossover3 anos atrás

    +Kevin Washington Jevin Washington please sit the fuck down and put your money where your mouth is

  65. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    No that's Tsu Surf.

  66. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    No that's Tsu Surf.

  67. x Starlyy

    x Starlyy3 anos atrás

    jaz the rapper looks like loaded lux

  68. Taurus83

    Taurus83Mês atrás

    Official said, she was gon JAZ up the place 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás


  70. Topdizzawg

    Topdizzawg3 anos atrás

    Hollows voice is painful to hear

  71. Mike Larry

    Mike Larry3 anos atrás

    clips unloyal. So what u let a nigga stay with u smh. Cant trust these fake ass battle rappers

  72. Robbie James

    Robbie James3 anos atrás

    aye verb is trash

  73. Robbie James

    Robbie James2 anos atrás


  74. Alexandru Chitu

    Alexandru Chitu2 anos atrás

    you from new york wright? Of course is trash cause bodied some ny niggas!

  75. Demoxyy Music

    Demoxyy Music3 anos atrás

    the first one had me dying, the swear to god one. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Alan Torrico-Lopez

    Alan Torrico-Lopez3 anos atrás

    Lol perm head verb actin like he all tough "ain't gon b dat tho"

  77. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    Verb Von Doom is tough as shit though, I mean he must be tough with a name like that.

  78. pp

    pp3 anos atrás

    "It ain't gon be that tho" -Aye Verb

  79. Joe Meissour

    Joe Meissour3 anos atrás


  80. Jacob Morales

    Jacob Morales3 anos atrás

    That tsu surf Bulls scheme was so nice

  81. jussayin mipeece

    jussayin mipeece3 anos atrás

    DAMMMMMMMMM those breast had me hard for the rest of that video . Shit so much blood in my head I cant even see straight to type.

  82. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    What breast?

  83. jay dee

    jay dee3 anos atrás

    Guns clips bars are so fcking old...use something else already..

  84. James Jones

    James Jones3 anos atrás

    Chess vs K Shine. Set that up

  85. Swift Chancellor

    Swift Chancellor2 anos atrás

    James Jones kshine would smash him

  86. MrKravonGill

    MrKravonGill3 anos atrás

    glocc coma

  87. Brodric Joyce

    Brodric Joyce3 anos atrás

    K Shine is a beast those lines are mean

  88. Nicole Lozada

    Nicole Lozada3 anos atrás

    that chick with the red hair her legs tho lol awkward

  89. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    @Chris Palmaccio I can't my eyes are too busy being locked on Nunu's perfect legs.

  90. spLash11

    spLash113 anos atrás

    +Bogeham13 get your eyes checked

  91. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    @Chris Palmaccio Yes, her thighs are heaven to my eyes.

  92. spLash11

    spLash113 anos atrás

    +Bogeham13 perfect? Lmao

  93. Tony Foamtana

    Tony Foamtana3 anos atrás

    Missouri loves company

  94. Stronger Than Most

    Stronger Than Most2 anos atrás

    Tony Foamtana. . *Misery loves company*

  95. Tony Foamtana

    Tony Foamtana3 anos atrás

    It ain't gone be. That

  96. 54Vngb 30

    54Vngb 303 anos atrás

    They ain feel weezy dis much since the carter 4! The kick back suprise him like tina ina limo! Your voice hoarse yu leave niggas sleepy hollw how could yu be ahead of me? How you clean big T but couldnt wash budden up? His whole 3 was better than hollow 2nd and 3rd! Hollow went down each round! Clips rebutled all dat shit! Pau brother fuck around and marc gausol! Yall sleep! I mean wat the fukk yall tryna hear? If sombody do sum complicated shit yall dumbass dont understand! He did him! Hollow first round was funny but it wasnt no bars in it! Clips was spittin bars all night! And jus because somebody use the same name dont mean its the same scheme! Smh! Silly motherfuckers! This clips league now!

  97. 54Vngb 30

    54Vngb 303 anos atrás

    Im js clips been clips so if it was so bad jus because hollow point out wat everybody already kne dat makes clips sukk now? After dat where was hollow?

  98. Mark Howell

    Mark Howell3 anos atrás

    I gotta watch it again but hollow was overall better than clips 1st round. hollow clearly had 2 and clips won 3. But it depend on what u prefer

  99. 5oh Moe

    5oh Moe3 anos atrás

    Why was DNA's opening with the Math Hoffa reference on this. Shit was trash lol and im. fan

  100. JoeTheStreetz

    JoeTheStreetz3 anos atrás

    These guys are nice much props to Lions Den Smack KOTD and all leagues that provide a platform to showcase this amazing art form

  101. paulczar

    paulczar3 anos atrás

    I fuck wit Hollow but damn his voice is tough to hear sometimes. Perfect example starts around 11:00. Hits really at 11:08 "like the OOOLLLDDDD Clips!!!" Ughhh my ears hurt,

  102. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    His voice and aggression is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  103. Tim Wattley

    Tim Wattley3 anos atrás

    more sports schemes surf how original.

  104. Bob Evans

    Bob Evans3 anos atrás

    Holla would of beat Shine ass yo lmao

  105. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    King Shine would beat your ass yo lmao.

  106. jovannie spears

    jovannie spears3 anos atrás

    Verb isn't top tier tho 😕

  107. Ace_ trillzz

    Ace_ trillzz3 anos atrás

    Would if Showoutt was there during that argument😂😂

  108. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    Showout would of remixed the argument with Hitman.

  109. Gee Gil

    Gee Gil3 anos atrás

    Huge Clips fan but Hollow got this win

  110. Ramifications

    Ramifications3 anos atrás

    Lets be real. Charlie had a best of NOTHING

  111. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    +FurryBoyKen Clips 0-3

  112. FurryBoyKen

    FurryBoyKen3 anos atrás

    Clips 3-0

  113. schooltime2k

    schooltime2k3 anos atrás

    @Ramifications Exactly!!!

  114. Battlefielding

    Battlefielding3 anos atrás

    3:09 who came onto the stage????

  115. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    I think it was Caitlin Jenner.

  116. Battlefielding

    Battlefielding3 anos atrás

    aye verb should be everyone's bottom 5.

  117. Luke Lucas

    Luke Lucas3 anos atrás

    7:08 the blonde girl on the right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) anyone happen to know her name?

  118. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    +FurryBoyKen This

  119. FurryBoyKen

    FurryBoyKen3 anos atrás

    +fred maxx SophiaThotty

  120. fred maxx

    fred maxx3 anos atrás


  121. Luke Lucas

    Luke Lucas3 anos atrás

    10:45 there she is again

  122. J 5

    J 53 anos atrás

    Aye verb get no love in NYC 😂😂😭

  123. Joshua T. Edwards

    Joshua T. Edwards4 anos atrás

    Preciate the hospitality, but gone head n take this L fam fo that bias!!! Worst then Meek right now fam!!!

  124. Dmonchild

    Dmonchild4 anos atrás

    The pistol gon put you fast asleep thats a glock coma

  125. Tony Foamtana

    Tony Foamtana4 anos atrás

    Are jaz and goods not friends no more

  126. Tony Foamtana

    Tony Foamtana4 anos atrás

    I guess goods is a fortune teller

  127. ILean Left

    ILean Left4 anos atrás

    @Tony Foamtana I remember Goodz saying Jaz had the big head and she needed to taken down. He predicted Official or Ehart would beat her. I guess Goodz was right.

  128. Kobesquad 24

    Kobesquad 244 anos atrás

    Anyone peep how every round surf lost a piece of clothing 😂😂(pause if needed)

  129. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    Tsu Surf was playing strip poker while battling.

  130. Adrian Richardson

    Adrian Richardson4 anos atrás

    Kyrie Irving 3:30

  131. Ben Riska

    Ben Riska4 anos atrás

    watching them argue is like a bunch of children, it's pathetic

  132. Foolish Demon

    Foolish Demon3 anos atrás

    +ben taylor We're not about to start fighting now.

  133. Ben Riska

    Ben Riska3 anos atrás

    @FurryBoyKen what did that mean

  134. FurryBoyKen

    FurryBoyKen3 anos atrás

    It ain't gonna be that tho

  135. pz 31s kid

    pz 31s kid4 anos atrás

    You put them bummy ass Cotrez lines in here? You gotta be kidding me b

  136. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    I know right, shit was corny as Cornytez.

  137. Anthony Jenkins

    Anthony Jenkins4 anos atrás

    Aye Verb says something that he swears was nice but it'll be average at best.

  138. Francis Manancis

    Francis Manancis4 anos atrás

    "If I swing ima connect, like you should hustle for me"....😂😂 This nigga tay roc is literal GARBAGE

  139. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    That line was a 🙋.

  140. Elijah Bibbs

    Elijah Bibbs4 anos atrás

    Aye verb wasn't gne do shit

  141. Elijah Bibbs

    Elijah Bibbs3 anos atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 yea ok

  142. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    +Elijah Bibbs Verb Von Doom is always bout that shit 😈.

  143. Elijah Bibbs

    Elijah Bibbs4 anos atrás

    Man u can tell when somebody ain't bout that shit, aye verb wasn't bout that shit

  144. Pleasure De

    Pleasure De4 anos atrás

    @Elijah Bibbs how you know what that man would do? you know him personally?

  145. ruivirtual

    ruivirtual4 anos atrás

    how dude is a hollow fan if he didnt put the hardest shit os the whole event: you a kitkat

  146. Taurus83

    Taurus83Mês atrás

    Naw....Official had some of the hardest shit that night

  147. Dwane Hubbard

    Dwane Hubbard4 anos atrás

    That like about hit her with the glock and put her in a coma was lil Wayne's verse from do my thang

  148. isaiah slaughter

    isaiah slaughter4 anos atrás

    It ain't gonna be that tho😂😂

  149. Stef Niewodowski

    Stef Niewodowski8 dias atrás

    isaiah slaughter BOW yes it is

  150. Matt Murphy

    Matt Murphy4 anos atrás

    Whoever made this video was straight dick riding Hollow Da Da Da Don hard. They barely showed Charlie Clips shit. Clips went hard thru the whole thing and they showed like 2 of his punch lines and like 10 of hollows

  151. schooltime2k

    schooltime2k4 anos atrás

    @Matt Murphy Prolly cuz Clips aint say anything hot. He lucky to have 2 bars. Clips bars are basic as shit. Just like Hollow said in the battle. Predictable bars.

  152. Saul0208

    Saul02084 anos atrás

    I can tell you a hollow fan you aint even put clips "Shang Tsung" line or "Legacy" line or his rebuttal in the first round😴😴😴

  153. Empire Lifts Back

    Empire Lifts Back2 anos atrás

    hollow sucks

  154. Bogeham13

    Bogeham132 anos atrás

    Carlos Santos L

  155. GET LIT Media

    GET LIT Media3 anos atrás


  156. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    I can tell you're a Clips fan.

  157. Willie Young

    Willie Young3 anos atrás

    you was dancing around questions knowing that's what got ya pop lock 3-0 nigga

  158. Justin Justin Torres

    Justin Justin Torres4 anos atrás

    K shine was bar after bar murderin aye verb 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  159. omer adre

    omer adre4 anos atrás

    Why the fuck is clips in the vid he didn't say shit .

  160. schooltime2k

    schooltime2k4 anos atrás

    @omer adre Exactly!!!

  161. VoReason

    VoReason4 anos atrás

    K shine might've been mvp that night

  162. William Harris

    William Harris2 anos atrás

    Hole so big fuck around and WALK THRU him

  163. nikki waller

    nikki waller3 anos atrás

    +VoReason yes he was, he went in

  164. Bogeham13

    Bogeham133 anos atrás

    +Karona Roach I say King Shine then O'fficial.

  165. KJ Roach

    KJ Roach4 anos atrás

    @VoReason I say O'fficial then Shine

  166. Thomas mcdowell

    Thomas mcdowell4 anos atrás

    Cortez been on more dicks than Bonnie! n.y.b team homie, now it l.o m dude just a flunky for the top tier peeps look like he just be eating(w)raps these days instead of spitting em

  167. TrauMaa

    TrauMaa4 anos atrás

    funny how joe budden wasnt in the back when hollow was battling