Beth Chapman Memorial Service


  1. Garnelle Wright

    Garnelle Wright6 horas atrás

    Will truly miss Beth, I always see her as a beautiful Barbie Doll!

  2. Charles Ramiez

    Charles Ramiez3 dias atrás

    RIP Beth. Semper Fi Dog keeping you and your family in our prayers.

  3. Maxwell Soto

    Maxwell Soto3 dias atrás

    She had a beautiful funeral, I loved Beth she was my idol strong tough yet sexy and still a diva I loved how her and Dogg wasn't just spouses but also best friends they had each other back no matter what she was his world and he was hers u dont find marriages like that anymore

  4. FACE

    FACE4 dias atrás

    she loved him so much,.she didnt want to take meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they knew in order to continue with this long long long running show ,and $$$$$$$$$$$$someone has to pay! back,,,,i truly belive she loved him so much she left so he could live and continue his work/and riches$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$after 10yrs who will it be?,this is the industry they dont play!,and, his eyes his deminor i can see the trade off,that he feels so so bad about!, his pain will be not get any better!,,when you give your life for someone you love,,,,that makes it even more of a hurt,that women loved him to death!,and the industry is evil!!!!,they dont give out shows to anyone for 20yrs for nothing?

  5. Veronica Miller

    Veronica Miller5 dias atrás

    I still can't believe she's sleeping. She was an amazing human being.

  6. nader Afshar

    nader Afshar6 dias atrás

    No ........I cannot to blieve So sad iamust zo crye💔💔💔

  7. nader Afshar

    nader Afshar6 dias atrás

    dog my friend She is always in your Heart she is not dead she live everytime in your and with you dont worry You are with you Engel always in my Heart 👀

  8. nader Afshar

    nader Afshar6 dias atrás

    the Angels flying to the ever land to the Heaven

  9. Caroline Gray

    Caroline Gray7 dias atrás

    kind lady said mistakes shes in haven helping all

  10. NillyC

    NillyC8 dias atrás

    Wait wasn't she an animal lover? How can she like a hunter? No....thank you. I mean I like them both but that was disappointing.

  11. Gilbert Sanchez

    Gilbert Sanchez9 dias atrás

    I'm glad the preacher led people to receive God's salvation. To be born again and to be obedient and faithful to his written word. Now read his word and live it. AMEN.

  12. Robin Anderson

    Robin Anderson9 dias atrás

    I stopped smoking. It's not easy , but worth it for your health. God bless the chapman family. May you rest in eternal peace beth

  13. Scottish Always Dixie

    Scottish Always Dixie10 dias atrás

    2.2k dislikes must be Wanted by the Dog..... Run Mother Fuvckers

  14. Antione Jackson

    Antione Jackson10 dias atrás


  15. Antione Jackson

    Antione Jackson10 dias atrás

    Love Jesus Christ we call on Jesus

  16. Thaddeus Stevens

    Thaddeus Stevens12 dias atrás

    Dog would not be standing in my pulpit looking that way, with his shirt open. He has no respect for black people. He was born in the racist State of Colorado, he was a devoted member of the racist Devil's Disciple's motorcycle club, and he frequently uses the term "nI&&^r." Did you notice the cold, snobbish greeting he gave the pastor when he handed him a pair of handcuffs?

  17. Sam Jeffries

    Sam Jeffries12 dias atrás

    Always love Beth Chapman

  18. Heidi Ericksen

    Heidi Ericksen12 dias atrás

    My love for tv 🐕 Chapman

  19. Michelle Cordeiro

    Michelle Cordeiro15 dias atrás

    Dog never loved her. These is all bullshit

  20. Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Jeremiah Rodriguez15 dias atrás

    Omg she died a day before my birthday I am so sad and crying in tears. I hate how this world is. Jeez best lady ever and she has to die. Crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Alan Morris

    Alan Morris15 dias atrás

    Duane "Dog" Chapman could be heard saying the word "nI&&^r" several times when a recording of him referring to his son's girlfriend was made public. If this had been my church, that disrespectful cursing racist would've never been allowed to have his wife's funeral there.

  22. yas cab

    yas cab12 dias atrás

    I am brown skin Hispanic and it’s coming from my heart. When the dog bounty said those words. There is no excuse. But, he is grieving and loosing a loved one hurts. Rappers should also stop using that word that ends with “nl&& a” it sounds different but it’s the same word just spelled differently.

  23. scot j runyon

    scot j runyon16 dias atrás

    I did not know that they had this on wgn America. I watched there last shows on that channel. But never knew they played this there. I wish they had told us on the dogs most wanted.

  24. brian venegas

    brian venegas16 dias atrás

    i love you beth!!!

  25. gina Festa

    gina Festa18 dias atrás

    goodbye beth, thanks for the fun spikey gal you became

  26. Daniel Cain

    Daniel Cain20 dias atrás

    Dog? What kind of dog? A chihuahua? A dachshund? Nah, just a mutt. Pray before going out to catch someone then use the foulest language. Or his racist rhetoric. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

  27. Nikko Burch

    Nikko Burch20 dias atrás

    I will miss BETH!!! Beth and Dog helped me realize that we all have obstacles in life yet we can turn it from bad to good... I did 13 years in prison and watched the show and the words they always spoke to fugitives hit me and made me think I could do better, she was like a second MOM on TV... I will miss ya MOMMA DOG!!!

  28. Doug Aldrich

    Doug Aldrich21 dia atrás



    GRIDMASTER621 dia atrás

    God bless the Chapman Family, and give them the strength to get through these most difficult times. RIP Beth

  30. Elle Lipa

    Elle Lipa23 dias atrás

    When I heard she had passed, I immediately thought ‘oh no, how is Dog going to get through this?’ He loves her so fiercely it brings me to tears. I want to jump through the screen and hug them so bad.

  31. Sandra Trujillo

    Sandra Trujillo6 dias atrás

    I met Beth years ago , the woman was a beautiful person 🙂 R I P MAMA

  32. Crystal Rodriguez

    Crystal Rodriguez25 dias atrás

    Rip Beth miss you💞 you always had the best nails💅🏻

  33. Jamie Nonya

    Jamie Nonya26 dias atrás

    Bless her ❤ Rip 👼 i jus luved her

  34. Scotty 894

    Scotty 89427 dias atrás

    I thought the Macho Man Randy Savage died years ago???

  35. Colleen Kelly

    Colleen Kelly27 dias atrás

    This is the saddest thing that dog lost his wife Pensacola Florida

  36. Sandra Cameron

    Sandra Cameron28 dias atrás

    God bless them

  37. Jonny C.

    Jonny C.28 dias atrás

    What a gorgeous church.... Such a Beautiful service. RIP BETH CHAPMAN.😁

  38. Jonny C.

    Jonny C.28 dias atrás

    I think the lady that's singing at the beginning is holding back. She's really good.( Beautiful voice)

  39. Lissett Saenz

    Lissett Saenz29 dias atrás

    My god please be with Beth and give her the best time until Dog joins her . I love that women She’s my HERO!!!!! I am 30 years old and hope to be half the woman that Beth is #BETH GRADUATED INTO HEAVEN ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️☺️

  40. norman no

    norman no29 dias atrás

    I think a lot of people are forgetting that she was a massive piece of fucking shit. Her husband was too - of course - a convicted murderer and well known racist, but it is important to remember what a terrible woman she was too. Driven by money and greed for fame they were much worse people than the people they "hunted". I think it is important to remember that just because somebody dies that doesn't automatically whitewash what they did in life. It is also important not to drag phoney religious crap into peoples lives. She died as she lived - a worthless selfish cunt - and that is how she should be truly remembered.

  41. Angela Wilkey

    Angela Wilkey29 dias atrás

    Beths best friend gave an awesome speech and so did Dog. It was so hard watching him be so sad. Thanks for sharing the funeral for all of us who wanted to go but couldn't. Beth is and was beautiful in many ways. She will be missed and i know she is the new angelic drone and will help Dog throughout his journey with getting the rest of those bad boys. Love you Dog and Beth and family

  42. Doctorshockstudios

    DoctorshockstudiosMês atrás

    Dwayne is a disgrace to tv ( cut ur hair ) damn , you need a rockin chair and a shave and hair cut , grow up , you carry a paint gun dude , like la video game character

  43. Joseph Loy

    Joseph LoyMês atrás

    Rest in Peace Beth Chapman, you will be dearly missed

  44. Dianna Meeks

    Dianna MeeksMês atrás

    I want no services no headstone ,I will be cremated! All this is sad a waste of money that some us don’t have ! I believe in ashes to ashes! I’m not going to be covered in coffin mites or water or worms, or bugs !!! Plus I don’t like dark places or locked up!! Amen!!