Betin Kenya - Grow Nasi Shop Ad

  • 12 Out 2018
  • 13 369
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  1. Mo Mouchar

    Mo MoucharAnos atrás

    Joey has a terrible hairstyle for her pretty face. I don't like the ad because the lady is portrayed to be frivolous, naive. Get her a new, short hairdo, and let her be polished, as the guy Mariga is portrayed to be....then, it's a very good ad, please!

  2. Riches Olusegun

    Riches OlusegunAnos atrás

    what song?

  3. Biggy in Style

    Biggy in StyleAnos atrás

    She's gone guys...

  4. Raphael Kariuki

    Raphael KariukiAnos atrás

    did they just celebrate to PES :-)...Enyewe marketing

  5. Lydia Davis

    Lydia DavisAnos atrás

    Congrats adegu i see you going places