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    Ang daming na t-triggered dahil ginamit ko daw name ni yoongi to gain viewers? Hahaha, I’ve already said sa twitter na ka-look alike lang siya and FUN FACT. Army ako at Bias ko si yoongi. So if u don’t like watching my videos, u don’t have to. I’m making videos because it’s my hobby and to entertain people. To all co-armys na na triggered. Okay, I’m sorry. Iloveyou all ❤️

  2. Irish mhaey Osalla

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  3. Antonette Tomarong

    Antonette Tomarong2 dias atrás

    Hayaan mo na sila girl.. labyah

  4. Airish bhea Pacaanas

    Airish bhea Pacaanas3 dias atrás

    You should've put min yoongi's look a like something like that. Para maiwasan yung misunderstanding. Kasi hindi lahat ng tao merong Twitter or lahat ng social medias :)

  5. gelang lobidabs

    gelang lobidabs3 dias atrás

    Sayang akala ko talaga si suga yun

  6. Princeseiko Aurora

    Princeseiko Aurora3 dias atrás

    +kookies AND TAE sj

  7. Its Jhen

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    7:30 yung sound I love it😍🙈

  8. lie hean

    lie heanHora atrás

    I like junk kook better

  9. lie hean

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    ahhhh wow cool

  10. Jihnwan's Girl

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    13:57 hahah si kuya julsa

  11. salma army

    salma army7 horas atrás

    Not suga...suga has a smaller face like a sugar...

  12. Snowy crystal

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  13. Joanne Dinh

    Joanne Dinh9 horas atrás

    Isn't that just a Suga Wannabe? 13:47

  14. Itz_MochiZo

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    Not suga :(

  15. Jahamaly Vu

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    I just got clickbaited

  16. Bella Ward

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    False entertainment there is no suga I came here too see his cute little cheeks

  17. Mona Lual

    Mona Lual13 horas atrás

    Click bait

  18. NyaLet'sPlay

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    Hmmm I don’t think that’s suga his smile doesn’t look like gummy smile. Ik suga when I see him..00f

  19. Lian Thang

    Lian Thang14 horas atrás

    Sugar I love BTS!

  20. Vian Hwang

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    omg u met sugaaa

  21. Yoonmin MinPark

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    Ese es suga?

  22. Lili 4549

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    I wish i would been a Korean i always wanted to be 😭😭😭 Pls come for meh 😷 #Save me

  23. Vaishna Varathan

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    That was not yoongi

  24. my world

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    The clickbait is not a good idea.

  25. carolina army

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    I have the number

  26. carolina army

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    Bts army is my brother

  27. carolina army

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    Lol they are my brother

  28. Hebu Hebu

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  29. yoongigibts

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    That's 'tngns7878' from TikTok. I know him (not personally, just from TikTok :D) and I think he looks a little bit like Yoongi! :d

  30. SuHy Thúy Hồng

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    He isn't Suga.

  31. Esmeralda Adlaon

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    Kasama nyo pala young mga tiktokers

  32. Esmeralda Adlaon

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    Hala may roon ka palang email sa youtube

  33. Anisa safitri_123

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    apa cuman gw dia kyak bahasa indonesia?

  34. U.B. Arna

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    Glass guy's cute

  35. Maya Erieka

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    Not yoongi..if its yoongi..he have gummy smile😍

  36. Haseeb Hasan

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    That's not suga

  37. Naveen Vashishta

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    Well that's not my yoongi

  38. Danica A.

    Danica A.Dia atrás

    she just said that but its just look like suga

  39. Agust D's girlfriend

    Agust D's girlfriendDia atrás

    1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% SURE THAT IS NOT SUGA!!!

  40. August D

    August DDia atrás

    This is the first video I watch from you what language is this🤨

  41. :V

    :VDia atrás

    Not suga :v

  42. soy clary

    soy claryDia atrás

    Ese men no era suga kdkdkdkdk Dios solo las armys de verdad se dieron cuenta

  43. Ana Cortes

    Ana CortesDia atrás

    who gon tell her

  44. Stephanie Tejada

    Stephanie TejadaDia atrás

    Seriously I was so excited for nothing.....

  45. kim soyon

    kim soyonDia atrás

    But where is Suga don't be layer

  46. Brian King

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    Noottt suga you are a fake

  47. Little middle Tutorials

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  48. Mjd Lampard

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    حيوانات برية كاذبة ناقعة

  49. BTS and MORE

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    13:47 is not suga it's chul from tik tok

  50. Kanoozy Ali

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    NOT YOONGIIII!!!!!!!!

  51. Zlocesta Ana

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    13:47 HE IS NOT SUGA😠😠❌❌

  52. chiara Taccini

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    He's not yoongi... Wtf.

  53. Meryemnur Soylu

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    TÜRK olanlar

  54. jungkook kookie

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  55. Im into Kpop

    Im into Kpop2 dias atrás

    Ugh ffs she knows it’s not him and she said he looks like suga, so u guyz commenting “so fake” “he isn’t suga” “he has no gummy smile” etc... literally is just repeating nonsense for no reason. She knows and so does everyone so just stop commenting it isnt him :) plus it’s cool, he looks like him

  56. Lil Zoe

    Lil Zoe2 dias atrás

    clickbait :(

  57. miraculous ladybug

    miraculous ladybug2 dias atrás

    I don't get it he looks nothing like min yoongi

  58. Nandin Ankhbayar

    Nandin Ankhbayar2 dias atrás

    And then she says she’s a army....holy

  59. SpeedyCreamieShubblePie :3

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  60. Sanjida Jannatul

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    Liar when did you meet with suga

  61. life as kookie

    life as kookie2 dias atrás

    You are so lucky😊😢 to meet him

  62. Coby Blanco Blanco

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    Whoop bts pa more

  63. Bridgett abegail Mata

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    ang galing mo sumayaw sa tiktok pwede mo ako i add sa tiktok ang pangalan ko sa tiktok ay Bridgett Mata

  64. - Nads - BTS

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    Sure Suga would walk around in public without security and fluent English, ToTaLY!!!!

  65. Rim Matias

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    Yieeee si kuya vishnu

  66. Rim Matias

    Rim Matias2 dias atrás

    Si kuya vishnu ba yun?

  67. ali shah

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    I love you

  68. bts imagine

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    Thats not suga!!😡😡

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  70. kim taehyung

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    a no words to say

  71. Ena Ritual

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    Tanong ko lng ate saan yan??

  72. lisa kookie

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    If you guys want to now she is speaking in Indonesia language I am from Malaysia and my country is near Indonesia I can understand what is she saying

  73. mona rajbhandari

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    For all of you finding the moment it is 13:47 and it is NOT suga

  74. Kakashi

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  75. GalaxyPotatoWolf :D

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    멋지다, 너는 스가를 만났다! :0 :) 멋진 동영상! In English- Awesome, you met Suga! :0 :) Great Video :D

  76. peachy diy princess

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    Soo not fair i love bts omg hii suga and v jung cook and rap monster etc...

  77. Lizzieplayz GACHA

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    I saw your tik tok wait are you her HMMMMMM

  78. Shi Lucy

    Shi Lucy2 dias atrás

    Bts are my favorite

  79. POP DROP

    POP DROP2 dias atrás

    Bruh, i literally sat through this whole video expecting to see suga, like i don't even know what she is saying but i still sat throught this. CLICKBAIT

  80. Zilma Oliveira

    Zilma Oliveira2 dias atrás

    Estilo clickbait

  81. Zilma Oliveira

    Zilma Oliveira2 dias atrás

    Ela conhecendo MIN YOONGI foi tipo normal, parece que era amigo ,vizinho tlgd, e porque e coreana, se fosse eu Brasil ia ser totalmente diferente 🤣🤣🤣imagina ver o utt

  82. bts! army

    bts! army2 dias atrás

    That looks nothing like suga and it is not suga if u knew suga he doesnt like going to party's like that

  83. Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x

    Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x2 dias atrás

    bts! army obivously

  84. Daniel Jaime

    Daniel Jaime2 dias atrás

    I now bts

  85. Hfkhg Xkvjj

    Hfkhg Xkvjj2 dias atrás

    Your beautiful 💓

  86. Jocelyn Magaña Cordova

    Jocelyn Magaña Cordova2 dias atrás

    That is not Suga ilutions 😭

  87. kim soso

    kim soso2 dias atrás

    واو يجنن استمري💝nice

  88. El zetzi yungo

    El zetzi yungo2 dias atrás

    A mi no me hacen mensa ese no es mi sugita ~si entendieron esto son shidas~ pero no ese no es mi yungo

  89. min yoongi

    min yoongi2 dias atrás

    HE IS NOT SUGA ❌😠😠

  90. Sandra Benavides

    Sandra Benavides2 dias atrás

    I was crying when u show suga 😢😢

  91. Yanna G.

    Yanna G.2 dias atrás

    Hindi namin na find ang BTS building sadddd

  92. avocatzouhaier mahjoub

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  93. BTS Apple

    BTS Apple2 dias atrás

    That goy isn’t suga 😕 i recognize his gummy smile everywhere , and this smile wasn’t the legendary gummy smile 🤫

  94. Park Kim Jennie chay

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  95. wolfena wolf

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    Awwwwwwwww man I wish that happened me

  96. o_Desired

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  97. Tae0hyung Kim

    Tae0hyung Kim2 dias atrás

    I’m kind of disappointed because Suga wasn’t actually in it it was just someone who looked like him but it was still a very entertaining video and looked very fun. I hope u enjoyed ur trip! 💜

  98. NOJAMS_Taehyung BTS

    NOJAMS_Taehyung BTS2 dias atrás

    He looks nothing like Suga 🙄

  99. German Bangtan Clips

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    That’s not Suga biatch

  100. Кристин Бисерова

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    This is not Suga OMG hahahahahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  101. Maria  Gonzalez

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    This is clickbait you did not meet suga

  102. Jessica Hughes

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    He is not min yoongi

  103. Danae Levy

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    How could you lie to us like this

  104. Ginny Lovegood

    Ginny Lovegood2 dias atrás

    Please stop clickbaiting! Nothing against u, u seem really nice but can't even understand what u r saying and i just wanted u to meet that was a bit dissapointing

  105. Annika Hammond

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    Y u gotta put so many ads WTF

  106. Elena Aslanidou

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    Fucking click bate

  107. heyitsbffs4life cool

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    Lol it’s not suga it’s a suga lookalike