Billie Eilish - bury a friend


  1. Surendra Soni

    Surendra SoniDia atrás

    I wanna end me!

  2. Sinister Cow

    Sinister CowDia atrás

    If you think this is scary then you should see “come to daddy” and “rubber Johnny” by Aphex Twin.

  3. Steve Walters

    Steve WaltersDia atrás

    Best Billie Eilish Songs: 1. Bellyache 2. You Should See Me In A Crown 3. Bad Guy 4. Ocean Eyes 5. Bury A Friend 6. Everything I Wanted 7. Copycat

  4. Dan Davison

    Dan DavisonDia atrás

    P.S. Stop it Billie . Your scaring me.,.

  5. Dan Davison

    Dan DavisonDia atrás

    Sleep apnea. Not to be fucked with.

  6. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlantaDia atrás

    👍I like the music but once again I’m lost and confused with the lyrics. 😫 What does the song mean and what does the video mean?😫

  7. Abraham Anderson

    Abraham AndersonDia atrás

    pero que basura, hoy se le dice cantante a todo que cante cosas sin sentido

  8. Hillary Mira

    Hillary MiraDia atrás

    3:28: ilomilo

  9. Cole Sprouse Or Baby!

    Cole Sprouse Or Baby!Dia atrás

    Billie: you're crazy? me: sure Billie: 😍

  10. Helment fool

    Helment foolDia atrás

    Am I the only one who is confused than scared??

  11. yourgirl lexi

    yourgirl lexiDia atrás

    OMG BILLIE I DIDNT KNOW U LOVED KIDS i really want u to have a concert in VA richmond pweas it would mean the world to me ive at least listening to thos song 10.50K times and i practice singing like u i just really wanna see u like plz just billie pweasasss and all ur music videos go together and i just like I NEED TO SEE YOU i cant belive i dreamed of. Meeing u i was u for halloween barly any ppl know u 💔 but i just love u my air pod case is ur face i wanna meet u soooooo bad or at least get a video call from u or a messgae OR SEE U AT A LIVE CONCERT PLZZ im just so in love with ur music and how well u are and to the fact i wanna be u so much or at least like u whenim older even though ill never understand what u go through i still wanna be just exactly like u srry about the long comment but PLZ COME TO VA Richmon pweass

  12. Monica Urzua

    Monica UrzuaDia atrás

    1:02 me cago en el trump

  13. Heidi Nickel

    Heidi NickelDia atrás

    imagine waking up from a nightmare and you just see billie staring at you

  14. Kiara Aime Rejala

    Kiara Aime RejalaDia atrás

    Perfecto 👍🙌

  15. Cindy Sanchez

    Cindy SanchezDia atrás

    Hello Billie 💕 costa rica 😣

  16. Eduardo Alves

    Eduardo AlvesDia atrás

    before I was afraid of her but now I love her mus

  17. memurz

    memurz2 dias atrás

    1:30 i wanna end me......rmaid

  18. memurz

    memurz2 dias atrás


  19. Jarvas Johnson

    Jarvas Johnson2 dias atrás

    She got that marlin mason vibe in all her shit just not as fucked up

  20. 「小さな毛皮のような猫」littlefurrynekoUwU

    「小さな毛皮のような猫」littlefurrynekoUwU2 dias atrás

    The 199K dislikes are the people who don't want Billie to hurt herself ^-^

  21. 「小さな毛皮のような猫」littlefurrynekoUwU

    「小さな毛皮のような猫」littlefurrynekoUwU2 dias atrás

    He said "billie" so softly I couldn't even hear but I saw billie in the lyrics so NOW I KNOW

  22. Black luiza

    Black luiza2 dias atrás

    Cadê os brrrr

  23. Tr!cksh0t k!d1

    Tr!cksh0t k!d12 dias atrás

    Is it weird that this video is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long bc it’s 333

  24. Kim Meyers

    Kim Meyers2 dias atrás


  25. Shadow Mess

    Shadow Mess2 dias atrás

    Keep up the great work, billie!

  26. Jeremy Heffner

    Jeremy Heffner2 dias atrás

    When your anxiety really gets to you RN when you in the dark watching this at 3: am not that I believe in scary but my anxiety is like LET ME COME UP HECK YA

  27. __________

    __________2 dias atrás

    billie eyelash is not sad

  28. Roxana Correa

    Roxana Correa2 dias atrás

    Me cago en el trap me cago en en mi .piola alta frase jajaja

  29. Bee Kay

    Bee Kay2 dias atrás

    Hi billie r u apart of the illumanite

  30. Phoenix gacha

    Phoenix gacha2 dias atrás

    Are some parts from all the good girls go to hell

  31. NOobmAst3r 69

    NOobmAst3r 692 dias atrás

    Girls: Billie Eillish is so depressing. Boys: *Insert Lenny face*

  32. ヅbrøken kittys ヅ

    ヅbrøken kittys ヅ2 dias atrás

    Dam went up alot

  33. Ugwumsy Maledo

    Ugwumsy Maledo2 dias atrás

    When no-one likes your Halloween costume: You:"I wanna end me"

  34. Elisa Caullery

    Elisa Caullery2 dias atrás

    definitely her best clip

  35. Agus Love

    Agus Love2 dias atrás

    Quise leer los comentarios mientras escuchaba la cansion y todos los @#$%^&*¿¡!? Conentarios están el ingleees😡

  36. Kwey Kitch

    Kwey Kitch2 dias atrás


  37. nancy a

    nancy a2 dias atrás

    Ok ngl I was hating on Billie because I thought she was overrated but after Listening this I still think she's overrated Edit: this is a joke okay

  38. Dayne C

    Dayne C2 dias atrás

    Jim Morrison stole this

  39. brian c

    brian c2 dias atrás

    the only billie eilish song that i like 😌🙅‍♂️

  40. Ekaterina Goncharenko

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  41. Ekaterina Goncharenko

    Ekaterina Goncharenko2 dias atrás


  42. Ekaterina Goncharenko

    Ekaterina Goncharenko2 dias atrás

    ,,Billie Eillish?!''


    JUNIOR MANDA2 dias atrás

    Totalmente diabólico foke.....

  44. Yan

    Yan2 dias atrás

    All Saints and Björk had a baby… :)

  45. Abrar El meniy

    Abrar El meniy2 dias atrás

    I very loveeee this song

  46. Pennywise the dancing clown

    Pennywise the dancing clown2 dias atrás

    i wanna end me

  47. mcarthur albert

    mcarthur albert2 dias atrás

    This little white girl has problems.

  48. canario lindo

    canario lindo2 dias atrás

    Bury a friend

  49. canario lindo

    canario lindo2 dias atrás

    Bury a fiend

  50. canario lindo

    canario lindo2 dias atrás

    Bury a frind

  51. Elena !

    Elena !2 dias atrás


  52. Elena !

    Elena !2 dias atrás


  53. маша funny

    маша funny2 dias atrás

    Русские есть?

  54. Tatiana Kos

    Tatiana Kos2 dias atrás

    These comments crack me up 😂

  55. Tibor Olah

    Tibor Olah2 dias atrás

    When u go sleep u get stigmatised by your dreams

  56. omar alayaat- عمر العياط

    omar alayaat- عمر العياط2 dias atrás

  57. عموري 26 Khalil

    عموري 26 Khalil2 dias atrás

    يا الله ما احلاه

  58. Tiffany Escalante

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  59. •bianx editz•

    •bianx editz•2 dias atrás


  60. mis lindas galletasUwU

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  61. •Soñando Con Lucas•

    •Soñando Con Lucas•2 dias atrás

    bury a billie Eilish

  62. I loves chicken nuggets

    I loves chicken nuggets2 dias atrás

    I love when bille's go black cuase I love it so much!💖💞💓💗💕❤🧡💛💚🖤

  63. Moinong Gg

    Moinong Gg2 dias atrás

    Pretty cool the trailer of this new horror film