Billie Eilish - everything i wanted


  1. los tres traviesos

    los tres traviesosDia atrás

    Me duper encanta billie eilish

  2. Patience Jones

    Patience JonesDia atrás

    The relationship she has with her brother is the same one I have- ...had with my big brother before he passed a few years ago. He was always there for me and battling death. Death ended up winning. Now all I can do is be that way for my younger brother and my two little sisters and hope that I don't lose any of them before my time comes. I get attached and really close to people and I don't want to lose anyone else. I've had enough with my dad and brother. No one else. Every time I listen to this, I get emotional because it reminds me of how my brother and I were. We were close and he never let anyone hurt me. Except him, but he always made me feel better right afterward. This song is not only a really good representation of the battle when it comes to suicide but also a perfect representation of just how close siblings can get.

  3. Deadlocked .P

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    CA Inglewood 386 E Hillsdale St 90302

  4. Deadlocked .P

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    I’m not handycap anymore

  5. Deadlocked .P

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  6. _VoiD

    _VoiDDia atrás

    The song is good and all, but i dont know if anyone noticed its all happening in her dream car, the DODGE Hellcat

  7. Exillimus

    ExillimusDia atrás

    The guy: this Uber driver issa coo coo crazy Billie Ellish: **singing**

  8. mancharia

    manchariaDia atrás

    I love the way she breaks character at 3:25. Just the most authentic smile after having to solemnly stare at Finneas

  9. Kaput0103

    Kaput0103Dia atrás

    That's so deep man. This video and lyrics hit me hard. An emotional masterpiece. Billie is a genius, I love how she isn't trying to be like "everybody else" in her sound, music and videos. I hope she never gets to the point she doesn't see the point of existing anymore, life and people can be cruel, but I am glad she has good support around her. It can't be easy rising to fame that fast at a young age she did. We've sadly seen many young artists spiraling downwards due to overwhelming pressure and fame. Once you've hit the barrier and everybody knows who you are, there's no turning back to normal. I'm glad I'm not famous, I honestly couldn't deal with everybody having an opinion about everything I am, and do. To everybody out there, stay strong, you deserve to be happy and live a good life. And you matter. You are loved. ❤️

  10. dbevans1328😀

    dbevans1328😀Dia atrás

    Imagine hating Billie. Can't relate

  11. meghan newberger

    meghan newbergerDia atrás

    I am crying i love you Billie you helped me through a rare skin cancer thank you. Love Ellie

  12. TEORIAS_lOqUiTaS

    TEORIAS_lOqUiTaSDia atrás

    Ft? Paulo Londra?

  13. Dania Vanessa Osorio Romero

    Dania Vanessa Osorio RomeroDia atrás

    I lo ve billie eilish 💚💚💚

  14. •OLYA PUSH•

    •OLYA PUSH•Dia atrás

    Кто здесь русский? Лайк на комм 🌚♥️

  15. Tommy Waaves

    Tommy WaavesDia atrás

    Dam I felt this one way too much 🤧

  16. Andrea Marquez

    Andrea MarquezDia atrás

    She is so pretty and i love her!😍

  17. Andrea Marquez

    Andrea MarquezDia atrás

    She is perfect!!! 😍

  18. They call me god

    They call me godDia atrás

    Please don't die.

  19. Joanne C

    Joanne CDia atrás

    My brother Michael is my Finneas, he's also 4 years older than me and is my ride or die till the end. He's my best friend, always has my back, triumphs in my successes and always picks me up when I fall. This a bond that can never be broken or replaced by anyone,.... US against the World. When Billie grabs Finneas's hand at the Grammy's (and in this video) and took him to the stage, I understood completely.

  20. محمد احمد

    محمد احمدDia atrás

    حلو يا بيلا هداكي الله للاسلام l lov you You pyotefol ❤❤

  21. Stacey Cameron

    Stacey CameronDia atrás

    Thank you Billie for all you do and all you give. You are awesome!

  22. BwmsDroid - Block Strike

    BwmsDroid - Block StrikeDia atrás

    omg, the clip is a shit!

  23. Benjamin Lamberts

    Benjamin LambertsDia atrás

    I make chaotic backwarding

  24. Wave

    WaveDia atrás

    i had a similar dream.... me and my friends jumped into water i was sinking it was getting darker and darker and then i died while this my friend were floating and they didn’t care it’s changed my thinking if people would react a different way if they knew if they knew what would happen would they react i. that way would they care or blame me

  25. Benjamin Lamberts

    Benjamin LambertsDia atrás

    I truly like you

  26. xd Frynx

    xd FrynxDia atrás

    Why she look like minecraft grass block?.

  27. Alice Kaneyia

    Alice KaneyiaDia atrás

    She Can Drive In The Water!🎙🎙🎼👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤🎵🎹🎸🎤

  28. Ajinkya Chavan

    Ajinkya ChavanDia atrás

    I am high af & watching this 🔥

  29. Muscat Mutt

    Muscat MuttDia atrás

    I tapped this vid and i got an ad that ad had the same song in it :0

  30. lamia Adel

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  31. Mardiana Puteh

    Mardiana PutehDia atrás

    To anyone who made a dialogue as the *Director* and *Billie*........ Billie was the *Director* And the Director was *Billie*

  32. almuqri almuqri

    almuqri almuqriDia atrás

    i like song Billie

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  34. ؟؟ ؟

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  35. Sara of Isla

    Sara of IslaDia atrás

    Billie in 2019: I jumped off the golden Billie in 2020: no time to die *the evolution* 👏🏼👏🏼 I made a cover of this song, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  36. Hadia Haroon

    Hadia HaroonDia atrás

    Hi Billie. You are the best and your the biggest inspiration in my life I saw your video and I decided to start singing my goal of 2020 is to meet you

  37. Jack555 Smith

    Jack555 SmithDia atrás

    Sad songs

  38. Christine Detrich

    Christine DetrichDia atrás

    I like her voice

  39. Drey Smith

    Drey SmithDia atrás

    Why did this remind me of birdbox

  40. The Sound

    The SoundDia atrás

    Did anyone notice the normal colored spot in her profile pic. 😂

  41. Claudiana c :

    Claudiana c :Dia atrás

    Choro sangue por dentro

  42. Elimanuel Rodriguez

    Elimanuel RodriguezDia atrás

    Billie when are you doing a song please make other 🥺🥺

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  44. Alejandra Sanchez

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  45. Jesus

    JesusDia atrás

    I literally just cried for like 10 years

  46. 6ad gurl

    6ad gurlDia atrás

    if only i had such a brother buh my sister is equally as good as billies bro

  47. Caelan Finnegan

    Caelan FinneganDia atrás

    I love this song

  48. Park Samyrah pandinha

    Park Samyrah pandinhaDia atrás

    I LOVE you billie

  49. XxWhiteXxXBlackxX Gacha

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  50. Maria luiza Pereira

    Maria luiza PereiraDia atrás

    😍Love😍 💙BILLIE 💙

  51. Rezi

    ReziDia atrás

    Are they actually under water

  52. Bryan Ricarte

    Bryan RicarteDia atrás

    My fiancée listen to this before she hung herself this past week, I listen to it and well she was suffering and I pray she is in a better place. Please listen to people and love them.

  53. Steve Martinez

    Steve MartinezDia atrás

    That hellcat doe 🔥

  54. Jesus Vieira

    Jesus VieiraDia atrás

    Deam she already have driver license!!!

  55. Erkan Uçar

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  56. Carmen Lucia

    Carmen LuciaDia atrás

    i love youuuuu venha para o Brasil logo pls

  57. Talha Sarfraz

    Talha SarfrazDia atrás

    *Everyone: bIlLiE iS DePrEsSeD.* *Me: Your depressed.*

  58. Nancy shopping y maquillaje Acosta

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  60. ARS King creation

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  61. ARS King creation

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    So sweet

  62. ARS King creation

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    ❤ Cute❤