Billie Eilish - everything i wanted


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    Suicide Hotline 1800-273-8255

  2. Violin Summers

    Violin Summers20 horas atrás

    I love how as the video progresses, it becomes blurry and for me this conveys that Billie is trying to say that all her nightmares will vanish away as long as Finneas will be here, by her side to lift her up. The lyrics prove this also and the video manages to spread the meaning as well. It is simple yet so purposeful. I love their sibling bond.

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    think of a wonderful woman❤️🤗

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    i love love love love love love love LOVE this video and the message at the start!!!

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    iconic song


    DYLAN WANG20 horas atrás


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    Ok here’s my interpretation: So billie is in control of the car (being the driver obviously) and throughout the video it makes it seem like they are having a conversation. Billie has said before she has struggled with depression, and to me this video is her dealing with that, finneas by her side. He is the passenger, and although he does not have control over her feelings and actions he can reach out his hand and help her through it, even if it hurts him too.

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    everyone here say "yes" and i don't know what thats mean can anyone tell me what is it mean or explain what is it?

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    That smile i just can’t ❤️😭

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    thank you billie for letting us see this point of view

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    The video reminds me of Swim Good by Frank Ocean

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    *Billie Ellish ❤*

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    Billie I Love You ❤

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    I love it! And u?😘

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    Billie: yes . . . . . . lol

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    When my head was underwater: Billie entire car is under water

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    I'm crying now😓

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    *Who else pressed fast asf to watch this video ?😂* (But I’m sùbbińg to everyone that łikés and sûbś to mé)❤️

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    😍 everyone loves you

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    Obsessed with this song😍

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    255000 views/337000 likes what?

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    It cant just be me who thinks that this is billie saying that the industry cant control her and finneus. Like the 10 seconds at the end of just “directed by Billie Eilish” and the beginning text.

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    like if you like the vibe

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    Alguem BR ?

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    Best music

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    I love it!!

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    Fun Fact: You came from Instagram

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    I love you and I love your music

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    This comment section is terrible. Everyone just comments the same shit over and over. The “Absolutely Nobody:” memes are getting real boring. One the bright side of things I love this video.. portrays the song very well. 🙂

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    Im fadel from Ariq like I love you

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    no body cried no body even noticed🕊🎶

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    We love u

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    Que video tan básico no mames!!!!

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    YOU GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB❤️🧡🧡🧡💛👋👋💙💚💚🖤💜💜💚💕💕💙🖤💙❤️

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    when billie and finneas looked at each other i lost it

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    I had my phone taken away by a teacher but it was 100% worth it❤️

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    This many people were here before 1M 👇🏻

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    I never cried from a song before, but this reminded me a lot of me and my brother :-:

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    They will do everything together and no one can stop them. They rule this world, together. It’s amazing.

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    Director : Billie Billie: yes

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    I loved

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    А что тут ещё можно сказать? *ОМАЙГАРБЛ ДАНИЛА, ТЫ ЧТО, КРЕЙЗИ?!*

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    Te amo 🖤

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    Quem for do Brasil da like

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    ¿Algún comentario en español washo? ;-;


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    I love you Billie !

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    *No estoy llorando :"D* *·I'm fine·*

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    I haven't seen a single comment saying the billie : yes thing and I've seen just a few comments talking about the billie: yes thing but I've seen like a million comments TALKING ABOUT TALKING ABOUT THE BILLIE : YES THING