BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10




    America First?

  2. sarah smith

    sarah smith7 horas atrás

    God dammit Eric, red needs to put a foot in your ass

  3. the c.f.a.

    the c.f.a.7 horas atrás

    Congrats on the Oscar nominations!!

  4. Luis Bravo

    Luis Bravo8 horas atrás

    Dave Chappelle´s white man voice!

  5. eric cm

    eric cm8 horas atrás

    Though "based" on a true story, nothing about the jewish character is true. The cop was a white guy not a jewish guy. It seems the writers decided to blend the jewish fight with the black in America though which is popular ploy by jews these days try to unite themselves with every "minority" group to gain "victim" status while in fact they ARE the most PRIVILEGED GROUP in America. Jews are 25% of Harvard's student body. Jews are also major size groups in the top ten universtities far exceeding their 2% or less make up of Americans. This OVERLY PRIVILEGED group wants you to believe they are not tribalistic and or privileged so they include themselves in every news story, movie, television program as victims of a racist society as the torch bearers of liberty and equality. Nothing can be farther from the truth, in the jews quest for dominion they purposely cause division between black and whites, Hispanics and whites, women and men, and on and on...You can see it constantly the way they sway the news like in the recent Covington story. Jews in control do not care about "minorities" they only care what the minorities can do to help them on their quest and that quest is DOMINION over western Christian peoples. Don't believe their lies. The cop in this story was not jewish.

  6. Hernesto Caviar

    Hernesto Caviar9 horas atrás

    We know things about (((you)))

  7. lol yee

    lol yeeDia atrás

    “Lemme see your dick” KKK memeber

  8. Itamar Bledsoe

    Itamar Bledsoe2 dias atrás

    Stopped watching this trailer when I arrived complete conviction I will watch the movie. Why bother with more out of context clips when I'll see them in the correct sequence anyway.

  9. Sonna Polazzo

    Sonna Polazzo4 dias atrás

    Loved the movie so much, watched & re-watched it 8x's! I really like Spike Lee's clever sense of humor & how he provokes sudden thoughts. There was one thing that disappointed me, at the very end, the reel kept spinning & suddenly there were clips of President Trump speaking on the tragedy of August 2017 in Charlottesville Virginia. (No source was named from the clips that were shown) There were cherry-picked clips taken from the president's speech, but not the true foundation of his speech. The clips made it seem as though President Trump felt as if the bigot, racist, violence was acceptable. If a true version of our President's speech had been shown, here is what the reality would really have shown: August 14, 2017 Trump addressed the weekend violence again, clearly going after the racists who fueled the violence. He called it an "egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence," specifically condemning the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The president also said he met today with new FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and is calling for a civil rights investigation. Then immediately following the 100% totally biased cherry-picked video put together on our President, it goes on to show David Duke former Grand wizard of the KKK yapping away, which he then alludes to something Trump mentioned it in the beginning of his campaign, but he doesn't say what. Here's the thing, there are all kinds of freak shows out there! What some of these whacked groups like to do is align themselves with the candidants they think (whether rational or not) that A or B is more align with their way of living. So, because David Duke verbally connected his organization to Trump & gave their nonmination, did that mean suddenly Trump ran out like a madman in the night and jumped on their whacked out bandwagon!? Never. Hillary was endorsed by the GLBT. Should we assume that she is one of these categories? I mean, c'mon, they nominated her - you pretty sure she ain't no cross dresser? Orrr? The bottom line is everyone across America belongs to some kind of belief system or group. They have political favorites, but it gives nobody the right to assume that because David Duke wanted Trump to win that President Trump was sweet on David Duke. I can't stand seeing RESIST with the flag upside down. RESIST what? Have you even delved into other sources to really see what President Trump has done to signify our country & all Americans. If your going to lay something down about someone, don't be afraid to share the entire truth, if you do, then you don't believe it yourself.

  10. Konstantin Shmionov

    Konstantin Shmionov4 dias atrás

    Oh look at these comments. Blacks hate whites, whites hate blacks and while they are at each other's throat do you know (((who))) really benefits from this?

  11. Daniel Guizar

    Daniel Guizar6 dias atrás

    so that's where Eric Forman was all this time

  12. Gary Ray Cardoso

    Gary Ray Cardoso8 dias atrás

    Spike Lee is nothing more than a racist still pretending to be a victim.. it's pathetic that there's so many ignorant people of all Races and genders that just drink this shyt up.. Bunch of effing puppets following the gender confused racist anti 1st & 2nd Amendment elitist worshipping intersectionallist pussoires... The lot of them they are ✌

  13. Yankee Canivers

    Yankee Canivers9 dias atrás

    What a stupid shit movie his movies are garbage nothing of any interest just childish garbage moron movie is what it is

  14. David Sireech

    David Sireech10 dias atrás

    When I first see the big trailer I thought it black dynamite I was wrong.

  15. TheConservative

    TheConservative11 dias atrás

    I wonder how many retards in the audience know the KKK were all democrats.

  16. The Taskmaster

    The Taskmaster12 dias atrás

    Another bullshit agenda push in the form of cinema. They even threw in making America great again so you'd think of racism and Trump. It saddens me that soo many will watch this and see a great movie, all the while they're being subtly brainwashed. I watched the entire flick btw, it was mediocre at best.

  17. The Taskmaster

    The Taskmaster4 dias atrás

    +Andre Marreros I think I summed up my opinion pretty well.

  18. Andre Marreros

    Andre Marreros4 dias atrás

    Tell me more, wiseness headlight.......

  19. Vincent Arceo

    Vincent Arceo14 dias atrás

    Anyone else who read the memoir?

  20. thatjahmaicagirl *

    thatjahmaicagirl *14 dias atrás

    This movie is seriously funny in every sense

  21. ich heisse Marvin

    ich heisse Marvin15 dias atrás

    YOU GUYS DON'T get Something, let me tell you (some of you): This movie is showing the conflict between races, groups, and orientations of people. It shows how black people don't get it. They think here that cops are pigs, awful people who kill, beat and arrest for no reason. On the other hand, there are the native Americans, thinking that they get invaded by an army of young lady raping monkeys. What I purposely left out here was the "SOME", this movie says SOME are bad. Many are good, in some groups more and in some less. It says that there are some people in the KKK that are good, that there are good Africans and good Americans (good Asians, Europeans, etc. You get it.). And the most important thing here, that we shouldn't fight against each other. We need to start care for each other and also look at the way we just judge. Maybe someone is in the KKK because his aunt really got killed by a black and his daughter was robbed by another one. And maybe that robber just did it to save his mother from dying as she couldn't afford medical assistance. We are humans, we can't judge fair, but we can follow our law system and love other people. Stop spreading hatred, that also counts for that strange boy in your class, don't hate him because he is strange, stop hating people, you probably don't know their motivations of why they are who they are. If we are here for each other we won't even get these kinds of problems anymore. And just to get clear again, I didn't say that we shouldn't enforce the law, that there shouldn't be a judge, just that we should do our part to change the world, to smile back at that saleswoman who always gives a hateful stare. So I now just want to get rid of one thing about the KKK and about the protesters. First about the KKK: Pleas leave Jesus out of your things, he has nothing to do with it, like at all. Already in the old Testament, God said that he will save a whole city if there are 10 righteous people in there. In the new testament, Jesus said we should love everyone, also our enemy. I guess killing isn't loving so please just stop. Stop thinking that this thing is good and/ or you do god a favor with it. It is written that God loves everyone, also the black ones. Second to the people protesting: Do you realize that if you say just that phrase "They do that to us." or "They don't give us opportunities, they are racist." you go against the core principals of what you are trying to reach. If you say "They are beating us." it is as valid as "They rape young women.", it are only some people doing the bad thing, but you offend a lot of good people who haven't done a thing. I guess I just wrote my opinion and not only what the movie was about, anyway, stay positive and have a nice day. Ah and I love to change my mind because I might misunderstood some things. Just tell me and I'll respond.

  22. Benjamin Fonseka

    Benjamin Fonseka17 dias atrás

    This is what trumps voters want and the ending is clear

  23. Outlaw

    Outlaw17 dias atrás

    another anti white film Hollywood does not change

  24. Just Aria

    Just Aria3 dias atrás

    Anti white? What do you mean? I don't understand

  25. Narodnik

    Narodnik5 dias atrás


  26. raham mz

    raham mz17 dias atrás

    Have you actually seen the film? How was it anti white?

  27. Xaviera 1993

    Xaviera 199317 dias atrás

    MR WHITE MAN your the devil the bible speaks of 👿 us Hebrew Israelites the real Jews do not involve our selves with the imposter aka the fake white Jews aka amelek the so called white man can never be a Jew the real Jews are black Jeremiah 14:2 King James Version (KJV) 2 Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up. our God told us we would never be pale Isaiah 29:22 King James Version (KJV) 22 Therefore thus saith the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale. The real Jews us negros, Hispanics and native Indians as a nation live in poverty the fake white Jews are rich and they own everything even Christ knows we are the real Jews Revelation 2:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Here's the icing on the cake Mr white man aka esau your going into the cotton field Revelation 13:10 King James Version (KJV) 10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. 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  28. Jack McFord

    Jack McFord18 dias atrás

    KKKylo Ren

  29. Cleo Mullings

    Cleo Mullings18 dias atrás

    "HHwhite man" 😂😂💀

  30. Bryan Fury

    Bryan Fury18 dias atrás

    This movie is so underrated bruh

  31. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez19 dias atrás

    I like the black chica ;)

  32. Wglass90

    Wglass9019 dias atrás

    The ending of the film is one of the most powerful endings i've ever seen in a Comedy and sends an important message. As time changes, things often stay the same. It's sad that majority of humanity still to this day see the world in black & white like sheep.

  33. Wglass90

    Wglass9018 dias atrás

    Joe Whitehead If you look at the modern political spectrum and other various things, then you'd realize and comprehend that most people still emtionally have a "one-sided" viewpoint on things, which also can apply to the subject of race in this case where some black people view all white people as "evil" and all black people as "good", and vise versa based on a nonsensical bogus reason.

  34. Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead19 dias atrás

    Wglass90 But even more of a majority don’t see it that way

  35. Melchizedek Lee

    Melchizedek Lee20 dias atrás

    Am i the only one who noticed that denzel Washington's son sound just like his dad in this movie?The way he talks and all. Wow 😯

  36. svoboda simon

    svoboda simon21 dia atrás

    hope i ll manage to watch this on streaming tonight to relax after 31 dec.........alone in the flat............hopefully it will work

  37. Taku K

    Taku K22 dias atrás

    Lol this triggers the alt right

  38. Johnney07

    Johnney0722 dias atrás

    Garbage racist movie is racist.

  39. Just Aria

    Just Aria3 dias atrás

    Racist movie is racist? What?

  40. The Rap Vault

    The Rap Vault22 dias atrás

    I'm tired of black & white movies they need to put more Hispanics in movies

  41. JDestroy

    JDestroy23 dias atrás


  42. Reanetse Moleleki

    Reanetse Moleleki23 dias atrás

    The trailer was obviously made by a white person.

  43. ShAdOwMaN

    ShAdOwMaN23 dias atrás


  44. ShAdOwMaN

    ShAdOwMaN23 dias atrás

    BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Damon Anthony Dash

    Damon Anthony Dash25 dias atrás

    The heavy H when he says white man, funny shit.

  46. BadMannerKorea

    BadMannerKorea25 dias atrás

    Anyone else here because of Obama?

  47. james not bond

    james not bond25 dias atrás

    hwite ill say that from now on

  48. Shadow Phace

    Shadow Phace26 dias atrás

    If I had my tape line I would still have my fro. Mines been gone since 94.

  49. clemsontigz1

    clemsontigz126 dias atrás

    It's a spike Lee joint, when is it not Bout race.

  50. clemsontigz1

    clemsontigz118 dias atrás

    +Joe Whitehead I watched it , got about 45 minutes in and was like , "this shit sucks ass" . Not because of the "racial stuff" but becuae the movie was dumb as shit

  51. Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead19 dias atrás

    clemsontigz1 I was actually wondering, has he made any films that weren’t about race?

  52. Lucas Vanoni

    Lucas Vanoni26 dias atrás

    You, Sr. have killed Han Solo and that i can't forgive. Sorry.

  53. Samwisegamgee The Brave

    Samwisegamgee The Brave27 dias atrás

    What a crocka shit

  54. El Barto

    El Barto27 dias atrás

    What a great movie!! And my, that dude has perfect hair!!

  55. LoSoNBanks22

    LoSoNBanks2227 dias atrás

    Ricky Jarrett and Kyro

  56. Øwån*

    Øwån*28 dias atrás

    so is this in nf or something?

  57. Jake Avraham

    Jake Avraham29 dias atrás

    This is a shocker of a movie. Don’t waste your time or money. It makes tump out to be a racist towards blacks and an anti semite, considering his own daughter is a Jew. Besides the political agenda that this movie pushes, it’s still a bad movie made with a low budget and it shows.

  58. The Serpent Seedline

    The Serpent Seedline29 dias atrás

    The filthy gentile cattle suspects nothing

  59. Steve Flynn

    Steve Flynn29 dias atrás

    America first isn't a racist sentiment. With that, the KKK is a group of losers just like Antifa, the reconquista fools, etc.

  60. Lord Butler

    Lord ButlerMês atrás

    White power 🤣🤣🤣