Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. Stephen Mineo

    Stephen Mineo19 minutos atrás

    The first 15 seconds is pure perfection as is the rest of the trailer

  2. James Guan

    James Guan6 horas atrás

    0:15 omg

  3. Wenner Maciel

    Wenner Maciel8 horas atrás


  4. Sultan Poppa

    Sultan Poppa9 horas atrás

    Six bloody minutes? Glad they paved the way for Stairway to Heaven, Layla and Freebird. Six minute pop songs were so rare in the 70's after all. Good music, foolish scriptwriting if that is a serious plot point in the movie

  5. GrotrianSeiler

    GrotrianSeiler12 horas atrás

    I got goosebumps watching this. That’s how memorable this was when it was really happening.

  6. Conscious Films

    Conscious Films13 horas atrás

    OMG! My anti-ci-pation is palpable. it looks utterly LUSH! This is one I will invest as DVD. *Drool* Even the trailer is addictive as fark. Excitement. I just know in my bones that it will be my fav movie of all time...

  7. Beikov

    Beikov16 horas atrás

    Well, no matter how successful this film will be, but this will be the first noticeable role of Rami Malek.

  8. Camila G.

    Camila G.18 horas atrás

    So now what This is where the operatics section comes in

  9. Paty Gomez

    Paty Gomez22 horas atrás

    Marc Martel at the beginning was amazing

  10. slynnc kitty

    slynnc kitty10 horas atrás

    No one compares to Freddie Mercury.

  11. DashGaming

    DashGamingDia atrás

    I got the tickets and now i have to wait until Nov 2

  12. Probably Gentle

    Probably GentleDia atrás

    it comes out earlier

  13. Kathy Lawrence

    Kathy LawrenceDia atrás

    Roger looks so hot. HIS SMILE AFTER FREDDIE SAYS "I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever."

  14. GoddessOfWhim2003

    GoddessOfWhim2003Dia atrás

    so Disney is about to own Fox, does that mean Freddie is gonna be a Disney Princess?

  15. Tiancheng Yang

    Tiancheng YangDia atrás


  16. gogo yubari

    gogo yubariDia atrás

    I pity all the kids who think that insanely large Live Aid crowd was somehow increased for show. In fact they thought about decreasing it in the movie for 'reality'!..... In reality it was that big :)

  17. TTSantiago821

    TTSantiago821Dia atrás

    2 reasons, queen and rami malek.....nuff said Cant wait to see this!!!!!!

  18. Angel Campos

    Angel Campos2 dias atrás

    Ya va a salir!

  19. EXO is my religion

    EXO is my religion2 dias atrás


  20. Severed_J Edwards

    Severed_J Edwards2 dias atrás

    What song is he singing at 0:25? Or is it just a mash-up of a couple of their songs?

  21. Severed_J Edwards

    Severed_J EdwardsDia atrás

    Thanks 👌 I also had a feeling that might be the case. I heard of that a couple of days ago while watching an interview with Rami Malek talking about the combination of his own voice and that other fella's vocals.

  22. ReneeNme

    ReneeNmeDia atrás

    Not sure if you know who Marc Martel is, but he leant his voice to help recreate Freddie's vocals in this film. Marc has a CD due out soon called Thunderbolt & Lightning where he puts his own spin on classic Queen songs. The clip you pointed out sounds like something that might be off of that upcoming CD.

  23. Connor Kenway1775

    Connor Kenway17752 dias atrás

    What song is at 1:05

  24. Dora Dominguez

    Dora Dominguez2 dias atrás

    its a mash-up of Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You

  25. TheJamesHook

    TheJamesHook2 dias atrás

    Cool of Brian May to play himself in this movie (or?)

  26. Charlotte C

    Charlotte C3 dias atrás


  27. Sayantan Paul

    Sayantan Paul3 dias atrás

    This trailer might be the one which I have seen the most. That Live Aid concert is gonna be interesting as well as the movie too; just can't wait for it's release.

  28. Joshua Day

    Joshua Day3 dias atrás


  29. Keila Jade

    Keila Jade3 dias atrás

    I wish Brendon Urie was in this movie

  30. DJMichaelAngelo

    DJMichaelAngelo3 dias atrás

  31. Jafeth Mejia

    Jafeth Mejia3 dias atrás

    Viva Quennn bohemia de corazón

  32. Robo Hobo

    Robo Hobo4 dias atrás

    I don't know why but the trailer is really addictive with all the Queen's best music

  33. Izzy Nat154

    Izzy Nat1544 dias atrás

    The amount of times I have watched this is ridiculous

  34. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan4 dias atrás

    M A M M A M I A, M A M M A M I A

  35. Leovicc Tanteo

    Leovicc Tanteo4 dias atrás

    they should make this movie 6 bloody hours long

  36. Андрей Мельников

    Андрей Мельников4 dias atrás


  37. Matilda Starr

    Matilda Starr4 dias atrás

    far out i've watched this at least 100 times and i still can't get ever over it im so ready

  38. Nicholas Cauton

    Nicholas Cauton4 dias atrás

    “I pity your wife if she thinks six minutes is forever.” DEAR. GOD. THAT LINE MURDERED MY VERY SOUL.

  39. Daud [Knife Of Dunwall]

    Daud [Knife Of Dunwall]4 dias atrás

    Ganja......Never killed A Man.

  40. AXECOP the person that u know that like A anime

    AXECOP the person that u know that like A anime4 dias atrás

    Dose anyone remember how Mercury died

  41. Jack Kwiatkowski

    Jack Kwiatkowski5 dias atrás

    You will probs call me an uncultured swine but what song is the beginning where it goes like aaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo

  42. sir1

    sir15 dias atrás

    Just awesome can’t wait to watch it

  43. Andrew P

    Andrew P5 dias atrás

    where waynes world intro in car scene gone xx gona be realy good brian may look alike :0)

  44. Molly Isabella

    Molly Isabella5 dias atrás

    This trailer alone deserves all the oscars

  45. sudarshan bansod

    sudarshan bansod5 dias atrás

    Rame Malik will definitely going to win academy award ❤❤

  46. Cameron Fitzgerald

    Cameron Fitzgerald6 dias atrás

    Bobby your hard man, poor man, gonna be a big man someday, got blood on your face big disgrace kicking that can all over the place.

  47. iris180282

    iris1802826 dias atrás

    There should be an Oscar category for "Best Trailer" !

  48. Yu Vos

    Yu Vos6 dias atrás

    I sure hope the Another One Bites The Dust remix thing (more like a mash up I guess) is going to be released! The transition from the "ayoo" at the beginning to the bass line is so satisfying, soothing and just really nice to listen to

  49. NKWTI

    NKWTI6 dias atrás

    This is going to be classic.

  50. Angel Palma

    Angel Palma6 dias atrás

    Ooh Mama mia, Mama mia.. Mama mia let me go!

  51. SpousalCarrot

    SpousalCarrot7 dias atrás

    I smell an Oscar :)

  52. Mataya Arzu

    Mataya Arzu7 dias atrás

    omg i cant wait until this comes out cant wait to watch it

  53. Jesus Samuel Reyes

    Jesus Samuel Reyes7 dias atrás

    It would be epic for everyone on the cinema to cheer on we will rock you

  54. Karly Yo girl

    Karly Yo girl7 dias atrás

    *And the Oscar goes to.....*

  55. Mustafa Muhssen

    Mustafa Muhssen7 dias atrás

    Can someone explain to me why I watch this trailer everyday

  56. Bonnie Hundley

    Bonnie Hundley7 dias atrás

    Is this the real trailer? Is this just fantasy?

  57. ParanoidalJack

    ParanoidalJack7 dias atrás

    Я из России, пожалуйста не показывайте этот трейлер депутату Милонову, а то он возбудиться, возбудит СК и фильм запретят в РФ за пропаганду гомосексуализма

  58. Lectrays

    Lectrays7 dias atrás

    I am watching this trailer every day!!

  59. Lectrays

    Lectrays7 dias atrás

    I can't help it!

  60. Maria Jose Alvarez

    Maria Jose Alvarez7 dias atrás

    I love Queen forever

  61. joaquin ask

    joaquin ask8 dias atrás

    Cagala y te mató cabron

  62. Mexican Atheist

    Mexican Atheist8 dias atrás

    Hriko araki is going to love this.

  63. J Anne Cruz

    J Anne Cruz8 dias atrás

    Excited for this!

  64. plz subscribe

    plz subscribe8 dias atrás

    I smell *Oscars*

  65. Kim Dolph

    Kim Dolph8 dias atrás

    Rami Malek doesn’t do him justice or look ANYTHING like Freddie. They should’ve stuck with Sacha Baron Cohen.

  66. Yağızhan Helvacı

    Yağızhan Helvacı8 dias atrás

    I saw the trailer in the theater yesterday and it gave me GOOSEBUMPS!

  67. Dani

    Dani8 dias atrás


  68. Brodie Blackman

    Brodie Blackman8 dias atrás

    Started thinking about Queen. Came straight to this 👍

  69. Damian 6402

    Damian 64028 dias atrás

    Can't wait to watch this

  70. Daniela M. Quispe V.

    Daniela M. Quispe V.9 dias atrás


  71. Zoe Collins

    Zoe Collins9 dias atrás

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  72. dmartini1487

    dmartini14879 dias atrás

    This moxie better be epic, the director changes scares me

  73. Melda Mendes

    Melda Mendes9 dias atrás

    Where will be the Shawn Mendes cover in the film

  74. Sam

    Sam9 dias atrás

    Killer queen has already touched this trailer

  75. Krystal Emerald

    Krystal Emerald9 dias atrás

    Mama ooooooh we oohhh need to make cry if I not back this time tomorrow carry on carry on...

  76. Krystal Emerald

    Krystal Emerald9 dias atrás

    * don’t need to make u cry

  77. Grace Valdez

    Grace Valdez10 dias atrás

    My 12 year old granddaughter is excited to see this movie

  78. Megan Blackwood

    Megan Blackwood10 dias atrás

    This acc looks so gd 😍😍

  79. angie bane

    angie bane10 dias atrás

    I'm so bloody excited to see this.

  80. javier vargas

    javier vargas10 dias atrás

    uno de los más grandes de la historia csm muy a parte de su vida personal fue un genio.... aunque muchos les duela

  81. downeaster Alexa

    downeaster Alexa5 dias atrás

    javier vargas Su vida no es ningún ejemplo para nadie y como artista solo tuvo una buena voz hasta ahí

  82. Tim TPDRUMS

    Tim TPDRUMS10 dias atrás

    Literally cannot wait..

  83. Jenifer Farrah

    Jenifer Farrah10 dias atrás

    🌕️ *B0HEMlAN RHAPS0DY fiIm avaiIabIe here:* Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

  84. Goni yohanan

    Goni yohanan10 dias atrás

    I need to watch this movie rn

  85. Isaac Saravia

    Isaac Saravia11 dias atrás


  86. Justin Brondace

    Justin Brondace11 dias atrás

    This. will. Be. Amazing. Legendary.

  87. FOXassin :3

    FOXassin :311 dias atrás

    I wanna see this badly

  88. Joan Carr

    Joan Carr11 dias atrás

    The movie of the queen

  89. Antonio Carranza

    Antonio Carranza11 dias atrás

    PLEASE GOOD LORD Let this movie premiere now! I will see this one with my parents! They are HUGE queen fans, and i love queen too thanks to them (and at the same time i can't stand modern music.... thanks to them again) and the best part: THEY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA THAT THIS MOVIE IS HAPPENING! they will become crazy if the movie opens with bohemian rhapsody song!

  90. Sheree richmond

    Sheree richmond11 dias atrás

    I was born between you guys and hip-hop . Queen and a whole bunch of you rock guys crossed over,kinda like us...Bit anyways, Whatever.All of you.DROP YOUR PHONES!!!WE ALL HAD TO LISTEN TO EACH OTHER BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE LISTENED TO AT THE TIME.YOU LOVE THE BASE & S$÷!% LIKE YOU JUST DISCOVERED IT. REALLY?!WOW. THESE Were the major soundtracks to our lives and none of you guys knew it! Wu-tang, Queen etc... Thanks!

  91. Ramit Inyah

    Ramit Inyah11 dias atrás

    I legitimately think this might be the best trailer I've ever seen.


    KIKIPA-STUDIOS12 dias atrás

    I wanna know his thought process on "Break free"

  93. Lily Metz

    Lily Metz12 dias atrás

    Josh. Until dawn??!?!!!??!

  94. DWSMMA

    DWSMMA12 dias atrás

    Lily Metz lol yes rami maleek

  95. Sebastian Kwiatek

    Sebastian Kwiatek12 dias atrás

    And the oscar for best actor is ......rami malek

  96. willow bridgforth

    willow bridgforth12 dias atrás

    Fun little drinking game for ya: Each time a clap is heard in the trailer, take a shot. Lol enjoy! 😂😂😂 Can't wait to rock out with Queen once more! Very excited for this movie! 🤟🤩🤩✨

  97. Jeremy Fritz

    Jeremy Fritz12 dias atrás

    I can't watch this knowing how much better SBC's version was going to be until Queen ruined it.

  98. slynnc kitty

    slynnc kitty12 dias atrás

    Since you have to immediately stoop to immature name calling, I would say you're not as smart as you think you are.

  99. Jeremy Fritz

    Jeremy Fritz12 dias atrás

    Because of this thing they just invented called reading and having a brain capable of rational thought, you nitwit. Anyone who has even a vague familiarity with this story knows there is no way it can be done justice with a "safe" homogenized PG-13 rating. But hey, don't let pesky little things like facts get in the way of your enjoyment of this made-4-TV version. "LMAO"? Proof that ignorance really is bliss I guess.

  100. slynnc kitty

    slynnc kitty12 dias atrás

    How can you know that since it never happened? LMAO

  101. Littyjohnny

    Littyjohnny12 dias atrás

    He’s winning an Oscar for this.

  102. Sam_ C.99

    Sam_ C.9912 dias atrás

    I posted a piano cover on my page of We Are The Champions. I play these by ear. If you enjoy, give it a massive thumbs up and share my video!

  103. Gi Shaw

    Gi Shaw13 dias atrás

    Caracaaaaaa, que massa! Só as músicas já fazem o filme valer a pena! Tamo junto!

  104. Dawn W. Williams

    Dawn W. Williams13 dias atrás

    Excellent trailer!

  105. Shack Attack

    Shack Attack13 dias atrás

    1:13 *SAVAGE*

  106. Zeany Cheran

    Zeany Cheran13 dias atrás

    The teaser and the trailer are both epic! I can’t imagine how awesome the movie is gonna be.

  107. עומר שרייבר

    עומר שרייבר13 dias atrás

    Man I really hope this will be a good movie. Also I hope that someone will make a full version of that remix becuse that thing is sick.

  108. Jade Rodriguez

    Jade Rodriguez14 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who gets teary-eyed watching the trailers? I badly cannot wait to see this movie. Sending love from Philippines~ 💚💚🙏🏼

  109. Kansas Missouri

    Kansas Missouri14 dias atrás

    This is legend.

  110. gorillaz memes

    gorillaz memes15 dias atrás

    Why isn't this trending?

  111. gorillaz memes

    gorillaz memes10 dias atrás

    +ninjas daughter oh... :/

  112. ninjas daughter

    ninjas daughter10 dias atrás

    gorillaz memes it was when it came out

  113. Aliyah Winter

    Aliyah Winter15 dias atrás

    This trailer is addicting to watch.


    ZENEIDA FUENTES15 dias atrás

    I can't remember anything from school but I remember this trailer by heart.