Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)


  1. kenshiro3467 lol

    kenshiro3467 lol16 minutos atrás

    Tienen que hacer esta wea denuevo pero con metallica o con pearl jam

  2. Betty Penelope

    Betty PenelopeHora atrás

    Sehen sie diesen film mit ihrer familie und freunden! 🔴 *Bohemian Rhapsody Voller Film HD Qualität ☛ [ **** ]*

  3. Dimetrodon 225

    Dimetrodon 225Hora atrás


  4. DexterThe Fat

    DexterThe Fat2 horas atrás

    AYeYeeYe OhHhHHHhH

  5. N1TR0 Z1TR0

    N1TR0 Z1TR02 horas atrás

    I hate all the 1.5k people who disliked this

  6. Alex Stilgoe

    Alex Stilgoe3 horas atrás

    Looks like an amazing film, but this mix of all the songs is appalling

  7. Emily Ascepiter

    Emily Ascepiter5 horas atrás

    Don't settle for this band-movie template. There's a reason Sacha Baron Cohen dropped out. Producers though focusing on Freddie mercury and depicting his experience with AIDS was too much of a bummer, and they rationalized it by saying "it's about the band". In 2018 there's no reason to settle for a watered down version of stories that deserve better. They rebooted Spiderman for fuck's sake and that fictional story has way less relevance and significance than one about Freddie Mercury.

  8. rimatus

    rimatus7 horas atrás

    The "EEOOO" part fucking sucks (unlike real freddie's) . Who decided to put it at the beginning of the trailer? Not a good sign.

  9. Lone INDIAN Gaming

    Lone INDIAN Gaming7 horas atrás

    Oh my my.. this looks stunning.. can't wait to see rami malik..

  10. seebecw

    seebecw8 horas atrás

    祝)映画化 伝説に栄光を

  11. Hanna Kobiela

    Hanna Kobiela8 horas atrás

    I'm in love 😍 with Freddie mercury

  12. Pacman Glorioso

    Pacman Glorioso9 horas atrás

    Esta repleto de únicas y detergentes :vvv

  13. Esteban Tiramisu

    Esteban Tiramisu9 horas atrás

    Queen rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. spookymango

    spookymango9 horas atrás

    Wow ,I could cry As a child he was the best,what a performer,what an entertainer,the best .no one has ever bettered him, never ,x

  15. delana Albert

    delana Albert12 horas atrás

    Mad I have to wait u til November 😞

  16. Drama Bee

    Drama Bee12 horas atrás


  17. Emmanuel Dias-Neto

    Emmanuel Dias-Neto15 horas atrás

    Why do this not even with the band...It’s sad people do that without the real ones who are a million times better!Stop the nonsense of using other people on the places of others who died!I want these singers remembered like this, not by being another person remembered on the place!!!

  18. Gjalt van der Hem

    Gjalt van der Hem15 horas atrás


  19. Little Sinatra's Cover Arthur Vizzel

    Little Sinatra's Cover Arthur Vizzel15 horas atrás

    I Love Queen it's my favorite band Love Queen from brazil

  20. Mo Luj

    Mo Luj15 horas atrás

    Excited to see Malek play Freddie, but Sacha Baron Cohen would have been amazing, he doesn't even need to try to look like him, plus he's a fantastic actor.

  21. Aaliyah macken

    Aaliyah macken16 horas atrás

    is anybody else REALLY excited for this movie , if you cant tell IM A HUGE QUEEN FAN.

  22. davidlastcentury

    davidlastcentury16 horas atrás

    I SO want to see this.

  23. Leanne Voysey

    Leanne Voysey17 horas atrás

    OH YES!!!!!

  24. Blair Potter

    Blair Potter19 horas atrás

    They did perfectly to give Rami this part. This is going to be amazing.

  25. RE JO Official

    RE JO Official19 horas atrás

    Freddie forever

  26. Bone Smug

    Bone Smug20 horas atrás

    I hope there's a scene with David Bowie recording Under Pressure.

  27. sakke tyyppi

    sakke tyyppi21 hora atrás

    Opera sex ?

  28. AlexTheRed1985

    AlexTheRed198521 hora atrás

    He better not freaking die right in the middle of the movie like in the initial script....

  29. Brent Ryan

    Brent Ryan21 hora atrás

    1:02 ftw

  30. Mike eatsGarbage

    Mike eatsGarbage22 horas atrás

    this movie is gonna make a super sonic man outta me

  31. Trish Pere

    Trish Pere23 horas atrás

    I absolutely love the medley of the songs used for the trailer, make it available to download!!!!!!!

  32. YesJimZ

    YesJimZ23 horas atrás

    I watch this everytime I go to sleep

  33. Harry TM

    Harry TMDia atrás

    I think Mr. Robot was cast in the movie because of his teeth🤔🤔🤔

  34. queen celeste

    queen celesteDia atrás

    Ya no puedo esperar a que salga😍😍😍

  35. Bảo Bão

    Bảo BãoDia atrás

    amzinggggggggggggg !!!!!!!

  36. Christopher Villacis Ortiz

    Christopher Villacis OrtizDia atrás


  37. Martin Mady

    Martin MadyDia atrás

    Can't wait for this:)

  38. Drasko Nenezic

    Drasko NenezicDia atrás

    Good as hell

  39. Daniel Alcides Gómez Vargas

    Daniel Alcides Gómez VargasDia atrás


  40. Felipe Sanhueza

    Felipe SanhuezaDia atrás

    But bohemian rapsody it's singed by Freddy Mercury alone

  41. Veronica Veronica

    Veronica Veronica23 horas atrás

    Felipe Sanhueza no, no, no, you are mistaken. Many high notes were coming from the drummer, Roger

  42. Abigail Redding

    Abigail ReddingDia atrás

    Tears. There are ugly tears running down my face. The first time I watched this I think I forgot how to breath!!!!

  43. popstargames

    popstargamesDia atrás

    if this is a teaser, i am really teased. damn show the trailer already relase the movie already!

  44. Valentina

    ValentinaDia atrás

    The actor may not look like him, but god, he's so talented...just notice his way of speaking and moving!!! Lookin forward to it

  45. Jua Dulcey

    Jua DulceyDia atrás

    Song please 0:33

  46. Joey Saldana

    Joey SaldanaDia atrás

    Man this looks good

  47. Deepil Tiwari

    Deepil TiwariDia atrás

    This guy can Play Prince as well lol

  48. Aslinur Ozdemir

    Aslinur OzdemirDia atrás

    He was born for this movie, I’m so exciteddddd

  49. aligrandi13

    aligrandi13Dia atrás

    Want to watch it!! Amaising!!!!!

  50. Jacob Thompson

    Jacob ThompsonDia atrás

    is it just me or does anyone else just want to download the mash up of the songs they play lol

  51. ALAN ALDO valencia cortes

    ALAN ALDO valencia cortesDia atrás


  52. Jefry Problem?

    Jefry Problem?Dia atrás


  53. marc07112

    marc07112Dia atrás

    Just give me masters of the universe baby!!!!

  54. Devilsagent667 Yau

    Devilsagent667 YauDia atrás

    0:46" so much grace, rhythm and debonair from one man?"

  55. Rocket 205

    Rocket 205Dia atrás

    I think Sacha Baron Cohen looked a lot more like Freddie

  56. sanne2299

    sanne2299Dia atrás

    I just realised... that is the faraoh Guy from night at the museum...

  57. Andreessen andrei

    Andreessen andreiDia atrás

    Русские есть?

  58. Gaia V

    Gaia VDia atrás

    Nosotros somos los campeones...luchando hasta el final...🙌😉💪

  59. Zellama Corn

    Zellama CornDia atrás

    I cant stop watching this bec its cool af

  60. Júlia Fernandes

    Júlia FernandesDia atrás

    Acho que o Marc Martel poderia ter feito o papel de Freddie Mercury, se encaixaria perfeitamente.

  61. George Tull

    George TullDia atrás

    trailer of the year 2018

  62. Axl Rose

    Axl RoseDia atrás

    I'm from indonesia, and i'm so proud for all who making this history about queen. Amazing 👏👏👏👏

  63. Aldi Brito

    Aldi BritoDia atrás

    Como se llama la canción del principio?

  64. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Chaparro

    Miguel Angel Gonzalez ChaparroDia atrás

    Son partes de los conciertos cuando freddie se ponía a jugar con el publico gritando eeeeo, era para afinar su voz

  65. Fernanda Buldrini

    Fernanda BuldriniDia atrás


  66. Jefferson leite

    Jefferson leiteDia atrás

    Simplesmente foda!

  67. 윤여정

    윤여정Dia atrás


  68. Bartek Pingwin

    Bartek PingwinDia atrás


  69. Ricky FT

    Ricky FTDia atrás

    Does this movie contain only Queen Greates Hits I Album’s songs?

  70. B Tullu

    B TulluDia atrás

    looks fuckin good

  71. Buenomars

    BuenomarsDia atrás


  72. Misicks0349

    Misicks0349Dia atrás

    Brendon Urie should have been Freddy

  73. Linda Strautmane

    Linda StrautmaneDia atrás

    This is going to be something.

  74. Rappin Mumble

    Rappin MumbleDia atrás

    woah! awesome!

  75. Kevin Caes

    Kevin CaesDia atrás

    My idol, the legendary Freddie Mercury. Can't wait to watch this movie. All the way from the Phillipines. Hello. 🙂

  76. Nisa Peter

    Nisa PeterDia atrás


  77. Mr .PLadominal

    Mr .PLadominalDia atrás


  78. mint

    mintDia atrás

    "it's lookin' good!" -Vinesauce Joel

  79. Eleanor Singh

    Eleanor SinghDia atrás

    Omg can’t wait

  80. Matinas gamer

    Matinas gamerDia atrás

    So good

  81. lord Tachanka

    lord TachankaDia atrás


  82. S A D B O Y

    S A D B O YDia atrás

    grandee FREDDY MERCURY!!!!!!

  83. Jack Warner

    Jack WarnerDia atrás

    that's how u make a trailer

  84. Dilshod Atabaev

    Dilshod AtabaevDia atrás

    terrible actor for freddy and doesnt look like him at all... what a joke? I know the movie gonna suck major balls!!

  85. Danny W

    Danny W2 dias atrás

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out! We’ve been waiting forever and it’s finally coming.......i thought Borat looked a little more like FM but I’ll accept Malek

  86. lauren brooks

    lauren brooks2 dias atrás

    this movie is going to be fucking awesome.

  87. Jose Marcos

    Jose Marcos2 dias atrás

    Muito bom aguardaremos a estreia aqui no Brasil

  88. Killer Queen

    Killer Queen2 dias atrás

    смотрю и плачу... как же не хватает тебя. Фредди (((

  89. P Silva

    P Silva2 dias atrás

    Que massa....❤❤❤ qdo estreiaaa???

  90. couldn't think of something funny

    couldn't think of something funny2 dias atrás

    3 words... Get.Fucking.hype.

  91. IssenKai

    IssenKai2 dias atrás

    freddy mercury with bulgy, i guess it sounds cool

  92. Elizabeth malec

    Elizabeth malec2 dias atrás





  94. Miguel Mercury

    Miguel Mercury2 dias atrás

    In This Movie of Freddie Mercury will appear Mary Austin and Jim Hutton

  95. Duane Burnett

    Duane Burnett2 dias atrás

    Who the hell would dislike this?

  96. the ginger gamer

    the ginger gamer2 dias atrás

    Why do I feel like Roger Taylor r will be the comic relief

  97. the ginger gamer

    the ginger gamer2 dias atrás

    Nobodies talking about Mike Myers in the movie

  98. Tavon Lockridge

    Tavon Lockridge2 dias atrás

    well, if you pause at 0:32 it technically implies his sexuality, so i don’t see the big fuss you guys this will be a good Mercury for sure

  99. Trejo Maxter

    Trejo Maxter2 dias atrás

    Me voy a pagar el gas

  100. Qiana Robinson

    Qiana Robinson2 dias atrás

    I cried while watching this, oh how if reminded me of my crazy British rock n roll dad.

  101. A diaz

    A diaz2 dias atrás

    I want my last husband to be a real artist. I read gemini are

  102. 22megaton

    22megaton2 dias atrás

    I feel like “don’t stop me now” would be a better title