BOJACK HORSEMAN on CHANGE - Wisecrack Edition


  1. Brent Pilgrim

    Brent Pilgrim13 horas atrás

    I get the feeling there’s going to be a trial episode...everyone he’s influenced or effected will be present...some defending him and others against him...if it’s not the last episode it’ll be the penultimate one

  2. Slaidey Valheim

    Slaidey Valheim2 dias atrás

    *Involuntarily vibrating in anticipation for the last part of the season*

  3. katelyn m

    katelyn m3 dias atrás

    is this the girl from big time rush?

  4. - Zachary -

    - Zachary -4 dias atrás

    2:15 pff half the price

  5. Sean Paul Jones

    Sean Paul Jones9 dias atrás

    Don’t you think Jerry from Rick and Morty and Mrs Peanut butter or the same

  6. Alyster Hyde

    Alyster Hyde11 dias atrás

    Helen was awesome in this video, excellent work.

  7. james ray

    james ray12 dias atrás

    What is the music they use at the end of wisecrack videos?

  8. Mikie Wall

    Mikie Wall14 dias atrás

    I love u ♥️♥️

  9. C.Nightmare Franz

    C.Nightmare Franz15 dias atrás

    I believe the point of the show is to love yourself no matter what. And that means being responsible for your actions even if nobody else points out your mistakes. Also, you should not give up on you even if everybody else does.

  10. Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee15 dias atrás

    Would love to see videos on Vinland Saga

  11. Jasmin

    Jasmin16 dias atrás

    thank you so much for all these bojack videos. I needed this. I appreciate your work so much. thanks

  12. Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson

    Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson18 dias atrás

    I keep watching and rewatching bjh it's incredible and I love it so much, terrified for the ending :((

  13. Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson

    Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson18 dias atrás

    Charlotte wasn't bojacks ex :((

  14. gabriel vinicius Oliveira

    gabriel vinicius Oliveira21 dia atrás

    I think the end of bojack will be a fate for him to finally pay for his sins as mort health he can get. So he can past trough maybe even in jail in a way he wouldn't endure in his former destroctive behave.

  15. Michael Dimopoulos

    Michael Dimopoulos21 dia atrás

    My earbuds cost $30 bluetooth, waterproof, half the price of this episodes half the price earbuds. Lol

  16. Kimchi G

    Kimchi G22 dias atrás

    Beatrice episodes were... perfect

  17. Seeam Marjan

    Seeam Marjan23 dias atrás

    6:24 Doug. Judy.

  18. DANKKrish

    DANKKrish23 dias atrás

    From a series that's been kicking you in the guts for 5 seasons, wouldn't a happy ending be insulting? because I think it would.

  19. ari the ick

    ari the ick25 dias atrás

    bojack doesn't change, the other characters do.

  20. Colin Cumming

    Colin Cumming28 dias atrás

    Holy shit, this is life-changing.

  21. Nicholas Byard

    Nicholas Byard28 dias atrás

    I think BoJack probably has done more harm than can be undone by him changing for the better, but for me, that makes it harder earned and compelling. I think BoJack basically makes the case for kindness. I hope we see some light at the end but either way it is a fantastic show. One of the few that has actually make me to think about my flaws and be more self reflective. Great TV!

  22. Guido Guido

    Guido Guido28 dias atrás

    I had to literally stop watching Bojack Horseman after Season 3 because after every episode I felt empty and heavy after every episode. I needed a 30 Minute Cooldown just to get over what I had just watched.

  23. Lepus

    Lepus29 dias atrás

    Man, it sucks when people feel like they've done too much damage to ever be a better person! I feel like its just the opposite. If you really wanna make your wrongs right, then I say show it by never giving up on being a better person!

  24. dick castle

    dick castle29 dias atrás

    I would say bj kills himself... but tht kinda seems too obvious

  25. Matías Macotinsky

    Matías Macotinsky29 dias atrás

    I must say, the episode where Bojack throws that monologue on his mother's funeral (or so he thought) really made me put the show on a new level in my head. That's when it went from funny and interesting to a fully immersive piece of art

  26. lotoole91

    lotoole91Mês atrás

    "Princess Carolyn went from ruthless to... Ruthie" should have been one of the lines

  27. sleepy

    sleepyMês atrás

    I teared up a little when he finally gave mr peanut butter his crossover episode.

  28. Jon dow

    Jon dowMês atrás

    *4:47** No she came on to him twice and in a act of impressive self control (particularly for Bojack) he firmly turned her down both times then the mom cam in blamed him and he took the fall anyway without even trying to protest his innocents to spear the girl any embarrassment and left!!*

  29. Jon dow

    Jon dowMês atrás

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  30. D Mac

    D MacMês atrás

    is this why the simpsons is the longest running tv show on primetime??

  31. WishfulDento+ChoosenSilver

    WishfulDento+ChoosenSilverMês atrás

    Charlotte wasn’t Bojacks ex. She was dating Herb right?

  32. Bryson Turner

    Bryson TurnerMês atrás

    The first of Season 6 was to show that change is possible. However, the second half will put that change to the test. With BoJack especially, now that he's in a better place, he will likely be able to take responsibility for those that he hurt. If BoJack's changes have set in, then he'll take responsibility and own up to what he did. However, if he starts to spiral and make excuses and start victim-blaming, then he'll just spiral right back. I'm hopeful it's the former. I really want BoJack to find peace. I really do.

  33. Zachary Nolan

    Zachary NolanMês atrás

    This has been said by Wisecrack and especially other creators many many times before. Not truly an original take and Mr Shroder said it better.

  34. Dylan Crabtree

    Dylan CrabtreeMês atrás

    Yup fuck life

  35. joshua Pannell

    joshua PannellMês atrás

    Ewwwww, family guy.

  36. Rikorage

    RikorageMês atrás

    I think the show is not asking for forgiveness inside an entire episode, but says that you have to try, and it may take a long time, but getting to a point that you can forgive yourself is the stepping off point to starting real recovery from traumatic events in one's past. I use some of the lessons from the show in my own path to change, and it's never an easy thing to admit to. I have been able to express who I am to the people I hold closest to me without them turning away, so I believe people are willing to accept you if you are able to accept yourself first. Having perspective on that path of self recovery helps you decide what's best for your on your own journey.

  37. Martin S. Duarte

    Martin S. DuarteMês atrás

    Sadly, the direction the show is taking points to Bojack taking his own life at the end. He will probably decide that everyone is just better off without him and that suicide is the only way he can truly provide closure/justice to all his victims through the years. Plus, his long time hero Secretariat took his own life too, I can see him following in those same footsteps.

  38. MokerMovies

    MokerMoviesMês atrás

    We're just horsing around, let us be and develop ourselves to something great!

  39. maliek Cepeda

    maliek CepedaMês atrás

    There is no god redemption is irrelevant try to be better so you hate yourself less

  40. The Shamanite

    The ShamaniteMês atrás

    I think it's less the symbolic gesture of change, and more the confidence to change.

  41. Bharat Verma

    Bharat VermaMês atrás

    She is such a cutie, I almost fall in love when she explained her priorities of spending money on food rather than tech-savvy stuff 🤣❤

  42. Kabutoes

    KabutoesMês atrás

    Just when bojack grows, his past catches up to him

  43. Rohit Gautam

    Rohit GautamMês atrás

    The philosophy of Being John Malkovich?

  44. Pipe

    PipeMês atrás

    Changing is pretty much impossible but trying to is still important. However I do feel BoJack needa to atone for the people he's hurt. He caused major damage and that can't just be forgotten like that.

  45. rjxl8

    rjxl8Mês atrás

    star wars rise of skywalker what went wrong, next please.

  46. deXyy

    deXyyMês atrás

    Love Bojack^^^^

  47. Camila Kneitz

    Camila KneitzMês atrás

    Make one video about the corean movie "Parasite", please!!

  48. Jason Korzelius

    Jason KorzeliusMês atrás

    I needed this

  49. bella

    bellaMês atrás

    idk why, but i have this feeling that bojack will kill himself at the series finale. i guess the lowkey hype around this reminds me of the lead up to Mad Men when some people theorized Don would kill himself.

  50. Mac C.

    Mac C.Mês atrás

    I'm here because of AnimaLogic

  51. D.O.J

    D.O.JMês atrás

    My brain

  52. BogusMojo

    BogusMojoMês atrás

    "Fit my weird ears." I feel ya girl. And yes, we should all try to be better, even if it's a little bit at a time.

  53. Jacob Ferrandi

    Jacob FerrandiMês atrás

    my dream ending for the show is that bojack walks in and sits down at a empty bar and orders a drink. the bartenders looks at bojack sighing and says hey why the long face? cut to black and roll credits

  54. Nefepants

    NefepantsMês atrás

    BoJack didn't get too much into his character, he was having a psychotic episode due to drug use and in that delusion took his frustration out on Gina who was trying to help him get clean. It's good to know none of you understood what happened.

  55. HueyDavisX

    HueyDavisXMês atrás

    It's kinda sad cause I feel like Bojack Horseman is one of these show that'll forever be underrated. I mean sure, people who watches it talks a lot about it and it seems to be wildly accepted as a great show, but it also feels like a lot of people don't want to actually dive into it because of its "depressing" reputation. Which is a shame cause it's is also fuckin hilarious, rarely laughted as hard as while watching this.

  56. aki 16

    aki 16Mês atrás

    I love "Free Churo", "Time's Arrow" and Jared narrating.

  57. Matt

    MattMês atrás

    This is a terrible video. Felt like it is suggesting that a person is be beyond redemption and part of getting over depression is realizing that your past doesn't have to control your present.

  58. weakest twink

    weakest twinkMês atrás

    I think his mistakes are a good chance for him to change even more and get even better. Now he can do the best possible to make his mistakes okay, at least apologize sincerely which he could before. I think his small changes are great and they always give me hope that one day, even if he won't be good, he'll be okay

  59. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaMês atrás

    is it just me that everytime i hear "Holywood" im like that ain't right.

  60. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaMês atrás

    c122 h122 yeah

  61. c122 h122

    c122 h122Mês atrás

    It's Hollywoo

  62. Hasan Alharaz

    Hasan AlharazMês atrás

    Can you guys make a video on angel’s egg or at least trigun?