Brad Pitt: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT


  1. Vini Krishna

    Vini Krishna23 horas atrás

    At 2.24 wow ✌

  2. Reac Beac

    Reac BeacDia atrás

    He's as real as a donut motherfuckerrr 😂

  3. roxi-roxanna RiveraTM

    roxi-roxanna RiveraTM2 dias atrás

    Hahahahahah okey

  4. name 123

    name 1233 dias atrás

    Roger Moore in his first two Bond films better looking than Brad Pitt.

  5. doro626

    doro6263 dias atrás

    2:17 Even he had to laugh at himself on that one.


    LATINA PATRIOT4 dias atrás

    LOOKS LIKE A DRUG ADDICT sick and stupid stop smoking weed bratt and stfu about political anything 100 percent fed up we turn the channel. watch anything but this crap!!!

  7. nichko92

    nichko924 dias atrás

    I wish I was at least 2% cool of how cool he is

  8. Frank Kwok

    Frank Kwok5 dias atrás

    He is like Robert Redford. Charming fellow 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  9. Randima Fernando

    Randima Fernando5 dias atrás


  10. The HandyMan

    The HandyMan5 dias atrás

    Brad... You Are One of the GREATEST EVER! Class act!

  11. Arshdeep Sandhu

    Arshdeep Sandhu5 dias atrás

    And he blows off the award like a candle flame at the end 💥

  12. rajnish tiwari

    rajnish tiwari6 dias atrás

    Wow that was hell of a speech

  13. Life of Jesse

    Life of Jesse6 dias atrás

    1:06 I love feet 😋✨🦶🏻👣

  14. Hemlata Kog

    Hemlata Kog6 dias atrás

    Loved it Pitt! God Bless!

  15. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer6 dias atrás

    .......Baaaaarrrrf these pukes and their AWARDS.

  16. Bruna Dias

    Bruna Dias7 dias atrás

    Amo essa voz, o olhar e o senso de humor.

  17. P. E. Goth

    P. E. Goth7 dias atrás


  18. Sailandra yadav

    Sailandra yadav7 dias atrás

    Every time Brad opens his mouth he sounds cool

  19. Dejana Stankovic

    Dejana Stankovic7 dias atrás

    Miso kovac

  20. Captain Sergio

    Captain Sergio7 dias atrás

    Fuck america !

  21. Bubba Angel

    Bubba Angel7 dias atrás

    Who cares what Pitt thinks!????

  22. taurus68

    taurus687 dias atrás

    He is such nice person

  23. baxter is here

    baxter is here7 dias atrás

    this is probably one of the best speeches I've heard 👍

  24. 2Uahoj

    2Uahoj7 dias atrás

    If the modern "Hollywood star" would repress the temptation to teach us all what we should believe about politics, they would probably explode on stage.

  25. Bobby Robby

    Bobby Robby7 dias atrás

    Congratulations for Renee Zellweger for winning Best Actress. She was the only woman all night to not bitch about women getting nominated for best director. Renee gave a patriot speech about obtaining the American dream (not talking about illegal aliens dreams). This feminist don't even know history. A woman already won Best Director Oscar for the movie, the "Hurt Locker" in the year 2008 which was not that long ago.

  26. Kermit Frog

    Kermit Frog7 dias atrás

    and the oscar goes to willem dafoe. wait a minute he wasnt nominated, fuck the oscars... but yeah, good speech.

  27. wolfmanjacksaid

    wolfmanjacksaid7 dias atrás

    Brad Pitt doesn't even write his own speeches, lol

  28. Umesh Shinde

    Umesh Shinde7 dias atrás

    You definitely are one of the amazing performers.

  29. Rafael Ultramar

    Rafael Ultramar7 dias atrás

    All of the crowd looks in love with him while he's speaking. I can easily relate to that cause I probably did the same

  30. Sabincka M

    Sabincka M7 dias atrás

    Brad is hot as HELL! I am in love in him since 20 years ! Still the same 🤣

  31. Xavier Lapis

    Xavier Lapis7 dias atrás

    God damn this guy's a genetic anomaly no one should look that good nearing 60

  32. F. Lundamo

    F. Lundamo7 dias atrás

    Hat off! I was tearing up. What a speech. Seasoned actor by far now. For 30 more years

  33. Dan White

    Dan White7 dias atrás

    I love how the ratings continue to fall for Grammy’s. I’m looking forward to the continued exposing of pedophiles in Hollywood by Cory Feldman in his documentary. Let’s see, did Trump get a fair deal by the House before the Senate? No! So go to hell you globalist rat b*stards!! No high crimes OR mistameanors. That equates to Trump being your president for four more years. And the swamp being drained. Trump 2Q2Q.

  34. brad fincher

    brad fincher8 dias atrás

    I'm from India.... Very happy to my friend Brad Pitt gets Oscar... Just only one wish i want to meet Brad Pitt one day ... Die hard fan of brad Pitt from Andhra pradesh

  35. Momba Bee

    Momba Bee8 dias atrás

    Ok, its over with Jennifer, over with Angelina (despite the kids).... isn’t anyone excited to see who’s next? Cause both those women are huge to compete with, sad he still hasn’t found his soulmate!

  36. Gold Girl

    Gold Girl8 dias atrás

    If y’all remember the first popular movie he was in then you’ll get the shirt and smoking joke - it was a reference back to Thelma and Louise - some of y’all were probably not even born then. Look it up, it’s a fantastic movie.

  37. Moss Stirling

    Moss Stirling8 dias atrás


  38. XL Zhao

    XL Zhao8 dias atrás

    Good speech, deep but funny at the same time.

  39. Diann Stephens

    Diann Stephens8 dias atrás

    I try never to watch scum bag people who tras the USA by not respecting our president. Every one of you filthy people are not even worth this text but hopefully you will see how unliked you all are.

  40. Diann Stephens

    Diann Stephens8 dias atrás

    Brad puke.

  41. Ioan Petrescu

    Ioan Petrescu8 dias atrás

    Everybody in that room likes Brad.

  42. Sue B

    Sue B8 dias atrás

    I didn't get the Tinder joke … but perhaps someone had set up a fake profile Tinder account by using Brad?

  43. sylversyl

    sylversyl8 dias atrás

    He looks tired and more vulnerable than used to be. you can tell he's been through a rough couple of years. nice to see him bounce back his career, at least.

  44. Melody Fox

    Melody Fox8 dias atrás

    @ 0:32 *I gotta add this to my Tinder profile* ...What a riot this Man is! and it's a natural thing, he comes up with wise cracks with no effort...Brad can make people laugh, smile, cry...yet he is humble, nice, and a real gentleman, no matter what... I love him both on screen and off. Kudos to you, Brad Pitt, for the 26th Annual SAG awards... well deserved! LPM💙☮️🎵

  45. Ms. Carlson

    Ms. Carlson8 dias atrás

    I used to think that Brad Pritt was just a pretty boy role actor - but after I saw him, especially in The Big Short and in this speech he has tremendous talent and spiritual depth.


    RICKY RICARDO8 dias atrás


  47. Nadette Panglao

    Nadette Panglao8 dias atrás

    At2:23. Praise 👍😜that you are now reunited with Jennifer ✌️😁

  48. mia.

    mia.8 dias atrás

    Bravo Brad....finally...❤❤❤❤❤❤and Oscar too....

  49. Gary Ray Cardoso

    Gary Ray Cardoso8 dias atrás

    🖕PhuhQ Bradd Twitt #BoycottHollywood

  50. Carlos echenique

    Carlos echenique8 dias atrás

    About time!!! this dude is a legend, awesome speech 😂

  51. Tom Thumb

    Tom Thumb8 dias atrás

    That was too funny Brad Schiff.

  52. Koti P

    Koti P8 dias atrás

    Love you

  53. Aycha

    Aycha8 dias atrás

    0:02 did she just said- and the “actor” goes to 😂 guess she was nervous like everbody

  54. Virginia

    Virginia7 dias atrás

    Aycha it’s actually correct look at the description box

  55. Heather Tornetta

    Heather Tornetta8 dias atrás

    Haha, do celebrities even pay taxes? or understand what the middle class deals with? They have homes in places where I will never see. This isn’t a script, it isn’t your party, it isn’t their place to slam a man trying to keep our money here. He may not be a public speaker, he may offend people, you don’t have to like him, But... he is doing the job for free unlike the house its self. He knows money, that’s what our country needs. I have asked this..... How does a politician get in the White House and become a Millionaire?... We put a millionaire in the White House and he is corrupt?.. He declared bankruptcy and still came out ahead... He understands how to turn it around. Someone needs to handle the money! Not steal it... or give them selves a raise every time they make a decision. The Democrats should have to pay us back. We should all receive a huge check next year, for our money wasted. Hollywood has no idea because they hop on a plane and leave whenever they want So they should all shut up, sorry Brad it’s over, The betrayal is too much💔💔

  56. Hal 9000

    Hal 90008 dias atrás

    Ok Brad, We'll give you your very first Oscar, but you have to call out the smartest people in the senate for acting like children. Brad : you want me to what? You guys do realize I am the last person on earth to accuse anyone of such, right ? Well Brad, this will be your only Oscar offer & besides, we have to maintain our reputation...What's false is our truth.

  57. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men8 dias atrás

    Great Actor ...…..

  58. Ljokamoja Lijepa

    Ljokamoja Lijepa8 dias atrás

    It was about the time, I'm glad for Brad. But even he knows AL Pacino deserved it million times more. I'm just saying, who cares about awards when you're GOAT


    JINKALA KONDAL8 dias atrás

    great acter

  60. Garage Sale

    Garage Sale8 dias atrás


  61. Vader Fett

    Vader Fett8 dias atrás

    What did he win his Oscar for? That film was utter shite. Full of people who did NOTHING. It was a film about NOTHING.