Brandon Routh Reacts To His Return As Superman


  1. Looper

    Looper4 meses atrás

    Which actor was the all-time best Superman?

  2. Kameelah Harper

    Kameelah Harper25 dias atrás

    Personally routh was my favorite. Henry's performance didn't give me that Superman feeling.

  3. Complete Ultra Instinct Broly

    Complete Ultra Instinct Broly2 meses atrás

    @Neutral 69 *REEVE*

  4. Ryan

    Ryan4 meses atrás

    John Hamn... oh wait.

  5. poetofreason

    poetofreason4 meses atrás


  6. Dion Ermen

    Dion Ermen4 meses atrás

    @laura marrero fabian Dean Cain was ok. Yeah he played Clark but near the end of the series you see him as superman.

  7. Malemleima Huidrom

    Malemleima Huidrom2 dias atrás

    I think he is the most handsome Superman ever..

  8. Ninja Master

    Ninja Master3 dias atrás

    Should be NO pants above the costume.

  9. Raihan Mahajana

    Raihan Mahajana11 dias atrás

    BRING 90's BARRY

  10. Derek J. Evans

    Derek J. Evans16 dias atrás

    If DC is done with Cavill bring Routh back to the role as the Kingdom Come Superman...he looks great now

  11. Jonny T.

    Jonny T.18 dias atrás

    WB shot themselves in the foot with superman returns

  12. lnb29

    lnb2923 dias atrás

    the only superman there is

  13. Kameelah Harper

    Kameelah Harper25 dias atrás

    Bring him back for good. Period.

  14. salman shah

    salman shahMês atrás

    brandon needs to add some more muscles mass then he would be the perfect superman

  15. GhostLink92

    GhostLink92Mês atrás

    So my girlfriend and I just got into Legends of Tomorrow. And the entire time we've been watching, we've said that he would make a great Superman. He has the look, the mannerisms, everything. Little did we know that not only did he have the role previously, he's coming back in the next Arrowverse crossover. I guess great minds think alike.

  16. Juwel Ahmad

    Juwel AhmadMês atrás

    Brandon Routh Is Looking So Real Super Hero🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  17. Jacob Grimes

    Jacob GrimesMês atrás

    Brandon Routh is MY SUPERMAN and finally they gave him another chance also Michael Keaton is my Batman

  18. Petrus Kelaetswe

    Petrus KelaetsweMês atrás

    he was the best superman looks a lot like Reeves.guy has physique and clumpsy as clark as he should .

  19. Gregg Martian

    Gregg MartianMês atrás

    Brandon return as superman i hope tobey maguire return as spiderman.

  20. Valkyra Sonara

    Valkyra SonaraMês atrás

    Wuhu Brandon is back!!!!! 😍❤️

  21. Gotham Knight

    Gotham KnightMês atrás

    I like Routh more for Superman than The Atom. He very much was a good fill in for Christopher Reeves.

  22. Because of reasons lol

    Because of reasons lolMês atrás

    Superman returns is a sequel to the Christopher reeves superman movies so bassichly crisis on infinite earth's is also a sequel to the old movies

  23. 420 gamer

    420 gamerMês atrás

    Superman returns - great cast, shitty story writers.

  24. Ersen Foy

    Ersen FoyMês atrás

    my crush when i was like 7 or 8! He was at it finnest in Superman returns!

  25. Stan GOT7

    Stan GOT72 meses atrás

    Superman returns was by far my fav superman film

  26. Mateusz Woźniak

    Mateusz Woźniak2 meses atrás

    The fact that Atom's alter ago from another universe is acually from completely different planet doesnt make any sense... They just gathered superman actors from the past beacuse it is catchy. Because you know, if there are alternative universes there is no logic in making supermanfrom another universe look exactly the same like Atom from abother universe. Those are alternative similar universes, not completely different worlds. Beside, following things make all cw-dc-series un-watchable: scenes where they walk in one row in slow motion, teenegers-like emotional problems which most people dont care about, schematic episodes (most of them) where actually you can see this kind of plan: 1. Flash run to discover new Villain, 2. Flash gets beaten, 3. Flash and his friends come up with an super idea how to stop new foe, 4. Flash finally does it. The end. ( ok, there were some cooler episodes where something unexpected happend... but lets be honest, it was like 5-10% of all...)

  27. Savitar the God of Speed

    Savitar the God of Speed2 meses atrás

    Writers: So how many crossovers do you want? Crisis: Yes.

  28. Capronice

    Capronice2 meses atrás

    I think if after Crisis the universe is changed, I would really like Routh to take on the role of superman on TV for good.


    PHILL SHIVELY2 meses atrás

    I Want Brandon Routh as Movie Superman again Superman Returns Deserved a Sequel

  30. Soepieman99

    Soepieman992 meses atrás

    Finally !! I've literally been waiting 13 years for this AMAZING news !! Always hoped for another movie, but this is just as sweet !! Brandon Routh was always that classy Reeve-like Superman and it felt like the proper passing of the baton back then. Dare I hope for a spin-off too... 🙏🙏🙃🙃

  31. Gabriel Lezli

    Gabriel Lezli2 meses atrás

    I’d there going to be like a new serie or just like an episode for the crossover

  32. ramon jr tan

    ramon jr tan2 meses atrás

    My superman. 1. Christopher Reeves - charismatic superman, 2. Henry Cavill - present superman, real-world superman, fighter, most powerful superman 3. Brandon Routh - kindness aura, Kingdom Come superman(spin-off movie please...)

  33. ramon jr tan

    ramon jr tan2 meses atrás

    Am I the only one to hoping to see Brandon Routh Kingdom Come spin-off movie?

  34. Kenny Kharkongor

    Kenny Kharkongor2 meses atrás

    Yes Brandon Routh.

  35. G D JONES

    G D JONES2 meses atrás

    Routh should be superman again on the big screen

  36. Squidward The Gamecat

    Squidward The Gamecat2 meses atrás

    I always liked Brandon as superman. 😁

  37. rock GOLD

    rock GOLD2 meses atrás

    he's the reason why i like superman in the first place

  38. Suq Madiq

    Suq Madiq2 meses atrás

    Top gun is the gayest movie ever

  39. R OwO

    R OwO2 meses atrás

    I like Brandon auto man so cute

  40. chill dude ooo

    chill dude ooo2 meses atrás

    What about him in legends of tommrow??

  41. John Tad

    John Tad2 meses atrás

    Brandon Routh is the closest to a look alike to Christopher Reeve there is compare to other guys. imo

  42. Incognito One

    Incognito One2 meses atrás

    Looking forward to this. Should be great. I saw the interviews with the cast already. Between this, the continuation of Star Wars and the renewal and continuation of Ghostbusters, this is going to be a great 2019 -2020

  43. Teyon Alexander

    Teyon Alexander2 meses atrás

    Can we please have him meet the Atom?

  44. Yoketat Foo

    Yoketat Foo2 meses atrás

    I would like to see Brandon Routh return as superman in the big screen.

  45. Mark Appel

    Mark Appel2 meses atrás

    Good lord Routh is SO MUCH BETTER than that stiff Henry Cavill.