Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - Retropolis?! New Brawler?


  1. DBP Animes

    DBP AnimesDia atrás

    Eu quero o corvo e a skin de fênix

  2. Solar Myth

    Solar MythDia atrás

    new skins new skins new skins *for gems* You get to try out Bibi right away *for gems* We have 3 new skins *for gems* if u know havoc gaming you know what i mean ;)

  3. Marija Djukanovic

    Marija Djukanovic2 dias atrás

    Please give me one mythic brawler

  4. Алекс Якименко

    Алекс Якименко2 dias atrás

    ,Please new Brawler Name:Zack Attack:Wall Damage Magical ball Super: Zack can summon a clone, at death Zack reborn where he placed the clone, but the clone . Passivation:Zack can line up three clones that can attack.please, if you liked it, like it, I will be very blogary Love:Brawl Talk  Научиться произносить

  5. Mortis lord

    Mortis lordDia atrás

    star power

  6. Bravis the Grand Strategist

    Bravis the Grand Strategist2 dias atrás

    Have you considered that Tara and Leon are the silent type they are mysterious now Leon I could see a voice one like Nita but Tara shouldn't have a voice

  7. Charly

    Charly3 dias atrás

    Csrl Is Good skin?!

  8. mustafa reis

    mustafa reis3 dias atrás

    new update yesss

  9. elowariato elo

    elowariato elo4 dias atrás

    I have this brawler

  10. elowariato elo

    elowariato elo4 dias atrás


  11. Челик-велик

    Челик-велик4 dias atrás

    Russion subtitrs please

  12. Pink&Blue Icon

    Pink&Blue Icon5 dias atrás

    Brawl stars: 0:33 badass girl Also Brawl Stars: family friendly skins and remodles* BRINGER OF BATS HMMMMM HAHAJUAHJUAH

  13. 3 çılgın kuzen

    3 çılgın kuzen5 dias atrás

    Bana bibi cikti beğenen herkes bibi çıksın isallah

  14. i Leggendari

    i Leggendari5 dias atrás

    Skin di Leon?

  15. stupe pepaa pig galinha

    stupe pepaa pig galinha8 dias atrás

    Buff Crow

  16. Mortis lord

    Mortis lordDia atrás

    crow does not need a buff

  17. Ul Op

    Ul Op10 dias atrás

    Why don't you give me a character?KRAL MUHAMMED

  18. Muhammed6565 Arslan

    Muhammed6565 Arslan8 dias atrás

    Benimi oyuna getirsinler

  19. lego f

    lego f9 dias atrás

    You are a bitch

  20. Юля Бернгардт

    Юля Бернгардт10 dias atrás

    Сначала Мортис теперь барли кто дальше кольт?

  21. MyUserNamesIsThis Bacon

    MyUserNamesIsThis Bacon11 dias atrás

    2.2 Million BrawlScribers *7 Years* 49 Million BrawlScribers

  22. Billy Beagle

    Billy Beagle11 dias atrás

    0:29 what do we KNOW about this brawler Do u mean there is something u dont know about Bibi?

  23. Покич поко

    Покич поко12 dias atrás

    New star power super cart

  24. Red Wasp

    Red Wasp12 dias atrás

    Rip brawl talk

  25. Banettoide

    Banettoide15 dias atrás

    Bibi lanzaba puños

  26. Enzo Oliveira

    Enzo Oliveira15 dias atrás

    Coloca a skin do Corvo Sombrio tá muito caro eu já consegui comprar

  27. You Succ

    You Succ17 dias atrás

    Brawl talk ?

  28. bacagemes Alexandre

    bacagemes Alexandre17 dias atrás

    Vai lansar novo brawler

  29. Sinan Musk

    Sinan Musk17 dias atrás


  30. Stick Fighter

    Stick Fighter19 dias atrás

    I have BIBI right?

  31. Guest Baskan

    Guest Baskan20 dias atrás


  32. sugrrx

    sugrrx11 dias atrás

    I got her with frank 1 week ago lol

  33. Adelina Valean

    Adelina Valean17 dias atrás

    Guest Baskan i got her 4 days ago

  34. Roman Salva

    Roman Salva22 dias atrás

    Pls skin on pam

  35. Bop Minecraft

    Bop Minecraft22 dias atrás

    Supercell give me gene


    LEGO WORLD22 dias atrás

    Please BUFFF LEON😥 Edit:when a lot of people like this ,LEON CAN BE BUFFED

  37. sugrrx

    sugrrx11 dias atrás

    I think they should buff the crow they low buffed him


    LEGO WORLD22 dias atrás

    @TICK¡ or bufff

  39. TICK¡

    TICK¡22 dias atrás

    Please voice leon or skin leon

  40. Ethan Lu Faundo

    Ethan Lu Faundo23 dias atrás

    I like the new guy

  41. Ethan Lu Faundo

    Ethan Lu Faundo7 dias atrás


  42. sugrrx

    sugrrx11 dias atrás

    What guy? You mean the new girl bibi?

  43. Bnsf BOI

    Bnsf BOI25 dias atrás

    Frank: her name is bibi so how are her gaming mechanics she smacks with her bat but theres something extra..........DAMN BOI SHE THICC

  44. Survival Extazi

    Survival Extazi26 dias atrás

    Make a Brawler that will be avatar he would walk on water shoot fire air make earthquakes and if the map has water on it the avatar will use it ass attack or defense ☯💧🔥❄🌩🌎

  45. Antreas Gamer

    Antreas Gamer27 dias atrás

    Supercell id can you give me Leon,crow,Mortis,Bibi and Frank

  46. Francesco Iossa

    Francesco Iossa27 dias atrás

    Ciao supercelll io voglio un leggendario e in brawl starts mi chiamo GX Francesco 08

  47. Francesca Romano

    Francesca Romano27 dias atrás

    I love supercell

  48. Paulo Junior

    Paulo Junior28 dias atrás

    Não tô conseguindo chamar não tô tentando ligar aqui no meu jogo não tá dando certo não

  49. Tugberk Akman

    Tugberk Akman29 dias atrás

    Piper, tara , leon pls skins pls


    ASRİEL DREEMUR29 dias atrás

    Pls let ryan get out of the basement

  51. Jk Baldha

    Jk BaldhaMês atrás

    Please give me a brawler

  52. ink leon

    ink leonMês atrás

    subscribe remodeling el primo

  53. Саня Александр

    Саня АлександрMês atrás

    Im pro

  54. Fany Yoleny Carrasco Casco

    Fany Yoleny Carrasco CascoMês atrás

    Hey you donut por Leon skin

  55. pinar gumus

    pinar gumusMês atrás

    Supercell pls legendary card gi ve pls pls legendary card spike giiiveeee


    XDXDXDXDXDMês atrás

    Cro buff plz

  57. Linda Casinto

    Linda CasintoMês atrás

    Supercell rise your hand of you want a voice. Leon: .... Tara: ..... Brock: Raises his hand

  58. salim ladjouzi

    salim ladjouziMês atrás

    Bibi is a ripoff of mantel bat from one punch man

  59. Muharrem Karaçuban

    Muharrem KaraçubanMês atrás

    Allah belanı versin

  60. Angelica Bueno

    Angelica BuenoMês atrás


  61. Hyper X

    Hyper XMês atrás

    Add new skins tara,leon piper

  62. Hyper X

    Hyper XMês atrás


  63. Billy Beagle

    Billy BeagleMês atrás

    And all this time, Ryan was working at the biggest Brawl Stars update

  64. General Boom

    General BoomMês atrás

    I hate how every gem grab, heist and bounty maps are only retropolis. PLEASE STOP WITH RETROPOLIS ITS EVERYWHERE

  65. Mihael Antić

    Mihael AntićMês atrás


  66. Slendyy - Brawl Stars

    Slendyy - Brawl StarsMês atrás

    wOt? Bibi is El Primo but buffed?

  67. биилл шифер

    биилл шиферMês atrás

    You brawl stars you me angry go me free megabox 3 me brawl stars name _zeRp_gey- 3 day pls mega box 3 ×_×

  68. #Vasile# vip

    #Vasile# vipMês atrás

    Braulăr foxi

  69. Code Ceedayy

    Code CeedayyMês atrás

    Can someone comment the brawl stars discord server link? Please

  70. Tùng Ngô

    Tùng NgôMês atrás

    Please don't remove games in Vietnam! We feel really sad after hear about this

  71. Inkhao Huang

    Inkhao HuangMês atrás

    I saw the minecart

  72. Elizabeth Ageny

    Elizabeth AgenyMês atrás


  73. Lunar Luna

    Lunar LunaMês atrás

    BIBI might be a new brawler but I already have her in rank 12

  74. Faraz Morris

    Faraz MorrisMês atrás

    Ooooow so cool

  75. Bill Cyferka

    Bill CyferkaMês atrás

    Is Frank's fav brawler Frank?

  76. saky anims

    saky animsMês atrás

    Brawl stars let’s add a skin for bibi wear she is a ninja with a sword and her Special is a huge sheracan

  77. Mustafa Güler

    Mustafa GülerMês atrás

    Simon new brawl

  78. Aleix Molina Peña

    Aleix Molina PeñaMês atrás

    Me encanta brawl stats gracias por los vídeos

  79. România Răzvan

    România RăzvanMês atrás

    Mai pliz frank braw stars

  80. Odilia Barbosa

    Odilia BarbosaMês atrás

    Você é dimais

  81. ঊ҉T҉ O҉ A҉ S҉ T҉

    ঊ҉T҉ O҉ A҉ S҉ T҉Mês atrás

    Designer: how many skins you want for brock? Supercell:yes

  82. star diamond plays

    star diamond playsMês atrás

    *bibi cames out* my friends:i want bibi cause thats you me: why did mom named me bianca?

  83. Zhanzibarr 2.0

    Zhanzibarr 2.0Mês atrás

    New brawler idea: Name: [You choose the name but it’s a Snowman] Health: 2550 Damage per Snowball: 550 (max level) Super damage: 500 (max level) Regular Attack (Chillin’): Shoots 3 Snowballs, each deal 550 damage (for max. level). The snowballs travel like Pam’s scrap bullets, but not that wide Super attack (Magic Melt): He melts himself, becoming a piece of snow for 5 seconds. While in this mode, you can’t attack or can’t be attacked. Also while in this mode, you can go throught under the objects (but a bit slower than normal) but you leave a snow trail so enemies can still see you. After 5 seconds in this mode, you become a snowman again, instantly chilling anyone nearby to you. (I mean while using Magic Melt, you have a medium blast range around you, also while moving, and when you go out, the enemy brawlers inside the range will be chilled and pushed back with 500 damage (max level)) Star Power (Frost Blast): When he dies, he explodes and chills anyone nearby, pushing them back with 550 damage. Second Star Power (Summer Update) (Ice Shield): When he enters his normal mode from Magic Melt, he gets a shield that absorbs 30% of the damage dealt for 4 seconds. Hope you make that brawler. You can also buff or nerf him and change his stats or you can change his attacks, supers, star powers, etc.

  84. facu bs

    facu bsMês atrás


  85. Russell Dwyer

    Russell DwyerMês atrás

    Awesome game👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  86. Josue Medina

    Josue MedinaMês atrás

    Dice mi mamá que me regales un braw supercell por favor #Y28PUC9U stifler

  87. Arthur Nametala

    Arthur NametalaMês atrás

    Supercell é show


    JOÃO PEDRO BSMês atrás

    Vcs sao muito gente boa ❤❤❤❤

  89. 2 asker Nihad

    2 asker NihadMês atrás

    please fetch me legendary brawler

  90. Martin Murias

    Martin MuriasMês atrás

    brock has 3 skins ,and tara... ,has a rework

  91. Luzer '

    Luzer 'Mês atrás


  92. JaPa Master

    JaPa MasterMês atrás

    SUPERCELL_ HeLLO : I've played Braw Stars since the beginning of everything. haha I ask you guys a chance to win skin CROW MECHA !