1. Sweet James Jones II

    Sweet James Jones IIMês atrás

    How do we have so many sports channels and yet only RB is talkin about all 30 teams...SMH

  2. Tabyas Archie

    Tabyas Archie29 dias atrás

    I don't think it's a good idea for the NBA to starta league in Africa, no teams will be owned by none of the black people over there and it will only benefit whites pockets

  3. Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson29 dias atrás

    Wanted to like this comment but its already at 420 ⛽💯

  4. Luis A

    Luis A22 dias atrás

    They were talking about that applebees 2 for $20 😂😂




  6. Marking Pitt

    Marking Pitt25 dias atrás

    I bet she had a smile on her face Everytime she found a stack

  7. don brassco

    don brassco26 dias atrás

    May Wash...Have the $$ to pick up👏

  8. don brassco

    don brassco26 dias atrás

    Need to start the same league in Euro😧

  9. So Gudda Productionz

    So Gudda Productionz26 dias atrás


  10. So Gudda Productionz

    So Gudda Productionz26 dias atrás


  11. So Gudda Productionz

    So Gudda Productionz26 dias atrás


  12. Mr.E

    Mr.E26 dias atrás

    Plus kyrie and kd would not win a championship just the two of them.

  13. Rushil Patel

    Rushil Patel27 dias atrás

    Yo you gotta a do a video on Max Kellerman. He’s fighting Nick Wright for the Lebron Stan spot by discrediting the Warriors and saying blasphemy like he’d take CP3 over KD AND STEPH

  14. Harold Frets

    Harold Frets27 dias atrás

    #1-Durant didn't even seem interested... #2- Dunking doesmt make you able to play in a professional league #3-...........lillard =MVP

  15. cash love

    cash love27 dias atrás

    Go bucks he's the Greek king lol

  16. Anthony Poree

    Anthony Poree28 dias atrás

    So what was Kylie in His ear about? He looked really serious and animated about what was being talked about! And hand jesters are also making it look pretty serious as well... Come on man, it's all-star weekend! What other serious conversations could that be about? There's no business going on during all-star weekend per se, or is there something going on low key right here! Kylie seems to be pretty into whatever is being said, and KD is really listening to what's being said... IJS lol

  17. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving28 dias atrás

    Where’s that interview I was so hyped about it

  18. RBTheBreakThrough

    RBTheBreakThrough28 dias atrás

    It's still happening ;)

  19. Dayvid Brooks

    Dayvid Brooks28 dias atrás

    The night life and the areas around the DMV are perfect for these young kats.. It's a great place to live

  20. Thomas Dorsey

    Thomas Dorsey28 dias atrás

    UPDATE: Sunday call in show topic (Who is this year's MVP) We needed 4k likes,,,pfffff we got this FAM, spread the word

  21. triple the realness

    triple the realness28 dias atrás

    Washington dont have ANYYYYY money for an All Star!!!

  22. Immanuel Ray

    Immanuel Ray28 dias atrás

    he said two max contracts...............It's Time to leave and create a DUO was what he was saying LMAO jk

  23. PoonDestruction

    PoonDestruction28 dias atrás

    what type of freakishly large fingers does this woman have? an orange? really?

  24. Toni Davis

    Toni Davis28 dias atrás

    I thinks Giannis the best player

  25. Qwazaar

    Qwazaar28 dias atrás

    you can't be the best in the league with no jumper. period.

  26. Wesa Zazoo

    Wesa Zazoo28 dias atrás

    I'm a MasterDebator!

  27. Stevenson Jones

    Stevenson Jones28 dias atrás

    The Wakanda League them Afrikans gone jump high AF and niggas want to go to Washington to play with Dewight and get their backs blown out

  28. Edward Hernandez

    Edward Hernandez28 dias atrás

    I am wondering once the Africa basketball league opens up will the fiba open up a competition such as the uefa league for soccer. God bless man love your work.

  29. GShock411

    GShock41128 dias atrás

    If u look at kyries mouth u can see him say 2 max contracts

  30. dlikescheese

    dlikescheese28 dias atrás

    The Earth is flat okay, anything is possible with Kyrie. I wouldn’t put it past him that he said all that in front of a camera

  31. james white

    james white28 dias atrás

    NBA would tank without Giannis so they made sure his family passed that test the last time lol

  32. MR. B

    MR. B28 dias atrás


  33. easystar45

    easystar4528 dias atrás

    Yo, bredrin let meh geh ah link to dat merch... Dat deh massive bredrin... Greek freak is the best big man in the league I feel... Bless up... Giudance...🇻🇮

  34. Rex Scipio

    Rex Scipio28 dias atrás

    Lebron started this mess.

  35. Shakam RaishLahab

    Shakam RaishLahab28 dias atrás

    Lebron is the best hand downs KD can possibly be better but lebron proved his self

  36. Dennis Tyler

    Dennis Tyler28 dias atrás

    Why not Washington, quite a few players are from Baltimore/DC area...

  37. Conor Forever

    Conor Forever28 dias atrás

    Ima warrior fan and believe me or not I WANT KD'S ASS out of gsw get ya own rang snake bytch

  38. Renatojr Absalon

    Renatojr Absalon28 dias atrás

    Newyork will win 5 straight

  39. DMorgan_24

    DMorgan_2429 dias atrás

    Didn’t Kevin Durant say something about going to the wizards on his burner account on Twitter before it was deleted? Wonder if KD is thinking of going home this summer?

  40. MrJshotime

    MrJshotime29 dias atrás

    free agent beal talkin bout is nikola vucevic lol

  41. TJ Swann

    TJ Swann29 dias atrás

    KD's going to Washington (home town) They're throwing everyone off the trail.

  42. TJ Swann

    TJ Swann29 dias atrás

    I guess that's why Giannis was sporting the Gucci wear

  43. Striker

    Striker29 dias atrás

    The last NBA finals MVP who won a championship ring.

  44. snipeslikewesley

    snipeslikewesley29 dias atrás

    The media is overrated.

  45. Genaro Sanchez

    Genaro Sanchez29 dias atrás

    SOFT all them smh no heart or self respect

  46. Caleb Cook

    Caleb Cook29 dias atrás

    I never understood why it was a bad thing for players to recruit other players😂 obviously you would want the best players on your team

  47. RBTheBreakThrough

    RBTheBreakThrough29 dias atrás

    Giannis said he would never do what Lebron and KD did as far as making superteams. So not everyone thinks that way..

  48. O Dubb

    O Dubb29 dias atrás

    Washington got them tax breaks tho... that’s a money move

  49. Perm Acc

    Perm Acc29 dias atrás

    If an NBA players family can barely get to this country legally imagine what it's like for everybody else

  50. mcolemc22

    mcolemc2229 dias atrás

    What up RB, I personally don't mind players teaming up with each other, my problem is why does the team up have to be in large markets why can't they do it in Charlotte or sac town because to me you get more respect if you revitalize a franchise or build up a franchise what do you think about this

  51. KWRBT

    KWRBT29 dias atrás

    If Kyrie DID talk about that in that clip, he was trolling the media!

  52. Stanley Bowser

    Stanley Bowser29 dias atrás

    Im through with these guys.

  53. john Kennedy

    john Kennedy29 dias atrás

    They can't afford Kevin Durant

  54. OJ Derrick

    OJ Derrick29 dias atrás

    Man your videos are great. Very informative

  55. T-Walk

    T-Walk29 dias atrás

    NBA the new wwe

  56. Kashit poop

    Kashit poop29 dias atrás

    Ok so first of all if Kevin Durant teamed up with Kyrie Irving on the Celtics it would be crazy. And second of all I am subscribed. Third of all great video you are better and faster than ESPN. Good job! 👏

  57. MrRodwest21

    MrRodwest2129 dias atrás

    I hope beal gets help maybe butler or someone

  58. MexiKing74

    MexiKing7429 dias atrás

    He said TWO CHIC’s BRO!!! 😂

  59. Noel Soderholm

    Noel Soderholm29 dias atrás

    Harden is the best 36.6 ppg insane almost åt michael Jordans highest ppg season

  60. RBTheBreakThrough

    RBTheBreakThrough29 dias atrás

    Yet MJ actually won defensive player of the year IN THAT SAME YEAR! #NoComparison

  61. Smoky Mac

    Smoky Mac29 dias atrás

    2 for 20 but you are forgetting $1 beers

  62. Jonathan Collins

    Jonathan Collins29 dias atrás

    Two things and of course it's just my opinion. 1. But ain't no woman, wife or girlfriend, gonna keep finding cash on her man and never say anything. 2. I totally agree with you about Kyrie and KD. Why would New York be discussed in a hallway with people all around? They are good friends and have each others number. They probably did it to play the media. Knowing the media would be all over it.

  63. Jonathan Collins

    Jonathan Collins29 dias atrás

    +RBTheBreakThrough so true!

  64. RBTheBreakThrough

    RBTheBreakThrough29 dias atrás

    EXACTLY! She knew what was up!!!

  65. Conservative Troll

    Conservative Troll29 dias atrás

    Sorry Boston, Kyrie is leaving!!

  66. Commander Watchman

    Commander Watchman29 dias atrás

    Lt. Columbo is on the case!

  67. Honest Abe

    Honest Abe29 dias atrás

    Kyrie and durant equals championship for knicks.

  68. Pyroman /

    Pyroman /29 dias atrás

    He was saying he got 2 big Macs for him ✌ big Macs

  69. Nkosi Rooms

    Nkosi Rooms29 dias atrás

    I'm from the USA. I'm watch this from South Africa right now. They want A nba league right now.

  70. caca yang

    caca yang29 dias atrás

    Kyrie said applebees got 2 for 20.

  71. Will B

    Will B29 dias atrás

    RB any chance Lebron and Giannis could ever team up?

  72. Kashit poop

    Kashit poop29 dias atrás

    Oh well if he did that would be crazy!

  73. RBTheBreakThrough

    RBTheBreakThrough29 dias atrás

    Hey Will! No, because Giannis said he would never do what Lebron and KD did. He said he wants to beat the best, not play with the best players in the NBA

  74. Pyroman /

    Pyroman /29 dias atrás

    Washington don't got room for any all stars walls/beals contract makes it almost impossible

  75. Johnny Guitar Cash

    Johnny Guitar Cash29 dias atrás

    Durant to DC confirmed

  76. N.M Wilkinson aka DJ HaiL-Nazareth

    N.M Wilkinson aka DJ HaiL-Nazareth29 dias atrás

    That 2 for 20 is what I did for V day the price is right with a gin and tonic and Gannis is my pick for MVP. Thanks RB for the "huge news" bTW, Gannis was robbed at the all star game.

  77. TraitorShamer

    TraitorShamer29 dias atrás

    Must be nice to be wanted... But he needs to stay. Lol

  78. Norman Avery

    Norman Avery29 dias atrás

    😂 they not winning in New York 😂 😂

  79. Carlos Eduardo Azevedo dos Santos

    Carlos Eduardo Azevedo dos Santos29 dias atrás

    As a wizards fan just the possibility of someone thinking about DC is making me happy.

  80. James Bowser

    James Bowser29 dias atrás

    Ky is just screwing with people to get some distraction press to hit the airwaves and internet.

  81. Norman Avery

    Norman Avery29 dias atrás

    😂 no one is winning in Washington!

  82. James Bowser

    James Bowser29 dias atrás

    Wash, they have money to spend on max players. So, why would it not be a great place for a free agent.

  83. Anthony Hooper

    Anthony Hooper29 dias atrás

    Isn't that tampering smh

  84. Joey Hager

    Joey Hager29 dias atrás

    KD wasn't feeling it, he's like you ain't good enough buddy

  85. Lil Cole

    Lil Cole29 dias atrás

    Nobodys going to washington lmao

  86. Prince K

    Prince K29 dias atrás

    He talkin bout 2 bad bitches

  87. Sean Wiggins

    Sean Wiggins29 dias atrás

    When that league starts in Africa do your thing bro and get over there and go to work

  88. andre price

    andre price29 dias atrás

    Go to the Washington wizards to fo what ? Lose ?.

  89. Obito xshinobi

    Obito xshinobi29 dias atrás

    Come to DC superstars 😢we need rings too

  90. Trumps America

    Trumps America29 dias atrás

    This dude actually put his clips in here💀

  91. John Doe

    John Doe29 dias atrás

    When K.D. Klay and Boogie don't resign everybody gonna be laughing. When they all go to the Celtics everybody gonna be crying but I'ma still be laughing.

  92. Galoshy

    Galoshy29 dias atrás

    I wouldn't be surprised if KD was the one who approached Beal about playing in DC, that is his hometown after all.

  93. MrKenski12

    MrKenski1229 dias atrás

    Somebody who cannot be named? Probably Lord Voldemort!

  94. Fanta Bamba

    Fanta Bamba29 dias atrás

    LeBron is the goat

  95. Tellish Copeland

    Tellish Copeland29 dias atrás

    Man kyrie trolling. They probably sitting bacl laughing at the media

  96. maurice williams

    maurice williams29 dias atrás

    Ain't nobody going to the wizards 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Derrick Darak Yahawadah Yashra'ahla

    Derrick Darak Yahawadah Yashra'ahla29 dias atrás

    Why does he keep putting his hand over his eye???

  98. Victor Rivas

    Victor Rivas29 dias atrás

    ***PLOT TWIST***** They both sign with the clippers lmaoo

  99. Adnims B. Nanigiuganis

    Adnims B. Nanigiuganis29 dias atrás

    LeBron James👑

  100. Jose Berrios Jr

    Jose Berrios Jr29 dias atrás

    I'll save you the live stream. Giannis is clearly the best basketball player in the world right now.

  101. Assorted Pit

    Assorted Pit29 dias atrás

    Kobe still the 🐐#8🐐#24

  102. Iamjavannie TV

    Iamjavannie TV29 dias atrás

    Dats tuff😂👀

  103. Hayley Rhorer

    Hayley Rhorer29 dias atrás

    Africa 12 teams respect cant wait

  104. ralph domond

    ralph domond29 dias atrás

    RB needs his own show

  105. folumb

    folumb29 dias atrás

    the channel is almost at a quarter million subscribers!? It only took half a day to get that 4k likes?! I don't know how I would handle this many people paying attention to the things I say. Glad it's you and not me RB!

  106. Lukeni Wollo

    Lukeni Wollo29 dias atrás

    The tampering rule is designed for organizations because they actually sign players. The rule is not for players because players dont sign other players.

  107. Jr Woodson

    Jr Woodson29 dias atrás

    KD. for the love of God man don't it. You Know what going to happen you are going to be around people you can't stand

  108. Allen Freeman

    Allen Freeman29 dias atrás

    KD hometown is DC ! He probably want to win one for the hometown team like LBJ

  109. Jr Woodson

    Jr Woodson29 dias atrás

    I can tell you right now who is. James harden


    CORNER BOI GANG.INC29 dias atrás

    Keys words was the wife and the other and now Ex wife she can tell it all now