Breaking Bad series finale review


  1. stale cornchips

    stale cornchips3 horas atrás

    The best scene for me was when walt tells skyler finally just how dangerous of a man he actually is. Damn, gives me chills everytime. Gives me chills just thinking about it

  2. Abbas Zaidi

    Abbas Zaidi2 dias atrás

    I miss watching this series for the first time. Actually missed the hype when it was first on so binged watched it on Netflix and DVDs about three years after the show finished. And these days I keep watching Ozymandias of all the episodes “Walter, you’re the smartest man I know, and you’re too stupid to realise, he made his decision ten minutes ago”

  3. Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown2 dias atrás

    I watched this video 4 years in the future lol.

  4. Mahdi Bakhshoudeh

    Mahdi Bakhshoudeh2 dias atrás

    5:16 oh boy that didn't age well

  5. Jay Reese

    Jay Reese2 dias atrás

    Welp, just finished the show. And fuck it’s kinda embarrassing how late I am.

  6. Igabobalushi

    Igabobalushi3 dias atrás

    Anybody watching after El Camino?

  7. Sai 888

    Sai 8883 dias atrás

    When jesse was choking todd...I was yessss.....And watching jesse in the end made me cry and also Walt going to Gretchen and her husband asking them to give his kids the money that really hit me.

  8. Sai 888

    Sai 8883 dias atrás

    I was. A kid when breaking bad came out so I started watching this a few months ago and s1 ,s2,s3 were and slow burn and after watching them I loved it.....I wanted to finesh it quickly so I came to this review...but when Jeremy said please go back and watch it......I did....Omg that is awesome .....It was great man....Like awesome I don't know the words but....this is as good as tv gets....

  9. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation5 dias atrás

    1:37 he hit the steering wheel cuz tuko didnt give him the full amount

  10. Leo

    Leo5 dias atrás

    Rather die as meth king Heisenberg than random teacher die from cancer

  11. Mellow Felloh

    Mellow Felloh6 dias atrás

    Ha. Game of Thrones. Good one..

  12. Jesus Tirado

    Jesus Tirado7 dias atrás

    I come from 50 years in the future

  13. Diviy Idnani

    Diviy Idnani8 dias atrás

    walt:what element is best used for electricity jesse:... jesse:... jesse:W I R E

  14. Will Robertson

    Will Robertson9 dias atrás

    Todd looks like he’s about shoot a kid at 6 and then go solve a complex math problem at harvard university while working as a janitor at 7

  15. Connor O’Hagan

    Connor O’Hagan9 dias atrás

    i was stupid i didn’t watch the show until it was on netflix since i have watched 3 times all i want to know was when it was on not year but was it one episode a week or daily just always wanted to know


    LOVERBOY10 dias atrás

    You look just Ross

  17. Collinlopezrox

    Collinlopezrox11 dias atrás

    5:47 The moment that hooked me was when the bathtub melted and the ceiling collapsed

  18. Dan the man

    Dan the man13 dias atrás

    I was "in" on the pilot episode Also my favorite AMC show other than Breaking Bad is Hell on Wheels

  19. Ben Carter

    Ben Carter14 dias atrás

    “What about Game of Thrones” damn that statement hasn’t aged well after the ending 😂

  20. Sai 888

    Sai 8883 dias atrás


  21. Milo Morrow

    Milo Morrow11 dias atrás

    Ben Carter aged like old milk

  22. Diviy Idnani

    Diviy Idnani14 dias atrás

    At youtube hq, Employees in 2013:wait Employees in 2014:wait Employees in 2015:just be patient Employees in 2016:gotta wait Employees in 2017:just wait we're building it up Employees in 2018:almost there Employees in 2019 start:might as well wait for the movie Employees in october 2019: NOW Seriously why is this in my recommendations

  23. Siddhant Sharma

    Siddhant Sharma4 dias atrás

    Lmao because we're probably watching a lot of breaking bad related stuff on YT because of El Camino. And for me I've seen some videos on this dude's channel. And maybe that's why it got recommended, was surprised to see he's been doing it for so long xD

  24. Tahsin Ahmed

    Tahsin Ahmed14 dias atrás

    After the "Get out of my territory" scene I was invested till the end. Another favourite scene is Jesse's flashback of the wooden box, that is honestly one of the saddest moments in the show.

  25. Sai 888

    Sai 8883 dias atrás

    Ikr....That made me cry man.....

  26. King Luigi

    King Luigi14 dias atrás

    Does watching this video 6 years in the future still make me mighty?

  27. Eric Bisson

    Eric Bisson15 dias atrás

    Are you kidding me I was hooked from the very first scene of the very first episode!!!

  28. ajfam871

    ajfam87115 dias atrás

    I was a die hard walking dead fan. But it's so predictable and repetitive now. Not to mention the shit show that is Fear The Walking Dead. And to see how bad they FUCKED up Game of Thrones finally. I have to say that Braking bad is the beast of the 3 by far. And as far as spin offs Better call Sail was pretty good.

  29. MBLMSTR 18

    MBLMSTR 1816 dias atrás

    Now say my name. ... you're Hiesenber. You're goddamn right.

  30. Lewis Davidson

    Lewis Davidson16 dias atrás

    Jeremy said it best "every show has that one season that was pretty shitty" GOT (8) Dexter (8) HoC (6)

  31. Gallifrey Gojira

    Gallifrey Gojira17 dias atrás

    The part about only saying "one of" the best shows ever to leave room for game of thrones didn't age well


    TREJAN CRIGER17 dias atrás

    I’ve watched it all the way through for 3 times now I’m just waiting for el Camino

  33. Trinajskaa

    Trinajskaa18 dias atrás

    My favorite episode is when Hank dies, extremely serious and dark and sad also scary because of the convincing realism,i remember being all fucked up for the rest of the day. Amazing show.

  34. basenatic

    basenatic19 dias atrás

    Watching this preparing for El Camino. AMC show worth watching. Season 1 of Into the Badlands was awesome, then it got weird

  35. DevilofRoses

    DevilofRoses19 dias atrás

    Dear gods, watching this in 2019, Jahns' baby face!

  36. Jon Arnall

    Jon Arnall20 dias atrás

    Game of Thrones needed an ending where it could have been cool to see Daenerys be like Walter white where she was not the same person anymore. But they rushed it instead of gradually building to that and Breaking Bad did that perfectly. Game of Thrones should take a page out of Breaking Bad’s book and done that

  37. TJ Jordan

    TJ Jordan21 dia atrás

    Even though they’re doing a Jesse spin-off I don’t feel it takes away from this series finale. I just see it as a special, an epilogue to the series finale. Even if they reveal Walter White is dead, it doesn’t take away because it’s about Jesse and what happens to him afterwards. Great finale!

  38. Inne Dwika

    Inne Dwika24 dias atrás

    who dislike this review

  39. Tyler Rankin

    Tyler Rankin25 dias atrás

    Who’s hyped for The movie?

  40. KimboSlice

    KimboSlice26 dias atrás

    I loved the part when Walt is trying to get Skyler Holly and Walt jr to pack their things and come with him and how you first see Skyler looking and something and then the camera panders down to the kitchen table where their is a knife stand and a telephone, and then it stays like that for a bit, and then Skyler grabs the knife. Great way showing what’s going through Skylers head and what she have to choose from.

  41. milking cow suprise

    milking cow suprise28 dias atrás

    5:17.. did not age well...

  42. Stick Wan

    Stick Wan28 dias atrás

    5:16 lol

  43. Beardy Ry

    Beardy Ry28 dias atrás

    WTF ive said it all along that the moment Walt became Heisenberg was the moment he dropped the explosives in Tucos office.

  44. Carlos-Andres Pazmino

    Carlos-Andres Pazmino29 dias atrás

    Weird seeing this after game of thrones shit the bed. Breaking Bad is still king

  45. A Guy

    A GuyMês atrás

    Only 6 years in the future

  46. Gabriel Radu Taranciuc

    Gabriel Radu TaranciucMês atrás

    Literally if the Pilot alone does not hook you, you have a problem or you just WANT to hate the thing

  47. Batman Bro

    Batman BroMês atrás

    Breaking Brad gripped me when he threw that little mercury, that’s when I got hooked

  48. C Rizzy

    C RizzyMês atrás

    "What about Game of Thrones?" That didn't age well.

  49. fdsfgs7125

    fdsfgs7125Mês atrás

    I keep getting told that I should watch this, that it's a classic of modern TV. I just finished The Wire and honestly it was one of the greatest things I've ever experienced, so I'm eager to see if Breaking Bad will also live up to all the hype.

  50. Quiet Time Gaming

    Quiet Time Gaming26 dias atrás

    fdsfgs7125 it’s the blue meth of television shows

  51. fdsfgs7125

    fdsfgs712526 dias atrás

    @Quiet Time Gaming Your confidence was well placed, I am now midway through the third season and completely hooked lol

  52. Quiet Time Gaming

    Quiet Time Gaming27 dias atrás

    Very DIFFERENT shows... BUT, if you loved The Wire... I’m SUPER-confident that you’ll enjoy Breaking Bad. Again, very different... but high-quality storytelling.

  53. Drake Lang

    Drake LangMês atrás

    Keep in mind that Breaking Bad and The Wire are very different shows when watching. Very different forms of storytelling. Both are top 3 TV dramas of all time though.

  54. Kobi-Wan Aenobi

    Kobi-Wan AenobiMês atrás

    5:16 oh mann...

  55. Rick Hustwick

    Rick HustwickMês atrás

    "You have fallen far my friend" ... How I describe America since the Trump "Presidency".

  56. Austin Jackson

    Austin JacksonMês atrás

    6 years later and no show holds a candle to Breaking Bad, and I dont think one ever will

  57. Jon D.

    Jon D.Mês atrás

    Not 50 years but 7 lol

  58. MistakenMystery

    MistakenMysteryMês atrás

    I bet the new movie will be about Jessie going to find the money barrels that jack stashed and getting Brock away from that place

  59. MadameTamma

    MadameTammaMês atrás

    I finally got around to watching it. Just finished it so now I'm finally allowing myself to watch reviews of it from my favorite youtubers. I really liked it but the hype DID make it make it hard for me to truly fall in love for a while but each season topped the one before it, and man, that final season. I can't deny that's a satisfying way to go out. and I'm the type to never be truly satisfied with endings.

  60. Tyler the Alcoholic Drunk Thomas

    Tyler the Alcoholic Drunk ThomasMês atrás

    This was a great analisis, you could not be more on point, I have seen breaking bad 7 times just finish it again, is the smartest series I have watched

  61. Benedict Voltaire

    Benedict VoltaireMês atrás

    After watching this show, I constantly wish that I could undergo a concussion and forget that I ever watched it, just so I can experience that thrill and majestic drama all over again.

  62. New Age Cinematics

    New Age CinematicsMês atrás

    dude ive never once cheered EVER in any movie to see anyone die like i did with TODD. dude i was off my couch like fuck yes break his fucking neck lol

  63. Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Hanamichi SakuragiMês atrás

    El Camino... please don't sucks! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My expectation is too fuckin' high for this show

  64. CZitoMusic

    CZitoMusicMês atrás

    Lol I was hooked in as soon as I saw Bryan Cranston in his underwear pointing a gun and the intro starts

  65. DavesWorld

    DavesWorldMês atrás

    In a universe where great tv shows usually end in shit, Breaking Bad's finale was epic.

  66. ttrobertoproductions

    ttrobertoproductionsMês atrás

    El camino (movie) trailer brought me!!!!

  67. Cash Lannister

    Cash LannisterMês atrás

    Say my name.

  68. BlueCallered Life!

    BlueCallered Life!Mês atrás

    Seeing this video after the breaking bad movie trailer , then hearing how game of thrones was amazing tv , ha , most disappointing !