Breaking Bad series finale review


  1. Rockstar Fanboy

    Rockstar Fanboy18 horas atrás

    You gave our money to Beneke?

  2. Daniel Fake

    Daniel Fake2 dias atrás

    I tell people to watch Breaking Bad because it is so amazing, but its so difficult to explain why its amazing because its not something you can explain. The plot comes off so naturally its difficult explain why its so good

  3. shawn Money

    shawn Money2 dias atrás

    Just watched the whole series in a week and in my opinion it’s the 2nd best tv show I’ve ever seen since the wire.

  4. oxfilé

    oxfilé4 dias atrás

    Jesse just makes me wanna cry... T_T

  5. Godzenvy24

    Godzenvy246 dias atrás

    Jermey really glowed up since then 😂

  6. Basketvector

    Basketvector9 dias atrás

    People are way too kind to this series. It had 5 or 6 really gratifying scenes and volumes of repetitive painful manufactured drama. Seasons 1-3 Skyler is angry at walt. Season 4 Skyler is scared of Walt. Season 5 Skyler is angry at Walt. There, you're up to date.

  7. KorovaMilkBar

    KorovaMilkBar17 dias atrás

    "What about Game of Thrones?" If we only we fucking knew how that was gonna end.


    SAUCYGOAT18 dias atrás

    It's sad it took me until 2019 to watch this show.

  9. Zach

    Zach18 dias atrás

    Is Huell still waiting at the safe house?

  10. Vaderd2k

    Vaderd2k22 dias atrás

    Never EVER mention Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones in the same sentence again!

  11. ken juan

    ken juan22 dias atrás

    GoT was never on Breaking Bad's level but the finale definitely sealed it!

  12. Taylor LeClair

    Taylor LeClair24 dias atrás

    GoT had the potential to be as satisfying as this show but it definitely isn't in the same class anymore

  13. Dr.Dream

    Dr.Dream25 dias atrás

    Breaking Bad is perfect imo

  14. Aryavir Sangwan

    Aryavir Sangwan25 dias atrás

    Just watched the entire series. Holy shit

  15. Brady Ward

    Brady WardMês atrás

    "What about game of thrones!?!?" Lolllllll back when people thought that show might become one of the best shows

  16. Brady Ward

    Brady WardMês atrás

    I named my dog after Jesse lol

  17. Ivin3690

    Ivin3690Mês atrás

    wait, season 1 and 2 were slow? Wtf, no this show had me hooked from start to finish

  18. Isaac Hughes

    Isaac HughesMês atrás

    Back to enjoy this after Game of Thrones fucked up

  19. deathsdoor07

    deathsdoor07Mês atrás

    I wonder if Jeremy still likes The Walking Dead.

  20. deathsdoor07

    deathsdoor07Mês atrás

    I still have faith that Shameless will end great.

  21. hiotsobo

    hiotsoboMês atrás

    The game of thrones season finale didn't age well... lol

  22. Dr. Dude

    Dr. DudeMês atrás

    well, D&D just made this the best show of all time without question

  23. Sreyas Sushil

    Sreyas SushilMês atrás

    Game of Thrones was always inferior compared to Breaking Bad. Yes, both are two different genres, still Breaking Bad is a unique, once in a lifetime masterpiece.

  24. Saransh Khobragade

    Saransh KhobragadeMês atrás

    now its not the one of the best,it is the best, because got screwed up

  25. Jimi

    JimiMês atrás

    Watching this after the disaster of GOT finale. Remembering a masterpiece.

  26. RXN54

    RXN54Mês atrás

    Seeing all that happened with the last season of GOT, just confirms this as the best show of all time

  27. David from south park

    David from south parkMês atrás

    I'm 17 years old and I'm barely watching it and Jeremy was right, after Walter sees Jessies girls choke on her vomit and die. That's when shit gets real

  28. SkeezeTV

    SkeezeTVMês atrás

    Welp guess Breaking Bad wrapped much better than GoT in the long run...

  29. Brandon Lewis

    Brandon LewisMês atrás

    Game of Thrones. Lmfao

  30. iera

    ieraMês atrás

    The tension in the episode with the fly was brilliant and Walt got annoyed to the point where he almost told Jesse about Jane. You don't need much more than great characters and story.

  31. bogart pogi

    bogart pogiMês atrás

    You're goddamn Right!!!!

  32. Rashid Bilalov

    Rashid BilalovMês atrás

    Now i can say after the shitty 8th season of Game of Thrones that Breaking Bad is *The Best Drama Series* ever put on television

  33. Dᴀʀᴛʜ Hᴇɪʟᴇʀ

    Dᴀʀᴛʜ HᴇɪʟᴇʀMês atrás

    5:17 Now that GOT sucks donkey balls..Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show EVER.

  34. Black Goblin

    Black GoblinMês atrás

    This show was as close to perfection as possible. Brilliant storytelling.

  35. Anubhav

    AnubhavMês atrás

    You're Goddamn Right

  36. Ol' Wilson

    Ol' WilsonMês atrás

    "What about Game of Thrones?!" Lol

  37. amineHighTube

    amineHighTube20 dias atrás

    Good but not as good as br ba

  38. Hernán Sepúlveda

    Hernán SepúlvedaMês atrás

    Jajajajajaja what a finale right?

  39. Timothy Wong

    Timothy WongMês atrás

    What about Game of Thrones? Oh right ...

  40. Tharindu Udana

    Tharindu UdanaMês atrás

    And that makes you Mighty ......... Nice touch man...

  41. Daeduluus

    DaeduluusMês atrás

    And after the finale of GOT we now have a clear best show lol

  42. Bradley Williamson

    Bradley WilliamsonMês atrás

    Just gonna put this out there: Who else is here after being disappointed with Game of Thrones final episode? THIS IS HOW YOU END A SHOW!

  43. Get LIT

    Get LITMês atrás

    Jeremy 2013- "Breaking bad is one of the best tv drama ever." Me 2013- "What about Game of Thrones?" Me 2019- "Breaking Bad is THE Best tv drama ever. Fuck GOT coze season 8"

  44. P G

    P GMês atrás

    Anybody watching this after the GOT finale ?

  45. Sara Delana

    Sara DelanaMês atrás

    You can edit the video and put GOT along side with dexter sure whouldve wrote it better

  46. Lefteris

    LefterisMês atrás

    Here from the future to answer the "what about Game of Thrones?" question: HAHAHAHAHA, yeah... sorry dear, but no.

  47. Udy Kumra

    Udy KumraMês atrás

    lol when Jeremy brings up Game of Thrones

  48. Gunslinger47

    Gunslinger47Mês atrás

    Breaking Bad is the best drama series ever on tv Who’s here after GOT finale?

  49. Maxim Delaet

    Maxim DelaetMês atrás

    GoT is great, but nothing beats BrBa.

  50. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. NobodyMês atrás

    I was hooked in the first 5 minutes! When hes out in the desert with the gun in his Tighty whiteez I was thinking what the fuck is going on here?

  51. La VoS es DeuS

    La VoS es DeuSMês atrás


  52. Alex Link

    Alex LinkMês atrás

    Came here after Game of Thrones finale. Yes I loved GOT but like I said Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time. They did so much with so little. GOT did not stick the landing , BB did!

  53. TingTingin - Fortnite Battle Royale

    TingTingin - Fortnite Battle RoyaleMês atrás

    Back when people actually thought GOT could be in the conversation about greatest TV show of all time those were the days guys

  54. YaBoiZeBigBoi

    YaBoiZeBigBoi3 dias atrás

    Hassan Alamoudi They do.

  55. Hassan Alamoudi

    Hassan Alamoudi3 dias atrás

    YaBoiZeBigBoi people forgot that GoT changed tv

  56. Hassan Alamoudi

    Hassan Alamoudi3 dias atrás

    Chrisdi Vodi season 6 was the best season

  57. YaBoiZeBigBoi

    YaBoiZeBigBoi20 dias atrás

    Chrisdi Vodi You’re not giving season 6 the credit it should. It had the Battle of the Bastards which is one of the best episode of any TV show ever. It also had one of the best openings ever with the last episode. Don’t forget Ramsay Snow who is one of the best villians TV has ever had. Season 5 was forgettable, but it had it’s moments.

  58. Chrisdi Vodi

    Chrisdi Vodi20 dias atrás

    @YaBoiZeBigBoi i disagree with that. Sure, Seasons 1 through 4 were fantastic but seasons 5 and 6 had major flaws that arem't worthy of bein called masterpieces. Seasom 7 was where the downfall really became apparent. The death of little Finger was the single most disappointing scene I ever witnessed in a series or a movie. If you really want to evaluate the quality of a work, you have to look at it as a whole and it just so happens that the last two seasons were pretty bad.