Brightburn (2019) - Cops vs. Supervillain Scene (8/10) | Movieclips


  1. Reed G

    Reed G22 horas atrás

    Damn Daniel.

  2. Henry Mbiah

    Henry MbiahDia atrás

    My dude got swiped faster than your wallet in the hood

  3. TJ Wap

    TJ Wap2 dias atrás

    That woman cop just got a fatality kill😂 as in mortal kombat fatality

  4. Jeremiah Kinloch

    Jeremiah Kinloch2 dias atrás

    3:16 dang

  5. Stephen Vuong

    Stephen Vuong2 dias atrás

    that's a job for the military

  6. Jack Oeron

    Jack Oeron3 dias atrás

    Bruh Brandon nerf a need he’s too over powered

  7. Insinius

    Insinius3 dias atrás

    3:12 YEAH!!

  8. Pipe Tunes

    Pipe Tunes3 dias atrás

    A call from a residence On a cell phone Yeah seems legit

  9. Aesems -

    Aesems -3 dias atrás

    Ken Kaneki: What’s 1000- 7? Brandon: TAKE THE WORLD!

  10. Shivani Malik

    Shivani Malik4 dias atrás

    I loved the movie All actors were so natural and good

  11. matsu ochaw

    matsu ochaw5 dias atrás

    Terrible violence… Poor cops… It is a trauma class.

  12. Tannishdrip259 259

    Tannishdrip259 2595 dias atrás

    JESUS CHRIST!!!,this kid is brutal

  13. yerwrng

    yerwrng7 dias atrás

    That last cop said to the kid that she's every bit as capable at her job as a man and then suggested they watch the Ellen show together ... I think he let her off easily .

  14. Amni Ony

    Amni Ony7 dias atrás

    If you watch the credits, they imply there is an evil Wonder Woman, evil Aquaman, evil Justice League. If this is true....there is probably a noble Doomsday.

  15. Dezii Pacheco

    Dezii Pacheco7 dias atrás

    Movies trash

  16. Laz Locks

    Laz Locks7 dias atrás

    A better ending would have been that shot of Tori looking outside and seeing Brandon flying in the air. He's out, he's free... there's nothing they can do

  17. ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg

    ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg10 dias atrás

    Yawn, a superboy with no real weakness killing multiple people who have no fighting chance is boring as heck, wake me up when he has a weakness they can actually exploit...

  18. Bharath V

    Bharath V10 dias atrás

    All Space Adoption Centre's Doesn't give you Superman all the time you know

  19. Rozz ramen

    Rozz ramen11 dias atrás

    Is this an alternative universe were the villains are the good guys and the good guys are villians

  20. Taimour Khan

    Taimour Khan11 dias atrás

    Whats story behind that movie can any one tell or made just for fun ??? Why makers convayed negative image of clark kent?!

  21. Rat Man plays

    Rat Man plays12 dias atrás

    Oh god what did he do to that poor cop in the back ground

  22. Rat Man plays

    Rat Man plays12 dias atrás

    If I was the cop and saw that I would have been like nope I am gone you thought I quit kid you could do whatever you what just don’t kill me ( yes it’s kinda selfish of me) and then I would saw go back to your planet

  23. Ama

    Ama12 dias atrás

    Best Superman movie ever.

  24. redneck_how-lee

    redneck_how-lee13 dias atrás

    WTF IS THIS MOVIE? How did i miss this?!?! Off to find the rest of it!

  25. Jerrell Simmons

    Jerrell Simmons13 dias atrás

    Dispatch, Lucifer just killed my partner. I need Christ now.

  26. Jerrell Simmons

    Jerrell Simmons3 dias atrás

    @Pipe Tunes I agree actually. Just a silly joke.

  27. Pipe Tunes

    Pipe Tunes3 dias atrás

    Jerrell Simmons He’s dead too Or in truth never was alive

  28. rats and mice

    rats and mice14 dias atrás

    I don't know how someone could watch a movie like this

  29. Alijah Gaming

    Alijah Gaming14 dias atrás

    That was uncalled for...

  30. mothafuckathomaselliot

    mothafuckathomaselliot14 dias atrás

    God this couldve worked so well as a crime syndicate story.

  31. Tam Banayos

    Tam Banayos14 dias atrás

    Do u want to watch a very stupid and nonsense movie? Then watch this one, it's 100% legit nonsense and stupid movie

  32. 1-800 no one cares

    1-800 no one cares15 dias atrás

    No amount of coffee and donuts could prepare any cop for this situation.

  33. jee lim videos

    jee lim videos16 dias atrás

    basically he’s supermans evil version ,,, so we can imagine how easily he can kill a whole world ,,, so what chance a single human would have ??? so scary ,,,

  34. kizzle97

    kizzle9717 dias atrás

    Movie was horrible lmao

  35. Flux riptide

    Flux riptide19 dias atrás

    I would bang this mom all day long

  36. Joe Hinojosa

    Joe Hinojosa19 dias atrás

    I "carry". But I THIS case. I'd RUN!

  37. Charafe Afifi

    Charafe Afifi19 dias atrás

    So thats how Hollywood getting rid of freaking actors without paying them

  38. Kristoforus Hope

    Kristoforus Hope20 dias atrás

    Homelander when still child


    HELLRAISER220 dias atrás

    syf totalne dno !!! nienawidzę rzezi niewinątek .

  40. DRUNKEN f i s t

    DRUNKEN f i s t20 dias atrás

    I hope someone spank that kid in the 2

  41. Val Uy

    Val Uy21 dia atrás

    I am totally pissed of this movie and i mean it 😡

  42. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin22 dias atrás


  43. Edgar Junior

    Edgar Junior23 dias atrás

    The girl cop got a nice cleaning

  44. Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah Williams23 dias atrás

    Kinda curious to see how he would fair against ghost rider

  45. Phoo Yeah

    Phoo Yeah24 dias atrás

    This movie tells you that the people in DC universe shouldn’t take Superman for granted

  46. rogue Crimson

    rogue Crimson24 dias atrás

    I didn't know there was a code for when you're getting attacked by superman....

  47. aryzandi de Jesús Zárate Fernández

    aryzandi de Jesús Zárate Fernández24 dias atrás

    The other superman, history diferent other dimensión, these clark is evil

  48. Blackface Mishima

    Blackface Mishima24 dias atrás

    I thought he had her on his shoulders and was smashing her up into the ceiling but he was just throwing her up and catching her. My way was much worse and a little glad he is just throwing her. My way is way worse.

  49. keereekee

    keereekee24 dias atrás

    Stupid! Cops call for back up when they pull over a car for speeding but not these cops apparently...

  50. Robbie Wilson

    Robbie Wilson24 dias atrás

    Superman (Brightburn) is a misguided, dangerous tyrant looking for his place in the world. Batman (Dark Shadows) is a psychologist by day, serial killer by night killing his unsuspecting patients. Wonder Woman (Lustful Desire) is a sexual predator who takes pleasure in killing men and women and preserving their bodies to display in her museum. That would be your trilogy.

  51. der kek

    der kek24 dias atrás

    Just call the supernanny

  52. Samuel Pippin

    Samuel Pippin25 dias atrás

    Honestly I was surprised she was alive at all by the time he tossed her to the window.

  53. Dr Donald Blake

    Dr Donald Blake26 dias atrás

    The deaths in this film is absolutely gruesome. There was nothing of the first cop, he was practically mush.

  54. Ole School

    Ole School26 dias atrás

    So this is what it's like when Superman goes through puberty😂

  55. Mark Nobody

    Mark Nobody27 dias atrás

    Wait is this film about to turn into the movie Akira 😐

  56. Evil Gopher

    Evil Gopher28 dias atrás

    Horror movie question: How do the normal human protagonists and the cops defeat a monster with the powers of Superman? The answer: *they don’t*

  57. David Gee

    David Gee28 dias atrás

    Why would you call 911, you're just luring other people to their deaths

  58. PoisonPowerUp

    PoisonPowerUp29 dias atrás

    If this movie wasn’t bad it be good

  59. Barzarel

    BarzarelMês atrás

    But he was such a sweet boy...

  60. Aitk Cid

    Aitk CidMês atrás

    Ok 💙💚💜❤👤💯✅✅🎬videos 🎥😱 👍👍👍👍👍

  61. Kylen & Jacoby Stevens

    Kylen & Jacoby StevensMês atrás

    It isn’t a movie until the black man dies

  62. Scott Smith

    Scott SmithMês atrás

    Where's MOON KNIGHT when you need him?