BRIGHTBURN (2019) Ending Explained



    BLO0DY SMILES13 minutos atrás

    This is basicly what would happen if superman was sent to earth with the same mission goku had

  2. B33r0v3rD0s3

    B33r0v3rD0s32 horas atrás

    shit movie and shitty KIDO

  3. Sir Bacon

    Sir Bacon5 horas atrás

    I haven't seen this movie but that symbol he's drawing looks an awful lot like the brand of sacrifice from Berserk.

  4. klarenz cobie

    klarenz cobie13 horas atrás

    Brightburn lowkey looks like my sneakers on the thumbnail

  5. celasvictoria360

    celasvictoria36016 horas atrás

    The movie was pretty boring though.

  6. Charles Pickett

    Charles Pickett18 horas atrás

    Bro you high ass voice made it where I can’t watch it or listen to this shit video

  7. Daniel Nguyen

    Daniel Nguyen18 horas atrás

    I feel for him (not really). Why "seize the day" when you can "take the world?"

  8. Samoria Blackwood

    Samoria Blackwood22 horas atrás

    No I don't appreciate the breaking your chair performance art, it was not dramatic enough

  9. KloutKulture

    KloutKultureDia atrás

    Time to call Homelander

  10. Tdott 2000

    Tdott 2000Dia atrás

    Call will Smith

  11. AgbeFam

    AgbeFamDia atrás

    :o What if Cody from Before I Wake is one of the heroes?!

  12. Shawn Benavente

    Shawn BenaventeDia atrás

    ‪Film Review:‬ ‪Brightburn | Apt 26 - Ep. 2 via @BRreporter‬

  13. The Bengalee Sceptic

    The Bengalee ScepticDia atrás

    The blinded-by-love mother/stupid-woman stereotype is extremely cringy!!! It's a good experimental movie, but quite a number of plot holes.

  14. Yatzliah sPaCeWaLkEr

    Yatzliah sPaCeWaLkEr2 dias atrás

    Finally watched it....kinda I got 2 where the mom said dude crashed cuz he was drunk😕.Hated her so much I had to turn off the 🎥.The father should've been quiet and just left.If my wife was in that much denial I would just disappear.

  15. Kezpoh

    Kezpoh2 dias atrás

    This movie is Fucking Dark.

  16. Pixelander

    Pixelander23 horas atrás

    How do u have 1k subs

  17. sai76

    sai762 dias atrás

    Brightburn is evil Superman. He is going to form the Injustice League with evil Wonder Woman and evil Batman.

  18. Nathalie Mykløy

    Nathalie Mykløy3 dias atrás

    Whats the movie with the unicorn on the covet in the top of the bookshelf called?

  19. Tyler Oh

    Tyler Oh3 dias atrás

    What a bratty little snowflake.

  20. 99thsketchythought

    99thsketchythought3 dias atrás

    didn't realize brightburn was the name of their school until I watched this.

  21. Chris Pink

    Chris Pink3 dias atrás

    Netflix or Amazon needs to buy the rights to this and make it into a mini series

  22. Sharna Young

    Sharna Young3 dias atrás

    Is this film gory?

  23. Invictus ッ

    Invictus ッ8 horas atrás

    Yes, very gory man. One of the goriest movies i’ve ever seen.

  24. Last Shadow

    Last Shadow3 dias atrás


  25. Luis Sandoval

    Luis Sandoval4 dias atrás

    It would be cool to see superheroes protecting the earth in a sequel.

  26. Emir Latinović

    Emir Latinović4 dias atrás

    Why they didn't just simply destroyed the ship? Just put a bomb in it and blast it. And the boy would remain normal.

  27. Emir Latinović

    Emir Latinović21 hora atrás

    @Bat Cat People make bombs in kitchen and these have never considered it.

  28. Bat Cat

    Bat Cat23 horas atrás

    Emir Latinović you say that like they just had a bunch of bombs lying around:p but I do agree that they should have gotten rid of the ship

  29. Prof.Haterade

    Prof.Haterade4 dias atrás

    that kid is fucking creepy

  30. NyaNDrOiD 05

    NyaNDrOiD 054 dias atrás

    ever heard of the story of the scarlet king

  31. gamer boy900

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  32. Nazarene Lee

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  33. DustTheKing

    DustTheKing4 dias atrás

    Is this just a movie about a dickhead kid with powers?

  34. Hair Reverse

    Hair Reverse4 dias atrás

    Dude, you’re a fuckin dumbass. One, he’s a villain, not a antihero. Two ending explained? you explained the entire movie asshole dick head butthole.

  35. Mike Murtagh

    Mike Murtagh4 dias atrás

    You should call your show TL;DW

  36. Hao Sensei

    Hao Sensei5 dias atrás

    This is what you get kids asking for mangekyou sharingan

  37. magicsinglez

    magicsinglez5 dias atrás

    Hehe Reanimator, great movie

  38. Angel Crow

    Angel Crow5 dias atrás

    Everyone is completely ignoring the fact that the kid was fine until the ship brain washed him.

  39. Angel Crow

    Angel Crow3 dias atrás

    @Jamar Alexander: Exactly.

  40. Jamar Alexander

    Jamar Alexander4 dias atrás

    Angel Crow i thought i was the only one who thought about that

  41. Liam Nishime

    Liam Nishime5 dias atrás

    When the only person who shoulda have been killed in this movie was the mom.

  42. Lotus

    Lotus4 dias atrás

    🤣🤣 agreed!

  43. Cpt Teacosy

    Cpt Teacosy5 dias atrás

    Can you actually imagine a movie where the villains are like a pure evil version of the justice league

  44. Ed SR

    Ed SR5 dias atrás

    It’s not “What if Superman were evil?” rather “What if the Messiah was a psicopath?”

  45. Silverbreaker

    Silverbreaker5 dias atrás

    movie was soooooo fucking bad

  46. SuperSonicGamer 2000

    SuperSonicGamer 20006 dias atrás

    Love your videos! Super entertaining! New subscriber here😁

  47. Jairus Kelley

    Jairus Kelley6 dias atrás

    there aren't wolves in Kansas

  48. Alex Trevino

    Alex Trevino6 dias atrás

    Why does this video have any likes, it doesn't explain nothing.........

  49. Mark Salgado

    Mark Salgado6 dias atrás

    A whole bunch of nude videos?? 😂

  50. American Rebel79

    American Rebel796 dias atrás

    Imagine this ending scene: It goes back to the plane crash and Brandon flies away. Then, all of a sudden from inside the fire and wreckage this boy about Brandon’s age slowly crawls out, his clothes burnt, but his skin is complete normal, not a mark on him. This boy starts trembling with rage as his family was in that plane: He then looks to the sky to see BB flying away. The boy’s eyes light up a fierce blue. End scene:

  51. Pixelander

    Pixelander6 dias atrás

    Nice , but didn’t you comment this on another video?

  52. Tre Anthony

    Tre Anthony7 dias atrás

    Man when BB becomes an adult it’s over.

  53. Stuckdegree 69

    Stuckdegree 697 dias atrás

    Villain league

  54. Robert Snider

    Robert Snider7 dias atrás

    It (The Movie) is simple for a very simple reason. If a being like that ever showed up it would be simplicity itself for it to destroy the world and there is absolutely nothing we could do about it. And if you're completely honest with yourself about the human race as a whole... there's no way any super powered being would be as benevolent as traditional Superman. Regardless of the morals instilled in him, there'd be accidents and deaths as a result of them. The first death means humanity would scream as a whole for his head. One death and humanity would demand that he be killed, and that is the end of us. It's crazy how utterly helpless we would actually be. Like Superman he does have a weakness, but in real life there's no universal law saying that he'd need to have one....and even if he did it would be something he'd never reveal, and he'd kill anyone who found out. But the truly terrifying part would be that with Super speed, laser vison that also has telekinetic properties, and super strength... it'd be over in less than a day. Less than a day and he could kill the entire planet by himself. We'd be fucked lol.

  55. My Place

    My Place7 dias atrás

    Watching the movie with friends. Uncle Noahs jaws basically off. My friend: (nobody’s looking cause they scare shitless) “It’s just dislocated”. Other friend: “ITS NOT DISLOCATED ITS FUCKING GONE!!” 🤣🤦‍♀️👀

  56. Isaiah

    Isaiah7 dias atrás

    Just finished it! 😎🔥 BRING PART 2 this shit was awesome 10/10

  57. Dolly Sinambela

    Dolly Sinambela8 dias atrás

    I Don’t like the movie , cause he killed his mom .

  58. Robert Ferguson

    Robert Ferguson8 dias atrás

    Great movie recap.

  59. LtS_Raichu

    LtS_Raichu8 dias atrás

    Brandon: *Looking at deer tracks* Dad: "I got something in my eyes" Brandon: "I can take it out, but it might sting" Dad: "pfffh hurry up they burn!"

  60. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium8 dias atrás

    Take off that creepy mask It's not creepy

  61. Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro Martinez8 dias atrás

    I thought the ENDING was going to be explained, not the WHOLE freakin' movie!

  62. Gay Gamer

    Gay Gamer8 dias atrás

    He’s not here to save the world. He’s here to end it.

  63. Doom Sausage

    Doom Sausage9 dias atrás

    You suck at reading from a script

  64. Mark Blubber

    Mark Blubber9 dias atrás

    22 min to explain an ending. Ridiculous.

  65. Sergio Zambrano

    Sergio Zambrano9 dias atrás

    Btw you sound like shagy

  66. Sergio Zambrano

    Sergio Zambrano9 dias atrás

    Rita repulsa got dropped....again

  67. M.D.Metal

    M.D.Metal9 dias atrás

    Fun Fact: That symbol is also used in the Berserk anime and manga.

  68. M.D.Metal

    M.D.Metal9 dias atrás

    "We got lucky with Superman. He shares our values. What happens if the next Superman doesn't?" - Amanda Waller This movie answers her question.