Brightburn Destroy The Earth ||Post credit scene||Evil Justice League


  1. Crack. Com

    Crack. Com2 meses atrás

  2. Russian Potato

    Russian Potato3 horas atrás

    They need to make more movies of this

  3. hanging with gabe

    hanging with gabe9 horas atrás

    The crime syndicate Look it up

  4. Bigguy Assassin

    Bigguy Assassin10 horas atrás

    I think the question mark is a robotic kid I’m guessing

  5. Jacob

    Jacob18 horas atrás

    When I watched this I thought the mom would actually kill that damn kid! But no he god damn destroys the fucking world. I think there may be a part 2 but I don’t know what they would base it on.

  6. CJ

    CJ18 horas atrás

    I smell a new Cinematic universe cooking

  7. Supervillain

    Supervillain20 horas atrás

    There was a scene they were going to make the girl with the crushed hand into a hero to fight him. They were going to give her a robotic arm

  8. Red Big'un

    Red Big'un17 horas atrás

    I heard about that. I wonder if they shot that scene or if it's released.

  9. DoomedMortal

    DoomedMortalDia atrás

    They could have picked better ending music

  10. Diego Aldahir Cruz Tovar

    Diego Aldahir Cruz Tovar2 dias atrás

    Dark justice league me gusta el titulo

  11. carl charleston

    carl charleston2 dias atrás

    Lex Luthor was right

  12. Darth Skygamer

    Darth Skygamer3 dias atrás

    So when will he fight Brightseid

  13. Colin Ferguson

    Colin Ferguson4 dias atrás

    1:26 the guy in the bottom left picture. That’s the guy from the movie super.

  14. Spider-Man

    Spider-Man5 dias atrás

    But would these guys get along with one another? Even if they're similar in terms of motives, I feel they'd try to kill each other or follow Brandon out of fear.

  15. Fox Makeba

    Fox Makeba5 dias atrás

    Crashing this plane. With NO SURVIVORS.

  16. ๖ۣۜζζ͜Haise Sasaki

    ๖ۣۜζζ͜Haise Sasaki6 dias atrás

    I would have liked the ending more when that dude was talking about them and Brightburn whatever he is called would just flew in and swoop him away and killed him

  17. David Endgame 2000

    David Endgame 20006 dias atrás

    Brightburn was such a good movie! It gets an 8.5 out of 10, the end credits got a little funnier in my opinion, I would really look forward to what the future holds for this kind of universe!

  18. Wendolyn Saurio

    Wendolyn Saurio7 dias atrás

    Homelander would kick the hell out of this kid

  19. Desired Hippy

    Desired Hippy7 dias atrás

    He's cool

  20. Asylum117

    Asylum1177 dias atrás

    News caster: "They will all eat us for breakfest, if we don't get our shit together and do something about them." Good luck with Brandon then. If anyone has discovered any sort of kryptonite for him, then human race is as good as dead. There was his ship, but I am pretty sure Brandon burried it somewhere where no one could find it.

  21. chidori772

    chidori7727 dias atrás

    That's super not the flash guys Hopefully we get a owlman

  22. Fredrick Young

    Fredrick Young7 dias atrás

    That dam kid is the devil

  23. Marvin Rei Miranda Jr.

    Marvin Rei Miranda Jr.8 dias atrás

    On the bottom left is that SUPER!?!?! AND NEXT TO THAT IS THAT MARTIAN MANHUNTER!?!?!?!?!

  24. Marvin Rei Miranda Jr.

    Marvin Rei Miranda Jr.8 dias atrás

    On the bottom left is that SUPER!?!?! AND NEXT TO THAT IS THAT MARTIAN MANHUNTER!?!?!?!?!

  25. Wade until they getta load of me

    Wade until they getta load of me9 dias atrás

    No one else can eat a cookie so evilly

  26. Kobe Rosenberg

    Kobe Rosenberg9 dias atrás

    If brightburn were to get a sequel, Lex Luther should be the good guy & should create a super suit via calling himself “Krypto Knight”

  27. RangerPredatorRed

    RangerPredatorRed10 dias atrás

    Change the evil Flash to Crimson Bolt in your description.

  28. MultiCommissar

    MultiCommissar10 dias atrás

    Fast forward 20 years. A man named Lex Luthor invents a device to travel to parallel universes. His friend, The Jester pays with his life to cover his escape, and Luthor arrives at a different Earth where *he* is a public menace, and mirror versions of the murderous tyrants he knows are the world's heroes an protectors. He asks for their help.

  29. cullumcorner

    cullumcorner11 dias atrás

    Movie was terrible

  30. Rodolfo Abarca

    Rodolfo Abarca11 dias atrás


  31. Rodolfo Abarca

    Rodolfo Abarca11 dias atrás


  32. Angel Pacheco

    Angel Pacheco11 dias atrás

    Be careful who you treat cuz u never know what they're capable of

  33. Ewan Noel

    Ewan Noel12 dias atrás

    1:26 keep paused 1)Aquaman 2)Superman/boy 3)Wonder Woman 4)Flash 5)Batman 6)?

  34. WillieManga

    WillieManga12 dias atrás

    You know, I couldn't help but wonder who the Lex Luthor of Brightburn would be. And now I got my answer; the Lex Luthor of Brightburn... is Mike Rooker. And now I wanna see Mike Rooker take on Brandon in a power armor made from pieces of his pod. Super Gunn Bros. make it happen!

  35. AlienWarForce

    AlienWarForce12 dias atrás

    What if they make a universe out of this, and all the superheroes we know and love are villians (like how brightburn is like Superman) and all the villians we know and love are heroes. The Superhero Horror Universe

  36. Brutal Omen

    Brutal Omen12 dias atrás

    C'mon.. we all know damn well who the "?" is.... I want that movie NOW, please!

  37. Dillonger Robles

    Dillonger Robles13 dias atrás

    There better be some kind of sequel

  38. Henry Morales

    Henry Morales13 dias atrás

    What if they put this version with the DC universe and make them fight the other squad

  39. Tristan Reyes

    Tristan Reyes13 dias atrás

    Noah’s death in this movie was far the most gruesome death

  40. Fire Ayo

    Fire Ayo13 dias atrás

    the last one could be the girl he hurt at school with a bionic hand or batman

  41. Scout Boi

    Scout Boi13 dias atrás

    Crimson Bolt at 1:25 :0

  42. rustyred

    rustyred14 dias atrás

    Superman vs BB

  43. x FiiisH x

    x FiiisH x14 dias atrás

    All these professional directors and actors in the comments. Even some professional graphic designers. I mean, damn, y'all must have some real high class top notch movies out there with the amount of shit some of you talk. I'm just wondering what the fuck you're doing on here, is all.

  44. Ryan Lifesword

    Ryan Lifesword14 dias atrás

    I agree on all of this, Brightburn features an evil parody of the Justice League

  45. ferris kinura

    ferris kinura14 dias atrás

    1:25 - the james gunn's hero from "super" movie

  46. Zen Top

    Zen Top15 dias atrás

    the below from left I think it is batman because Batman The DC version is dark. In this, maybe this change as Funny person and the middle is Martian the ManHunter the right is the flash because he is fast makes people miss to take the picture

  47. Yawsef YT

    Yawsef YT15 dias atrás

    Brightburn and squad vs Good Lex, Good Doomsday, And Good Darkseid would a nice movie

  48. JON ALEX

    JON ALEX15 dias atrás

    Fhey need to nuke that kid

  49. angel alien

    angel alien15 dias atrás

    1:24 you can see crimson bolt can't wait to see what will happen

  50. JamesReacts YT

    JamesReacts YT15 dias atrás

    Bad guy plays at the end of this? Great representation, kind of, but Jesus, Supes Bette they his over here an Quickly

  51. One-3yed-K1ng 76

    One-3yed-K1ng 7615 dias atrás

    Last one should be green lantern

  52. One-3yed-K1ng 76

    One-3yed-K1ng 7615 dias atrás

    Or Batman

  53. Julius Apollo Ambit

    Julius Apollo Ambit15 dias atrás

    It would be so freaking lit if the esper from Chronicle would finish his meditation practice in Tibet and then find out there are supervillains taking over the world.

  54. Mr. L

    Mr. L15 dias atrás

    Don't know why but this ending make me sick and my heart ack in weird way

  55. kilo

    kilo16 dias atrás

    1:24 YONDU?!

  56. God Emperor of Mankind 3.0

    God Emperor of Mankind 3.016 dias atrás

    everything lex luthor was afraid of. also goku if he never hit his head

  57. Fercho TF

    Fercho TF16 dias atrás

    Injustice league

  58. RumbleYoungMan Rumble

    RumbleYoungMan Rumble16 dias atrás

    What’s next, a so called vigilante called Lex Luther that will try and kill him with kryptonite?

  59. Cranjis McBasketball

    Cranjis McBasketball17 dias atrás

    I would have been nice to this kid...he were my son....I'd tell him leave me unharmed and do what ya gotta do...I won't interfere

  60. Tech Hybrid

    Tech Hybrid17 dias atrás

    Who's the question mark?

  61. Tech Hybrid

    Tech Hybrid2 dias atrás

    @Crack. Com don't dought it😅

  62. Crack. Com

    Crack. Com16 dias atrás

    probably batman

  63. BRzbazzanx

    BRzbazzanx17 dias atrás

    Good doomsdays, good lex Luther,

  64. BRzbazzanx

    BRzbazzanx17 dias atrás

    good Zod.