Brightburn Destroy The Earth ||Post credit scene||Evil Justice League


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    Crack. Com6 meses atrás

  2. Primus03

    Primus03Mês atrás

    Crack. Com I’m pretty sure everybody by now has heard of this song

  3. Some random Commenter

    Some random CommenterMês atrás

    Silver Surfer so do you.

  4. Erick Rivers

    Erick RiversMês atrás

    Silver Surfer hey u should be thankful that song end the 19 weeks of Old Town Road

  5. Faimhurensohn

    Faimhurensohn2 meses atrás

    this is like a trap remix though isnt it? i like it a lot more somehow

  6. Squrkyoin that isn’t a donut

    Squrkyoin that isn’t a donut3 meses atrás

    I’m a bald guy

  7. Grimlord 31

    Grimlord 312 dias atrás

    Unfortunate that we didn't hear about an evil Batman.

  8. Loren Baker

    Loren BakerDia atrás

    The Question mark is probably him

  9. D Lamb

    D Lamb2 dias atrás

    Did he say they're all gonna eat our breakfast? "Kill me and my family, rape my daughters even, but damnit if you touch my cereal I swear I'll stick kryptonite up your ass"

  10. Jacob Bockus

    Jacob Bockus4 dias atrás

    -->Half fish, half man = Aquaman -->Witch with rope = Wonder Woman -->Crimson Bolt (from Super) = Bat Man -->What appears to be a "Grey" alien = Martian Manhunter 1:24

  11. acidflash03

    acidflash034 dias atrás

    ? = Batman

  12. Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves4 dias atrás

    Two words: Crime Syndicate

  13. MegaTech81

    MegaTech814 dias atrás

    Justice Lords prequel

  14. inferno0020

    inferno00204 dias atrás

    Brandon can fight Arthur "Joker" Fleck in the sequel

  15. David Thomas

    David Thomas6 dias atrás

    The end credits look like a trailer for a great film I'll never get to see.

  16. alberto cacioli

    alberto cacioli7 dias atrás

    There's an evil aquaman, Wonder woman and a bootleg batman😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Bryan Barnes

    Bryan Barnes8 dias atrás

    Yondu lives

  18. Fjcjfnc Xhduhdhdud

    Fjcjfnc Xhduhdhdud8 dias atrás

    The kid is ending brightburn i think he is doing it because he is upset with the town named brightburn

  19. Cyrus McWind

    Cyrus McWind8 dias atrás

    Berserk riiiip offffff

  20. Joshua Olson Cook

    Joshua Olson Cook8 dias atrás

    “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” -African Proverb.

  21. Jeremy Zak

    Jeremy Zak8 dias atrás

    I love Michael Rooker.

  22. Nine Tail Fox Ahri

    Nine Tail Fox Ahri9 dias atrás

    1:12 Aquaman 1:18 Wonder Woman

  23. Jayk Wassabi

    Jayk Wassabi11 dias atrás

    I have second movie idea I don't know this gonna work but here it is In this video you see dark justice league something like that They teamed up and does bad things together and in their universe there's another hero like real hero who saves people and does good things he's human but he got superpower from brightburn's plane or something accident and he use his power for good and he fights against that dark justice league and specially brightburn and in end he made them good guys

  24. Charles Kim

    Charles Kim11 dias atrás

    Now a evil verison of the justice league.

  25. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye11 dias atrás

    And just like that, we have a Gunn Cinematic Universe with Super being placed firmly in the same world, would love to see a series for the others. Doesn't have to be MCU style build, just a series of standalones would be enough for me?

  26. Headless Spaceman

    Headless Spaceman11 dias atrás

    One of the fake videos in the cue is "What kind of person are YOU in a parallel dimension? Who you really are... it's bad."

  27. Headless Spaceman

    Headless Spaceman11 dias atrás

    Kansas Forest Fires would require a Kansas forest... Why didn't they just say Kansas wildfires? Because they're from Los Angeles and didn't give a rat's ass.

  28. Neither Freak Ultima

    Neither Freak Ultima11 dias atrás

    Who are the other five with Brightburn who are all 'out there'? I mean, the half man and half sea creature, the woman who strangles people with her rope and the other three.

  29. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye11 dias atrás

    Only one I know for sure, dude in the bottom left is a character from James Gunn's previous "super hero" movie Super. One in the middle bottom I think is supposed to be a Martian Manhunter analog.

  30. Drake Bujel

    Drake Bujel11 dias atrás

    Brandon grows up to become Ultraman, Superman's evil dimension counterpart.

  31. Jacob Ramirez

    Jacob Ramirez12 dias atrás

    Bro I hate Brightburn they didn’t give it a good ending

  32. OUTLAWS9000

    OUTLAWS900012 dias atrás

    It makes me sad to see that the crimson bolt had lost his way. I know he was fucked up in his movie but I never thought that he would become a villain.

  33. Vyond Fighters Studios X HD

    Vyond Fighters Studios X HD13 dias atrás

    how powerful is this kid though

  34. Vyond Fighters Studios X HD

    Vyond Fighters Studios X HD13 dias atrás

    0:38 as if the rainbow came and brightburn destroys it

  35. Jacob The Harper

    Jacob The Harper13 dias atrás

    This ending is underrated. How many films do you see where the villain wins and ultimately gets away, continuing his mayhem? It’s so cool!

  36. Navarrete

    Navarrete14 dias atrás

    Yondu (or Merle from the Walking Dead) is the Lex Luthor in this universe, I suppose

  37. Big chungus

    Big chungus14 dias atrás

    if the kid wanted to end the world, pick up a fucking island and drop it back down

  38. gwp4eva

    gwp4eva14 dias atrás

    it'll probably never happen, but i can see this movie crossing over well with 'Chronicle'. super hero vs super villain, both origin stories told in standalone films. have a story where Matt has to fight Brandon, and its revealed that the alien probe from 'Chronicle' was sent as a defense tool for Earth by a benevolent race at conflict with Brandon's

  39. mrblox 34

    mrblox 3414 dias atrás

    A hero will be a kid he will stop brightburn

  40. The Chrisman D

    The Chrisman D15 dias atrás

    Think about it i mean in this universe Brightburn is a Evil Version Of Superman right so what if in that universe there is a good version of Lex Luthor and he or she will create a advanced technological suit to stop Brightburn from destroying the world

  41. RJ Jones

    RJ Jones12 dias atrás

    Unless he somehow found the ship idk if that'd be possible

  42. Angelo Johnson

    Angelo Johnson15 dias atrás

    Listen to this guy people get your shit together or else you'll be living in a real life version of The History Of Trunks. Except no good guy is going to save y'all.

  43. Kaleb Medina

    Kaleb Medina17 dias atrás

    that's better than movie Justice League

  44. Mordercai Near

    Mordercai Near17 dias atrás

    I don't think of this universe as reversed DC but more like it own like Unbreakable, Split and Glass

  45. El Chokorrikizimo

    El Chokorrikizimo19 dias atrás

    Brandon is homelander

  46. Vanessa Edwards

    Vanessa Edwards19 dias atrás

    So is the movie “super” in the same universe?

  47. Icymisterlamb

    Icymisterlamb19 dias atrás

    1:26 Holy shit does anyone else notice The Crimson Bolt?

  48. RJ Jones

    RJ Jones12 dias atrás

    I really hope they dont isnt a standalone movie. Also I get the top 3 are Aquaman, Superman and Wonderwoman, and bottom left is Flash. Maybe the bottom right is Batman but I dont see how he could be interpreted as an alien

  49. Lawwrin

    Lawwrin20 dias atrás

    I actually hope they dont do a whole series of evil DC superheroes. It just feels so unoriginal. Yes, the sound of it sounds cool but I would prefer if they had an original idea and not just take an already existing character and turn it evil. Feels like a fan fic. I think SUPER and BRIGHTBURN is already enough. Buuuuuut I have to say that the credits of this movie game me chilllsssss

  50. marko5115

    marko511521 dia atrás

    If they really wanted a kid so bad why didn't the thick parents just go to the adoption society!?

  51. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye11 dias atrás

    A lot of people will spend a good while to have a biological child, most only go to adoption when pregnancy is absolutely off the table, by medical necessity or choice.

  52. SuperNintendoDavid

    SuperNintendoDavid21 dia atrás

    This is the best part of the untire movie

  53. Tripp393

    Tripp39322 dias atrás

    These multi million dollar films always make sure to make fun of conspiracy theories. I wonder why 😂

  54. Gerson Monroy

    Gerson Monroy26 dias atrás

    Merle didn't look happy

  55. Que TheRiot

    Que TheRiot26 dias atrás

    At first I thought that was him that was saying I’m the bad guy

  56. D 3

    D 326 dias atrás

    Does all of this mean there will be superhero versions of Lex Luthor, Joker, and Black Manta?

  57. Sub to Pewds

    Sub to Pewds26 dias atrás

    such a fucking dope ending, the song embraces the end scene and i fucking love it


    NOOB LAND27 dias atrás

    That last one with the ? On it he could be evil batman because he is never seen because he is in the shadows waiting for his meat or some guy being the only superhero

  59. Isaiah P.

    Isaiah P.27 dias atrás

    Dio Brando-n Breyer the Invader

  60. Ariel Minerva

    Ariel Minerva28 dias atrás

    so if they are bad will the vilians be good

  61. Anbu Smoke

    Anbu SmokeMês atrás

    1:25 probably a sequel all does other 5 people like brandon would fight each other or something would be cool

  62. Epic Moments

    Epic MomentsMês atrás

    I don’t think this has any connection to the dc universe

  63. Kuma

    KumaMês atrás

    What a boring edgy movie

  64. Lauren Bernard Frio

    Lauren Bernard FrioMês atrás

    Man! He screw things up so badly! I hope there is no sequel to this because I think the sequel is where Brandon Breyer will create a league to destroy the entire universe. I hope Superman meets him and fights him.

  65. Jimil Johnson

    Jimil JohnsonMês atrás

    1:27 who's the one at the bottom middle

  66. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye11 dias atrás

    I think a Martian Manhunter stand in, but unless he actually keeps the GCU going, probably never know.

  67. Java chip

    Java chipMês atrás

    I would legit befriend Brandon and find people for him to kill. I have a list.

  68. The Rickest Morty

    The Rickest MortyMês atrás

    Very punchable face.

  69. Meizar Farizky

    Meizar FarizkyMês atrás

    I agree with walking dead alex jones

  70. jake heavens

    jake heavensMês atrás

    Honestly dc world dosen't realize how lucky they are that superman is the person he is or they would be fuuuuuuucccked

  71. NH808

    NH808Mês atrás

    We all know crimson bolt kills him