BRIGHTBURN Official Trailer (2019) - James Gunn, Horror, SuperHero Movie


  1. Teri Griffin

    Teri Griffin27 dias atrás

    How is it a superhero movie, freaking stupid.

  2. Lite–Wing Gift

    Lite–Wing GiftMês atrás

    Superman lands in our Earth instead of DC Earth

  3. Enes world

    Enes worldMês atrás


  4. XxmidoriyagodsXx Hero

    XxmidoriyagodsXx Hero3 meses atrás

    Is that true horror movie superheroes but instead he’s here to take the world

  5. My Row

    My Row4 meses atrás

    I Watched In The Trailer Shit

  6. cleveland antwine

    cleveland antwine4 meses atrás

    The evil kid frm the phantom zone

  7. Ahmad Badrul Hisham

    Ahmad Badrul Hisham8 meses atrás

    Dad:hey can i taste it to

  8. Ahmad Badrul Hisham

    Ahmad Badrul Hisham8 meses atrás

    Brandon:mmmh that fork is so tasty.


    AKOSI PANDA8 meses atrás

    I came here bcz an add poped up while im watching and it is the trailer of brightburn with billie eillish's background song in it...

  10. Michael Kilgore

    Michael Kilgore8 meses atrás

    DC needs to make a movie depicting Spiderman as a homicidal serial killer.

  11. Monika

    Monika8 meses atrás

    What are the chances that I got a brightburn ad before the video started

  12. Yaritza Martínez

    Yaritza Martínez9 meses atrás


  13. Francisco Elumba

    Francisco Elumba9 meses atrás

    This kids mask is sick.

  14. aren nugra

    aren nugra9 meses atrás


  15. Chanuka Jayasundara

    Chanuka Jayasundara11 meses atrás

    What a hell

  16. Hector Cuyar

    Hector Cuyar11 meses atrás

    Finally! An original horror movie! Sign me up


    NEGUS MBARKA9 meses atrás

    Hector Cuyar yay yayee


    TH3 BLACKGHOST 2111 meses atrás

    Where is Superman when you need him

  19. Keith Jackson

    Keith Jackson11 meses atrás

    Wow! This looks interesting! An Evil Superman!

  20. T

    TAnos atrás


  21. Pen StorySky

    Pen StorySkyAnos atrás

    This is what Disney decided to fire, a creative man who had great ideas because of old tweets that don't reflect him now

  22. Gucci Kaye

    Gucci Kaye9 meses atrás

    Pen StorySky he’s coming back for GOTG vol 3 tho

  23. Andrew Schumm

    Andrew SchummAnos atrás

    New movie is coming out in March 23, 2019!!!

  24. Hunter Huntington

    Hunter HuntingtonAnos atrás

    its not dark enough like the batman

  25. Luckiestof13

    Luckiestof1311 meses atrás

    And thibk of the Bats in a version like this on his own. It'd be sooo dark

  26. Jack Frost

    Jack FrostAnos atrás

    Cmon..why? 1:11



    Wtf? Man of STEAL! LOL

  28. Chewy V

    Chewy VAnos atrás

    What is this anti Superman ?

  29. AL C

    AL CAnos atrás

    James Gunn is taking his new role in DC with a little too much enthusiasm that I don’t think he knows he’s blatantly copying man of steel

  30. SorryBootThat

    SorryBootThatAnos atrás

    He did it on purpose smart one

  31. Wachomen

    WachomenAnos atrás

    Creo que la nave que lo llevó lo atrae para enconmendarle una misión a cierta edad y le lava la mente, la misión es... Despejar el planeta para su raza, es la mejor mezcla entre Dragon Ball y Superman. Cuando está siendo "poseído" en el 2:08 es cuando cambia todo y el niño bueno y normal que criaron desaparece. "Teoría" lo 100to bro's es que es muy lógico de pensar :v

  32. ROI

    ROIAnos atrás

    Evil Superman= Ultraman

  33. Teresa Fields-Pena

    Teresa Fields-PenaAnos atrás

    If its made in 2010 how come i cant watch full movie God bless you

  34. Manisha Singh

    Manisha SinghAnos atrás

    Is that superman

  35. Morris Sabando

    Morris SabandoAnos atrás

    where's dean? pls someone exorcise kent..

  36. Shadestep

    ShadestepAnos atrás

    I bet he kills the father with a neck snap.

  37. Arij ben Hamouda

    Arij ben Hamouda2 meses atrás

    Nope heat vision right through the brain

  38. smokey reee

    smokey reee4 meses atrás


  39. Pig Fish

    Pig Fish8 meses atrás

    pea nut oof

  40. 私はT҉r҉a҉s҉h҉y҉B҉o҉y҉

    私はT҉r҉a҉s҉h҉y҉B҉o҉y҉9 meses atrás

    Yes just like me


    NEGUS MBARKA9 meses atrás

    Shadestep ayyyyye

  42. Nokomisclub

    NokomisclubAnos atrás

    Excellent! Now make Brat Pack by Veich or The Boys by Ennis!!!!

  43. EmilyVonSpears

    EmilyVonSpearsAnos atrás

    Teeny tiny bit like Super. So glad James is back.

  44. robert freeman

    robert freemanAnos atrás

    So superman if he was a serial killer

  45. Richard Schneider

    Richard SchneiderAnos atrás

    This looks like a job for Superman...

  46. KiDD CXLE

    KiDD CXLE8 meses atrás

    Richard Schneider Batman*

  47. Donald Macon

    Donald MaconAnos atrás


  48. Mr.Marimo

    Mr.MarimoAnos atrás

    Berserk sign

  49. brian appshole

    brian appsholeAnos atrás

    soooooooo......ultra man lol now rip offs insted of reboots ok ok ok hollywood i see u !!!

  50. Ken Staten

    Ken StatenAnos atrás

    General Zod comes to earth as a kid instead of kal-el

  51. Mr. margad

    Mr. margad9 meses atrás

    @Nick E exactly!

  52. Nick E

    Nick EAnos atrás

    Zod isn’t this violent.

  53. The Voice Kids Yemen | وليد ملفي

    The Voice Kids Yemen | وليد ملفيAnos atrás

    I think it's a horror movie , because he's as strong as Superman, but he's a wicked man, so he will destroy the earth and kill a lot of people. and in the end there's a new super hero will come to kill him and saves the earth and people. 😉

  54. Some Viking

    Some Viking9 meses atrás

    I mean maybe but that is not how Horror movies end they end rather gruesome or leave you on a cliffhanger

  55. Greg Scott

    Greg ScottAnos atrás

    The Voice Kids Yemen | وليد ملفي makes sense.

  56. Amelia Floryance

    Amelia FloryanceAnos atrás

    Why is it tagged as a superhero movie when obviously it's horror? Still looks like a good movie though

  57. SorryBootThat

    SorryBootThatAnos atrás

    Because it is

  58. TX MetalHead

    TX MetalHeadAnos atrás

    Supervillain horror movie ? No? .. just me, I'm the only weirdo? Ok -_-

  59. Sean Tucker

    Sean TuckerAnos atrás

    Horror superman, I'm in

  60. Cole -

    Cole -Anos atrás

    The thumnail is so scary

  61. Phillip Palmer

    Phillip PalmerAnos atrás

    This looks like they took Man Of Steel and turned it into a horror movie. Seems like the same exact plot and everything....

  62. Creed Palmer

    Creed Palmer9 meses atrás

    @btone_95 bruh, he said supermans origin but horror movie style, aka an alien crash lands on earth, raiSEDes by human parents, gets bullied, but instead of pushing through the bulliying, he fucking pushes his hand through there gut and rips out there spine REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  63. btone_95

    btone_9510 meses atrás

    I mean it is his origin... plus this is nothing like the plot from Man of Steel (unless I missed the part where Clark as a kid murders everyone) what are you talking about?

  64. Tyler Snow

    Tyler SnowAnos atrás

    Is this a horror version of Superman?

  65. Michael Kilgore

    Michael Kilgore8 meses atrás

    This is a what if Superman was evil.


    NEGUS MBARKA9 meses atrás

    Jason Knight yessssssssssh!

  67. Nick E

    Nick EAnos atrás

    I was wondering the same thing.

  68. Ir GG

    Ir GGAnos atrás

    Some like that

  69. Nino G

    Nino GAnos atrás