BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV


  1. Jenny F López

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  2. Thu Diễm Đào

    Thu Diễm Đào52 segundos atrás

    Chiều nay kết thúc 10 ngay hay chiều ngày mai vậy army

  3. Hobie Hương

    Hobie Hương53 segundos atrás

    200M today???

  4. kimjuncotton _

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    Hobie Hương hopefully ^_^

  5. ღAlyღ

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    تستضيف اساس سعر اصدار وغض

  6. Jenny F López

    Jenny F López56 segundos atrás

    los mejoresssssssssssssss

  7. Jeon Nandinhaa

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  8. Jeon Nandinhaa

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  9. la manito en el ano

    la manito en el anoMinuto atrás

    En algunos minutos flasheo otras canciones

  10. Cristina Pacheco

    Cristina PachecoMinuto atrás

    We can do this guys !!!

  11. Hope Kids

    Hope KidsMinuto atrás

    Billboard let's go

  12. Tuan Viet

    Tuan VietMinuto atrás

    You make me high so fast !!!

  13. esther

    esther7 segundos atrás

    with wings that ARMY gave me. Oh my my my

  14. Gg Vb

    Gg VbMinuto atrás

    Muy cerca de los 200M we wow El poder de army esta bien loco :v

  15. jannette marti-subirana

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    Cmon guys we can hit 200M!!!!

  16. Andriana Oneel

    Andriana OneelMinuto atrás

    BTS - King of KPOP - Kings of Pop - Kings Of Rap - Kings Of Vocals - Kings of Dance - Kings of Visuals - *we stan legends*

  17. maringgay doc

    maringgay docMinuto atrás

    Fam y'all better do multitasking right now,, Voting in BBMAs and Str3aming in YT and Spotify!!!

  18. Tavin Luis

    Tavin LuisMinuto atrás

    vai brasiiiiiiiiiiiiiil

  19. Mr Kookie

    Mr KookieMinuto atrás

    Falta poco! Sigan r3pr0ducci3ndo :3

  20. BlankiLuch

    BlankiLuchMinuto atrás

    Los pases de bailes para mi lucen tan tiernos pero al mismo tiempo provocativos... me encanta, vamos Army si se puede!!!

  21. Sr.Neptune

    Sr.NeptuneMinuto atrás

    *191M* [purple hearts] saranghae armyyy

  22. arab army

    arab armyMinuto atrás

    انا:انتيز غيرو ملابسكم انتيز:ليش وين بدنا نروح انا:لا بس بدي اخذكم عل كد عقلكم هه-_- تربية شوقا؛)

  23. jorge antonio mandujano ramirez

    jorge antonio mandujano ramirezMinuto atrás

    Soy el único peruano o que!!! Todos ablan inglés y yo no!!!!!!!

  24. Juaco Gatuno

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  25. Golden Baby Bunny

    Golden Baby BunnyMinuto atrás

    Keep going only 9M left

  26. soyluna sevilla

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    Los mejores del mundo mundial

  27. TsUyOi KaGe

    TsUyOi KaGe2 minutos atrás

    Vamos ARMY! consigamos los 200M y luego los 300M

  28. Drizzydree

    Drizzydree2 minutos atrás

    YES ARMY! We have reached 191M Continue the hard work - TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK, encourage each other and other ARMYS on twitter and Instagram to join in and str3am

  29. Min Yoongi

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  30. Alvaro Muñoz

    Alvaro Muñoz2 minutos atrás

    RM you are on fireee!! 😍

  31. Mekelle Samuel

    Mekelle Samuel2 minutos atrás

    So 200M anyone

  32. Mickgames 1

    Mickgames 12 minutos atrás

    I love you bts >w

  33. Park Min YoonJi

    Park Min YoonJi2 minutos atrás

    De todas formas para mí ya pasamos los 200M, que Y*T no deje que se vea nuestro verdadero n° de v1st4s me enoja pero me demuestra que nos toma como una amenaza. ARMY debe saber que lo hizo muy bien en este comeback a pesar de todas las injusticias de esta plataforma, tan solo hay q seguir dándole nuestro apoyo a todos los M-V|s y claro mejorar mucho más para los próximos

  34. reader17

    reader172 minutos atrás

    Still love the song, and happy I heard it on the radio again today. I didn't hear it Friday so I was thinking they were not playing it anymore. But I was happy blaring it with my windows down :) doing my total thing because I really do believe it should be higher, not sure if any got removed or with the holiday all Army's were very busy with family! 190962840

  35. Karla Salazar

    Karla Salazar2 minutos atrás

    love bts soy una army

  36. Maria De La Garza

    Maria De La Garza2 minutos atrás

    I’m using my moms phone anyways

  37. LET'S GET IT !

    LET'S GET IT !2 minutos atrás

    CONGRATULATIONS ON 91M ARMYS!!!! WE ARE DOING AMAZING!!!! now we have around 27 hours and 50 minutes to get 9m!!! WE CAN DO IT ARMYS!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  38. Drizzydree

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    LET'S GET IT ! Of course we can, we just need to continue str3aming and not waste even a minute!

  39. wiwsySONE

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  40. Drizzydree

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    wiwsySONE yes please! Keep str3aming and do not waste even a minute. Remember to watch like 3-4 videos in between and clear ur watch history like every 15- 20 minutes

  41. soyluna sevilla

    soyluna sevilla2 minutos atrás

    Jungkook de BTS es boxeador 🤯🎖️🥊🥊🥊!!!

  42. sri sri

    sri sri2 minutos atrás

    191 m and i,m always be your side forever

  43. Joana Jaqueline Martinez

    Joana Jaqueline Martinez2 minutos atrás

    Armys: Plis tenemos que darle like a este video es para ellos no es para mi, si tanto queremos a estos angeles ayuden plis.

  44. bts Kkk

    bts Kkk2 minutos atrás

    Hwo many army st13@ming now ? 1like =1 army

  45. Karolina Bahmatova

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    Ohhh my lovely V 😭😭💜💜💜

  46. Hải Yến

    Hải Yến2 minutos atrás

    200M là 10h nay hay 10h để phá kỉ lục ạ ?

  47. Sarah J

    Sarah J2 minutos atrás

    صنفت مجموعة K-pop الكورية الجنوبية BTS بين "أكثر 100 شخص تأثيرًا" في مجلة تايم في عالم 2019. ظهرت شركة BTS ، التي احتل ألبومها قائمة المخططات الموسيقية لـ Billboard ، في القائمة السنوية التي كشف النقاب عنها الأربعاء على موقع المجلة. حسب الفئة ، كان BTS من بين 17 فنانًا لعام 2019.". - 18 أبريل 2019♡ .

  48. maringgay doc

    maringgay doc3 minutos atrás

    We have 9 hrs to go bitch3s!! Y'all better str3333am!!!

  49. Ms Mysterieux

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    I think its 27h

  50. 정미진

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  51. A. K

    A. K3 minutos atrás

    Finally!! We will get it to 200M today, right?

  52. Escarleth Gutierrez

    Escarleth Gutierrez3 minutos atrás

    Nam esta muy serio al Final. Ya empezare a sacar mis teorias

  53. Hye Vist V.

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  54. ludmila gómez

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  55. Kamilka P

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  56. Venom Gaming

    Venom Gaming3 minutos atrás

    IM Like This IS BTS

  57. nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTS

    nhanh Thi ARMY mãi Yêu BTS3 minutos atrás

    Còn 9M nữa thôi. Cố lên ARMY

  58. the redstar

    the redstar3 minutos atrás

    Que puto asco

  59. Hye Vist V.

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    Gracias por ver amigo! ♡

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    How many ARMY's still st123ming One like = one ARMY

  61. Zaida Ingalla

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    congrats BTS Boy with Luv is now billboard no.1 album fighting...

  62. lesley thomas

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    MOTS is #1 on this coming week for Billboard 200 Chart.

  63. Ahgase//Stay Doidona

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  64. Angela Navarro

    Angela Navarro4 minutos atrás

    Noticia de última hora para todas las armys reproduscan la esta canción millones de veces para que Black Binkno le gane a mi bts vamos todos podemos Reproducir esta canción Por favor blackbink no tiene que ganar vamos por bts

  65. 100pre ARMY Nunca INARMY

    100pre ARMY Nunca INARMYMinuto atrás

    Siii vamos!!! BTS tus y mis patroneS!!! Mm xfa sensura r€pr0duc!r xq nos vajan v!$7@$ ok xfa y no pongas el nombre de otros grupos solo di bp!!!

  66. imene BTS

    imene BTS4 minutos atrás

    200m come on army

  67. Ms Mysterieux

    Ms Mysterieux4 minutos atrás

    Omg i got fancy ads

  68. julie david

    julie david4 minutos atrás

    Tae last part was so cute and adorable,very handsome😀

  69. Emily Par

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    7:55PM 191,009,108

  70. abeer kookie

    abeer kookie4 minutos atrás

    191مليون فااايتنغ arab army

  71. Phượng Nguyễn

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  72. DindaDivani277 Divani

    DindaDivani277 Divani4 minutos atrás

    BTS Army where the voice is Ngefans with Jimin Where's my voice dear Jimin

  73. Moduga Sarang

    Moduga Sarang4 minutos atrás

    Go 200m

  74. Kookies and Tae.

    Kookies and Tae.4 minutos atrás

    Army i feel like a proud mom or smth we just did so mutch with eatch other and we are one big family thank you army💜🙏🏼

  75. ssi chim

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  76. Adyson Queen

    Adyson Queen4 minutos atrás

    normal people nice colab me omg bts !!!!!!!

  77. Emily Chau

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    GUYS come on!!!

  78. dung tranthuy

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    200M come on Fighting army 😊

  79. ale

    ale4 minutos atrás

    esta joyita se encuentra en el puesto 8 del bbhot100 c': ♡

  80. 김 석진Airish Jell

    김 석진Airish Jell4 minutos atrás

    9m lets do this armys were are you

  81. Brighit Giles flores

    Brighit Giles flores4 minutos atrás

    Vamos armys latinas Nuestros chicos se merecen lo mejor !! A seguir a pesar de los malos tratos de YT

  82. Monababee

    Monababee4 minutos atrás

    we have 25 hours left to break the second record, let’s go

  83. Michael Jacintha

    Michael Jacintha4 minutos atrás

    195M nào mọi người. Từ đây đến 10H trưa ta phải được 200M. Gấp rút và khẩn cấp. Nhớ v0te BBMA nha mọi người

  84. Hải Yến

    Hải Yến4 minutos atrás

    10h mai chứ nhỉ ?

  85. Mr. Swag

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    ARMYs no se olviden de votar por los chicos en Billboard, pueden votar en la categoría Top Social Artist Pueden votar hasta 100 veces al día hasta el 1 de Mayo. Tampoco se olviden de votar en los Oh Music Awards.

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  87. Pusang Antukin

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    418k Dislike? You guys watch youtube on your phone upwards?

  88. PV MB

    PV MB4 minutos atrás

    $Tr3@mIn6 after voting!!! Who's with me?

  89. Britt_loves_Kpop

    Britt_loves_Kpop4 minutos atrás

    Lets appreciate Jimins tummy.

  90. abeer kookie

    abeer kookie4 minutos atrás

    arab army كيم نامجون كيم سوكجين مين يونغى جونغ هوسوك بارك جيمين كيم تايهيونغ جيون جونغكوك bts

  91. Moduga Sarang

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  92. Guilherme Carneiro

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  93. Mekelle Samuel

    Mekelle Samuel5 minutos atrás

    Where you at army

  94. 아미A.R.M.Y _

    아미A.R.M.Y _5 minutos atrás

    8.9 M left,,, let's gerrrriiiitttttt

  95. lesley thomas

    lesley thomas5 minutos atrás

    Congrats 191M

  96. Team Work

    Team Work5 minutos atrás

    Este maravilloso MV alcanzara el record 200M . El actual es de 11 dias, 18 horas y 30minutos. no estoy segura si son 30 minutos pero los dias y las horas son correctos. Seria un nuevo record hoy mismo ! I'm very proud, muchisimo muy orgullosa de ser nueva army. I love Math. I love BTS

  97. bella changsan

    bella changsan5 minutos atrás

    Armys we need 9M in the next 9 hours to reach 200M(1M each hour) Come on let's do this...who is with me?

  98. jeon jungkook

    jeon jungkook5 minutos atrás

    Go armys 200m, we can do it for our boys & break the record

  99. ธิดาพร ลอยเลื่อน

    ธิดาพร ลอยเลื่อน5 minutos atrás

    ✌✌✌ 200m

  100. Tracy Patricio Depaz

    Tracy Patricio Depaz4 minutos atrás

    : | No 3moj1s !!!

  101. Carina Souza

    Carina Souza5 minutos atrás

    We have less than 30 hours to break the 200M record for kpop groups!

  102. Delana Johnson

    Delana Johnson5 minutos atrás

    Don't forget to vote for BTS for BBMAs Top Social Artist!

  103. Escarleth Gutierrez

    Escarleth Gutierrez5 minutos atrás

    Mi mamá confundio a JIMIN con una mujer :v cuando Le enseñe el video a de BOY WHT LUV.. Puse a reaccionar a mi mamá el video.

  104. Mekelle Samuel

    Mekelle Samuel5 minutos atrás


  105. Jeramae M. art

    Jeramae M. art5 minutos atrás

    9M moreeeee

  106. Ludvin Monzon

    Ludvin Monzon5 minutos atrás

    Me gusto el tema me da una sensación de estar alegre y feliz

  107. z

    z5 minutos atrás

    الارمى العرب لايك😁😅😘

  108. Nica Watt

    Nica Watt5 minutos atrás

    Let ARMY and Blinks stream our groups without fighting! They are both amazing groups, each to their own. Let's kill this fanwar pls!!

  109. MIT Quy

    MIT Quy5 minutos atrás

    let's vote for BTS in Top Social Artist.. on Twitter

  110. Lolv Arata

    Lolv Arata5 minutos atrás

    Love nothing stronger , than Army’s love ))) #BTS Stan forever)

  111. I_should _love_myself

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