BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. ShookethKooketh

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  2. Park Hidden

    Park Hidden6 horas atrás

    @3:37 that's my sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jennie's Smile

    Jennie's Smile7 horas atrás

    1:00 Whos that guy who was singing? Cant take my eyes off him

  4. Park Hidden

    Park Hidden6 horas atrás

    JungKook :)

  5. Gary Abbott

    Gary Abbott8 horas atrás

    The total package- singing and then the shit hot(amazing timing) Dancing!! It's easy on the ears! Meaning good! A boy band of the present! Hopefully not misgendering the band?? If I did...... The LIBTARD's shall tell me! As I'm an apparent cis(non beta bitch male) White.... BRITISH MALE!!! I will say I was enjoying it until reading CNN,BBC.

  6. Siena André

    Siena André5 horas atrás

    they are men. you are not misgendering them

  7. Breauna Grace

    Breauna Grace12 horas atrás

    They are so handsome😭

  8. BTSARMY yk

    BTSARMY yk13 horas atrás

    Is it just me or Jungkook stood out the most like his body is big and he is all grown up and the way he moves oh god

  9. Typical Strange

    Typical Strange14 horas atrás

    WHY ARE THEY SO HOT ❤️ Love you BTS

  10. Maria R

    Maria R14 horas atrás

    This performance makes me so happy

  11. Hazlan Abd Rahman

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  12. Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee15 horas atrás

    Purely out of curiosity with no offense intended, but why do they need three back up singers when there are seven of them? I get that the female singer is supposed to sing Halsey's part but do they still need two more male singers?

  13. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine2 horas atrás

    Ryan Lee Yes there were way to many petals in that one! You could barely see them + it was quite dangerous because of course it made the stage slippery. The boys are also singing that 100% live, but if you’re talking about background music, yes this one has this special something that is the band

  14. Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee3 horas atrás

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine Thanks for the link, that performance was much better except maybe for the excessive amount of flower petals at the end. Though with the live band here I can appreciate a performance with as little prerecorded parts as possible.

  15. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine10 horas atrás

    They don't actually need the backup singers and only had them for this performance, all other stages they just did on their own. The girl is actually a co-writer of the song, she wrote the 'oh my my my' part, and one of the guys next to her is her husband. BTS invited them to perform with them because of that. They are only doing Halsey's part and the 'oh my my my's that would have normally just been done by BTS themselves. So yeah, they don't need them, it was just a nice gesture on their part to let her perform with them. Check out the stage they did on The Voice USA, that one was amazing as well with finally actual good camera work just like on SNL-->

  16. Mal ci

    Mal ci10 horas atrás

    I don't know either but i guess it just adds layers to the audio ?

  17. Feigi Friedman

    Feigi Friedman16 horas atrás

    BTS are the best

  18. maya55 6

    maya55 616 horas atrás

    JIMMMMMMINNNN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. afreen

    afreenDia atrás

    This is my favourite comment section ever i have a gooft grin reading all of these comments

  20. pikachu is an army

    pikachu is an armyDia atrás

    STORYTIME: Before becoming an ARMY, I hated BTS without even knowing them. . . I hated them without knowing who they are, what they did to achieve their success, and I hated them because I thought that they were just boys who had the looks but not the talent. . . (PLEASE DON'T COME FOR ME CAUSE I'VE CHANGED LOL) UNTIL I found a video of the hardships they encountered through the years. . . I then realized that it was wrong for me to judge them without even truly knowing them. . . I then started listening to their music. . . I enjoyed their music even until now. . . Not only do they have catchy music, they also have very beautiful, inspirational, and deep lyrics. . . So to the people out there who think that BTS is "overrated", "untalented", you're all wrong because they worked hard for the success that they're receiving now. . . I once was a BTS hater. . . but I am now an ARMY who will support them in everything they do, and what makes them happy. . . I'm not asking you to stan them or be a fan I just want you to respect them and to listen to their music without prejudice just like what they want. . . If you read this whole thing, WOW THANK YOU FOR TAKING TOUR TIME -pikachu is an army

  21. Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel OliveiraDia atrás

    This song is sooo good

  22. Seokjin Kim

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  23. Mimz Arma

    Mimz ArmaDia atrás

    Watching V's expressions are enough to make my day!!..and check out J Hope dance, so on point!..gotta luv em BTS 💜

  24. Jason Lifeshow

    Jason LifeshowDia atrás

    I’m a guy and just found out about them Guess who’s my favorite band member already ... Comment

  25. Dkngssu U

    Dkngssu U9 horas atrás

    The one with the red shirt?

  26. Red Ruby

    Red Ruby16 horas atrás

    Jimin( pinkhair). He's popular with Men and women XD

  27. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine22 horas atrás


  28. Goldjade14

    Goldjade14Dia atrás

    I’m guessing one of the rappers ? Lol welcome to to fandom . I highly suggest checking three BTS introduction videos to help explain who they are , their names and why they are huge. Trust me these videos always get recommended : -Who is bts the seven members of bangtan - bts : nobodies to legends - bts Hardships . Uploaded by xceleste

  29. meeza MD

    meeza MDDia atrás

    Pink hair? Blue hair? Idk...😅

  30. MioLuna

    MioLunaDia atrás

    I'm a real man with a girlfriend... and after 2:47 I think I'm going south

  31. justin kaminuma

    justin kaminumaDia atrás

    ya this will go down in history

  32. Jennifer Stream

    Jennifer StreamDia atrás

    Love BTS! Usually love the SNL band, but not diggin’ this performance...way to much cymbal, weird funk on keyboards and guitar,...just NO! I am a professional musician and amateur accompanist, and even I know you have to match the style of who you are accompanying! Ew!!!

  33. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine22 horas atrás

    Ohh, I loved the band. I liked the jazzy vibe and really hoped they would upload a studio version of this. The band is actually BTS’ own touring band, they’ve worked with them before 😌

  34. Nancy O

    Nancy ODia atrás

    Jennifer Stream That's interesting. I loved the band and thought it fit well with this version and style of the song.

  35. Reiner Braun

    Reiner BraunDia atrás

    The instrumentals makes it better 💯

  36. Robyn Peace

    Robyn PeaceDia atrás

    I watched it on air on illegal live stream at 5am in the morning, I regrat nothing as usual

  37. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    this song is making me addicted than it has to be.

  38. lynette murphy

    lynette murphyDia atrás

    i’m rewatching this n they all look so so happy 🥺🥺

  39. My Info

    My InfoDia atrás

    What the fuck is this shit?

  40. meeza MD

    meeza MDDia atrás

    But why are u here?

  41. Borahae Borahae

    Borahae BorahaeDia atrás

    My Info quality music for your info

  42. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    What is this?

  43. Lacie Hearts

    Lacie Hearts2 dias atrás

    Anyone else like me is watching this over and over?

  44. Teaya Bern

    Teaya BernDia atrás

    Me :P

  45. Lovely Jungkookie

    Lovely Jungkookie2 dias atrás

    Me! :)

  46. Amber Powell

    Amber Powell2 dias atrás

    I am way impressed with 3:20 Jungkook was outstanding putting a little flare to it.

  47. Goldjade14

    Goldjade142 dias atrás

    To all the dumb bts haters out there , to all the people doubted they never make it big when came from a small unknown company with very little money and almost bankrupt and disbanded , to all the Korean music shows that didn’t broadcast their performances because they said bts is “unknown or not popular “ , to all the kpop Anti’s , to all the kpop haters out there , To all the haters out there sending them death threats cause they knew they were getting bigger over the years, to all the people who assume kpop is just for teenage girls but that’s not true LISTEN & understand this ! This is BTS! This is what they have accomplish , not just being the first kpop group to perform on Saturday Night Live , but the first korean artists to accomplish performing and winning at billboard music award beating out other celebrities like Bieber , Ariana grande , Shawn Mendez , also at the American music awards , became the newest members of the Grammy recording academy out of 1000+ recipients, top the iTunes chart , number 1 on top social artists 50 chart. Accomplish 3 number 1 albums in less then a year . The only other group to accomplish that was the Beatles 60 years ago. Also collaborated with Unicef for an end world violence campaign to help protect youths around the world from domestic and gun violence , etc. raised 1.6 million dollars through donations and albums sales and is still currently doing that. This is the group that was invited to the United Nations in New York that gave speech on their campaign and talk about importance of self love and self respect . And is currently working on other projects with Unicef. This is the group that went against being the typical kpop group or western artists and write and produce music with deep message and meaning. Addressing social issues , hate , oppression, bullying, anxiety, mental health , suicide. This isn’t about sex or drugs. This is the group that talks a about importance of self love and self respect. Be who you are. This is the group They encourages positive changes in people. This is the group who can hip hop , RnB , pop , edm , ballad , rock , etc even Latin pop music. This is the group that help motivate and inspire young people when they felt they were about to commit suicide and gone through bullying to not give up and seek help. This is the group help me coped with anxiety and depression. This is the group that becoming the biggest example of ASIAN REPRESENTATION shattering all the negative stereotypes of Asian men and Asian people in general in media .This is the group that NEVER GAVE UP !! Overall : don’t hate them because kpop isn’t your style of music or their not what your assumption is about . Hate them because they NEVER GAVE UP HATE THEM BECAUSE YOU COULDN’t do why they can do. Army’s support and love them because their music and personality makes us feel more empowered regardless of your age , race or gender. MIC DROP 🎤 🔥

  48. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    Wow... your essay impressed me.

  49. TheTaxburden

    TheTaxburden2 dias atrás

    So I guess after playing this 20+ times I'm a fan. Lol. Ugh! They got me! The blonde guy is super hot. Well they kind of all are. Damn.

  50. Muse of Wind

    Muse of WindDia atrás

    @TheTaxburden have a great day💜

  51. TheTaxburden

    TheTaxburdenDia atrás

    Thank yall very much. I've been watching some of their other videos but keep coming back to this one. No idea why. They are amazing performers for sure! I'll have to watch what yall have recommended! Thanks!! Oh, and 💜

  52. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    Welcome! Our fandom name called A.R.M.Y and we use purple as our iconic color (like this 💜).

  53. Goldjade14

    Goldjade142 dias atrás

    I highly suggesting watching a video called “ who is BTS: the seven member of bangtan “ You get to know the members names , personalities , and see what they all contribute to the group . Very informative and helpful. And learn about each person background on how they got discovered

  54. Muse of Wind

    Muse of Wind2 dias atrás

    Blonde guy is Kim Namjoon aka RM. He has amazing mixtape, it's called Mono. Check ot out, u will like it👌 Also give a listen to BTS albums: Map of Soul:Persona ( the best selling album in 2019 worldwide ), Love Yourself:Tear, Amswer

  55. Juwelz English

    Juwelz English2 dias atrás

    I love how they made the song sound jazzy

  56. Alexia J95

    Alexia J952 dias atrás

    ok but- in the thumbnail- look at how smol is jimin. 😔

  57. 정수희

    정수희3 dias atrás

    하아.. 슈가 진짜 어째...자꾸 눈길이 가요~ 사랑해요 슈가~ 바쁜데 자꾸 보게 되네요 ㅠㅠ

  58. Sara Nazirbekova

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  59. hanabi summer

    hanabi summer3 dias atrás

    Jungkook’s adlib..I still can’t get over this 😻

  60. wonderserious

    wonderserious3 dias atrás

    My eyes playing tricks on me, i thought jhope wasn’t wearing anything under his coat 😂

  61. AM Romero

    AM Romero3 dias atrás

    Im backkk hehe

  62. Defne B

    Defne B3 dias atrás

    0:25 Jimin’s voice is soooo mesmerizing here im shook

  63. Defne B

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  64. yepesboy3

    yepesboy33 dias atrás

    These motherfuckers might be better than one direction

  65. Erwin

    Erwin11 horas atrás

    That’s one way to put it 😂 Anyway, I’m mostly into metal, goth, prog, experimental and such music. I have albums that make music with kitchen appliances and falling cutlery, or 20 minutes drone sound scapes, repeating the same patterns with gradual changes. I never liked any boy or girl group. BTS is the one exception.

  66. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    These talented men are absolutely outsold. BTS is one of the Grammy Recording Academy members you know... which means they're write, compose, and produce songs. Their songs always topping all music chats in worldwide countries, winning music shows, and also get certifications by RIAJ, RIAA, ARIA, BRITH, etc. Anyone can produce a song but only real artist can produce good songs.

  67. Goldjade14

    Goldjade142 dias atrás

    BTS write music with a lot of deep meaning and message . Addressing social issues: hate , bullying, anxiety, suicide, mental health , etc . South Korea where their from has a huge mental health problem . They use their music and platform to connect and inspire people to seek help , motivate and create change. I’ve read comments where people said bts music connected to them and help them through times of bullying , depression and suicidal thoughts. You can see why their huge ! Because they work hard to show “music has the power to transcend and translate messages regardless of age , race or gender “ They are the perfect example of Asian Representation. They really inspire me and motivate me when I was suffering from mental health and Loneliness. In American media , you don’t see much Asians in tv or music that are blowing up like bts. In tv shows asian guys are seen as unattractive or nerdy. Seeing these guys succeed so much really gives me hope and respect. I feel empowered and inspired.

  68. Sishiliya Poudyal

    Sishiliya Poudyal3 dias atrás

    They r the one with popularity I luv ❤😘 BTS

  69. The living manifesto of garbage

    The living manifesto of garbage3 dias atrás

    My best friend has been trying to get me into bts for three years. When Map of the Soul: Persona came out I watched the bwl music video and thought it was pretty neat. The next day I watched this performance live and became an army. 3 months later I have made multiple internet friends because of bts and have never been happier :)

  70. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    Now go thank your best friend and welcome to hope world ♡

  71. Yandi Lewis

    Yandi Lewis2 dias atrás

    aw, sweet!!! Glad you're having fun in the fandom~💜

  72. Ananya Saha

    Ananya Saha3 dias atrás

    WAOOOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.. they even wore shoes with matching ships.. V-JIMIN-KOOKIE are in black, NamJin in pure white and Sope in white shoe with red base.. wao.. I am feeling so so so proud of me lol XDXDXDXD 💜💜

  73. Ananya Saha

    Ananya Saha3 dias atrás

    OMGGG @0:52 I can't stop having butterflies... #SOPE is so real 💜💜

  74. Hak-seon Lee

    Hak-seon Lee3 dias atrás

    실력이 미쳤군. 최고!

  75. Red Ruby

    Red Ruby3 dias atrás

    This is such an iconic performance. 👏👏👏👏

  76. Alex

    Alex3 dias atrás

    God, that's embarrassing!

  77. KuzisNe

    KuzisNe4 horas atrás

    Alex, what you wrote is indeed embarrassing. Good for you.

  78. Erwin

    Erwin11 horas atrás

    A comment that refers to itself. Very artistic.

  79. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    God, that's stunning!

  80. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine3 dias atrás

    What exactly is embarrassing to you? Not hating, just genuinely curious what made you comment this

  81. woww

    woww3 dias atrás

    Alex, It's time to bed

  82. Pema Lepcha

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  83. Mandy

    Mandy4 dias atrás

    hey everyone i just did my very first dance cover of boy with luv and would rlly appreciate army's feedback :) I LOVE YALL 3000!! 💜💜💜

  84. liliana guzman gutierrez

    liliana guzman gutierrez4 dias atrás

    because they put that acoustic so its not amazing how always :(

  85. Bla Bla

    Bla BlaDia atrás

    @Lotus Ya I know It's called Live Band not acoustic

  86. Lotus

    LotusDia atrás

    @Bla Bla she meant the musical instruments

  87. Bla Bla

    Bla Bla2 dias atrás

    You mean the live band ?