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  1. x Pndj

    x Pndj2 horas atrás


  2. Chim M

    Chim M2 horas atrás

    It's like watching a scary movies..screaming every seconds😂

  3. Uma Army Perdida :3

    Uma Army Perdida :34 horas atrás

    O namjoon rindo, que coisa mais iti 😢😍

  4. One direction Forever

    One direction Forever5 horas atrás

    0:22 Namjoon laugh makes me live 😭😭😤😤❤️❤️❤️

  5. army_ Ainna

    army_ Ainna13 horas atrás

    Omg i want to scream 🤯🤯🤯 I really really loves it 😍😍

  6. Emaan Fatimah

    Emaan Fatimah14 horas atrás

    I was literally screaming and crying when I was watching boy with luv and in end of the mv I accidently threw my phone away

  7. Jeanlyn Zurita

    Jeanlyn Zurita16 horas atrás

    0:14 did jm said "We got a lots of them" ???????🤔

  8. Gacha Queen

    Gacha Queen19 horas atrás

    It's kinda embarrassing if BTS react to your reaction To their video

  9. Jihan Aswa

    Jihan Aswa20 horas atrás

    I reaction to bts reaction people when reaction boy with luv :v

  10. Lala Try

    Lala Try21 hora atrás

    OMG 😭😭😭

  11. Caizhu Huang

    Caizhu Huang22 horas atrás

    love you V



    I'm kids👧👧



    Hello i'm from indonesian army 🇮🇩🇮🇩🤗🤗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  14. khateleen azarinah

    khateleen azarinahDia atrás

    I like suga the most but still u all

  15. La Esposa De Jimin :v

    La Esposa De Jimin :vDia atrás

    LOL así somos

  16. Erena 8

    Erena 8Dia atrás


  17. بارك يوري

    بارك يوريDia atrás

    تحسون جين طول الوقت يقول الله يشفيكم😂🤚🤚

  18. Akanksha Gupta

    Akanksha GuptaDia atrás

    Thank you bts for entertain armys, thank you thank you so much 😇😇😇💜💜💜💜💜🙆🙆🙆🙆😘😍😘😍😘😍

  19. Sk Min

    Sk MinDia atrás

    The way Jungkookie said "she cried"

  20. K- DANCER

    K- DANCER2 dias atrás

    i cried when i saw yooongi no lie

  21. Ethan Darwin

    Ethan Darwin2 dias atrás

    BTS really love ARMY I can feel it in their smiling at ARMY.

  22. Aria*ೄ

    Aria*ೄ2 dias atrás

    A felicidade do Yoongi 💜💜

  23. korekan wang chulsoon

    korekan wang chulsoon2 dias atrás

    Bts 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🤗🤗

  24. kim namjoon

    kim namjoon2 dias atrás

    Y eso que todavía no han visto las reacciones de las armys de Latam JAJAJAJAJ

  25. ShuuChi

    ShuuChi2 dias atrás

    I'm low key dying and embarrassed idk why × ×

  26. Tt

    Tt3 dias atrás

    0:44 why is she literally *me*

  27. Zeynep Akbal

    Zeynep Akbal3 dias atrás

    0:07 TAE RECEIVED ME 🌹🌹

  28. MA IN

    MA IN3 dias atrás

    I really want to know the reaction when they see their fanfic.... (Sorry for my bad English)

  29. Yade Keskin

    Yade Keskin3 dias atrás


  30. The Noob Of Fantastics

    The Noob Of Fantastics3 dias atrás

    We Need More Of BTS reacting To ARMYs Seriously I Love This 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. Zeynep Akbal

    Zeynep Akbal3 dias atrás

    0:12 hoseok fannyyy 😘😘😘❤❤

  32. Unicorn Gamer Girl

    Unicorn Gamer Girl3 dias atrás

    O. M. G is it my best friend's house!?


    ARMY YOU LOVE BTS4 dias atrás



    ARMY YOU LOVE BTS4 dias atrás


  35. Kacie R.

    Kacie R.4 dias atrás

    The second-hand embarrassment is real in this video.... 😅

  36. Baekhyunnniie

    Baekhyunnniie4 dias atrás

    All the people screaming at suga’s part? AmazING

  37. Esther Segura

    Esther Segura4 dias atrás

    I would like videos of them reacting to "non kpop/bts fans", I think those are more interesting because it shows how people here are falling in love with kpop (opening their minds to music and artists from other cultures).

  38. Zeynep Akbal

    Zeynep Akbal4 dias atrás

    1:50 SUGA OPPA SO CUTEEE 😭😭😭😭😭💖💖😘😘

  39. Zeynep Akbal

    Zeynep Akbal4 dias atrás

    @ 1:19 KOOKİES SO CUTEEE 😭😭😭💕💕

  40. Emine Iliyazova

    Emine Iliyazova4 dias atrás


  41. Lujain AlGul

    Lujain AlGul4 dias atrás

    Make them react to anything army does except for fanfics..plss😅

  42. Beautiful fly

    Beautiful fly4 dias atrás

    I Love you BTSxARMY i am ao happy ^^ I am so proud of us BTSXARMY💜

  43. nna einomis

    nna einomis4 dias atrás

    jimmin jungkook all of you super cuteeeeeeeeer😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 btssssss

  44. Sartouz 26

    Sartouz 265 dias atrás


  45. The Girl

    The Girl5 dias atrás

    Nam joon smile

  46. Avacado Pug

    Avacado Pug5 dias atrás


  47. Оля Мазепа

    Оля Мазепа5 dias atrás

    Я прям не можу 😭

  48. Can I get my Jams back?

    Can I get my Jams back?5 dias atrás

    RM's real laugh is so cute it's melting my heart💖💜

  49. Can I get my Jams back?

    Can I get my Jams back?5 dias atrás

    Lol, so they actually know how crazy we are..?😅😂💜

  50. Can I get my Jams back?

    Can I get my Jams back?5 dias atrás

    I need the long version of this!😖😂💜

  51. jeon jungkook & Triny jeon & triny

    jeon jungkook & Triny jeon & triny5 dias atrás

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw me muero si BTS me está viendo en un vídeo de mí reacción de su video musical (si claro )

  52. Walk By Faith

    Walk By Faith5 dias atrás

    I lthink is so embarrassing 😂

  53. Azeem Mukhtar

    Azeem Mukhtar5 dias atrás

    taehyung looked so depressed at the start XD

  54. jiminiemochi

    jiminiemochi6 dias atrás


  55. Jimin Gohel

    Jimin Gohel6 dias atrás

    0:46 They are watching INDIAN people's reaction 😃😃

  56. Giselle Molina

    Giselle Molina6 dias atrás

    Ay me dio felicidad pero algo de verguenza y eso que ni sali en el video 😂

  57. SO Taehyung

    SO Taehyung6 dias atrás

    I love their different hair colors! They should have kept it for the BBMA...showcase how Kpop styles are done!😍

  58. Shin Mon

    Shin Mon6 dias atrás

    Imagine if BTS react to wattpad stories

  59. Dewi Intan Kartika

    Dewi Intan Kartika6 dias atrás

    Make a BTS reaction about boy with love MV pleasee

  60. Kamylla Gomes

    Kamylla Gomes6 dias atrás

    0:45 eu vendo a parte do SUGA 😍❤

  61. vanz amorganda

    vanz amorganda6 dias atrás

    If only they will react to those who made a cover of boy with luv..

  62. Marylene Ulanday

    Marylene Ulanday6 dias atrás

    I love you so much jimin and V ahh

  63. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung6 dias atrás

    RM’s laugh at 0:22 is so adorable uwu 💜

  64. Yuuki Sketches

    Yuuki Sketches7 dias atrás

    Who else here spent more time watching BTS than the reactions? :3

  65. Yan Reyzen

    Yan Reyzen7 dias atrás

    Where is my reaction?????mmmm???))))😂

  66. Ikhlas and Moumen

    Ikhlas and Moumen7 dias atrás


  67. AkiKat YT

    AkiKat YT7 dias atrás

    I literally squeal when I see a new song come out soooo 0w0 This was pretty cute to watch

  68. Cyrus Zurita

    Cyrus Zurita7 dias atrás

    0:50 "Watch out for ur monitor";)

  69. Ai Hoon Koh

    Ai Hoon Koh7 dias atrás

    imagine bts reacting to you smh

  70. s o l o u

    s o l o u7 dias atrás

    1:50 omg our little meow meow smiled *screechs*

  71. Amma Rai

    Amma Rai7 dias atrás

    I love bts

  72. Ilovebtsandjimin jiminfoundhisjams!

    Ilovebtsandjimin jiminfoundhisjams!7 dias atrás

    I died at yoongi's part i mean who would not fall for lil meow meow?

  73. bts lover Army

    bts lover Army8 dias atrás

    1:23 did she told girl power ?? I think my hearing sense has came to it's last point 💜😂

  74. Pablo Flores

    Pablo Flores8 dias atrás

    yo los sigo desde su debut 😏😍😍

  75. ᴊᴏʜᴀɪʟᴀʜ ʟᴀᴡɪʏᴀɴ

    ᴊᴏʜᴀɪʟᴀʜ ʟᴀᴡɪʏᴀɴ8 dias atrás

    Wuhh dapat nag react ako tapos effortan ko Yung pag sigaw at pag dabog

  76. Rosey Mosy456

    Rosey Mosy4568 dias atrás


  77. sutri .forever

    sutri .forever8 dias atrás


  78. Craftyalligator

    Craftyalligator8 dias atrás

    suga got so happy :') he deserves it

  79. Maysaa Amboon

    Maysaa Amboon8 dias atrás

    BOI...guys I'm just have A MILLION fans from 7 me(for example)my name is*****im from Australia. My sister ****** is in Africa (Egypt) YOU ARE REALLY THE BEST BAND EVER.dont listen to those f***ing haters you are THE BEST BTS

  80. Saja Saja

    Saja Saja8 dias atrás

    Hay friends 😘 please watch this reaction video for boy with luv 😍 this arab girl is so crazy 😂😂😂😂

  81. Reena Singh

    Reena Singh8 dias atrás

    Jk's cuteness ahhhhh

  82. Stevo Canuck

    Stevo Canuck8 dias atrás

    why dafuq is V dressing like an old retired man?

  83. Stevo Canuck

    Stevo Canuck8 dias atrás

    why dafuq is V dressing like an old retired man?

  84. avelino jr lopena

    avelino jr lopena8 dias atrás

    Of course your bts

  85. Aaron Romero Flores

    Aaron Romero Flores9 dias atrás

    I love BTS

  86. Min Suga Swag

    Min Suga Swag9 dias atrás

    Suga is so cute🤗 1:49 even tho people already commented this

  87. marlisse corz

    marlisse corz9 dias atrás

    jajajaaj los amoooo de hecho estamos las armys los amooooooooo

  88. Bts LoveYourself

    Bts LoveYourself9 dias atrás

    I wish they saw me but that won't ever happen

  89. illuminati confirmed thug life noobs

    illuminati confirmed thug life noobs9 dias atrás

    Are those fillipinose

  90. Gohar Shahab

    Gohar Shahab9 dias atrás

    At 0:54 jk's face I'm dead He is so cute

  91. Dina Karataş

    Dina Karataş9 dias atrás

    Allahım sizi yerim bennnnnnnn :D

  92. -Idkwhtimdoin-_sendHeLP -

    -Idkwhtimdoin-_sendHeLP -9 dias atrás

    Now I’m crying😂

  93. Melany Ramirez

    Melany Ramirez10 dias atrás

    Penita ajennaaaa xD

  94. bangtan's chim jams

    bangtan's chim jams10 dias atrás

    i want more

  95. MyFannyIsFire

    MyFannyIsFire10 dias atrás

    1:37 clapped

  96. Famous TV

    Famous TV10 dias atrás

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  97. Channn

    Channn10 dias atrás

    Thank you so much for making this video IHeart !! I HEART CHU😭❣️❣️ Idk why, but seeing them watching army's reaction I just feel that we are so close and closer everyday lol geez It's so cheezy but srlsy tho thats what I feel everytime I watch them 💜💜💜

  98. PKA love

    PKA love10 dias atrás


  99. Apple Tree

    Apple Tree10 dias atrás


  100. Martha EP

    Martha EP10 dias atrás

    Have they reacted to the fan who flipped when she saw Namjoon? 😂

  101. May Velasco

    May Velasco10 dias atrás

    React to mr beast videos react to 1 million orbeez