Building The Most Secret Underground Stone House By Ancient Skill


  1. Raymond Regan

    Raymond Regan11 horas atrás

    Great to keep ancient skills alive but can they also come with Ensuite

  2. Lane Purdy

    Lane Purdy14 horas atrás

    That is awesome I might try it

  3. Tom Schnee

    Tom Schnee14 horas atrás

    Watching him eat that yam made me cringe..

  4. Adam West

    Adam West15 horas atrás

    dudes on that "shit"

  5. William Shane

    William Shane16 horas atrás

    i dig the carpet my guy!

  6. Jay Adams

    Jay Adams16 horas atrás

    Ashes start the floor fire, burns the bamboo, rocks fall... Best guest house ever! don’t out stay your welcome

  7. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee17 horas atrás

    Most amazing video on the net.

  8. ChiefJustice Middleton

    ChiefJustice Middleton19 horas atrás

    VIETNAM NEWS HEADLINES "man dies as rocks cave in on him while building secret underground spy bunker. He tries desperately to escape through the rocks but dies from smoke inhilation. Panther strolls by the scene of the incidence and has free meal"

  9. Erik Vance

    Erik Vance22 horas atrás

    This is a load of crock. His feet arent even dirty, pants still clean. Also if you look at the walls of the hole he is digging with a bamboo stick they are flattened 1st layer dug by a shovel, then as he appears to go deeper a backhoe has been brought in. you can see the teeth marks from it. then them clipping each frame, giving the illusion of time lapse as if he's doing it.

  10. RA Morris

    RA MorrisDia atrás

    And his pants don't get dirty. I can walk out of the house and get dirty.

  11. RA Morris

    RA MorrisDia atrás

    Where did he get the roof poles cut at? All the same size cut to length? He does some incredible builds. He should be as big as a house with all the lifting he does.

  12. 131safari

    131safariDia atrás

    Them boys In Nam are good at building hideouts !!

  13. Ricky harris

    Ricky harris2 dias atrás

    Gosh that must have taken hours to dig that with a dam stick the width of a 50 cents piece. This is actually what the enemy did back in the Vietnam war days. Bet this was in Cambodia. They built little temporary huts exactly the same

  14. Marco Tolomio

    Marco Tolomio2 dias atrás

    And this is how Charly won the war.

  15. Ego adiuvabo te

    Ego adiuvabo te2 dias atrás

    you bild it nice, but its a deathtrap to me with that rocks above your head, the open fire and when it rains its going to flood i guess.

  16. Kenneth YoseiYah

    Kenneth YoseiYah3 dias atrás


  17. Dola

    Dola3 dias atrás

    fascinating but the roof construction is terrifying! All that stone is held up by a single pole resting on clay.

  18. BBB H

    BBB H3 dias atrás

    I didn't even catch that! Though, realistically, I'd worry more about the sandpaper meets rear-end aspect of this build!

  19. Gunny1971

    Gunny19713 dias atrás

    What is that tuber he was eating? wild potatoe or something else?

  20. Moya Damassing

    Moya Damassing3 dias atrás

    Insane roof .. suicide

  21. Влад Нескучный

    Влад Нескучный4 dias atrás

    Будоражит воображение ,а мы сами только за деньгами из дома ... А после в удобства на диван ...

  22. BBB H

    BBB H4 dias atrás

    Uh... This is a joke, right? Like, this seems like Man vs Wild. I wonder how nice his hotels are? (*Rolls eyes)

  23. Aldazia Degraffenreid

    Aldazia Degraffenreid4 dias atrás

    Stop being an asshole

  24. The Goat

    The Goat4 dias atrás


  25. Ruperto Dejesus

    Ruperto Dejesus5 dias atrás

    He is not going to live their just to show how he does it

  26. E. Novoski

    E. Novoski5 dias atrás

    Get urself a shovel there zip!

  27. null smit

    null smit5 dias atrás

    Autistic kid cant wait 10 minutes before trying to eat burning hot taters.

  28. C Ray

    C Ray5 dias atrás

    So....what's the point: live in a hole in the ground in Asia? Stupid plan. If the spiders don't get you, the snakes will. Rule no. 1 of Building Shelter in temperate to tropical climes: BUILD OFF THE GROUND as much as ppssible.

  29. JD Breaux

    JD Breaux5 dias atrás

    How many bananas a night is this airbnb?


    NGUYỄN HÀ6 dias atrás

    Làm video ngu vãi.

  31. Galy8r G8R

    Galy8r G8R6 dias atrás

    this is how many people realize this man doesnt have a single ab but does so much

  32. Mark Everson

    Mark Everson7 dias atrás

    Great example of just a few things that a man can do with nothing but a stick do you know what I've always lived off the land but it was more Daniel Boone style you know log cabins Rough Side Lumber blacksmith work but these guys are a super new level of using what is at hand to survive adapt these ideas here in America or anywhere around the world and you'll be on top of the world man I think I'll have to get a piece of land again in the bush if I can afford it in America everything is so sophisticated obliviated High dollars hi this permits for this for that I got to get out of here but I could see building a Dugout in the side of a hill or Mountain awesome but a man needs a special group of friends or a wife will be excited about your endeavors true otherwise they'll call you a weirdo in abandon you! That's where I'm already at this is a voice in the wilderness and I approve this message :-)

  33. Mark Everson

    Mark Everson7 dias atrás

    Awesome I bet you people have been doing things like this for centuries skilled and talented out of Natural Resources but looks like death trap when it collapses on you with a ton of rocks a ready-made grave if you're not careful haha what do you think

  34. RoYT

    RoYT5 dias atrás

    It's his hobby; he's not living in it.

  35. J S

    J S7 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does dude smack like a 2 year old

  36. J S

    J S5 dias atrás

    @Mark Everson regardless of where your at smacking is bad manner especially in asian cultures.

  37. Mark Everson

    Mark Everson5 dias atrás

    does it matter when I'm laying by my campfire sucking on a trout sizzled in bacon grease I smacked like a bear yummy it gets the point across. I guess you can go spend $40 in a restaurant or he can sit there and eat yams don't bother me he's real he's getting the point across that's all besides that he's in a foreign country things are different :-)

  38. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah7 dias atrás

    Does anyone else want to try this or is It just me

  39. chasm of sar

    chasm of sar7 dias atrás

    There were lots of these in Vietnam I would wager.

  40. Jerry Yarbrough

    Jerry Yarbrough7 dias atrás

    I wish I was half as smart as this guy! Not to mention that if he was your neighbor weekend projects would be a whole new level of awesome!

  41. Hockey Highlight Nation

    Hockey Highlight Nation6 dias atrás

    Jerry Yarbrough he’s fake

  42. Flakescarred4life

    Flakescarred4life8 dias atrás

    His priorities are backwards. First you buy a shovel, then you buy a camera!!!!

  43. Cavsome

    Cavsome8 dias atrás

    One man ...deforestation? He's rich. What do you think he does with his creations? Pay no attention to tree hugging bovine eating GMO supporting contradictory cows...And he's not random WE are random.

  44. Bilbow

    Bilbow8 dias atrás

    All good till the rain comes and floods you out.

  45. RoYT

    RoYT5 dias atrás

    Not living in it, just a hobby. It's a demo of how mankind lived before metal tools.

  46. C.S. Enterprises

    C.S. Enterprises8 dias atrás

    What part of the world was this filmed in...China?

  47. Louis Cabrera

    Louis Cabrera8 dias atrás

    This is stone age.

  48. Anthony Wayne

    Anthony Wayne8 dias atrás

    Rain in 3...2...1....

  49. Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen8 dias atrás

    That is a friggin CO2 death trap.

  50. donal heffernan

    donal heffernan9 dias atrás

    Put the spuds on top of the chimney, less burnt stuff.

  51. donal heffernan

    donal heffernan9 dias atrás

    watch a guy dig a hole with a stick for 4 minutes? Whatever happened fast-forward editing?

  52. Cohen Carv

    Cohen Carv9 dias atrás

    Very cool😮

  53. Mental Stamina

    Mental Stamina9 dias atrás

    wish i had this during basic training🤣

  54. mo.headhunter Miller

    mo.headhunter Miller9 dias atrás

    I'll have what he's having ... holly shit the dudes a beast. Just showes you how lazy and fat today's society is...

  55. Anthony Saponaro

    Anthony Saponaro9 dias atrás

    Great job indeed . . . .just don;t forget to wipe your feet on the way inside and . . . Pass me that remote!

  56. MarkOfTheNorth

    MarkOfTheNorth9 dias atrás

    Death trap

  57. Nednarb Setab

    Nednarb Setab9 dias atrás

    Were does he get his speed from!!!

  58. mo.headhunter Miller

    mo.headhunter Miller9 dias atrás

    Nednarb Setab Walter from breaking bad.... man he's on one... lol