Building The Most Secret Underground Stone House By Ancient Skill


  1. Courtney Cuff

    Courtney Cuff4 dias atrás

    You should do ASMR

  2. ВиклаШ ВиклаШевский

    ВиклаШ ВиклаШевский4 dias atrás

    При атомной войне они выживут без базара.


    BLACK CUBE MYSTERY5 dias atrás

    What happens when it rains?

  4. Jim Durachko

    Jim Durachko5 dias atrás

    Wow..the weight of all that dirt and a thousand pounds of stones all supported by ..yes..1 stick.

  5. Jim Durachko

    Jim Durachko5 dias atrás


  6. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee5 dias atrás

    I can't believe those sticks can support all those rocks.

  7. Bejoi Bejan

    Bejoi Bejan6 dias atrás

    Oh my God that house is very beautiful .

  8. Fadly Marta

    Fadly Marta6 dias atrás

    *The most secret* & *post it to your youtube channel* with 2mill subs.

  9. Pakistan gamer official

    Pakistan gamer official6 dias atrás

    Are you kung Bushmen

  10. Jahdiel Buenafe

    Jahdiel Buenafe6 dias atrás

    Why do you call it most secret it can't even camouflage

  11. Gail House

    Gail House8 dias atrás

    I would be concerned about all of that rock falling on me!

  12. Peanutbutterbutterfly

    Peanutbutterbutterfly8 dias atrás

    I'd be afraid the roof would collapse on me!

  13. farmer Brown 61

    farmer Brown 619 dias atrás

    Ellen whats that damn kid of yours up to now

  14. christophermacdog

    christophermacdog9 dias atrás

    I call bullshit......that’s entirely too much weight for that stick roof!

  15. Joe Pierre

    Joe Pierre9 dias atrás

    The first common is I'm about five nights you need to make that Thing 2 foot deeper but I did like it construction method it looks like it worked real well

  16. Spring Booth

    Spring Booth12 dias atrás

    It’s amazing!

  17. Fabiano Miguel

    Fabiano Miguel12 dias atrás

    eu não teria coragem de colocar tantas pedras pesadas assim em cima I wouldn't have the courage to put so many heavy stones on

  18. Fabiano Miguel

    Fabiano Miguel12 dias atrás

    *LowestFiber* True ... you can say that there is a small village Verdade... dá para dizer que tem uma pequena Vila

  19. BTS shiteu

    BTS shiteu13 dias atrás

    This guy is hot

  20. Pamela Cedarcreek

    Pamela Cedarcreek13 dias atrás

    I live in a distant and remote location ! I JUST DO NOT BELIEVE THIS YOUNG MAN IS ALONE

  21. daniel Far

    daniel Far14 dias atrás

    If this falls his fucket

  22. PokElias

    PokElias14 dias atrás

    This is so dope

  23. Jonnette Nielsen

    Jonnette Nielsen14 dias atrás

    He could teach us a lot about how to survive I would love to know how to do all of this he is amazing

  24. Ralphie

    Ralphie15 dias atrás

    This kid worked his ass off for us. I think he deserves a big round of applause! I enjoyed the video.

  25. Ralphie

    Ralphie15 dias atrás

    I think I'd be calling by buddy to bring his backhoe over.

  26. Fork Ball Bear

    Fork Ball Bear15 dias atrás

    dont play this dude in hide and seek

  27. Phil

    Phil15 dias atrás

    Very impressive! ...until the point he started cooking his own turds :(

  28. Lise Frazier

    Lise Frazier12 dias atrás

    Those were yams, a distant relative of the sweet potato.

  29. john lark

    john lark15 dias atrás

    Dumb ass kids don't even know anything about carbon monoxide poisoning when in a enclosed area...they gonna find him dead in that grave he dough for himself if he decides to sleep in and closed the hatch. It's good night forever dumb kid.

  30. Udo Heim

    Udo Heim15 dias atrás

    what a bullshit.

  31. Tyge Wellman

    Tyge Wellman16 dias atrás

    Any large animal would fall through and kill him. The heavy rocks are a danger. Should have used larger and more timber for the roof. Also should be sloped and elevated at the door to keep out rain. Also could have been edited down to one minute.

  32. Ethan Wooley

    Ethan Wooley17 dias atrás

    I don't think I would feel safe sleeping with a bunch of rocks above my head

  33. James Cooper

    James Cooper18 dias atrás

    You are awesome Sir !

  34. Tony Bramhall

    Tony Bramhall18 dias atrás

    Load of crap!

  35. Daniel Matuszczak

    Daniel Matuszczak18 dias atrás thank you great video. Poland

  36. Alyson Marin

    Alyson Marin18 dias atrás

    We are all dumber now having wasted the last 17 minutes watching how to build a death trap

  37. John Martin

    John Martin14 dias atrás


  38. Andy Chipling

    Andy Chipling15 dias atrás

    sad but true

  39. Daniel Speller

    Daniel Speller19 dias atrás

    ...🤔so, that stone roof top was the but If a real rain came, it seems like to be he'd be flooded out in a lil' island minute.

  40. Ronnie

    Ronnie19 dias atrás

    "911 what's your emergency?" "I built a hole and jumped in. Then I put rocks on top of it. The rocks fell on my ass" "But why did you put rocks on the roof though?" "Because I'm stupid. Also there's a fire" "You lit a fire?" "Yes" "In the hole." "Yes" "You dug a hole, covered it with rocks and lit a fire in the hole. Am I getting that right?" "Yes now are you sending help or nah?" "Lol no" *click*

  41. John Martin

    John Martin14 dias atrás


  42. Andy Chipling

    Andy Chipling15 dias atrás

    yes the rocks are daft and the fire is not safe

  43. Rhonda Clark

    Rhonda Clark19 dias atrás

    Ronnie Ok your the funniest 😆 guy I saw thanks. Wait. Adding , a snake came down that hole and bit his ass🤠. Like what’s the , oxygen level in there ?

  44. david mcfadden

    david mcfadden21 dia atrás

    Imagine what this guy could do with a back hoe and a union card

  45. Jerusel Gonelevu

    Jerusel Gonelevu22 dias atrás

    Minecraft in the next 20years

  46. 77Blkstrat

    77Blkstrat22 dias atrás

    When the mansoons come all the people in those holes will be bailing out and I don't mean water just like gophers when you flood their holes...shssh!

  47. Jasper Monroe

    Jasper Monroe23 dias atrás

    I wonder how many thorns this guy stepped on.

  48. E Sostrom

    E Sostrom24 dias atrás

    Minecraft dude old'schooling it Did I waste my time watching, or was he wasting time.. hmm.

  49. Tony Corbitt

    Tony Corbitt24 dias atrás

    What is that smell? It's BULLSHIT! It's not a house. It isn't secret. It's a deathtrap. Brought to you by Home Depot.

  50. Sumi -Tiger

    Sumi -Tiger25 dias atrás

    This guy is living in future he is playing minecraft in real life XD

  51. bob johnson

    bob johnson26 dias atrás

    That's cool but you can't really live in it.

  52. Vo chong A Phu

    Vo chong A PhuMês atrás

    oh man you do it great

  53. Mya Rowlands

    Mya RowlandsMês atrás

    And then a stone slips and the entire thing comes crashing down, crushing him underneath

  54. Joshua Saunders

    Joshua SaundersMês atrás

    Yup, the first thing i go for after working up a sweat in the jungle, is a nice hot fire while editing video for BRreporter

  55. Stephanie Morgan

    Stephanie MorganMês atrás


  56. Ken Biltcliffe

    Ken BiltcliffeMês atrás

    Why would he build it in a dry run off. You can clearly see the stones to slow the water above when first starts clearing. SMDH

  57. Jake S

    Jake SMês atrás

    At 13:00 I thought he brought out his porta grass potty to dispose of a digested yam or two. And do we really need to see him make love to his dinner?

  58. MK YT

    MK YTMês atrás

    O my god

  59. Holger Hartenstein

    Holger HartensteinMês atrás

    Your so cool

  60. Rich Bryant

    Rich BryantMês atrás

    Somebody help this poor guy out and get him a damned shovel.

  61. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    you just don't get it, how the hell is a shovel "Ancient Skill"?

  62. wanda taylor

    wanda taylorMês atrás


  63. Patricia Haynes

    Patricia HaynesMês atrás

    With a stick!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!

  64. Purity262

    Purity262Mês atrás

    but what if you hit a rock? I tried this in NFLD canada.. didn't get far!

  65. wanda taylor

    wanda taylorMês atrás


  66. b Tac

    b TacMês atrás

    think what he could accomplish with a flat piece of steel



    Dude can I send you baht for shovel and rake

  68. G Lepp

    G LeppMês atrás

    Let’s at least buy and send this man a shovel he works too hard. l get tired just watching him while eating Doritos on my couch