BURGUNDY MAKEUP TUTORIAL ft. Kyshadow Burgundy Palette | Katerina Williams


  1. Aubrey Kelly

    Aubrey Kelly5 meses atrás

    Loved this! I suck at doing my make up but love how this turned out.

  2. Samira Nisa

    Samira Nisa7 meses atrás

    Love this!!💗💗

  3. Christy Davidson

    Christy Davidson10 meses atrás

    obsessed with this look!

  4. Kiara Melendez

    Kiara Melendez11 meses atrás

    I just fell in love with you

  5. Suha Grace

    Suha GraceAnos atrás

    You're seriously so gorgeous and your accent makes it even more fun to watch!!!

  6. Hala Shuayp

    Hala ShuaypAnos atrás

    is it just me or does katerina look a bit like Claire Rhiannon Holt? okay no nvm

  7. Kira Dunlap

    Kira DunlapAnos atrás

    The shade you called penny is actually naked

  8. DajemaMarie

    DajemaMarieAnos atrás

    I did a look with this palette too! Check it out if u can please :)

  9. Cheong Sing pei

    Cheong Sing peiAnos atrás

    That lipstick colour got me all 🔥💖More vids pls

  10. Ava Heffernan

    Ava HeffernanAnos atrás

    Is that foundation good in pics

  11. Aurora Grindaker

    Aurora GrindakerAnos atrás

    Love this look! You look awsome😍😍😍

  12. Michelle Stephanie

    Michelle StephanieAnos atrás

    LOVE your accent❤ great tutorial✨

  13. Felicia Lopez

    Felicia LopezAnos atrás

    Love the look

  14. Deema BeautyIcon

    Deema BeautyIconAnos atrás

    Stunning 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 if i may ask about the camera and the lense you were using in this video ?? Thanks in advance 🙏🏻❤

  15. Ciao Bella

    Ciao BellaAnos atrás

    Girl i loved it! 😻

  16. Carrie Grace Isobel

    Carrie Grace IsobelAnos atrás

    i love your videos so much but if you could just slow down and show what kind of brushes your use and the products? Im still new to all this and i want to learn!

  17. Ella Vankouwen

    Ella VankouwenAnos atrás

    Carrie Grace Isobel s

  18. BashBeautyXO Britt and Ash

    BashBeautyXO Britt and AshAnos atrás

    is it me or the names are reversed?!

  19. Pati Roxx

    Pati RoxxAnos atrás

    So gorgeous!!💋

  20. Zahrah Aliyah

    Zahrah AliyahAnos atrás

    Gorgeous look Kat! Loving the new set up!

  21. Rhiannon Pale

    Rhiannon PaleAnos atrás

    Love this makeup! 😍😍 Those shades look so good on you!

  22. Brighten Coffey

    Brighten CoffeyAnos atrás

    You think you can do the two-faced chocolate bon bon pallet, I've tried looking for some looks and I'm just not liking them!!

  23. Green Dovah

    Green DovahAnos atrás

    I really envy your beauty and makeup skills! I'm a beginner at makeup and I practice almost daily with my cheap products and it never looks as good as this! You're my favorite person to watch for makeup so far and I've watched plenty of different makeup professionals. Keep being amazing 😊

  24. James & Bethany G

    James & Bethany GAnos atrás

    Your makeup tutorials are so easy and straightforward!!!

  25. Flaui

    FlauiAnos atrás

    I think I just found myself this years new years eve makeup look! :)

  26. laura White

    laura WhiteAnos atrás

    Would love a 3 looks one pallet!

  27. Giselle Reyna

    Giselle ReynaAnos atrás

    How old is she?

  28. Michelle

    MichelleAnos atrás

    You are so gorgeous and by far one of the best beauty bloggers I've seen!

  29. Delilah

    DelilahAnos atrás

    Wow you're so pretty.😭😍 I'm a girl and I'm never jealous of anyone's looks, but oh my god wow.

  30. zamantha

    zamanthaAnos atrás

    Ugh girl ur beautiful! Wish I was as pretty as you 💓 Love the look btw !

  31. Mandi Edits

    Mandi EditsAnos atrás

    Yes! 3 looks one palette please!!

  32. aeshoper94

    aeshoper94Anos atrás

    Were the flat shader brushes Sigma? You didn't say what ones they were!

  33. Milleny Rodriguez

    Milleny RodriguezAnos atrás

    Beautiful look

  34. Kyleigh Whitsell

    Kyleigh WhitsellAnos atrás

    take a shot every time kat says "as well"

  35. Alguém R

    Alguém RAnos atrás

    Maquiagem linda! Você é maravilhosa ♥

  36. Pamela Harrison

    Pamela HarrisonAnos atrás

    I just love watching your tutorials!😘. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏼✨

  37. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    Merry Christmas to you too beautiful!

  38. Kelli Marissa

    Kelli MarissaAnos atrás

    Wow this is a gorgeous look! You are so petty :)

  39. Deena

    DeenaAnos atrás

    Wow! You're so pretty. What's it like to live a life where you're drop deal gorgeous??!!!

  40. Jackie Lopez

    Jackie LopezAnos atrás

    I love your shirt!

  41. Lyudmila Chepchugova

    Lyudmila ChepchugovaAnos atrás

    You rock! Was just super! Of course like and subscribe.! Waiting for reciprocity! :)

  42. Citron Fraise

    Citron FraiseAnos atrás

    Coffee is life :P

  43. Sheryn Saheli

    Sheryn SaheliAnos atrás

    wheres my gryffindor housemates at?

  44. Candace Ramnarine

    Candace RamnarineAnos atrás

    Definitely a three looks, one palette tutorial please!

  45. Анна Оганян

    Анна ОганянAnos atrás

    amazing look! the background looks a little bit empty to me. maybe you should change those things on the background. leave the "do what you love..." , add some candles, or maybe a floral poster, or lights , I don't know)) look beautiful as always )

  46. Lauren DeLamielleure

    Lauren DeLamielleureAnos atrás

    I'm giving away this pallet on my channel!! go enter now :)

  47. Noelia Palachi

    Noelia PalachiAnos atrás

    You are so pretty and talented!! natural charm rocks!!! I always want to watch your videos , I would looove your proposition 3 looks one pallette!!!

  48. Taely Lee

    Taely LeeAnos atrás

    Coffee is life ☕

  49. Katie Hu

    Katie HuAnos atrás

    Loveeee the new background 😍😍😍

  50. Danielle Goldberg

    Danielle GoldbergAnos atrás

    Where do you buy the sticky tape you use when doing eye makeup??

  51. fefe fierce

    fefe fierceAnos atrás

    love it!!!!!!!!

  52. Emely López

    Emely LópezAnos atrás

    love you Katerina!! loved the look definately one of my favs!! ❤ you are the best youtuber

  53. Yasemin Kuskal

    Yasemin KuskalAnos atrás

    Looks amazing on you!

  54. magicianmana4

    magicianmana4Anos atrás

    always love your looks!

  55. Ashlee Danko

    Ashlee DankoAnos atrás

    Love the background! And also the idea of doing 3 looks-one pallette!

  56. Susana Salguero

    Susana SalgueroAnos atrás

    yes, do the 3 looks 1 palette 😁

  57. Carina Moreno

    Carina MorenoAnos atrás

    What shade did you use in the rimmel foundation?

  58. Élisabeth Bernard

    Élisabeth BernardAnos atrás

    This look is beautiful!! And for your background I think its really pretty but a little empty. Love you!! Xxx

  59. Jillian Freeman

    Jillian FreemanAnos atrás

    I love this look so much!!! 😍 and I was thinking that for your background you should do more gold decorations, it would really go well with the white 😊

  60. Michelle Ayres

    Michelle AyresAnos atrás

    Do you have any other tips for hair and makeup for a very humid climate? I am from Townsville and the struggle is real!

  61. Crabby Patty

    Crabby PattyAnos atrás

    Room tour please! And congrats on the move, looking forward to seeing more videos! Yours truly, a fan from London 😊 xxx

  62. Vaishu Vaish

    Vaishu VaishAnos atrás

    looking absolutely beautiful.. basically I am Indian please do Indian look I would love see you in a Indian look.. please....😘

  63. Artliker1234

    Artliker1234Anos atrás

    If you do the 3 looks 1 palette on this palette can you do a mostly red look with the Dubai shade! It's such a pretty colour

  64. Christina Leal

    Christina LealAnos atrás


  65. Lauren Cisneros

    Lauren CisnerosAnos atrás

    that palette and your skills!

  66. Faiza Zahid

    Faiza ZahidAnos atrás

    waoooooo great work kat. i wish i could come to u and u teach me face to face

  67. ana juarez

    ana juarezAnos atrás

    beautiful! I think some natural flowers in the background would look amazing :)

  68. Dimitra Anastasiadou

    Dimitra AnastasiadouAnos atrás

    Amazing look! I love the new background :D

  69. Renee Rae

    Renee RaeAnos atrás

    Your tutorials are my favorite.

  70. GueyshArt

    GueyshArtAnos atrás

    I wish I had a gorgeous friend like you!! 😭😭😭 BTW who else wishes they can always wake up with eye shadow, falsies and liner... like will be perfect 👌👌👌

  71. Courtney Cockrem

    Courtney CockremAnos atrás

    Your comment about this being a Gryffindor palette made me giggle 😆. Now we just need to keep an eye out for a Slytherin palette for you! 😉 Love the look, btw!

  72. Adriana Roslan

    Adriana RoslanAnos atrás

    loved that lip colour on you!! and yes, coffee is life ;) xx

  73. Kelly Natalia Brito

    Kelly Natalia BritoAnos atrás

    Girllll where did you get that top??

  74. Мария Ивойлова

    Мария ИвойловаAnos atrás

    666th thumb up from me :D

  75. smileofjawaad

    smileofjawaadAnos atrás

    in which number did u use Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil? i love this make up :)

  76. ag3

    ag3Anos atrás

    smileofjawaad I want to know this too :)

  77. Emily T

    Emily TAnos atrás

    Love this look! Does the Rimmel primer feel like Benefit Porefessional?

  78. nicki

    nickiAnos atrás

    OMG NEW BACKGROUND!! it's a big change, i love it!:-) can't wait for the new apartment tour! and omg Kat i think there actually are Hogwarts Houses palettes!! i'd seen a picture online - i'm not sure if they're real, but that would be so awesome if they are!

  79. Romy Zeeland

    Romy ZeelandAnos atrás

    Well I have a look for tonight 😜❤️

  80. Romy Zeeland

    Romy ZeelandAnos atrás

    love the new background tho

  81. Maria Ft.

    Maria Ft.Anos atrás

    I love this look!😍

  82. Katherine Rosales

    Katherine RosalesAnos atrás

    Dark lip color has always been look good on you! I hope you can try other Kylie palletes as well! House tour please!

  83. Victoria Hong

    Victoria HongAnos atrás

    Do a Slytherin makeup look!! 😭😭❤️ #Ravenclaw

  84. Noémi Szabó

    Noémi SzabóAnos atrás

    Nice background, maybe some fairy lights would make it look even better:)

  85. Ir Ma

    Ir MaAnos atrás

    Which shade do you use for your foundation? ☺️☺️☺️

  86. rock.ya!

    rock.ya!Anos atrás

    new apartment tour please!

  87. Laurie1616

    Laurie1616Anos atrás

    This Look is beautiful!!!😍

  88. Paola Mishyn

    Paola MishynAnos atrás

    Stunning ❤️️

  89. gabygal7

    gabygal7Anos atrás

    This is amazing. I love this look!

  90. Nirina Grace

    Nirina GraceAnos atrás

    Oh man, Honolulu looks BEAUTIFUL on you!

  91. Students talent

    Students talentAnos atrás

    Love you cutie

  92. Andrea Rodriguez

    Andrea RodriguezAnos atrás

    here I am Jobless/no money for make-up and still watching your make-up tutorials. love the looks you do, and I love that you have a silly and relaxed kind of personality. :) you are my favorite youtuber. keep it up :)

  93. bri ortega

    bri ortegaAnos atrás

    Please do more looks with the eyeshadow palette!! Love the look, it's so amazing 😍😍❗️

  94. Artliker1234

    Artliker1234Anos atrás

    Briana Quaena yes the Dubai colour is so pretty I want to see a look with it

  95. Kamryn Christensen

    Kamryn ChristensenAnos atrás

    love this look! :) i like your new background its a refreshing look i think you should do themes with the holidays to add some pop or maybe even some candles :p

  96. Laurel Zuber

    Laurel ZuberAnos atrás

    You should do the three looks in one video with the tartiest in bloom palette!!

  97. Samantha Callahan

    Samantha CallahanAnos atrás

    I love my kylie pallette! plz do more looks. I love this look!

  98. Aakritee Sikhrakar

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  99. Elizabeth Lai

    Elizabeth LaiAnos atrás

    could you make a tour of the place you live in now? btw love your videos ❤️❤️

  100. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    +Elizabeth Lai sure thing lovely ❤️❤️

  101. Cookiieedoe

    CookiieedoeAnos atrás

    Sooo flattering!!!!!!

  102. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    +Cookiieedoe thank you lovely 😊

  103. SaminSays

    SaminSaysAnos atrás

    Flawless! love the lighting in this video :)

  104. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    +SaminSays thanks beautiful! ❤️❤️

  105. DalsBeauty

    DalsBeautyAnos atrás

    I love this makeup look!

  106. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    +Dalscutesy I'm glad you like it 😊❤️

  107. KurdashianKurdistan

    KurdashianKurdistanAnos atrás

    Beautiful! What shade are u in the Rimmel foundation?

  108. Katerina Williams

    Katerina WilliamsAnos atrás

    +KurdashianKurdistan usually 203 😊

  109. Roxy Corona

    Roxy CoronaAnos atrás

    absolutely stunning

  110. Katerina Williams

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    +Roxy Corona thank you gorgeous!

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    coffee is life🍵

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    +kat yaaaas ☕️