Buying EVERYTHING My Mom Touches Blindfolded!


  1. Erin Kanouse

    Erin Kanouse4 dias atrás

    Your mom is awesome👍♥️

  2. Zoe Greenshields

    Zoe Greenshields5 dias atrás

    I'm laughing my head off rn

  3. Jennalee Smith

    Jennalee Smith12 dias atrás

    I have not laughed so hard in a long time 🤣 this video was everything

  4. Jayden Mann

    Jayden Mann13 dias atrás

    “YoU Did NoT BuY a DUck, I heAr SOmE CHirPIng” - Morgan’s mom 2019

  5. Naomi Carter

    Naomi Carter13 dias atrás

    What happened to Trinity

  6. Madi Ann

    Madi Ann14 dias atrás

    Why does the car look like Jefree's next purchase.........

  7. Charity B

    Charity B15 dias atrás

    I have the same eye mask 😂

  8. Kaitlin Theobald

    Kaitlin Theobald18 dias atrás

    The nicotine gum 😂😂😂😂

  9. The Doctor

    The Doctor19 dias atrás


  10. flores flores

    flores flores21 dia atrás

    2:41 oh my Lord thank god I covered my eyes

  11. kåY- ßeW

    kåY- ßeW23 dias atrás

    Coolest kid ever

  12. Jenn.HashaHasha

    Jenn.HashaHasha24 dias atrás

    Liza Koshy is quacking at Morgans mom

  13. Zulyana Valdez

    Zulyana Valdez24 dias atrás

    0;49 is meeeee when someone wants my food . lololo hahahahahhahha

  14. cass

    cass25 dias atrás

    morgans mom is the purest🥺

  15. Josh

    Josh25 dias atrás

    "Don't you think it's a little weird that we both laughed at the potholder in the fridge but neither of us took it out?" I"M FUCKING DEAD

  16. Ziel Advincula

    Ziel Advincula26 dias atrás

    LMFAOO I'm fckin cry-laughin 😂🤣💀

  17. Analisa Mireles

    Analisa Mireles26 dias atrás

    I swear Morgan and ryland have literally the coolest mom ever

  18. Carla Gonzalez

    Carla Gonzalez27 dias atrás

    Taco holder!!! everyone: WOOOOOOOOO me: HORALE WEY SIIIIIII

  19. SixxKitty

    SixxKitty27 dias atrás

    Your mom is cool!

  20. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns27 dias atrás

    LOVED THIS SOO MUCH! Thanks for making me smile

  21. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns27 dias atrás

    u guys r sooo fun!!

  22. Ali Dolanxx

    Ali Dolanxx28 dias atrás

    8:24 "hUh I know what I want..*hits cart* whoopse𝘺𝘺𝘺𝘺"

  23. Brianna☀️💜

    Brianna☀️💜28 dias atrás

    Best Video Ever! Lmfao Idk If It’s Cus Ifs 4am & I’ve Been Up All Night But I’m Crying 😂😂😂😂

  24. Sarah Austin

    Sarah Austin29 dias atrás

    When Vicky mocked her sister and said “oh look how cute this is I can see” I felt for Molly Burke

  25. Sarah Austin

    Sarah Austin29 dias atrás

    Literally my 4th time watching this but it won’t be my last

  26. Carmen Soto

    Carmen SotoMês atrás

    I really love this videos ❤️😍😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Brina Dunnett

    Brina DunnettMês atrás


  28. Jenny Wakeandbake

    Jenny WakeandbakeMês atrás

    This made my day!

  29. Kasey Ballwahn

    Kasey BallwahnMês atrás

    Why does Morgan’s friend remind me of Drew 😂

  30. Jordan Martinez

    Jordan MartinezMês atrás

    Vicky-I need to get my purse (she said it 3 times) Me-SHUT UP VICKY (I also love you Vicky it's a joke)

  31. Jacob Paul

    Jacob PaulMês atrás

    Every target has a starbucks

  32. GLad Catienza

    GLad CatienzaMês atrás

    i love morgan,im so happy watching your videos😁😂🤣😘 nicotine gum aisle 🤣😂

  33. nirvana salazar

    nirvana salazarMês atrás

    That kid in the store was sweet 🥺

  34. Cynthia Walters

    Cynthia WaltersMês atrás

    Love Mom lol

  35. Harsha Prakash

    Harsha PrakashMês atrás

    Your mom is hilarious, i love her

  36. Rachel Roger

    Rachel RogerMês atrás

    i love morgans mom so much

  37. Allison Balliet

    Allison BallietMês atrás


  38. EmmySwice

    EmmySwiceMês atrás

    morgan is the best youtuber 100%

  39. colvrfied

    colvrfiedMês atrás

    Your mom reminds me so much of my aunt ): I wanna hug ur mom

  40. Ciara Lopez

    Ciara LopezMês atrás

    Lmfao um... can I come?? Lololol