Buying YouTuber Merch & DIYing It #5!


  1. Nana Friis Christensen 6Y Sct Hans Skole

    Nana Friis Christensen 6Y Sct Hans Skole6 horas atrás

    Please do Moriah Elizabeth❤️

  2. Sadhbh Power

    Sadhbh Power23 horas atrás

    The diy and glitter tiedie shirt is so cute

  3. Breanna Buselaki

    Breanna Buselaki3 dias atrás

    Uhh that tie dye shirt is BOMB!!! 💜🧡💛💚💙

  4. Annaiah Bhargava

    Annaiah Bhargava5 dias atrás

    Who wants part 6? ⬇️

  5. Tizhaunna Tate

    Tizhaunna Tate6 dias atrás

    You should diy ro's nerdy nummies smart cookie hoodie lmao

  6. Athena Triantafyllou

    Athena Triantafyllou7 dias atrás


  7. Q Alba

    Q Alba8 dias atrás

    Sorry i am 1 month late but i just had to say you should do... 1. Moriah Elizabeth 2. Rebecca Zamolo 3. Merrel twins Please do these also sorry again I am so late

  8. Bedias

    Bedias9 dias atrás

    DIY Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler merch!!

  9. laughingisaac

    laughingisaac10 dias atrás

    Mr beast merch however you want to do it

  10. Jenny's Journey

    Jenny's Journey11 dias atrás

    Billie Eilish

  11. Makeup By Ariana

    Makeup By Ariana12 dias atrás

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lauren pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Nael Lee

    Nael Lee12 dias atrás

    Can u diy BLACKPINK merch???💕

  13. khushali bansal

    khushali bansal12 dias atrás

    Can u do Emma chamberlains March and Hannah stockings merch plssss

  14. Maira Jamil

    Maira Jamil13 dias atrás

    Moose at the end took me out 😂

  15. Chelsea Campbell

    Chelsea Campbell14 dias atrás

    I am going to get tie dye now lol

  16. Shannon RhylaeP

    Shannon RhylaeP14 dias atrás

    Sam and Colby merch

  17. Sasha Shenck

    Sasha Shenck15 dias atrás

    Lauren looks good in everything! 😊

  18. apple RBLX

    apple RBLX15 dias atrás

    your merch is SO CUTE.. I want to buy it. I recommend making some cropped shirts and more hoodies though.

  19. Kristiana Marie

    Kristiana Marie15 dias atrás

    Can we just take a second to admire how cute Moose is

  20. 3 muskagirls // Sibyl, Nevaeh, Kellesse

    3 muskagirls // Sibyl, Nevaeh, Kellesse15 dias atrás

    Why are they covered

  21. Kristen Notaro

    Kristen Notaro16 dias atrás

    You should diy rosana pansino’s merch

  22. Rahmi Jayalaxmi

    Rahmi Jayalaxmi16 dias atrás


  23. Jenny Astad

    Jenny Astad16 dias atrás

    Please do Joey graceffas merch

  24. Serena Martens-Mullaly

    Serena Martens-Mullaly17 dias atrás

    omg, I loved the cropped hoodie!

  25. Riya Mistry

    Riya Mistry17 dias atrás

    I have the same phone that she is showing in the video.

  26. x SuusTijger

    x SuusTijger18 dias atrás

    I just now that the pink shoe on the right sleeve is converse😂❤️

  27. Mickey Vickey Vlogs

    Mickey Vickey Vlogs18 dias atrás

    Danny Gonzalez or Unsolved!!!!!!

  28. Ashley Middleton

    Ashley Middleton18 dias atrás

    The curvy crew merch from Sierra Schultzzie

  29. Amymayx

    Amymayx18 dias atrás

    Can you DIY Georgia production merch x

  30. toby_jonxs jones

    toby_jonxs jones19 dias atrás


  31. abbythedoof

    abbythedoof20 dias atrás

    Do sam and colbys merch!!!! And pewdiepie merch!!!

  32. jasmine farouk

    jasmine farouk21 dia atrás

    Pewdiepie merch

  33. R Sh

    R Sh22 dias atrás

    Moriah Elizabeth merch

  34. Taylor Nicole

    Taylor Nicole23 dias atrás

    Does she have a DIY for the sunglasses holder in the left of the screen where did she buy it from?

  35. Baywolf

    Baywolf23 dias atrás

    You should totally do a colab with Moriah Elizabeth! Also, I love your vids! 😁💞🥰😊

  36. Sinakho Ndlovu marbles

    Sinakho Ndlovu marbles23 dias atrás

    Could you do how l edit my video.

  37. Kylie Kurth

    Kylie Kurth24 dias atrás


  38. HP4EC Sims

    HP4EC Sims24 dias atrás

    Could you do LaurenZside merch? 💗

  39. Elle Riva

    Elle Riva24 dias atrás

    Pls do Moriah Elizabeth merch! Like if u agree

  40. Lottie Leape

    Lottie Leape25 dias atrás

    Is it just me but does her bun remind u of molly mae’s bun

  41. all tutorials

    all tutorials25 dias atrás

    Wat is she covering

  42. Louister

    Louister25 dias atrás

    DIY Pewdiepie merch😂

  43. MissMaris

    MissMaris25 dias atrás

    The 3rd diy is my favorite!!

  44. dd eu

    dd eu25 dias atrás

    Joey Graceffas Crystal wolf & escape the night

  45. Amelia Laabs

    Amelia Laabs26 dias atrás

    moose b cute

  46. HuffleHound

    HuffleHound27 dias atrás

    I think the 'hockey skate' lace-up thing would look really cool on a pant leg or sleeve

  47. Samantha Delgado

    Samantha Delgado27 dias atrás

    Hopefully soon you do a giveaway since school is around the corner✂️✏️🎨🔔🛎📚😇

  48. Savannah Rose

    Savannah Rose27 dias atrás


  49. Ginger Ninja1.01

    Ginger Ninja1.0127 dias atrás

    K so I’m thinking niki and gabis hair tie merch just saying I think you could do a lot with that 🥰❤️💜

  50. mariana t.

    mariana t.27 dias atrás

    Chris Klemens!

  51. curlyhair cassidy

    curlyhair cassidy27 dias atrás

    Can please diy Sam and Colby merch

  52. Blessed and Beautiful

    Blessed and Beautiful27 dias atrás

    God ❤'s u

  53. Raygan Gale

    Raygan Gale27 dias atrás

    If you know reaction time. You should DIY his merch. It would be so cool. 😍

  54. chelsea daleen

    chelsea daleen28 dias atrás

    LAUREN!!! since VSCO has kind of blown up on literally EVERY social media. i think should do a diy of vsco girl things! ex. stickers on the water bottles diy puka shell necklace adding cute things to an oversized shirt from the thrift store. i hope you do this!! i would love to see what you come up with. xoxo

  55. Émilie Castonguay

    Émilie Castonguay28 dias atrás

    do Moriah elizabeth merch please

  56. Zara Gledhill

    Zara Gledhill28 dias atrás

    2:54 why r u bluring out 2 of the patches

  57. Hayley Bonnett

    Hayley Bonnett28 dias atrás

    Wow I loooooove the tie dye! I need some tie dye in my life

  58. Shruti Simhadri

    Shruti Simhadri28 dias atrás

    bro stop blurring ur own diy

  59. Angel Kirgis

    Angel Kirgis29 dias atrás

    Good job mouse

  60. Caylee Besaw

    Caylee Besaw29 dias atrás

    You should do sssnipper merch