Camila Cabello - Havana (Official Music VIdeo) ft. Young Thug


  1. Nana Agyei

    Nana Agyei12 minutos atrás

    My love she ma took to her own

  2. tonyfan3

    tonyfan352 minutos atrás

    Watching this makes me want to start up novelas again

  3. The_Savage_Pickle

    The_Savage_Pickle58 minutos atrás

    The people dancing with camila failed No 🥜 November

  4. Maya plays Roblox

    Maya plays Roblox58 minutos atrás


  5. Christian Exiga

    Christian ExigaHora atrás

    Ja mexicoo

  6. Eman Hashim

    Eman HashimHora atrás

    I didnt know it had lele pons...

  7. fatimazahra bkn

    fatimazahra bkn2 horas atrás

    After a long long time I noticed that noah centineo is on the music video like DUH...

  8. •Potatoz Editz•

    •Potatoz Editz•3 horas atrás

    wait....WAS BELLA LELE????!!

  9. azn noodles

    azn noodles3 horas atrás

    i feel sad for Camilla, there r like 3 couples kissing in the background lol 5:25

  10. Valerie Luna

    Valerie Luna3 horas atrás

    Who doesn’t need subtitles☺️

  11. Zaara T.

    Zaara T.3 horas atrás

    Is nobody gonna talk about that lele pons is in this ?!😂




  13. Zeina and hamza star Family dalati

    Zeina and hamza star Family dalati4 horas atrás

    So good 😊 song So so so

  14. Landi Schreuder

    Landi Schreuder4 horas atrás

    Lele pons looks just like Shakira...

  15. Masha Well

    Masha Well5 horas atrás

    0:39 When one boy says I'm pretty

  16. BHUKKD

    BHUKKD5 horas atrás

    Nice video #bhukkd

  17. Donora

    Donora6 horas atrás

    No parce, Camila mamasita

  18. gurpreetfalishawon kaur

    gurpreetfalishawon kaur6 horas atrás

    Were Shawn Mendes hu😒

  19. Nisha rvs

    Nisha rvs7 horas atrás

    Who is here in November 2K19? 😍😘😂🙋

  20. Rox Lol

    Rox Lol7 horas atrás

    The pervy teenagers

  21. Anderson Luiz

    Anderson Luiz7 horas atrás

    Pericles mandou lembranças kkk

  22. Shreya Rawat

    Shreya Rawat8 horas atrás

    Still here in November

  23. Стефания Огнянова

    Стефания Огнянова8 horas atrás


  24. Unicorn Girls

    Unicorn Girls8 horas atrás

    yesss lele

  25. Holo it’s Me

    Holo it’s Me8 horas atrás

    And only now I realise that’s lele pons!


    DC TU CANAL9 horas atrás


  27. Haai YT

    Haai YT9 horas atrás

    who is here after Liar?

  28. Fábio Rodrigues

    Fábio Rodrigues10 horas atrás

    Pericles brought me here

  29. Daisy Hernandez

    Daisy Hernandez10 horas atrás

    Yeah peachmufin

  30. parag more

    parag more10 horas atrás

    Hit like if u are listening this song for 2 years and not yet bored 👇🏻

  31. Jorge David

    Jorge David10 horas atrás

    5:40 Se que solo viniste a eso ;v

  32. Jhuly Mamani condori

    Jhuly Mamani condori11 horas atrás

    Den le like si hablan español

  33. Shweta Batham

    Shweta Batham11 horas atrás


  34. Francisco Ryan

    Francisco Ryan12 horas atrás

    Com a Camila à música fica ótima, mas com o Péricles fica perfeita

  35. zaynab Z

    zaynab Z12 horas atrás

    Who realised lele ponds

  36. 강준영

    강준영12 horas atrás

    I am korean.I love Havana's song.and Dokdo is korean territory.Please tell us a lot please.

  37. Karlo Hecimovic

    Karlo Hecimovic14 horas atrás

  38. Hari Hari

    Hari Hari14 horas atrás

    WTF song nice very nice

  39. Logi Cian

    Logi Cian16 horas atrás

    Damn! This song is good. Thanks to the awesome Senorita.

  40. Rana 75

    Rana 7516 horas atrás

    Who's here after 11/11/2019

  41. Thicc loli Dragon

    Thicc loli Dragon16 horas atrás

    Ah yes I too love songs about the capital of a communist island nation in the Caribbean that almost caused the end of the world

  42. Eric. Park

    Eric. Park17 horas atrás

    한국인 찾아요ㅠ

  43. kity lopez

    kity lopez17 horas atrás

    Like Habana

  44. STG Channel

    STG Channel18 horas atrás


  45. justine fantilanan

    justine fantilanan19 horas atrás

    whos watching this november 2019?

  46. Carlos Eduardo

    Carlos Eduardo19 horas atrás

    vou comer essa empregada

  47. Alison Clock

    Alison Clock19 horas atrás

    Like si lo les das like alos que ablan español

  48. JustEva 45

    JustEva 4519 horas atrás

    Omg that’s lele pons

  49. Aniket Ratti

    Aniket Ratti20 horas atrás

    Amazing 😂😂😂😂

  50. Introvert Teenager

    Introvert Teenager20 horas atrás

    WAS THAT NOAH CENTINEO?!?!? 5:09. Or is it someone else bc I have poor eyesight😅

  51. mariana castro 99

    mariana castro 9920 horas atrás

    Espera la mona es lele

  52. mariana castro 99

    mariana castro 9920 horas atrás

    Havana te quiero mucho soy tu fan saludameeeee

  53. Nehemiah Triplett

    Nehemiah Triplett20 horas atrás

    Why was he in the closet first of all

  54. Brayan almengor

    Brayan almengor20 horas atrás

    Love you

  55. Suzane Afyouni

    Suzane Afyouni21 hora atrás


  56. Angel of Darkness

    Angel of Darkness21 hora atrás

    I swear the grandma is my mood 😂

  57. More Baarrera

    More Baarrera23 horas atrás

    Hoooooooooo Habana 😓😓😓😓

  58. Yo Tengo

    Yo Tengo23 horas atrás

    Camilla is watching a show with a character name Camilla and then she watched a movie which stared camilla

  59. Marcoss Maiia

    Marcoss Maiia23 horas atrás

    algum br?


    ELIANNA LARA23 horas atrás

    Lele pons!!!!!!!!!