Camila Mendes' Guide to Effortless Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  1. s t a r s

    s t a r s12 minutos atrás

    Starting at her makes her look prettier.

  2. ShortBread

    ShortBread29 minutos atrás

    omg so fkin hot i want to put my erekt pp between her feet and vajijana

  3. Wiktoria Wozniak

    Wiktoria WozniakHora atrás

    She's so pretty I can't even 😩

  4. Айка Топская

    Айка Топская7 horas atrás

    Есть русские?

  5. Kezia Sahertian

    Kezia Sahertian8 horas atrás

    She is just naturally pretty, like she wakes up in the morning and it's like HELLO GORGEOUS!

  6. Luísa Freitas

    Luísa Freitas10 horas atrás

    te amooo

  7. 밍밍이

    밍밍이13 horas atrás


  8. vishal bansal

    vishal bansal17 horas atrás

    Camila MENDES???? Shawmila 😂🖤✨

  9. Seth Cleary

    Seth Cleary20 horas atrás

    Does cheryl actually knows how to use and bow arrow

  10. Lola Breham

    Lola Breham20 horas atrás

    She's beautiful without makeup ! Is that even possible ?!?

  11. Lesly Rivas

    Lesly Rivas21 hora atrás

    What powder did she use the pimple literally disappeared

  12. Luiz Free fire

    Luiz Free fireDia atrás

    ( Oii Camila eu sou brasileiro )

  13. Juliet Jj

    Juliet JjDia atrás

    Sometimes i wish i could love myself more like i am. Natural. But then i see in instagram all these big lips, small noses and jawfillers, then i want to look like these models. But i see Camilla how natural she is and beautiful she don't want to look like everyone else. Its so hard in this world i don't know what to do -,-

  14. Gabriela Lopez

    Gabriela LopezDia atrás

    Camila Mendes is perfect.

  15. каво ??

    каво ??Dia atrás

    пиздец у нее идеальная кожа

  16. Toronto 27

    Toronto 27Dia atrás

    I’d prefer haircare routine videos - skincare/beauty is SO personal, plus celebs’ routines are customized precisely for them, meaning they’re not necessarily right for us! Just saying.

  17. Eu mexma

    Eu mexmaDia atrás

    A atriz é brasileira e não tem legenda em português... Massa

  18. Laura Cortes

    Laura CortesDia atrás

    Her skin is perfect 😫💓

  19. shaheena ayyathan veloth

    shaheena ayyathan velothDia atrás

    HER EYES❤️

  20. lana malika

    lana malikaDia atrás

    Who else wants a multistick now

  21. Helena Lobo

    Helena LoboDia atrás

    não se preocupa, camila, estar atrasado é bem coisa de brasileiro. vc é gente como a gente

  22. Meghan Xo

    Meghan XoDia atrás

    Camila is so beautiful 😍 love her natural eyebrows

  23. Ruth Lima santos

    Ruth Lima santos2 dias atrás


  24. Helen Rodrigues

    Helen Rodrigues2 dias atrás


  25. Alexandra MSP

    Alexandra MSP2 dias atrás

    Ist noch niemandem aufgefallen das ihr name aus camila cabello und shawn mendes gemischt ist und die beiden sind zusammen finde ich lustig😅


    MONICANDO2 dias atrás

    shes started off looking ready bye sef steem

  27. Женя Ягода

    Женя Ягода2 dias atrás

    У нее нарощеные ресницы?

  28. R N

    R N2 dias atrás

    Idk her but her name really grabbed my attention

  29. Mutiara Rabbani

    Mutiara Rabbani2 dias atrás

    can anybody tell me product of the eyebrow???

  30. Tanima Debgupta

    Tanima Debgupta2 dias atrás

    This lady looks like bollywood actress Adah sharma 🙄 or it's only me who thinks so🤔

  31. johanna velasquez

    johanna velasquez2 dias atrás

    El comentario en español que buscabas 😉

  32. Lina Díaz

    Lina Díaz2 dias atrás

    she’s a sweetheart

  33. Best 4Last

    Best 4Last2 dias atrás

    Her eyebrows are goals

  34. brenda sena

    brenda sena3 dias atrás

    Podia ser em português 💔 ela é Brasileira

  35. Immayko

    Immayko3 dias atrás

    she doesn't even need makeup

  36. Fala Tu

    Fala Tu3 dias atrás

    Bota legenda português pfff

  37. roses are red

    roses are red3 dias atrás

    “I’m never getting fillers” I love that sm she’s such a natural

  38. Lerma Dupal

    Lerma Dupal3 dias atrás


  39. Pooja Singh

    Pooja Singh3 dias atrás

    She is so beautiful.🤭😍

  40. Kristian Vinícius

    Kristian Vinícius3 dias atrás