camp rock edited me out of the movie but i still have the real footage


  1. Tina Tran

    Tina Tran18 dias atrás

    they c*pyrighted me which one of y’all exposed me

  2. Shannon Chang

    Shannon Chang6 dias atrás

    This isn't copyright. This is completely transformative. This falls under Fair Use, this is a parody. Thanks again, BRreporter's fucked up copyright system.

  3. Alan Silva

    Alan Silva12 dias atrás

    I knew something was wrong

  4. Da-in Moon

    Da-in Moon14 dias atrás

    I'm Sorry 😢 jk lol why would i betray my queen?

  5. Shax 05

    Shax 0514 dias atrás

    Sh00ters for Tina Tran.. we ride at dawn. Yeehaw 🤠🤩

  6. Graysen Gregory

    Graysen Gregory16 dias atrás

    It wasn’t me I swear All I said was she’s really good

  7. okay v

    okay v2 horas atrás

    She levitates guys

  8. kiyokochanable

    kiyokochanable11 horas atrás


  9. AAAdeeno

    AAAdeeno21 hora atrás

    I will wait for your next video no matter how long it takes

  10. Dizzysprinkles YT

    Dizzysprinkles YTDia atrás

    Uhhhh that looks like a green screen because first of all she was sliding and her feet where straight No hate!

  11. hazeeq razak

    hazeeq razakDia atrás

    She did alot of audition and was always the hidden character but only mention by other main characters only

  12. The kazoo master

    The kazoo master2 dias atrás

    It was 1 minute in until I noticed this was green screen

  13. Umm Saalih Ramisi

    Umm Saalih Ramisi3 dias atrás

    You're good at editing

  14. Daddy Hagrid

    Daddy Hagrid4 dias atrás

    How other girls dance 0:36 How i dance 1:35

  15. Montana Thompson

    Montana Thompson5 dias atrás

    Why you gotta make me feel like a peasant 😭

  16. O0alonexX

    O0alonexX7 dias atrás

    I fucking love u

  17. Cristobal Ordonez

    Cristobal Ordonez7 dias atrás

    Why are summer camps actually this cringe

  18. Debbie Papadam

    Debbie Papadam7 dias atrás

    You put effort to learn the moves, and managed to slide swell

  19. Silver Tree - TikTok Compilations

    Silver Tree - TikTok Compilations9 dias atrás

    Just casually slides to walk

  20. The Potato Friends

    The Potato Friends10 dias atrás

    Oh nu can’t back down got copyrighted;-;

  21. Caxxt Dreams

    Caxxt Dreams11 dias atrás

    U were like... *GOT EM’*

  22. Sara Sucenar

    Sara Sucenar13 dias atrás

    Omfg damit ur so fucking funny 😂💯

  23. Roman Corey

    Roman Corey16 dias atrás

    1:11 I laughed waay too hard at that

  24. Mila Kaighen

    Mila Kaighen16 dias atrás

    Will you be my mum please?

  25. Local Goodwill

    Local Goodwill18 dias atrás

    How rude u should sue them

  26. Marguex Guimary

    Marguex Guimary18 dias atrás


  27. taylor wren !

    taylor wren !18 dias atrás

    no one can convince me that you aren’t the same person who makes those dance moms funniest fights edits. i will believe it till proven otherwise.

  28. wings

    wings18 dias atrás

    she’s really gOoD

  29. Heen

    Heen19 dias atrás

    Her expressions tho😂👌

  30. ItzKayleigh R.

    ItzKayleigh R.20 dias atrás

    My FBI agent knows what I want

  31. Angel A.

    Angel A.20 dias atrás

    Just had to subscribe from this alone

  32. Mary

    Mary21 dia atrás


  33. Life Of Georgetta

    Life Of Georgetta21 dia atrás

    I thought this was real but Idc bc it made me laugh and I really needed a laugh. 😂😂😇

  34. Skyegaming 6

    Skyegaming 622 dias atrás

    They cut you out then why are you wearing A BTS SHIRT THEY WASNT FORMED YET!

  35. Smart Narwhals

    Smart Narwhals22 dias atrás

    i love your outfit smmmmmmmmmmm at 0:55 and 1:53

  36. Naomi Kao

    Naomi Kao22 dias atrás

    1:20 I see you have that sweater too am not a fun of BTS but I like some songs 💃🏽😅👏🏽

  37. Delia Helia

    Delia Helia22 dias atrás


  38. Tytan Parsons

    Tytan Parsons22 dias atrás

    Demi Lovato could never. Joe Jonas retired. Nick Jonas is cancelled. Kevin Jonas who? I only know Tina Tran.

  39. Justin Pouncey

    Justin Pouncey22 dias atrás

    I like her BTS sweatshirt

  40. I'm Your Mom

    I'm Your Mom22 dias atrás

    How dare they

  41. MsGinger Roblox

    MsGinger Roblox23 dias atrás

    I just had to tell loads of my friends to watch this 😂

  42. Amaya Velloff

    Amaya Velloff23 dias atrás



    SALÍ*IS*ONLINE23 dias atrás

    Who gave this girl a green screen😂💕

  44. African Tea

    African Tea23 dias atrás

    As for the BTS hoodie? 😂😂

  45. African Tea

    African Tea23 dias atrás

    I was not ready for the BTS video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Grace Radbone

    Grace Radbone23 dias atrás

    Stranger things casting agents are trembling

  47. The 8th member Bts

    The 8th member Bts23 dias atrás

    Me sees bts shirt Me again: *quickly subscribe*

  48. DiDi

    DiDi24 dias atrás

    you just earned yourself a new subscriber 😂😂😆

  49. mayar

    mayar24 dias atrás

    OMG the Bts thing 😭😂😂😂😂

  50. BTS ARMY!

    BTS ARMY!24 dias atrás

    Lmao You’re so funny dude!!! I’m fucken done lmao 😂😂😂

  51. Emily D.

    Emily D.24 dias atrás

    Bless recommendations.

  52. Yuko Aisuki

    Yuko Aisuki24 dias atrás


  53. Vivian Vi

    Vivian Vi24 dias atrás

    this video gave me adrenaline rush at 2am LMAO

  54. Loli Kaito

    Loli Kaito24 dias atrás

    Ok I was literally serious how I freaking click this clip and this is what I get the heck is that?!!

  55. Kusanu Jeager

    Kusanu Jeager24 dias atrás

    Yow, i saw a bts jacket, dope.

  56. Leila Israel

    Leila Israel24 dias atrás

    Whats that music in the beginning...mario?

  57. Lu Yang

    Lu Yang24 dias atrás


  58. Princess Pearl

    Princess Pearl24 dias atrás

    guys I might be wrong but this might not be real, you can tell she’s photoshopped if you pause and look closely

  59. Eric Vague

    Eric Vague24 dias atrás

    OMG this is prime content. Hilarious.

  60. Cordula The Platypus

    Cordula The Platypus25 dias atrás

    girl i'm dying

  61. fae hey

    fae hey25 dias atrás

    I'm dying omg 😂

  62. chrysta woolley

    chrysta woolley25 dias atrás

    I love the video! My favorite part was your dance to Idol! Love BTS 💜💜💜💜

  63. Princess Anna

    Princess Anna25 dias atrás

    I feel weird, she only slides not moves like wtf.

  64. Jomana Shaheen

    Jomana Shaheen25 dias atrás


  65. #•*Clotato*•# Gacha*•#

    #•*Clotato*•# Gacha*•#25 dias atrás

    She wasn’t really in here though lol XD like if you believe me!

  66. Kristina Ledermann

    Kristina Ledermann25 dias atrás

    Shittt you are tooooo funnny i laughed soooooo hard