Can 50,000 Magnets Catch A Cannon Ball?


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    Try monster magnets

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    Mr beast please can I get a skin please my epic is areibha38

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    “Chandlers left a dent, yours didn’t”

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    This was posted on my 🎂

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    The link is broken

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    Why did it stop midways through the viddued

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    wait, do cannons classify as an NFA Item? (destructive device)

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    Me: *walks into a Walmart that has a vending machine that steals money from me with a cannon* Everyone there: o h. N o. N o t. Machine boi

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    *plot twist* Mr beast copied Morgz!!!

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    can you play lords mobile in the bath room?

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    Uhm well, I'm just here because of uhm...yeah, because of...uhm, I don't know...

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    No one: Literally no one: Chandler: DONT LET MORGZ COPY UR CITY

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    Why would jimmy take a Pepsi???? MOUNTAIN DEW IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    He goes alot to the bathroom

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    Cannons don’t kill people, wigs kill people! This is a serious mater.

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    Thats a *leaf*

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    I swear you guys are gay

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    How many games chandler win

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    MrBeast: cannon Smoke: think again

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    if it couldn’t catch a bullet why would it catch a cannon ball jimmy

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    even tho the vest can stop the cannon, if a person is wearing that and got hit by a cannon he wouldn't survive (mostly) because from the pressure of the cannon and the speed that it's moving

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    Can a Cannonball break Nokia 3100?!

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    wow your in arizona

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    8:38 when my teachers tell me I need to get a project dont in 2 days

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    Guys imagine morgz just comments here xD

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    i’ll move onto soccer and quit baseball... heh.

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    *”The oven is ready”*

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    XD They wrote yeet on the cannon


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    It is so cool

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    Is this canon to the mrbeast storyline?

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    Is nobody gonna point out that he used The Slo Mo Guys' music? Haha

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    But why Mr beast sat in the bathroom every time this chanel is the awesome an dope cool!!!!😢😢😅😅😅😅😅😂😂


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    Lmaoo the way chandler ran at 6:11

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    3:38 vlog life

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    I love how they wrote "yeet" on the canon😂

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    Can 50,000 Magnets Stop A Cannonball Full Ending Chandler’s Left A Dent And You Didn’t

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    You have too have stronger magnets

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    What normal people saw: *Can 50,000 magnets catch a cannonball* What I saw: *Can 50,000 maggots catch a cannonball*

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