Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods


  1. Anthony Ng

    Anthony NgHora atrás

    You are a wizard!

  2. Glenn McGrew II

    Glenn McGrew IIHora atrás

    Thanks, bro, that was interesting! Now I have no interest in dry aging. ;) Have you ever noticed that a freshly skinned pineapple is spicy?

  3. Shinski

    Shinski2 horas atrás

    look what they are feeding us smh

  4. sakeman2006

    sakeman20062 horas atrás

    I will try the pineapple method this weekend. In the Netherlands we call the Round Eye the "Rundermuis". Thanks for the tenderness tip.

  5. The Random Videos Guy

    The Random Videos Guy5 horas atrás

    Hungry jacks and Maccas ads be like

  6. Maolen Vin Pelaez

    Maolen Vin Pelaez7 horas atrás

    What steak is not beautiful for you?

  7. David Lyons

    David Lyons7 horas atrás

    You can use kiwi fruit or papaya instead of pineapple also, their enzymes start to break down the fibres between the meat.

  8. ilah huston

    ilah huston9 horas atrás

    Dry-age the pineapple steak

  9. mobile madness

    mobile madness9 horas atrás

    2:45 - *"for at least 3 times"* 🤣

  10. 해피푸드 Happyfood

    해피푸드 Happyfood12 horas atrás

    I want taste it!!!♡

  11. gdidde

    gdidde13 horas atrás

    Where is this mashed potatoes video at

  12. The Beginning Of Knowledge

    The Beginning Of Knowledge14 horas atrás

    Dry aged steak is dry :O

  13. Urev

    Urev15 horas atrás

    Forbidden licorice

  14. bret schmaz

    bret schmaz15 horas atrás

    So I need to get a $1 steak and a $7 pineapple?

  15. Da Realgyp

    Da Realgyp15 horas atrás

    The dry aged would have been better for 7 days! I have bought inexpensive rib roasts (during the holidays) and dry aged them ... would put them against the expensive rib roasts any day.

  16. Nickalas Stewart

    Nickalas Stewart16 horas atrás

    Try using Kiwi Fruit in replacement for the pineapple

  17. Kevin Cassidy

    Kevin Cassidy18 horas atrás

    Man, I need to try that pineapple marinade

  18. Anthony Latham

    Anthony Latham18 horas atrás

    you have not lived untill you did mash from Cyprus potatoes

  19. vasile costin

    vasile costin18 horas atrás

    you gonna eat a tender mummy....)))))

  20. beale15

    beale1523 horas atrás

    He sounds like he has a crossover of a Jamaican and Spanish accent

  21. Deltorath

    DeltorathDia atrás

    Can u do this with a good quality steak ? The pineapple method that is

  22. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew WilsonDia atrás

    Bro it looks like a giant raisin

  23. Paulo Rondynele

    Paulo RondyneleDia atrás

    Ta abandonando as raizes ? Pega com a mão a carne, osh.

  24. Kristian Butterworth

    Kristian ButterworthDia atrás

    Me to friend: fancy a steak tea at mine mate? Friend: yeah sure what time? Me: end of march 2020 pal

  25. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Qui-Gon JinnDia atrás

    Did he say 45 days?!

  26. Dumb and dumber Dummies

    Dumb and dumber DummiesDia atrás

    They should do a dry aged pineapple steak

  27. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimDia atrás

    that's why you shouldn't be smoking kids...

  28. Roger Johnson

    Roger JohnsonDia atrás

    “A lot of fat” 😂 I lost it when he said that

  29. jumpieva

    jumpievaDia atrás

    totally trying pineapple method on some cheap costco steak. I've done it once before in a slow cooker with a beef brisket but not quite the same...

  30. Mike Johnson

    Mike JohnsonDia atrás

    This music is epic.

  31. JP Ltd.

    JP Ltd.Dia atrás

    Spends 45 days ageing steak..."there is zero juice on it, this is not good everybody"

  32. Davide Silvio

    Davide SilvioDia atrás

    The dry aged one looks like Bresaola. Id be curious to slice it real thin and taste it with oil, rocket and parmigiano

  33. Zombycow

    ZombycowDia atrás

    use the bag, then give it the pineapple bath and see what happens

  34. samuel pendon

    samuel pendonDia atrás

    7:48 WOAH... did anyone else see that kool fork spin

  35. Captain LazyArtist

    Captain LazyArtistDia atrás

    I’m sorry but that’s a steak.

  36. Real ApokalyptoTony

    Real ApokalyptoTonyDia atrás

    A Giant Enemy Raisin

  37. ChiquitaSpeaks

    ChiquitaSpeaksDia atrás

    @3:11 That’s my BBC

  38. Richard Petersen

    Richard Petersen2 dias atrás

    Cancer food

  39. Basim Samoon

    Basim Samoon2 dias atrás

    Damn that marbelling

  40. Milli İçici

    Milli İçici2 dias atrás

    meeat and chess dayı adamın yapığı ette şimşek çakmış yağın öğle bi göreli var

  41. Jbelli 12

    Jbelli 122 dias atrás

    Why do I watch this when I’m high

  42. Aminadab Morales

    Aminadab Morales2 dias atrás

    I wonder what he used to season the steaks?

  43. Orange Potatoes

    Orange Potatoes2 dias atrás

    "Angel are you ready to try ?" "Yea" @6:40

  44. kingGoat101 awesome

    kingGoat101 awesome2 dias atrás

    He sounds like Jack Black

  45. NoVeD

    NoVeD2 dias atrás

    Invader zim makes steak

  46. Nick bass

    Nick bass2 dias atrás

    Ole boy was eating them last steak cuts like he high 😂

  47. Dave Wygonowski

    Dave Wygonowski2 dias atrás

    Excellent experiment. Now, I would like to propose part two. Take the eye round and dry age and then pineapple it. Also, take the pineappled eye round and then dry age it. BAM!!!

  48. rollin thirtys

    rollin thirtys2 dias atrás

    I guess a fresh steak that been marinating between when i leave for work in the morning and when i get home is out of the question...fine old meat it is .

  49. william nelson

    william nelson2 dias atrás

    I saw both this video and the Wagyy attempt at the eye round. I am really curious to see what happens if you incorporate the fat into the meat first, and then dry age it. Would it make a significant difference?

  50. I Tripped Over

    I Tripped Over2 dias atrás

    "This makes the meat very soft..."

  51. RichyRich2607

    RichyRich26072 dias atrás

    Never grill in direct fire - this is a no go. Every cook knows that.

  52. Noah Crocker

    Noah Crocker2 dias atrás

    Chill's vocal coach.

  53. DJ Rebel

    DJ Rebel2 dias atrás

    Why not pineapple the dry aged steak??


    MICHAEL MAH3 dias atrás

    I wonder what would happen if they do the pineapple tenderization and then dry age the meat? Perhaps use the tenderization process for a little more time to help soften the meat even more?

  55. DjZorlag

    DjZorlag3 dias atrás

    Why am I even watching this? I have a rule that making food must not take longer than eating it - and I eat in 5 minutes.

  56. Not a username

    Not a username3 dias atrás

    Looks like dates

  57. Scott Bunning

    Scott Bunning3 dias atrás

    You can do it!

  58. Ghentor Asgard

    Ghentor Asgard3 dias atrás

    the pinneaple steak sounds tasty af

  59. salamon 777

    salamon 7773 dias atrás

    Sir as I am a culinary student can u please suggest me how to innovate new things like u

  60. Mado BA

    Mado BA3 dias atrás

    Are you ready to try it?? “Yœe”