Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?


  1. The King of Random

    The King of Random4 meses atrás

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  2. It’s _lit_ BOYS

    It’s _lit_ BOYS26 dias atrás

    Goo thing

  3. Jaana Price

    Jaana PriceMês atrás

    The King of Random Can you fix a boat with blue tak

  4. Caprice Spencer

    Caprice SpencerMês atrás

    Jonathan Majors there’s no j

  5. Anna Young_26

    Anna Young_26Mês atrás

    When not to use sticky Tack

  6. Robert Spencer

    Robert Spencer4 horas atrás

    BRreporter at 3:00 am( can sticky tax hold a person up?!?!!) Me(heckin a it can)

  7. Jeff Haskin

    Jeff Haskin9 horas atrás

    What's going on with the ceiling?

  8. Twisted Skipster

    Twisted Skipster11 horas atrás

    Calli + map gas torch ≈ one happy gal

  9. MyNameisGuest !

    MyNameisGuest !12 horas atrás

    So your saying that blue tacks are basically like bubblegum

  10. LorddGaben

    LorddGaben20 horas atrás

    My favorite suggestion was “show less”

  11. Anja Muse

    Anja MuseDia atrás

    I have a big question liquid nitrogen bubbling why dose it do that also what if you put glass in liquid nitrogen or what happens if you put silly putty in a pot of boiling water and can you guys take thumb takes in a vacuum chamber and see what happens

  12. juskuporudeh

    juskuporudehDia atrás

    I want to slap that helmet

  13. Sami Khan

    Sami KhanDia atrás

    nate:thats the largest blob of sticky tack i,ve ever seen 1st grader who steals sticky tack from class room:hold my juice

  14. MChonimon

    MChonimon2 dias atrás

    Isn't that the bleached shirt?

  15. SydeHavok

    SydeHavok4 dias atrás

    At 8:15 did anyone else pause to see TKoR logo that quickly popped up

  16. wasantha samarasuriyage

    wasantha samarasuriyage6 dias atrás

    Wasantha de me faire des économies de la semaine prochaine je suis un peu de la semaine prochaine je suis un homme de ma mère a fait un

  17. wasantha samarasuriyage

    wasantha samarasuriyage6 dias atrás


  18. Shane Allred

    Shane Allred6 dias atrás

    What is the subliminal picture that pops up at about 8:21

  19. Alex Carlson

    Alex Carlson8 dias atrás

    I love the Way that when she said no her soup said why yes

  20. Khushaan Irshad

    Khushaan Irshad9 dias atrás

    Will it work as vacuum putty?

  21. Cristian R

    Cristian R9 dias atrás

    8 :15 when i saw it

  22. Donde Embolode

    Donde Embolode10 dias atrás

    Whut happens if you put it on nitrogen???

  23. Beran

    Beran11 dias atrás

    You didnt do showless...

  24. Gacha_shadow_ Wolf

    Gacha_shadow_ Wolf12 dias atrás

    I’ve been around far a couple years and still question WHY DOSE NATE PUT EVERYTHING ON HIS MOUTH Lmao 😂 has

  25. MarkuzGaming

    MarkuzGaming13 dias atrás

    Fn+! What do the things in the crowns mean?

  26. Caden Vermillion

    Caden Vermillion13 dias atrás

    who else notiged that random letters cam up on the screen three different times

  27. Cheyenne Redman

    Cheyenne Redman14 dias atrás

    sorry guys but I have to say it, who else ships ante and Callie

  28. CJsAwesomeWorld

    CJsAwesomeWorld17 dias atrás

    -hit that like button-

  29. Peter Staines

    Peter Staines18 dias atrás

    BluTack on steroids!

  30. LAUNCH_Omagaprimex

    LAUNCH_Omagaprimex18 dias atrás

    Nate where did you get that shirt I like it and want to buy one

  31. Golden Harvest Farming

    Golden Harvest Farming18 dias atrás

    Try popping unpopped popcorn in your vacuum chamber.

  32. Althea Rude

    Althea Rude20 dias atrás

    Nate: are you hiding from something? Calli: no, of course not Cup in Calli's hand: Well, yes

  33. Crustcookie

    Crustcookie20 dias atrás

    *Who else is watching with no socks?* BTW Trying to reach *350 sußs.*

  34. XnOtIcE

    XnOtIcE21 dia atrás

    At 1:27 play through and Cali says, "Like if if if you accidentally have a kid". Lol.

  35. shyanne bulson

    shyanne bulson21 dia atrás


  36. I’m the best Ya yate

    I’m the best Ya yate21 dia atrás

    Plys still make videos plys this is the only thing I can watch without cursing rip grand rip

  37. Maria Eres

    Maria Eres21 dia atrás

    I miss your dad :(

  38. Paperbag-boi 74432

    Paperbag-boi 7443221 dia atrás

    Maria Eres dad?

  39. Madison The Unicorn PC EDITION

    Madison The Unicorn PC EDITION21 dia atrás

    Is sticky tack durable?

  40. Catching HogsTV

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  41. marvel EDITS

    marvel EDITS22 dias atrás

    Next can you do How long can you pop a wheelie before you fall off

  42. RavenBrain08

    RavenBrain0822 dias atrás

    I'm soo sad of grants accident

  43. Super Kitties

    Super Kitties22 dias atrás

    i have seen bigger blobs of sticky tack at my school

  44. M Jaouad Ali

    M Jaouad Ali22 dias atrás

    You should put a plastic ball in the vacuum chamber.

  45. StopXStains

    StopXStains21 dia atrás

    Sadly he’s dead

  46. Animal 800

    Animal 80022 dias atrás

    They literally burn everything 😁

  47. Don't read my username tho

    Don't read my username tho22 dias atrás

    f rip

  48. charlieton1

    charlieton123 dias atrás

    Sticky tack sticky tack what can you hold

  49. crackin' TV

    crackin' TV23 dias atrás

    How does he seem so smart, then i realized 1:09 he said "vacuum chamber it" which is completely wrong vocabulary for the process

  50. ayden younce

    ayden younce23 dias atrás

    That helmet makes his head look big af

  51. OneLoyal Cyborg

    OneLoyal Cyborg23 dias atrás

    I ship nate and calli

  52. 外星人男子

    外星人男子24 dias atrás

    I saw something around 8:10 is it a slip up?

  53. Johnny's Videos

    Johnny's Videos24 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice the subliminal message at 8:14

  54. Ryan Hicks

    Ryan Hicks24 dias atrás

    I think you need to clean your sealing

  55. Siibliants

    Siibliants25 dias atrás

    But will it hold a 260 pound person 🤨🤔

  56. gaming TM

    gaming TM26 dias atrás

    Why is there ur logo at 8:14

  57. mia Clarke

    mia Clarke26 dias atrás

    Sticky tack also known as Blu-Tack 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣

  58. Wolff

    Wolff27 dias atrás

    Could sticky notes hold a person?


    MUSTAFA MAHMOD27 dias atrás

    Can flex tape or flex glue hold you're wight????


    MUSTAFA MAHMOD27 dias atrás

    I puesed video because i went to take out my tooth because it wants to fall and dis is da 2nd day btw yay finally

  61. Road to 100 subs

    Road to 100 subs27 dias atrás

    For some reason him wearing that helmet reminds me of jimmy neutron

  62. Jackie DelValle

    Jackie DelValle27 dias atrás

    Sledge about to walk in a room. Ash: 12:13


    RUBY THE PUG27 dias atrás

    8:17 was king of random profile pic

  64. Burdu

    Burdu28 dias atrás

    finally can hang myself

  65. Area 51 Escapee

    Area 51 Escapee29 dias atrás

    I like how Nate can casually touch the ceilings

  66. Robert Testa

    Robert Testa29 dias atrás

    Finds out its non toxic and Nate instantly licks it. I love these guys.

  67. Gage Fredrickson

    Gage Fredrickson29 dias atrás

    Can you show less sticky tack XD

  68. Angel Murrell

    Angel Murrell29 dias atrás

    Try making super long twisler

  69. Jaana Price

    Jaana PriceMês atrás

    A metal sink

  70. Jaana Price

    Jaana PriceMês atrás

    Can you fix a metal single with Ramen noodles

  71. wonder thoughts

    wonder thoughtsMês atrás


  72. huggledemon32

    huggledemon32Mês atrás

    And now I’m imagining a prank where u freeze dry a bowl made of blu tak and freak people out when it re warms and deforms lol

  73. naejar foy

    naejar foyMês atrás


  74. Boxcat 23

    Boxcat 23Mês atrás

    8:45 ur welcome

  75. Christopher Galope

    Christopher GalopeMês atrás

    9:14 she’s holding the string in a way she said not to hold rope in another video lol

  76. Carmelo Agosta

    Carmelo AgostaMês atrás

    I found the hidden symbol

  77. PeterMb3 Ho

    PeterMb3 HoMês atrás

    Be careful kids that’s a lot of sodium

  78. DBZ gang

    DBZ gangMês atrás

    Freeze dry Oobleck

  79. Ashlin Gunderson

    Ashlin GundersonMês atrás

    Whenever I got my hands on sticky tack in elementary school I would allllllways make a snail

  80. It’s me Neisha Neisha

    It’s me Neisha NeishaMês atrás

    Can u guys make Edible glue

  81. Nexus Thecreature

    Nexus ThecreatureMês atrás

    I can only imagine the struggle in getting that off your ceiling along side the boards. lol

  82. Sophia Spies

    Sophia SpiesMês atrás

    Nate: *licks it* Calli: dont! Nate: im seeing if it has any flavor. In Nate's mind: ooh the things i do for you tube

  83. Reuven Dove

    Reuven DoveMês atrás

    do slime burn it vacum chamber it burn it freeze it.

  84. Zoey Swindle

    Zoey SwindleMês atrás

    Can you make a bed of slime

  85. marine boy

    marine boyMês atrás

    I saw n+k!

  86. LOLSflint

    LOLSflintMês atrás

    Sometimes I feel like you 2 are in high school.

  87. Cristodarey Naranjo

    Cristodarey NaranjoMês atrás

    Bro the sticky stuff holded you guys because you added nails to the roof

  88. AndrewK

    AndrewKMês atrás

    They added nails so they would have something to tie the strings to