Can These Chefs Turn This Fairy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty


  1. 10,000 subscribers with no video

    10,000 subscribers with no video10 minutos atrás

    Star should taste like vegetables and eggs, Me: that's technically an omelet

  2. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl8 horas atrás

    I hate ries accent

  3. Mireya Sanchez

    Mireya Sanchez11 horas atrás

    “Looks like someone pooed in it” 😂

  4. neon negative

    neon negative12 horas atrás

    I could feel the jealousy uwu

  5. Līannā Edīts

    Līannā Edīts12 horas atrás

    Tastes like a cookie Her:🙄 Me:😑 Ngl I was a bit annoyed by her But keep up with the good work

  6. Honig Keks

    Honig Keks14 horas atrás

    Eiscream and Eggs?😐 my heard hurts😞...

  7. Princess Cortez

    Princess Cortez14 horas atrás

    I love tasty 😋

  8. Nekku_gacha ’

    Nekku_gacha ’Dia atrás

    I want to be in that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cosmicsatan

    cosmicsatanDia atrás

    poor rie omg her losing streak *oof*

  10. Portia Madayag

    Portia MadayagDia atrás

    when my crush says hi to me: 5:56

  11. gladys Aguirre

    gladys AguirreDia atrás

    when you are a mother vs when you don't give a damn.

  12. Jana ibrahim

    Jana ibrahimDia atrás

    Who recognized gumball's musix kinda a liitle

  13. Blank

    BlankDia atrás

    This is how many fairy puns Alix made 👇

  14. Peary LU

    Peary LU2 dias atrás

    I live in Thailand but I love Kewpie Mayo ( I can't eat my sandwich french fries nugget with out kewpie mayo)

  15. Lil Peace

    Lil Peace2 dias atrás

    "What does the water taste like?" "power" Me: GFUEEELL

  16. WolfyRan Playz

    WolfyRan Playz2 dias atrás

    Rie does it more unique not like much the childs drawing No offense

  17. J Flowers

    J Flowers2 dias atrás

    I only watch this for rie and alix lol i hate the children

  18. Marian Lapin

    Marian Lapin3 dias atrás

    Rie is always so creative with her food i love it

  19. •Dar ren•

    •Dar ren•3 dias atrás

    That rainbow tho...

  20. Amirah Chea

    Amirah Chea3 dias atrás

    This kid had me dying she got so distracted and it was so funny...

  21. alyssa_ carcelli_

    alyssa_ carcelli_3 dias atrás

    I’m obsessed with the movie IT chapter one and two.. I would add everything in the movie on that dang plate

  22. AlexaKim Btsarmy

    AlexaKim Btsarmy4 dias atrás

    How to audtion for that? I want them to cook my dish also

  23. Emily Draws

    Emily Draws4 dias atrás

    I watch this one and the witch one repeatedly just because Rie won them!

  24. Lucy Stewart

    Lucy Stewart4 dias atrás

    Does Alix just look up puns for each weeks theme???

  25. Snoopy Female

    Snoopy Female5 dias atrás

    That scream was so cute

  26. Dino Stuff

    Dino Stuff5 dias atrás

    7:45 Rie looks like she doesnt care that her friend disapear

  27. _xXgalaxygraceXx _

    _xXgalaxygraceXx _5 dias atrás

    11:20 me when I get at least more than 50% on my math test

  28. Thea de Marco

    Thea de Marco6 dias atrás

    who else hates rie

  29. DarkFirestar13

    DarkFirestar136 dias atrás

    What is this thing on the top?! Looks like someone pooped in it. ...went to the toilet and puked (jk) but also funny and gross

  30. Breadsticks

    Breadsticks6 dias atrás

    Alix: easy peasy Rie: lemon squesy Me: Alix’s puns have made a difference in her life! ☺️☺️

  31. Catpuccino

    Catpuccino7 dias atrás

    5:21 "Her voice tho!"

  32. Gacha Playz

    Gacha Playz7 dias atrás

    Me: Watching this Closer Mom: Juilet Come here please Me: Still Watching Mom: JULIET GET YOUR BUTT HERE

  33. melany rivas

    melany rivas7 dias atrás

    I while like to do it

  34. Ingrid Olson

    Ingrid Olson7 dias atrás

    12:24 what is this look? it looks just pain or losing this episode of I draw you cook

  35. Keena TheUnicorn

    Keena TheUnicorn8 dias atrás

    That kid just got out of the mental hospital 🤣🤣😂😂

  36. Keena TheUnicorn

    Keena TheUnicorn8 dias atrás

    Rie - Star shaped sandwich Rie also - Steak shaped pancake👏👏

  37. Leila Mangos

    Leila Mangos8 dias atrás

    5:55 I love Alix's little scream

  38. GamerGoddess

    GamerGoddess8 dias atrás

    This child was kinda annoying🤣

  39. Gacha_Vibes

    Gacha_Vibes10 dias atrás

    1:31 “What does it taste like?” “Powerful.” Me: *Give her some alcohol.* 😂

  40. INGSOC

    INGSOC10 dias atrás

    I could listen to Alix's puns all day!!

  41. Sandeep Dubey

    Sandeep Dubey11 dias atrás

    Girl:looks like poop Meh:spits drink out

  42. Top Ramen HH

    Top Ramen HH11 dias atrás

    How come Alix’s voice always sounds like she’s losing it lol

  43. Lacey Corona

    Lacey Corona11 dias atrás

    Me while watching this: Rie please don’t add alcohol!! 😂😂

  44. r o s e

    r o s e11 dias atrás

    I think Linden was one of the nicer kids Tbh

  45. Meme and me Mememe

    Meme and me Mememe11 dias atrás

    Powerful would be SUGAR for me

  46. Khalil Jaboori

    Khalil Jaboori12 dias atrás


  47. spooniescout B

    spooniescout B13 dias atrás

    I love how supportive they are of each other

  48. Kuba Maliszewski

    Kuba Maliszewski13 dias atrás

    No offence to her mom but shes kinda rude 🤐🤐

  49. nur sella

    nur sella14 dias atrás

    i love this video soo muchhhh funnnnn LOL >

  50. nur sella

    nur sella14 dias atrás

    LOL >< the way alix did separate each color and she completely did it

  51. harpal singh

    harpal singh14 dias atrás

    there should be a teenage version

  52. Division Vlog S

    Division Vlog S14 dias atrás

    I still think Rie’s the best chef

  53. Aquamaster Jawesome

    Aquamaster Jawesome14 dias atrás

    ALIX:DING RIE:”i dont care”

  54. Selina I dab on haters

    Selina I dab on haters14 dias atrás


  55. Selina I dab on haters

    Selina I dab on haters14 dias atrás

    First I think lol

  56. Selina I dab on haters

    Selina I dab on haters14 dias atrás


  57. Simply Ari

    Simply Ari14 dias atrás

    This lil girl loves to dance lol

  58. Christine Agustin

    Christine Agustin15 dias atrás

    0:28 in sync

  59. ill change this later

    ill change this later15 dias atrás

    Kid: Powerfull Me:Cocktail, wine, beer

  60. Nyla Alphonse

    Nyla Alphonse15 dias atrás

    Look like some one Poo in it😂😂

  61. Emily is your girl

    Emily is your girl16 dias atrás

    i wish my mom was a them...;-;