Can You Understand These Backwards Phrases? (GAME)


  1. Emma Tube

    Emma Tube8 horas atrás

    Balala 😂😂

  2. Gale Eone

    Gale Eone11 horas atrás

    i like rhetts hair like this js!

  3. Nicki de Roo

    Nicki de RooDia atrás

    I love the faces link makes😂😂

  4. Emily Fogerty

    Emily Fogerty3 dias atrás

    Now they have to redo "My Hair Goes..." because Rhett's hair goes down and Link's goes up

  5. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth7 dias atrás


  6. Plippy :p

    Plippy :p12 dias atrás

    rhett hair should be style like that

  7. shakyra brown

    shakyra brown15 dias atrás

    rhett with messy hair is brarb needing a haircut

  8. Zoe Pool

    Zoe Pool15 dias atrás

    I like your b o o t s

  9. Colin Jaeger

    Colin Jaeger15 dias atrás

    On the last one, I got "Pa, answer me, you mud vacuum" or moodevsna muy mrevzna hop

  10. Destinee Dockhorn

    Destinee Dockhorn16 dias atrás

    4:15 Link is Cardi B

  11. Natalie Adkins

    Natalie Adkins16 dias atrás

    This is no fair... I'm dyslexic

  12. Misty Vermillion

    Misty Vermillion16 dias atrás

    Somebody please photoshop Rhett into that picture of Charlie Day at that one board, you know the one.

  13. Zach

    Zach17 dias atrás

    4:26 I love Rhett's Arumshamum

  14. Monica

    Monica18 dias atrás

    Rhett. That hair. 👏👏👏 Please keep it like that!

  15. Maddie K

    Maddie K18 dias atrás

    Yo I got all of these right that's crazy

  16. Maddy Hamilton

    Maddy Hamilton18 dias atrás

    4:10 cardi

  17. Hagan Benson

    Hagan Benson18 dias atrás

    Rhett genuinely liked that hairstyle on him.

  18. Skylarloveesyouu M

    Skylarloveesyouu M18 dias atrás

    soon rhett won’t need the wig for damnyell and richard 😂

  19. Katelyn Pickett

    Katelyn Pickett19 dias atrás

    2:44 Link fr turned into Waluigi

  20. Alex Wroe

    Alex Wroe19 dias atrás

    Know what's a blast? Record yourself saying a short phrase and reverse it. Study it and learn how to say it backwards (a few replays usually). Then record yourself pronouncing backwards. Reverse that recording and see how close you got.

  21. Alex Wroe

    Alex Wroe19 dias atrás

    snapchat lends itself well to doing this

  22. Dave Abrams Gaming

    Dave Abrams Gaming20 dias atrás

    this is alot harder than it appears

  23. Christian Orgel

    Christian Orgel20 dias atrás

    The looks on their faces trying to solve these😀🤣

  24. Tom Tom

    Tom Tom20 dias atrás

    2:57 when your grandad malfunctions

  25. Kellie Cronogue

    Kellie Cronogue20 dias atrás

    For the second one I heard "Is Aunt Debbie a woman?" ...not even backwards or anything, that's just what I heard 😂

  26. Dietrich Kelley

    Dietrich Kelley20 dias atrás

    I L😍VE Rhetts hair like this! He looks DAMNGOOD

  27. Niloofar Alavi

    Niloofar Alavi21 dia atrás

    This is exactly how i feel in calculus

  28. Stupid Muffinz

    Stupid Muffinz21 dia atrás

    Rhett's glorious mane

  29. Kshitij Jagadish

    Kshitij Jagadish21 dia atrás

    Rhett will look good with a pony

  30. Teodora M

    Teodora M21 dia atrás

    This is a dangerous episode to watch in public transport. Could barely contain my laughter

  31. Steph Mulley

    Steph Mulley22 dias atrás

    I miss Richard

  32. Nothing to see here

    Nothing to see here22 dias atrás

    It look looks like rhett and link pulled the uno reverse card on each other with hair styles

  33. M & M

    M & M22 dias atrás

    Is anyone else laughing so hard 😂😂😂

  34. AngelaMarie1995

    AngelaMarie199522 dias atrás

    Rhett is looking more and more like Forrest Gump at the end of his running

  35. sunflower urie

    sunflower urie22 dias atrás

    rhett looks like a lion

  36. Jessie Dahl

    Jessie Dahl22 dias atrás

    Rhett looks like that dude from jethro tull👍

  37. Blueberryymuffin

    Blueberryymuffin22 dias atrás

    I like your boots

  38. Blueberryymuffin

    Blueberryymuffin22 dias atrás

    Rhett looks like he’s growing a Richard.

  39. Neil

    Neil22 dias atrás

    And here I thought I was learning mandarin. I think my instructor is just speaking backwards.

  40. GrumpyFinch

    GrumpyFinch22 dias atrás

    Rhett you fine but you had sexy Josh Homme hair once upon a time.

  41. BatmanJesus 4444

    BatmanJesus 444422 dias atrás

    Rhett became Damyell

  42. Mr. Spybot

    Mr. Spybot23 dias atrás

    Love You I.

  43. Ivy Mann

    Ivy Mann23 dias atrás

    Do a Rhett straightened hair vlog or vid!!

  44. Marsoon Copper

    Marsoon Copper23 dias atrás

    On the last one I thought he said “ let me see Tin in your sock”

  45. cody kling

    cody kling23 dias atrás

    I miss when you guys would just talk about random topics instead of doing games everyday

  46. Elisabeth Kohrman

    Elisabeth Kohrman24 dias atrás

    Rhett: Me doing Alg. 1 6:53, 7:43


    DYLAN KOCH - STUDENT24 dias atrás

    I was born to solve these

  48. Mrbink01

    Mrbink0124 dias atrás

    Am I the only one that thinks Rhett looks ridiculous?

  49. hi_imcai _

    hi_imcai _24 dias atrás

    *i like your boots war flashbacks*

  50. Annabel Morris

    Annabel Morris24 dias atrás

    Link's facial expressions are literally me. 😂😂😂

  51. Mrbink01

    Mrbink0124 dias atrás

    Link, "It ends in a B" Rhett, "It ends in an M" Link, "Oh yeah"

  52. Lexi Pearce

    Lexi Pearce24 dias atrás

    Chase really just looked like he was speaking thai

  53. Sakred

    Sakred24 dias atrás

    They should put "yvan eht nioj" (join the navy) see if they'd figure that's was from the Simpson's..

  54. Leah Rose

    Leah Rose24 dias atrás

    I love Rhett’s hair

  55. Marsonthagenie

    Marsonthagenie24 dias atrás

    His hair looks like an totally upgraded Anthony padia

  56. madison twede

    madison twede24 dias atrás

    @4:09 link turns into Cardi B.

  57. Kyndrael

    Kyndrael24 dias atrás

    I tried to play the last phrase and got "Poison Runs in Venom." No sense yet somehow close-ish.

  58. Chance Shadow

    Chance Shadow24 dias atrás

    I like your boots

  59. Michelle Burlingame

    Michelle Burlingame24 dias atrás

    Rhetts hair goes down now. 😂

  60. Dilon Bennett

    Dilon Bennett24 dias atrás

    Rhett brother you need a haircut lol

  61. Brad Van

    Brad Van24 dias atrás

    Chase’s hair tho? 🤔 Did I miss something?