Carpool Gone VERY Wrong!


  1. Studio C

    Studio C8 dias atrás

    What’s the most random thing you like to horde?

  2. Salone The House chicken

    Salone The House chickenDia atrás

    Beanie Boos!! I have 247 of them, and not a single beanie baby! I've spent around 1,150$ on them

  3. Well actually yeah that's about right

    Well actually yeah that's about rightDia atrás

    I have an absurd amount of cheap inkless pens and eraserless pencils

  4. Holly Hummingbirdriver

    Holly HummingbirdriverDia atrás

    Studio C Breyers

  5. Hyrum Lowry

    Hyrum Lowry2 dias atrás


  6. Mike Pulsipher

    Mike Pulsipher4 dias atrás

    Cats 🐈😹

  7. Rut Martin

    Rut MartinHora atrás

    Wait isn’t that the israel covenant thing?

  8. Fredegar Bolger

    Fredegar Bolger11 horas atrás

    Steven: Planning on canoeing? -it's a kayak

  9. FandomGurl 4Ever

    FandomGurl 4Ever21 hora atrás

    1:30 my mood after season 6

  10. Cole Pappadakis

    Cole PappadakisDia atrás

    I found a nasty troll doll once in a used car my parents had just boughtI threw it away it was disgusting

  11. Pizza Queen Charlie

    Pizza Queen CharlieDia atrás


  12. xXWhite VansXx

    xXWhite VansXxDia atrás

    That is an accurate deposition of how my car looks

  13. Vanessa Corby-Harris

    Vanessa Corby-Harris2 dias atrás

    I found a half of a burger in my car

  14. Skinny rock 1

    Skinny rock 12 dias atrás

    I died at Elvis

  15. Evannie Smith

    Evannie Smith2 dias atrás


  16. the sisters

    the sisters2 dias atrás

    Why isn't James in more sketches

  17. Sky Kitt

    Sky Kitt2 dias atrás

    Whenever I ride in my friend's car I always find pants in the back seat.

  18. Avengers Assemble please

    Avengers Assemble please2 dias atrás

    Jason was really enjoying himself at the end there 😂

  19. the sisters

    the sisters3 dias atrás

    Lol I have seen people with cars like this

  20. Cade Rippee

    Cade Rippee3 dias atrás

    *Pulls out lightsaber “I don’t know how to turn this thing off” *Turns lightsaber off

  21. Andrew Orton

    Andrew Orton3 dias atrás

    Mary Poppins’ bag

  22. Owen Schoenfeld

    Owen Schoenfeld3 dias atrás

    nothing actually except this wierd bag in the back of my parents car

  23. HomelessGuy

    HomelessGuy3 dias atrás

    Just burn the whole CARRRRR!!!!

  24. Tiki The Caique

    Tiki The Caique3 dias atrás

    The strangest thing I’ve found in a car? A moldy potato.

  25. Samantha Kirby

    Samantha Kirby3 dias atrás

    Had a friend just like this in college. She had two bicycles in the back that'd been there for two months plus a couple dozen water bottles. It was packed with stuff

  26. Elise Eng

    Elise Eng4 dias atrás

    2:18 Is that... the ark of the covenant???

  27. Mike Pulsipher

    Mike Pulsipher4 dias atrás


  28. dana sevy

    dana sevy4 dias atrás

    yes!!!!!!! Do this and you'll win the contest!

  29. Isabella Fockler

    Isabella Fockler4 dias atrás

    Indiana Jones!! I laughed so hard

  30. Marriam Dean

    Marriam Dean4 dias atrás

    When u realise Studio C kind of copied this video from College Humor

  31. JonTheBon

    JonTheBon4 dias atrás

    I have an idea for a sketch So its all about James being very down because his girlfriend dumped him and he lost his job, matt and stacey walks into the room where James is weeping and stacey says he has the situation under control. Turns out he does not, he tries to inspire him with improvised quotes but he fails miserably. Matt stops stacey, and tells James this incredible well thought quote but James just stares at him disgusted. Jeremy then walks in and tells him the worst possible quote ever imagined and James is miraculously feeling better. I have a basic script thing but your allowed to changed the quotes if you'd like. Matt and Stacey walks into room Matt: Hey, James what's wrong? James: I got dumped by my gf, AND lost my job. Stacey to Matt: Here, I got this. Stacey to James: You know James, life is like an hourglass. Matt nods slowly Stacey: You can never escape lifes problems. Matt whispers to himself: what? Stacey: uh, okay okay. James, life is like rockclimbing, there is a good chance you fall and die. Matt whispers to stacey: dude Stacey to Matt: no no, watch this. Stacey to James: Life is like a road. Matt whispers: yes Stacey: that is broken. Matt whispers: nooo Stacey: uhm, BUT you can rebuild it! Matt looks up to stacey with hope Stacey: but you can't because you don't have the materials. Matt groans Stacey: okay, this is the one. Life is like the eiffel tower, you can reach the top. But you can't because it's too far away and you would never be able to afford it. Matt: Ok, no. James Matt says something long and inspirational, and put a ton of effort into it. James stays silent with a disgusted face Matt: You don't really look impressed. Okay Jeremy walks in Jeremy: guys, were on in- Jeremy: oh, James. You know, life is like the ocean. Jeremy to Matt and Stacey loud enough that James can hear: there is so many deadly creatures down there. Jeremy tells them a bunch of scary un-inspirational facts about the ocean. James: wow James: that was beautiful, so inspirational. James and Jeremy walks out talking and laughing Matt and Stacey looks at eachother very confused. Jeremy: yea, were on in.. Now. Matt and stacey is shocked Matt: What?!

  32. Shirley Scarbrough

    Shirley Scarbrough4 dias atrás

    Strangest thing I ever found on my car was a dead snake. It was under the windshield wipers. I know it wasn't inside, but still.

  33. Clayton Blevins

    Clayton Blevins4 dias atrás

    “Come here little golden mama”😂


    FREELANCERBLOOD4 dias atrás

    one time i found a bottle of eggnog in my friends car in july

  35. Luna Love

    Luna Love4 dias atrás

    The most ramdom (random can´t spell) thing I found under my bed was a pool of slime I did not even make??? cousins

  36. Tye dye pandas!

    Tye dye pandas!4 dias atrás

    elvis presley is my cousin

  37. Jenna Siek

    Jenna Siek4 dias atrás

    I think every Homeschooler can relate to this...

  38. Shirah Shimunov

    Shirah Shimunov4 dias atrás

    That thing that turned Elvis Presley and the other guy to bone is the ארון הקודש in English means the holy ark it holes the 2 tablets first one the broken one and the second the one moses wrote for the Jewish people the location of the holy ark is unknown but it will be found when Mashiah comes (redemption for the Jewish people) I am Jewish learned this all in a Jewish school

  39. sleepylizard97

    sleepylizard974 dias atrás

    This is why I don’t let people carpool with me.... I can marinate in my filth alone thank you very much 😅

  40. Joshy Wonders

    Joshy Wonders4 dias atrás

    You guys should make another part of Kyle or Angela (if u remember)

  41. Luna Wolf

    Luna Wolf4 dias atrás

    a skeleton hanging from a noose I like

  42. DasaniOfficial YouTubeAccount*

    DasaniOfficial YouTubeAccount*5 dias atrás

    We actually put our secret recipe for Dasani in there. Good luck finding it! We sponsored this ;). Also, did anyone else hear this sketch at their live reading?

  43. dmkccR2ventureMade

    dmkccR2ventureMade5 dias atrás

    Oh my word that was Funny!!:-)

  44. Richardlord

    Richardlord5 dias atrás

    “I feel like I should just leave but at this point I just can’t look away.” Me at 3:00 In the morning on BRreporter.

  45. IAmAZygote

    IAmAZygote5 dias atrás

    Always funny, but I was hoping this was the Pride and Prejudice one. I hope that gets posted soon!!

  46. Itz Alexander

    Itz Alexander5 dias atrás

    {\_/} ( •.•) / >🍉 Does anyone want watermelon

  47. Lundqvist 30

    Lundqvist 305 dias atrás

    Mom: this car is a mess we need to clean it Me: Let me you show you a video

  48. Lundqvist 30

    Lundqvist 305 dias atrás

    I don’t get what’s so messy about the car I have the exact same stuff in mine. Waaaiiit

  49. ibillisticsheep

    ibillisticsheep5 dias atrás

    2:27 my reaction when seeing BRreporter rewind 2019

  50. ibillisticsheep

    ibillisticsheep4 dias atrás

    KaePlayz that meant a lot. ty! 😊

  51. KaePlayz

    KaePlayz5 dias atrás

    Underrated comment ... Same!!!

  52. Matty Berenblut

    Matty Berenblut5 dias atrás

    *hoard... No you.

  53. Griff Lloyd

    Griff Lloyd5 dias atrás

    this is awesome

  54. Nate Christensen

    Nate Christensen5 dias atrás

    That's like Mary Poppins bag!

  55. Jonathan Raveloharimisy

    Jonathan Raveloharimisy5 dias atrás

    My favorite character is Matt They are so funny I can't hate anyone

  56. Jonathan Raveloharimisy

    Jonathan Raveloharimisy5 dias atrás

    I love Studio C

  57. Maddie corn

    Maddie corn5 dias atrás

    How come there are no gay ones, it is pride month and I’ve never seen a gay one?? It shouldn’t be to hard I mean you guys have done sketches with mixing couples so it would basically be like that but with two guys or two girls or anything else. Can’t you do a pride sketch??

  58. Aryn Tharp

    Aryn Tharp5 dias atrás

    ha ha ha I feel like I should just leave but at this point I just can't look away!

  59. Anne Lilly

    Anne Lilly5 dias atrás

    Um that was a kayak not a canoe stop offending my kind, Stephen.

  60. Mackenzie Campbell

    Mackenzie Campbell5 dias atrás

    I mean sketch

  61. Mackenzie Campbell

    Mackenzie Campbell5 dias atrás

    Can y’all do a scratch about girls camp?

  62. Natalie Mitts

    Natalie Mitts5 dias atrás

    a toenail

  63. Awesome Kai #1

    Awesome Kai #15 dias atrás

    I found a huge black spider

  64. Thomas Da Dank Engine

    Thomas Da Dank Engine5 dias atrás

    that's a kayak

  65. Caleb Curtis

    Caleb Curtis6 dias atrás

    i meet her in real life

  66. ranboy mcsprint

    ranboy mcsprint6 dias atrás

    Will we ever find out what happand to two guy on a scooter??

  67. Lego James

    Lego James6 dias atrás

    This video is so relateable to me

  68. Morgan And Grace

    Morgan And Grace6 dias atrás


  69. saile zednanreh

    saile zednanreh6 dias atrás

    Halarious This VID was making me really hard XD

  70. Vanessa Kaiser

    Vanessa Kaiser6 dias atrás

    Knives, I have like a lot of them

  71. Firestorm of Lionclan

    Firestorm of Lionclan6 dias atrás


  72. Firiel

    Firiel6 dias atrás

    I'm angry I been called out

  73. Joe

    Joe6 dias atrás

    I saw Jeremey at an R@R barbecue last Thursday hello Jeremey

  74. Bella's Vlogs

    Bella's Vlogs6 dias atrás

    did anyone else see that they are having a new cast in fall what about all the classic characters like Matt and Jason.what about all the rumors with Mattory i need my drama.well whatever the new cast is like i'm really going to miss the origanal cast.they deserve evreything and more.I'll always love you Studio C ):

  75. Piper A

    Piper A6 dias atrás

    getting a ride home from soccer with one of your friend's soccer mom be like

  76. GamingWithBluerex _

    GamingWithBluerex _6 dias atrás

    HOW MUCH ROOM DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!????!??.

  77. Lime Diamond

    Lime Diamond6 dias atrás

    R.I.P. physics

  78. Fifaawesomepants

    Fifaawesomepants6 dias atrás

    One time I found a toe in a car, but it turns out that it was just a cheeto with the powder licked off

  79. dbzmaster1213

    dbzmaster12136 dias atrás

    Super funny but what is with the title? It doesn't fit at all.

  80. cause I can

    cause I can6 dias atrás

    Hi I’m looking for a friend named quinten if you read this quinten then reply and monstarx4life please like this others so my friend can see it

  81. Dolphin Dreamer

    Dolphin Dreamer6 dias atrás

    Two guys...... On a scooter..... ONE OF THEMS A GIRL!!! Who else thought of that at the end?

  82. Anthony

    Anthony6 dias atrás

    2:27 my dad’s car is almost as bad.😏 he usually has a gigantic printer in the front seat and a buncha papers and jalapeño seeds scattered in the back 😆

  83. Maddie Fishblob

    Maddie Fishblob6 dias atrás

    2:27 my dad’s car is almost as bad 😏 he usually has a gigantic printer in the front seat and a buncha papers and jalapeño seeds scattered in the back😆

  84. Sara Thomas

    Sara Thomas6 dias atrás

    Wait! Was that the Ark of the Covenant?!? 🤣🤣🤣

  85. Sara Thomas

    Sara Thomas6 dias atrás

    "I feel like I should leave but at this point I just can't look away." 😂

  86. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi6 dias atrás

    Pass me that lightsaber, I know how to turn it off.

  87. KaePlayz

    KaePlayz5 dias atrás


  88. Raymond McGee

    Raymond McGee6 dias atrás

    Somewhere in the back row, there is Jimmy Hoffa and a kitchen sink.😋

  89. Talented Homeschoolers

    Talented Homeschoolers6 dias atrás

    Stephen, you doofus, that's a KAYAK not a canoe! It's called KAYAKING!! Not canoeing!!! :)

  90. Enral

    Enral7 dias atrás

    I died at the Ark of the Covenant.

  91. Quinn Ronnenberg

    Quinn Ronnenberg7 dias atrás

    2:50 Two Guys On a Scooter: The Sequel

  92. Maddie Jorgensen

    Maddie Jorgensen7 dias atrás

    Why has Jason never been Elvis before?!

  93. Joy Belle

    Joy Belle7 dias atrás


  94. Noah Kungel

    Noah Kungel7 dias atrás

    Highly disappointed, definitely should've pulled out a nuke

  95. CartoonCat

    CartoonCat7 dias atrás

    Is her glove compartment Pandora's box?

  96. Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs

    Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs7 dias atrás

    My daughter's car lol.

  97. Victor Pham

    Victor Pham7 dias atrás

    bad sketch. Was too long. Lost interests after 1 minute of the same thing.

  98. Mc cord fake

    Mc cord fake7 dias atrás

    Mary popes

  99. Dr. Seymour Sexe

    Dr. Seymour Sexe7 dias atrás

    Very funny. I laughed out loud.

  100. ZB2006YT

    ZB2006YT7 dias atrás

    After not watching studio c for a year i get it reccomended

  101. SallyPurpleYT

    SallyPurpleYT7 dias atrás

    This went weird really fast

  102. Kirk Evans

    Kirk Evans7 dias atrás


  103. Addison Brownell

    Addison Brownell7 dias atrás

    The weirdest thing I found in a car is a toy jurnol 😊

  104. Maxwell Taylor

    Maxwell Taylor7 dias atrás

    Her van is like the couch people!

  105. Elijah Kruse

    Elijah Kruse7 dias atrás

    no radio... got Elvis

  106. MindlessDarklings

    MindlessDarklings7 dias atrás

    At first I thought this was going to be a copy of college humour’s sketch but no the rest of it proved me wrong nice vid

  107. Corrine Rosbury

    Corrine Rosbury7 dias atrás

    Mary Poppins' bag... The car

  108. Misty Wiley

    Misty Wiley7 dias atrás

    2:18 Uhhh.. What'd she say??