Cast - ZOMBIES - Fired Up (From "ZOMBIES")


  1. Samantha Nance

    Samantha Nance16 segundos atrás

    Whoever wants to try out for yourself

  2. Samantha Nance

    Samantha Nance45 segundos atrás

    Smiling at me stupid

  3. Bella Sunny

    Bella Sunny17 minutos atrás

    OK are you watching this in 2019 OK I guess I’m the only one🤣🤣

  4. Canal Infantil

    Canal InfantilHora atrás

    me : I CANT DO A CARWHEEL Edit : so many comentaries

  5. Georgina Vernon

    Georgina Vernon6 horas atrás

    I love number 23

  6. Arfistic Wolf

    Arfistic Wolf9 horas atrás

    Me: *I WANNA BE A ARTIST WHEN I GROW UP!* Teacher: *2:26*

  7. yanira santiago

    yanira santiago15 horas atrás

    I wish i be popular like them and do no homework and no learning and bully people in my classroom and 4th grade and i be popular

  8. It’s Yo gurl Skylie

    It’s Yo gurl Skylie15 horas atrás

    Who’s dove Cameron :>

  9. Amy Church

    Amy Church19 horas atrás

    I like this Zombie music

  10. Shanaya Vandewinkel

    Shanaya Vandewinkel21 hora atrás

    Je bent slegt

  11. Simoen Kamlall

    Simoen KamlallDia atrás

    Love zombies

  12. cary Zhan

    cary ZhanDia atrás


  13. patterson dustin

    patterson dustinDia atrás

    Why are they practicing on a wood floor and how did all those people stay silent the whole time???????🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🧐

  14. Mallory Hrycyk

    Mallory HrycykDia atrás

    I like fired up

  15. Elika M

    Elika MDia atrás

    I don’t get how there making a second movie. What happens, the whole school turns into zombies? One movie was more than enough 🤦🏻‍♀️But I’m actually excited to see what they came up with lmao 😂

  16. Barbara Brown

    Barbara Brown2 dias atrás

    I’ wic your moving

  17. Veronica Hatton

    Veronica Hatton2 dias atrás

    Yikes I love thissss

  18. Azriq Ziqreen

    Azriq Ziqreen3 dias atrás

    I hate this song and movie

  19. Vivian Piscitella

    Vivian Piscitella3 dias atrás



    HOPE GOLUVEVA3 dias atrás

    i Dont like zombies 😠😤

  21. Gomez Family

    Gomez Family3 dias atrás


  22. Kennedy Ratcliff

    Kennedy Ratcliff3 dias atrás

    1:25 why so aggressive... ouch

  23. luca

    luca4 dias atrás

    This movie was ahead its time

  24. Zhuo Zhuang

    Zhuo Zhuang4 dias atrás

    He looks like mah gym teacher.......hmmmm

  25. Billie Gene Muniz

    Billie Gene Muniz4 dias atrás


  26. mai lee

    mai lee4 dias atrás

    I finally got a like but wait why is it blue?

  27. Katie Denise

    Katie Denise5 dias atrás

    Bucky Is rude.😡🤬

  28. ankita 317

    ankita 3175 dias atrás

    Man the tricks are crazy

  29. Carla Juarez

    Carla Juarez5 dias atrás

    2019????? Like

  30. H R

    H R5 dias atrás

    2:17 was kinda funny but cool!

  31. H R

    H R5 dias atrás

    Omg I love this song! We’re fired up we’re fired up! Yay

  32. H R

    H R5 dias atrás

    Omg this was my group dance song! Love this song I liked it! 👍

  33. Cryptic

    Cryptic6 dias atrás

    Repost if... -You always hear your name even when if it's not being called. -You hate hearing your voice in recordings. -You use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called. -You pretend you're writing in class so the teacher won't call on you. -You say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next. -You and your best friend can say one word and crack up. -You hate it when one of your hoodie strings is longer than the other. -You hate it when someone thinks you like someone when you clearly don't. -You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in the driveway. -You feel like if you turn on the lights, you'll be safe from anything. -You push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks. -You love it when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice and you both start laughing.

  34. Makenna Petrusek

    Makenna Petrusek6 dias atrás

    I don’t even know how I got here I don’t even watch this stuff anymore

  35. Ann Bullock

    Ann Bullock7 dias atrás

    All these cheerleaders doing these moves While I cannot even leave my bed

  36. Lois Daniah Tamayo

    Lois Daniah Tamayo7 dias atrás

    S useggrrggggg ggggergu

  37. Quyen Do Thi

    Quyen Do Thi7 dias atrás

    are 37 and 2 are twins?

  38. Kalid Alanis

    Kalid Alanis7 dias atrás


  39. Alpha Williams

    Alpha Williams7 dias atrás

    😁😁😁😁😊😊👏👏👏✌✌✌👌 👐👍👍👍

  40. Alpha Williams

    Alpha Williams7 dias atrás

    I do not want to leave this music

  41. Carlos edwin Chinchay morales

    Carlos edwin Chinchay morales7 dias atrás

  42. Marvel Fan girl

    Marvel Fan girl7 dias atrás

    This watching this movie it was kinda stupid because Bucky was looking for people who do cheer perfect well no one perfect we make mistakes

  43. Suelen Gassa

    Suelen Gassa7 dias atrás

    I just watched this movie because of Trevor 😂 love him since TNS

  44. Alexandra Pham

    Alexandra Pham8 dias atrás

    I've Watched This Like 20 Times Lol Like This If This Is Ur Fav Movie | |

  45. Andrea Sweeney

    Andrea Sweeney8 dias atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂 love you and I Will you have a good time

  46. R- designs

    R- designs8 dias atrás

    el es muy malo

  47. R- designs

    R- designs8 dias atrás


  48. coby white

    coby white8 dias atrás

    Can't go straight l,watches:0

  49. Rufiel Blanco

    Rufiel Blanco9 dias atrás

    I hate this because the 3 assistants of the cheerdance leader even him are such bullshits. And son of a god damn dog bitches

  50. Sorrow Soul

    Sorrow Soul9 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice that the guy that got kicked out with the 1 on him amd then had a disguise is now the spotter at 1:26 then next to Bucky at 1:54? Also, #10 is back at 1:37. I've watched the video a little to much.

  51. isabella Ackenback

    isabella Ackenback9 dias atrás


  52. Leah J Whitaker

    Leah J Whitaker9 dias atrás

    This was a good movie

  53. Sandra Chaves

    Sandra Chaves9 dias atrás

    Minuto 01:3 Buckley bota los pompompones y no se ven

  54. 이동혁

    이동혁9 dias atrás

    대한민국 에도 이영화 출시하면 좋겠다

  55. Miss Deadly

    Miss Deadly9 dias atrás

    Who nows james from the next step ?

  56. Emily Moxham

    Emily Moxham10 dias atrás

    Why is John Laurens in this?

  57. Jessica Caballero

    Jessica Caballero10 dias atrás

    I love this movi

  58. Hyppoopootamus Cranberry

    Hyppoopootamus Cranberry10 dias atrás

    is that sasha from backstage 😮

  59. Hailey

    Hailey10 dias atrás

    the do cartwheels,and everything. me:eating chips in bed.......lonely.......listening to this......trying to do it but....instead i fall.....and i just eat my chips////

  60. Vivian Garcia

    Vivian Garcia10 dias atrás


  61. Vivian Garcia

    Vivian Garcia10 dias atrás

    My nam is Ruby Bie

  62. Eliza Lima

    Eliza Lima10 dias atrás

    Eu amo esta musica😘