Caveman Hot Chocolate Taste Test


  1. TwinTalk with Chloe and Marli

    TwinTalk with Chloe and MarliMês atrás

    Hi! This is Chloe! That's my sister and I! Rhett and Link we're awesome and the whole crew we're so nice! Thank you all for all the positive comments❤️ We would love to be on their show again! ( If they would have us!!)😂😂

  2. Devvo0z

    Devvo0zMês atrás

    @Skitzy you dont have to be aggressive. They were asking because they're in make-a-wish.

  3. Katelyn Ward

    Katelyn WardMês atrás

    You guys did great

  4. Moonbot 7

    Moonbot 7Mês atrás

    You two did great! My new favorite guests!

  5. TwinTalk with Chloe and Marli

    TwinTalk with Chloe and MarliMês atrás

    We started a BRreporter posts yet...soon though!

  6. Skitzy

    SkitzyMês atrás

    @EK89 What's wrong with YOU?.

  7. Weird drawer Girl_pride

    Weird drawer Girl_pride13 dias atrás

    These girls are amazing!

  8. Jazlynn Hinkey

    Jazlynn Hinkey15 dias atrás

    Are they related?

  9. Rebekah Miller

    Rebekah Miller29 dias atrás

    I wanna know more about the twins. Why are they on Make A Wish? Are they dying? .... seriously, what's up?

  10. Koda jablonski

    Koda jablonskiMês atrás

    Michigan friends! Yay!

  11. ben kirkland

    ben kirklandMês atrás

    My coconuts ain’t fake.! Lol

  12. Abigail Snyder

    Abigail SnyderMês atrás

    Ultimate dads of the Internet. ❤️

  13. 2js -

    2js -Mês atrás

    I like how the girls are just *hyper focused* on drinking that chocolate. Srsly, at 6:04 they're literally swapping the bowl back and forth. It's hilarious to me.

  14. Kaiden Hunt

    Kaiden HuntMês atrás

    Lol rhett “somebody google it” so 2019

  15. MaxLPQueen

    MaxLPQueenMês atrás

    "There's no way this is real" *Proceeds to feed the other twin the coconut* XD This episode was great.

  16. Alaideeer

    AlaideeerMês atrás

    Great video, I want to try that chocolate now. Loved the twins ❤️

  17. Bob Kaplan

    Bob KaplanMês atrás

    Best Good Mythical More ever!

  18. Vaski the Insane

    Vaski the InsaneMês atrás

    This was the wholesome content that I thrive on! Great content guys! Loved the guests, so charming!

  19. S. R.

    S. R.Mês atrás

    These two girls were so lovable. Great episode!

  20. moriah

    moriahMês atrás

    Rhett trying hard to not mis-gender the merchicality kid lmfao.

  21. Nicola Wildflower

    Nicola WildflowerMês atrás

    The girls are so cute! Looks like they all had a lot of fun. :)

  22. Lincoln Curry

    Lincoln CurryMês atrás

    for the experiment

  23. TheCoolTable

    TheCoolTableMês atrás

    Did Link just tell two Make-a-Wish kids that they might have a future on the internet? Bruh...

  24. Keallei

    KealleiMês atrás

    TheCoolTable yup. You don’t have to be dying to be on it.

  25. Victoria Walker

    Victoria WalkerMês atrás

    Rhett is right, Kirkland’s is a home decor store! They’re really popular in the South.

  26. AidentSnyder

    AidentSnyderMês atrás

    My mom loves Kirkland's 😂

  27. ArtificiallyFlavord

    ArtificiallyFlavordMês atrás

    LOL "You have a future in this" THEY'RE MAKE-A-WISH KIDS LINK, JEEZ

  28. naomie adair

    naomie adairMês atrás

    Am I the only one that felt awkward, when Link told the Make-A-Wish kids that they have a future in the industry??😬😬

  29. Keallei

    KealleiMês atrás

    naomie adair I didn’t. You don’t have to be dying to be on Make a Wish.

  30. Wilson Evans

    Wilson EvansMês atrás

    I was about to say there’s no way they aren’t related

  31. Joe Moody

    Joe MoodyMês atrás

    Kirklands hickory NC mall sells nick nacks and decorative stuff

  32. felicia dannielle

    felicia dannielleMês atrás

    You guys have been doing "will it chocolate", but I think the real mythical question is "will it milk". You can put chocolate and/or strawberries in milk. What else will milk?

  33. J

    JMês atrás

    They've done will it milk before

  34. Guitarate

    GuitarateMês atrás

    How much extra work does it take to get 3 halves of a coconut.

  35. Sikstene 16

    Sikstene 16Mês atrás

    I have a Kirkland's in my city at the mall.

  36. Emily Cooper

    Emily CooperMês atrás

    I loved this

  37. Mike B

    Mike BMês atrás

    Yes KIRKLANDS Home store

  38. Danasia Summers

    Danasia SummersMês atrás

    so was the coconut real or fake idk

  39. Keallei

    KealleiMês atrás

    Danasia Summers it was real. I wish they kept rolling!

  40. Fidel Guevara

    Fidel GuevaraMês atrás

    awwwww link is so kind to the kids. rhet seems pretty cold and uncaring.

  41. J

    JMês atrás

    @Fidel Guevara you watch the video again are you nuts, he talks to them a lot and starts joking with them right from the beginning asking them if they're related. I'm starting to believe some of you anti-Rhett people are straight up nuts.

  42. Fidel Guevara

    Fidel GuevaraMês atrás

    @J not at all. Rhett doesn't even look at them, talk to them or even really acknowledge them lol. Watch the video again.

  43. J

    JMês atrás

    It seems like you're really projecting.

  44. TheEpicAlpaca

    TheEpicAlpacaMês atrás

    Why do all youtubers who become popular become thinner over time

  45. Li Ghhh

    Li GhhhMês atrás


  46. Tamara Cubrilo

    Tamara CubriloMês atrás

    Amazing Kirkland sponsor girls, loved them

  47. Jessie Ann

    Jessie AnnMês atrás

    Yes, "COSCO" is where I get my "KIRKLAND" meeseeks box.

  48. Smellzke 209

    Smellzke 209Mês atrás


  49. zsantschi

    zsantschiMês atrás

    I never realized how glorious Rhett's hair is in the back.

  50. Kat Leedom

    Kat LeedomMês atrás

    Kirkland's is a home decor store.

  51. LaurenTiare

    LaurenTiareMês atrás

    Every time Rhett says Mitchigan, I get "Good Mitchical Morning" flashbacks from the Bleak Creek livestream lmao

  52. Genbu

    GenbuMês atrás

    "You guys have a future in this ind... Oh.."

  53. J

    JMês atrás

    They're not terminal not all make a wish kids are terminally ill.

  54. Jenna S

    Jenna SMês atrás

    This is awesome that they had the girls on their show!❤❤❤❤

  55. nonne finer

    nonne finerMês atrás

    I thought sausage cut your hair

  56. Decarlos rogers

    Decarlos rogersMês atrás

    He said y’all have a future in this 😔 I guess they haven’t told him what make a wish is

  57. J

    JMês atrás

    Apparently you're not fully aware of what make a wish is. You don't have to be dying to be a make a wish kid, you just have to have a serious illness. Many make a wish kids grow up and have full lives.

  58. Ron Woods

    Ron WoodsMês atrás

    2 girls 1 coconut

  59. Jax The Cat

    Jax The CatMês atrás

    Christmas is so close!!!

  60. Ma Jack

    Ma JackMês atrás

    Who can tell me that there are 230 thousand plays

  61. Madeline Mudd

    Madeline MuddMês atrás

    Kirklands is a real store!

  62. Jill Stephens

    Jill StephensMês atrás

    These are my beautiful daughters! Make-A-Wish, along with Rhett, Link and every single person they work with, went above and beyond to make this this such a special experience that we all will never forget. I can't express my gratitude enough to all of them! And thank you everyone for all the positive comments! I'm so happy that you can see just how amazing these two young ladies are and your support really does make a difference ❤

  63. TwinTalk with Chloe and Marli

    TwinTalk with Chloe and MarliMês atrás


  64. LittleRedHaired Girl

    LittleRedHaired GirlMês atrás

    Sweet girls ❤❤

  65. Touko White

    Touko WhiteMês atrás

    I'm convinced this is the coconut Sikowitz ate when he let Trina into Hollywood Arts

  66. FLO

    FLOMês atrás

    Every wish can be granted with chocolate.

  67. Dylan Dreisbach

    Dylan DreisbachMês atrás

    Make a wish is the happiest and depressing thing. It's a nice thing but you know the kids are not well.

  68. jed

    jedMês atrás

    All islanders watching this like. Fuhhhh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  69. Keallei

    KealleiMês atrás

    jed them definitely is real coconuts.

  70. oliver2341

    oliver2341Mês atrás

    You can always tell when someone isn’t used to being on screen or in front of a camera set up, they can never stop watching the monitors....

  71. Made Evan P

    Made Evan PMês atrás

    Is it like hot oxcholate in a way?

  72. Jax sobh

    Jax sobhMês atrás

    Link: You guys have a future in this industry

  73. Keallei

    KealleiMês atrás

    Jax sobh It’s possible. Not all of them are terminally sick.

  74. B4ND1C00T

    B4ND1C00TMês atrás

    Shes hot

  75. klgonz

    klgonzMês atrás

    1) I needa post with my GMM merch 2) I need to make a wish (not foundation) 3) Link told the Make-A-Wish girls that they have a future in BRreporter (Innocent until you think about it)

  76. Eryka No Badu

    Eryka No BaduMês atrás

    This is the scaredest/ most unbelieving I've seen Link EVER 😭😭

  77. Weretomas

    WeretomasMês atrás

    Accommodating two young ladies and still keeping it engaging and utterly kooky. You guys are a master of your craft!

  78. pubg mobile

    pubg mobileMês atrás