Cenk's Nephew Defeats Logic


  1. G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

    G.T.O. The Public Beta Test3 horas atrás

    Bro, with all due respect, this was rushed, and not up to your usual standards on a few fronts. Considering the way you articulated your feelings towards those who provide you content & feedback, I don’t know if you care what anyone has to say on anything, or if you’re even inclined to absorb this. I’ll try all the same. You do a great job exposing the truth as well as the truth about those who promulgate distortions, day by day, and expose some nasty, corrupt liars out there. You’re to be commended. But this is the first time I felt your ego enter the equation vs just a desire to tell the truth. It was disconcerting. That’s just scratching the surface, and I don’t mean to cause you grief, but based on what I’v seen before, this can be a harbinger of troubling changes, and you’re too important to fall shy of the example and standard you’ve set so far.

  2. R. Rodriguez

    R. Rodriguez8 horas atrás

    Do you think Cenk's nephew would have a problem with people looting his clothes and other possesions during a disaster? I'd be willing to see how long he can be understanding before calling the cops.

  3. Jyt

    Jyt11 horas atrás

    The fact that you only ever refer to Hasan Piker as "Cenks Nephew" is a big indicator of your bias. He's his own man, with his own ideas.

  4. Greg Roy

    Greg Roy14 horas atrás


  5. Azidoazide Azide

    Azidoazide AzideDia atrás

    And then the video begins, but oh wait here is an ad! Come on bro, you got to lay off the amount of ads you are using. If you want people to continue watching your videos you have to allow for them to be immersed. The quantity of ads and the inappropriate timing is jarring. Eventually I'm just gonna say fuck it and watch something else. I understand you need an income but you also need an audience to make that income possible. I really enjoy your content but hate the vast amount of ads.

  6. Fourth Reich Forthcoming

    Fourth Reich Forthcoming3 dias atrás

    As a commie, he can't win a debate by default.

  7. Truthful Spirit

    Truthful Spirit5 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew is a vile, manipulative communist. Using clips out of context to promote racism and violence is repulsive. In reality crime exists, and people like him make it about a group of oppressors causing it, instead of dangerous beliefs married with human self interest that wrecks societies. Cenk's nephews contributes to the degenerative state of this country. You can see they're not looting toilet paper, what a disgusting liar.

  8. Cypher's Basement

    Cypher's Basement6 dias atrás

    While survival might not be the entire focus of a looting session, ask yourself: "What is hypothermia?" During a hurricane, a lot gets wet, including shoes and clothes. Some people lose most, if not all of their shoes and clothing during a natural disaster like this one. Did you consider these basic facts at all when making this video? Some people won't have shelter during something like this, and should not be expected to freeze or sleep in wet clothing and shoes. I was homeless in Nevada for five months last year, and can tell you personally just how crucial it is to retain body heat overnight if you can't rest indoors. Even in Nevada, during the winter, it gets cold, especially in higher elevation areas. The instant you believed that only food is fine for looting during a disaster like this is when I stopped to write this comment and had lost interest entirely in the rest of what you had to say. It is a real shame that you sit before a camera and pretend you should be speaking on this topic as though you had an opinion worth holding when it is clear to me that you didn't spend enough time with the topic.

  9. James Harrity

    James Harrity7 dias atrás

    Cenks nephew is a complete idiot

  10. Russell

    Russell8 dias atrás

    God he is so cute but SO stupid it just cancels out to where its not even worth it.

  11. ricky rhodes

    ricky rhodes8 dias atrás

    I bet the nephew probably don't get to go out in pubic very often. Just looking at him is one thing but hearing his voice makes you want to commit violence. Thank God I have total control over my emotions!! Otherwise if I ever saw him I'd give him a piece of my mind!! I would tell him I don't like him at all!!

  12. Mansplaining Millennial

    Mansplaining Millennial9 dias atrás

    If only dueling was still common practice, we would all have been spared years of Hassan’s blithering. 👌🏼

  13. Vlad the guru

    Vlad the guru9 dias atrás

    People dont need clothes DURING A FUCKING FLOOD what the actual fuck

  14. Vlad the guru

    Vlad the guru9 dias atrás

    yeah because clothes aren't important you fucking idiot

  15. Zackariah Schultz

    Zackariah Schultz10 dias atrás

    Lol i love how you call him "Cenk's nephew" the whole time. He doesn't deserve to be called by a name. No one respect's him.

  16. Steve Driscoll

    Steve Driscoll10 dias atrás

    Why waste your time making videos about these morons you know every word out of their mouth is bullshit lies crying racism and trying to make scumbags look like victims


    RODRIGO ROBIN11 dias atrás

    Dude learn and use the name of your subject if you want to be taken seriously.

  18. Johnnyniagara

    Johnnyniagara12 dias atrás

    Why do you call him that over and over?

  19. David Pham

    David Pham14 dias atrás

    Idk what’s worse: Losing a debate to Hasan Piker or being so distorted from facts that one becomes less reliable to get news than a cable news like Fox?

  20. Dan Patrick

    Dan Patrick14 dias atrás

    I love the cenks nephew videos. Pure gold

  21. Alan Snyder

    Alan Snyder14 dias atrás

    Maybe those black people are part goat? Checkmate , AJW.

  22. Christopher Last Name

    Christopher Last Name15 dias atrás

    This is not the 1800 we know well ahead of time before a storm hits ! There's no excuse to steel from a store for any thing you had time to prepare you didn't now every one is supposed to be like it's ok if it's not yours don't steal! With that if its mouths down the road and you need supply's because you ran out well do what you have too ! But you can't make excuses for lazy people who are just thefts!

  23. Grapefruit Simmons

    Grapefruit Simmons18 dias atrás

    Damn 6 ads on here. Thats alot

  24. Aspiring Conservative

    Aspiring Conservative18 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew's assumption of racism when commenting on the clip of the man saying he will defend his home is a perfect illustration of the pernicious practice employed by "progressive" ideologues where context and intent are disregarded in favor of upholding certain preconceptions. Simply put, it did not matter whether the statement itself was racist (it was not). All that mattered was Cenk's nephew's irrational belief that the topic of looting is intrinsically associated with race. Pursuant to this ridiculous subjective stance, literally anything can be racist. Leave it Cenk's nephew to demonstrate precisely why many refuse to allow "progressives" to dictate what is "hate speech". These ideologues demand "racists" be censored through any means, yet they depend on specious determinations. Absurd.

  25. Janice Smith

    Janice Smith18 dias atrás

    You’re right - you can’t talk to these freaks. They’re too far gone. I would’ve just laughed at Chunk’s nephew’s asinine rhetoric. Just looked him in the eye and laughed. You can tell he’s so narcissistic that he would just die of embarrassment. 🤪

  26. Janice Smith

    Janice Smith18 dias atrás

    For one thing, I’ve never seen video of white looters. And Chunk’s nephew makes me sick trying to defend these low-life thieves. Oh, it rained really hard - I will die if I don’t steal some shit! Keerist, soon it will be illegal to arrest blacks, cuz racism. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  27. Joe Momma

    Joe Momma18 dias atrás

    @8:09 That's a "man"?

  28. The Anglo-American

    The Anglo-American18 dias atrás

    Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro could easily dismantle Cenk's nephew in a debate.

  29. Todd Foret

    Todd Foret19 dias atrás

    I remember the video from Katrina in New Orleans where videos where being showed with blacks hauling electronics and liquor out stores and breaking into drugstores.two days later everywhere you looked was video of a white man carrying loaf of bread with the caption saying whites are looting too.

  30. Braedon Schumann

    Braedon Schumann19 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew sure has sick threads and dope chain for a Marxist

  31. Eclectic Cerebro

    Eclectic Cerebro20 dias atrás

    Mannn.. If these stores are insured, then what is the problem?? The looters are actually HELPING them... These same stores would lose thousands and thousands of dollars, if they werent looted, in a span of a few days.. By getting looted, theyve just made the biggest sale in their entire life of sales! Lol

  32. The Fox

    The Fox20 dias atrás

    Hasan Piker doesn’t even deserve the usage of his name, therefore I hereby proclaim that he will forevermore and only be known as 'Cenk’s Nephew'.

  33. Helga.

    Helga.20 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew thinks if he pouts and acts sullenly aggressive he'll overpower the person who's under the illusion that he is debating this fraud. I've even seen Chunk laugh at his nephew as though he thinks 'my nephew is incorrigible.' Thanks for making this video, someone needs to address this bastards misinformation and dishonesty.

  34. Chris Jameson’s channel 1

    Chris Jameson’s channel 120 dias atrás


  35. E V

    E V21 dia atrás

    Lmao you’re a tyt grifter

  36. Red Pilled

    Red Pilled21 dia atrás

    Hasan on stream sounds like a retard but Hasan in this video sounds like hes making sense Ive seen him on Trainwrecks podcast and hes not smart at all

  37. MegaZeus

    MegaZeus21 dia atrás

    You can't argue with stupid!

  38. gotsda

    gotsda21 dia atrás

    Lmao Cenk's nephew calls for violence against people who rent out properties and follows it with "In Minecraft", yet he's bothered about E;R because he has used some edgy symbology in his reviews. I mean, by the standard of Cenk's nephew does that mean TYT is connected with someone who is promoting an overtly violent ideology, that has in the past led to the persecution and wholesale slaughter of minorities? I mean, considering The historical Young Turks did this it isn't that much of a suprise.

  39. Jared Andrews

    Jared Andrews21 dia atrás

    Looks like cenks nephew is wearing shoulder pads?

  40. An Immigrant Path

    An Immigrant Path21 dia atrás

    Thing is, there is no point in talking to Cenk's nephew. He is incapable of intellectual honesty. He has absolutely no problem lying directly or through ommission to spread his ideology.

  41. Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips21 dia atrás

    Stink Jr. is a hack.

  42. jay castro

    jay castro22 dias atrás

    I like how your face and eyebrows twitch when you talk. You can tell you really know what you talking about. I noticed this in smart people. My cousin and co worker do the same shit when they talk and they are extremely smart lol and I’m just high..

  43. Spencer Strickland

    Spencer Strickland22 dias atrás

    Sinatra Says should have asked Cenk's Nephew to show him his deceptive video.

  44. juggornaut777

    juggornaut77722 dias atrás

    cant you see these people are so desperate and down trodden by capitalism that they have to loot and eat shirts just to survive in modern america

  45. She Who Knows All

    She Who Knows All22 dias atrás

    😒 *Janky Cenk and his circus of misfits, at it again...* 🙄 😑

  46. Ray Draiz

    Ray Draiz23 dias atrás

    Why is Cenks Nephew wearing football shoulder pads in the clip with the black jersey?

  47. jub8891

    jub889123 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew discovers fire

  48. Matthew Van Helden

    Matthew Van Helden23 dias atrás

    Cenk's nephew fits peefectly with tyt. Just strawman arguments and sarcasm.

  49. Rahul Sagar

    Rahul Sagar23 dias atrás

    What else can be expected from Inbreeds.

  50. Dragoner Productions

    Dragoner Productions23 dias atrás

    This is great with weed

  51. datA

    datA23 dias atrás

    the majority of them were stealing non food items, they are getting feed somehow, which means there is no food crises in that area

  52. Mike Curry

    Mike Curry24 dias atrás

    Man I love finding channels like this. I'm not a conservative, I see myself as a left leaning centrist but who knows if that's actually true, but I actively seek out opposing viewpoints and try to balance out my subscription list. I will certainly be coming back for more content. I totally agree with your analysis but one thing I would have liked to see covered is whether or not the white people also took nonfood items while they were looking for food. I'm not implying that they did, just that it might have been more impactful if you compared the two situations instead of simply arguing the semantics of one of the situations.

  53. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson24 dias atrás

    Cant add nothing .. the guy is the scum of the planet

  54. Daniel Muller

    Daniel Muller24 dias atrás

    If they are reporting all of the stolen stuff to insurance, they can't just tell the cops to not arrest people. They could loot their own store

  55. Daniel Muller

    Daniel Muller24 dias atrás

    Hasan could watch a clip of a black guy committing a crime with no commentary and would think it's racist

  56. Watchandjewelryloft

    Watchandjewelryloft24 dias atrás

    Has chunks nephew commented on the white kid stomped to death by blacks in Detroit?? 🤔

  57. Brian House

    Brian House24 dias atrás

    Like the Angel shirt.

  58. Rajuggwggegeg Gentes

    Rajuggwggegeg Gentes24 dias atrás


  59. Ryan Russell

    Ryan Russell24 dias atrás

    This wonderful logic from the same guy who said: “So if you are a baker and you make 15 loaves of bread, but if you hire someone we can make 25 loaves of bread together and you pay him 10 loaves of bread, but if I hire an illegal alien, we can make 30 loaves of bread and you can just pay him 3 loaves of bread. I’m saying instead of that, we all get the same number of loaves. We help the business owner have 10 loaves of bread and the two workers get 10 loaves of bread.” Yeah I mean we’ll go from 15 loaves to 10 loaves and carry the liability if two employees one of which is an illegal alien. I mean sure why would any business owner not want to do that?

  60. Actual Justice Warrior

    Actual Justice Warrior24 dias atrás

    I have a video on this channel called Cenk's nephew fails at thinking. I cover that

  61. Bob Finnegan

    Bob Finnegan25 dias atrás

    Him and his uncle are greasy goat fucking commie scumbags

  62. TheVelvetApe

    TheVelvetApe25 dias atrás

    Welcome to Cenk's Jr. Would you like to try our EXTRA BIG ASS SUCUK? Now with more MOLECULES!

  63. TeamDATL Tae

    TeamDATL Tae25 dias atrás

    Lol I watch Sinatra says

  64. Chris Morse

    Chris Morse25 dias atrás

    That looked more like a woman with baby clothes. Still not edible though

  65. Geoffrey McCorbin

    Geoffrey McCorbin25 dias atrás

    I live a half hour form "Fergustan", looting business does nothing but hurt the community the regressive leftists claim to support. And yet the left is the inner cities worst enemy, but yeah, just blame whitey for your problems... thats convenient.

  66. WD 40

    WD 4025 dias atrás

    I was in new orleans during katrina... there was very little food to be had by the time the storm hit..most if the looting going on here was actual looting and not taking what you needed to survive

  67. Jacob Friedman

    Jacob Friedman25 dias atrás

    When Hasan plays The Walking Dead Season 1, he doesn't think twice about looting the car.

  68. Kevin Todd

    Kevin Todd25 dias atrás

    I love the perpetual evidence of nepotism in everyone always calling him "Cenks Nephew" HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  69. No One Of Consequence

    No One Of Consequence25 dias atrás

    "That's be kind of weird, right?"| I hate Cenk's nephew. He doesn't know shit about shit.

  70. NoESanity

    NoESanity25 dias atrás

    Tbf, clothing is a necessity. Obviously 70 tshirts is looting but in theory the theft of a shirt is just much a survival item as a bottle of water or a box of twinkies

  71. Glen McKone

    Glen McKone25 dias atrás

    Wilmington natives traditionally use new clothes as TP.

  72. C Parks Affluent

    C Parks Affluent25 dias atrás

    Does Cenk’s nephew have a name? 😂😂😂. Sucks to be known as just someone’s nephew lol

  73. John Doe

    John Doe25 dias atrás

    Does Cenk, his nephew or the rest of the YT's realize they are just bad memes?

  74. Realistic thought

    Realistic thought26 dias atrás

    Just curious, was the black looter gonna deep fry those pants or possibly sauté? Need the recipe

  75. Casey Cowley

    Casey Cowley26 dias atrás

    Can I see your stolen cart full of goods! Here put the sun tan lotion back dude! That 12 pack of Bud is Ok. Cartoon of cigs. wellll I will have to talk to the looting bureau about that! Wait here while I......hey wait asshole get back here so I can assess your looting!

  76. Brian Picardo

    Brian Picardo26 dias atrás

    A store manager can indeed decide to NOT press charges. They do not have the right to make the police let a criminal go free when that person is likely to commit another crime at someone elses store or maybe even someone elses home.

  77. L. Ron Hubbard

    L. Ron Hubbard26 dias atrás

    Brown Fabio has such a tiny head

  78. Promatheos

    Promatheos26 dias atrás

    Does Cenk's nephew have a name? Calling him that gets old fast.

  79. Geoffrey McCorbin

    Geoffrey McCorbin25 dias atrás

    Its the same premise as someone running for office calliing their opponent "my opponent" instead of using their name.

  80. deanedgx

    deanedgx26 dias atrás

    TYT are shit stirrers and agitators. I'm a lefty and even I can't stomach them.

  81. Big Huge

    Big Huge26 dias atrás

    The level of mental retardation and misplaced righteousness makes it very believable that a lot of sustained inbreeding was happening in the Cenk bloodline.

  82. MAX AM

    MAX AM26 dias atrás

    I don't engage in conversation with Leftist race baiters, I find I'm always busy making a cup of tea. Why discuss with the irrational? Sinatra ought to have known better.