CGI Animated Short Film: "Watermelon A Cautionary Tale" by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He | CGMeetup


  1. ❤️Ambitious Ananya❤️

    ❤️Ambitious Ananya❤️11 horas atrás

    Don't watch this, kids. It is seriously disturbing and creepy if you think about it

  2. Razzan Faiq

    Razzan Faiq14 horas atrás

    That is not funny animation its a dark animation

  3. Razzan Faiq

    Razzan Faiq14 horas atrás

    What a bad ending

  4. TheBlackBeltGamer

    TheBlackBeltGamer17 horas atrás

    How did he turn into one if all it did was grow in him

  5. Kitsuna Asuna

    Kitsuna Asuna17 horas atrás

    *Sees plant grows in belly* *pauses video and reads comments* Yeah...I’m not gonna finish this video...😰😓

  6. gaming group

    gaming group18 horas atrás

    Remember kids don't eat watermelon seeds or you'll turn into a watermelon then die

  7. Marcus Juanillo

    Marcus Juanillo20 horas atrás

    Children this is why you don’t eat the seeds first:they will grow in you and then you will be a watermelon second:when you are a watermelon kids will tear you apart and eat you third:kids will eat the seeds then the apocalypse will happen

  8. Lizzie A.

    Lizzie A.21 hora atrás

    Wow he died at the end😕

  9. tu furro a domicilio

    tu furro a domicilio21 hora atrás

    Thit just eat him???

  10. Mia Lasko

    Mia Lasko22 horas atrás

    Excuse me what

  11. Jerry Judt

    Jerry Judt23 horas atrás

    This is messed up

  12. Lexey Garcia

    Lexey GarciaDia atrás

    Funny animations more like saddest animation the first one I’m talking about

  13. elpro 5570Y

    elpro 5570YDia atrás


  14. Thomas Padovese

    Thomas Padovese2 dias atrás

    2:09 XDDDDD

  15. Иван Петров

    Иван Петров2 dias atrás

    Каннибализм какой-то

  16. Jasmine Pham

    Jasmine Pham2 dias atrás

    Am gonna have nightmares.

  17. Dyako Ari - gaming and vlogs

    Dyako Ari - gaming and vlogs3 dias atrás

    He looks cuter when he’s a watermelon

  18. pedranidedro

    pedranidedro3 dias atrás

    This is nothing like when Chuckie from the Rugrats ate a watermelon seed...

  19. Magma Magnetic

    Magma Magnetic3 dias atrás

    who just eats watermelon off the ground

  20. dabber Z8

    dabber Z83 dias atrás


  21. Justin Rañola

    Justin Rañola3 dias atrás


  22. Trentnoblade

    Trentnoblade3 dias atrás

    Is that bowlcut also a side effect

  23. Yasmina Bird

    Yasmina Bird3 dias atrás


  24. Wtf Wtf

    Wtf Wtf3 dias atrás

    He just comited suside totally normail

  25. Cakiez K

    Cakiez K3 dias atrás


  26. LuTheus Rodriguess

    LuTheus Rodriguess3 dias atrás


  27. The LEGO maker

    The LEGO maker3 dias atrás

    Physical impossible, extremely disturbing, very bizarre........ I FREAKING LOVE IT

  28. Emy Kaneshiro

    Emy Kaneshiro4 dias atrás

    This short is not for kids

  29. Joseph Ramirez

    Joseph Ramirez4 dias atrás

    who else felt uncomfortable when his mouth opened?

  30. TeiCleM

    TeiCleM4 dias atrás

    1. of all its physicly impossible 2. A chilld after he watched this video he will never eat melones ever 3 . CANIBALISM???

  31. Paulinho Games

    Paulinho Games5 dias atrás

    then waaaaaaat

  32. PHa3er 3

    PHa3er 36 dias atrás

    This shouldn't exist it scares kids man

  33. Randomhuman233

    Randomhuman2336 dias atrás

    That got dark real fast

  34. love for food

    love for food6 dias atrás

    It seems little weird bout funnny

  35. A very Stretchy V

    A very Stretchy V6 dias atrás

    This is purely rubbish. Swallowing the seed wouldn’t have initiated for it to grow because the stomach acids would’ve neutralized it. A seed needs SOIL and weather to grow, nothing can grow in stomach acidity. I realize that this is just a damn sketch for any fool who’s actually wondering whether or not I know the difference between reality and a C.G.I sketch.

  36. The Topper Team

    The Topper Team6 dias atrás


  37. Stickmanimation

    Stickmanimation6 dias atrás

    A family short.

  38. Cà Na Xí Muội

    Cà Na Xí Muội7 dias atrás

    This film's really creepy as well

  39. Patricia Ann Estores

    Patricia Ann Estores7 dias atrás

    Its called Karma cause his mom said dont eat the seed but guess he did it

  40. The Shy Guy Studio

    The Shy Guy Studio7 dias atrás

    He accidentally did it actually

  41. LudaMeri

    LudaMeri7 dias atrás

    This is a new level of disturbing

  42. TSM slidOsprey

    TSM slidOsprey7 dias atrás

    Ive ate a seed I'm ok

  43. Anima Vídeos

    Anima Vídeos7 dias atrás


  44. Anima Vídeos

    Anima Vídeos7 dias atrás

    WT Vc

  45. Gabriel Chumpitaz

    Gabriel Chumpitaz7 dias atrás


  46. Jifat Farjana

    Jifat Farjana8 dias atrás

    It was a horror story! 😖

  47. Leyla Gacha

    Leyla Gacha8 dias atrás


  48. The Shy Guy Studio

    The Shy Guy Studio8 dias atrás

    If you see Watermelon Seeds Run And Call the FBI

  49. Charlie Johnston

    Charlie Johnston8 dias atrás

    This is sad not funny

  50. The Shy Guy Studio

    The Shy Guy Studio8 dias atrás

    Fuck, i ate some Pumpkin seeds bread while watching this video

  51. Xxgacha oceanxX

    Xxgacha oceanxX8 dias atrás

    1:16 Me:HES BLEEDING!!! also me:oh...just watermelon juice... THATS NOT OK EITHER

  52. Edith Garcia

    Edith Garcia8 dias atrás

    This is watermelon dude 👦 🍉 👖 👞 He doesnt have many friend will you be his friends? 👱‍♀️👱‍♂️👦👧👭👬 (Random kids) Sure we will!! 👱‍♀️👱‍♂️👦👧👭👬(Random kids)Mmmm this surree is tasty! 🍉

  53. Xxgacha oceanxX

    Xxgacha oceanxX8 dias atrás

    Oof...i wouldnt eat him

  54. Edith Garcia

    Edith Garcia8 dias atrás


  55. Tristan Croy

    Tristan Croy8 dias atrás

    Me: This is actually a disturbing concept... Kids: Wait... was that Jimmy..?

  56. M Varo

    M Varo8 dias atrás

    Scary. 😣

  57. Alisa Queen

    Alisa Queen8 dias atrás

    Oh my

  58. Romany Nadeer

    Romany Nadeer8 dias atrás


  59. Дракончик плэй

    Дракончик плэй8 dias atrás

    Кто русский Напишите комментарий по русскому под этим комментарием

  60. teria wilson jali

    teria wilson jali8 dias atrás

    1like=1prayer for that kid


    DANGAMER VK8 dias atrás

    Dislike sorry :V

  62. Юлия Афендикова

    Юлия Афендикова9 dias atrás


  63. Mia Darwisya

    Mia Darwisya9 dias atrás