Chandelier | Sia | funk cover ft. Stan Taylor


  1. Scary Pockets

    Scary PocketsMês atrás

    Scary Pockets is NOW TOURING!! Get your tickets now at and come dance with us!

  2. Julie Harris

    Julie Harris13 dias atrás

    I have dropped hints for Christmas

  3. Stefanie de Ridder

    Stefanie de Ridder20 dias atrás

    But not touring here in the Netherlands :( I feel so left out... :(

  4. Mário Novaes

    Mário Novaes3 horas atrás

    O swing do funk é simplesmente foda! ❤️

  5. Bear Swanson

    Bear Swanson7 horas atrás

    amazing 💋

  6. Piotr Kułaga

    Piotr Kułaga23 horas atrás

    I love you

  7. Sydney Anderson

    Sydney Anderson2 dias atrás

    This is phenomenal!

  8. Emerson Beiza

    Emerson Beiza2 dias atrás


  9. Elina Oliveira

    Elina Oliveira2 dias atrás

    q cantor maravilhoso. amei

  10. Кирилл Большаков

    Кирилл Большаков2 dias atrás

    Too fast for you..

  11. Gianmarco Capitano

    Gianmarco Capitano3 dias atrás

    What about that bass sliding into the chorus??? E A R G A S M

  12. Tania Twala

    Tania Twala3 dias atrás

    Smoothing song🙏🏾

  13. Gigi2019

    Gigi20194 dias atrás

    I like his voice and his pyjama 😀❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Flute Fluting

    Flute Fluting5 dias atrás

    I hear a slight Tom Kenny. Am I the only one? 😂 He sounds great though!!! 😍

  15. Leidi Cotidiano

    Leidi Cotidiano5 dias atrás

    Chocadaaaaaaa ficou INCRÍVEL.... 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷😍🇧🇷😍🇧🇷😍🇧🇷😍🇧🇷

  16. Elina Oliveira

    Elina Oliveira2 dias atrás

    incrível esse cara, perfeito

  17. McAmarisa

    McAmarisa6 dias atrás

    MAD PROPS to the backup vocalists!

  18. Uc Ytte

    Uc Ytte6 dias atrás

    He has a voice ready for studio. He's not even looking for notes he just hits them!

  19. Melina Alcalde García

    Melina Alcalde García6 dias atrás

    Qué atrevidos para hacer una versión así... ¡bien!

  20. Renate Maurer

    Renate Maurer9 dias atrás


  21. jhampear aylas lopez

    jhampear aylas lopez9 dias atrás

    Simply orgasmic, times, instruments, power and control, Great I hope someday sp came to Perú

  22. Elna Brandão

    Elna Brandão9 dias atrás

    Stan Taylor maravilhoso. Brasil Brasil te ama

  23. eddiecat

    eddiecat10 dias atrás


  24. Chris Eckhoff

    Chris Eckhoff10 dias atrás

    This is cover is straight FIRE.

  25. Klimt Yeung 羅思揚

    Klimt Yeung 羅思揚11 dias atrás

    Man, millenials are so old now...

  26. juan luis nieves barajas

    juan luis nieves barajas12 dias atrás

    oh my god thats is amazing , holy monly hehehehe

  27. Francisco Javier Caicedo Correa

    Francisco Javier Caicedo Correa13 dias atrás

    I wish you tour Europe!!!!!!!

  28. birdcatmouse

    birdcatmouse13 dias atrás

    Great job, groove was tight, really enjoyed...

  29. Adam Zavell

    Adam Zavell13 dias atrás

    awesome! what are the background singers saying?

  30. Marisol Soto

    Marisol Soto13 dias atrás

    They best

  31. cell belle

    cell belle15 dias atrás

    why is he singing with his pyjama on ?

  32. Ótica Adriana

    Ótica Adriana15 dias atrás

    Ficou muito bom!😍

  33. Jack Sousa

    Jack Sousa15 dias atrás

    Let's funk and swing in Chandelier.

  34. Antonio Ladeira da Silva

    Antonio Ladeira da Silva16 dias atrás

    I'm in love

  35. Guilherme DBMS

    Guilherme DBMS16 dias atrás

    Wow! Great cover Impeccable except for the vocal transition to the chorus. Kind of abrupt, but improved over the last bits.

  36. jnyfknblz

    jnyfknblz16 dias atrás

    The background singers tho..

  37. Dillo Tenório

    Dillo Tenório16 dias atrás


  38. Putih Putih

    Putih Putih16 dias atrás


  39. yarek bardales

    yarek bardales17 dias atrás

    BLOW MY MIND!!!!!!

  40. Arthur Willis

    Arthur Willis17 dias atrás

    Sounds like a Joe Jonas cover of Chandelier

  41. GH Park

    GH Park18 dias atrás

    슈스케 나온 김지수씨 생각나네요

  42. yuda ariyanto

    yuda ariyanto18 dias atrás

    Wow nice cover music like it 😊

  43. Soaribb

    Soaribb18 dias atrás

    One word: daddy