Charlie Puth - Mother [Official Video]


  1. Charlie Puth

    Charlie PuthMês atrás

    Mother is about the high school experience I never had.

  2. Deborah Theall

    Deborah Theall4 dias atrás

    Aww thats sad

  3. Prithviraj Thakur

    Prithviraj Thakur21 dia atrás

    Your songs are the best!

  4. Leo Ortiz

    Leo Ortiz21 dia atrás


  5. Dana Gibbs

    Dana Gibbs4 horas atrás

    2:13-2:15 HIS FACE OMJ

  6. yaeme 7gamer

    yaeme 7gamer4 horas atrás

    Slt je suis français

  7. y y

    y y5 horas atrás

    Austin mahone-dirty work

  8. Tetsuo

    Tetsuo5 horas atrás

    " *Production Company : Couscous* "

  9. robot gaming

    robot gaming6 horas atrás

    2 20 201 2019? 201 20 2

  10. Karim wahab

    Karim wahab10 horas atrás

    fuck you

  11. thank you next

    thank you next12 horas atrás

    *guys this song is the new single, what you'll hear in the car. it just came on my TV and it's the only song what's in charlies instagram bio*

  12. Udit UDIT

    Udit UDIT13 horas atrás

    Charlie confirmed in live stream that mother is going to be the single ☺️

  13. martina preiti

    martina preiti13 horas atrás

    charlie vos conociste a Carolina trippar

  14. Jennifer Villanera Chambi

    Jennifer Villanera Chambi13 horas atrás

    Ay, me gusta esta canción. Soy muy muy muymuymuymuymuh+ñsdfkhf ño8sdy9gfbfo dsosdjñ gfsl{ sñ fsjñs.

  15. patrick velloso

    patrick velloso15 horas atrás

    alguém manda o link dessa musica

  16. Peb Guerra

    Peb Guerra15 horas atrás

    Ohhh its charlie puth my love. ❤ Got a new song. ❤❤❤

  17. someone who is a girl

    someone who is a girl16 horas atrás

    this song sounds like the way you make me feel by MJ 🤔

  18. Lokii

    Lokii17 horas atrás

  19. Daniel Guerra

    Daniel Guerra22 horas atrás

    Algum BR?

  20. Maria Hargett

    Maria Hargett23 horas atrás

    Can you do a ckncert in arizona pheonix

  21. Diana Flores

    Diana Flores23 horas atrás

    New single

  22. Penny Andrew

    Penny Andrew23 horas atrás

    Loving the new haircut Charlie! You be you. 😃

  23. Fatima Ameer

    Fatima AmeerDia atrás

    Who's here to stream it after Charlie announced that Mother will be the final single ? 💚

  24. Meital Porat

    Meital PoratDia atrás

    This video is like a modern take on the “1979” videoclip by The Smashing Pumpkins 😎

  25. Ayesha Ameer Maliha

    Ayesha Ameer MalihaDia atrás

    Why do I think Charlie Puth is underrated- A lot of people knows his name and thinks that he's just another famous celebrity. But he's exceptionally talented!!! He just doesn't sing beautifuly, he makes his own music, produces them by himself, writes his songs and for other Artists too, beatboxes, plays piano from the age of 4, has PERFECT PITCH, learnt classical & jazz music, got scholarship from Manhattan and graduated From Berklee with a degree on Music Production and Engineering. He nails the live performances, He goes from deep vocals to high notes like a pro. Has very beautiful melody, catchy beats, relatable lyrics. And about personality? he's so humble, down to earth, kind, genuine, very funny, ALWAYS grateful for the love that he gets. His love and passion for music is not like everyone else! So, yes, Even if he's famous, i would still say he is underrated! He honestly deserves more!💚

  26. Avenger Resolution

    Avenger Resolution23 horas atrás

    U r so fuckin true 💚💚❤❤

  27. Gold Bars

    Gold BarsDia atrás

    Charlie chooses mother to be his single that goes to the radio, but please take " cheating on you " with it as well, it such a great song 🙂

  28. Aideen Kelly

    Aideen KellyDia atrás

    Okay at the risk of sounding weird am I the only one who sees the cup cup of the girls bra come off slightly at 0:51 or am I seeing it wrong 🤔

  29. Iain Apollo 12

    Iain Apollo 12Dia atrás

    Modern songs are getting sooo bad! We’re running out of ideas 😭

  30. 알리오올리오

    알리오올리오Dia atrás

    i love the lyrics

  31. Evan Kennedy

    Evan KennedyDia atrás

    I love CP but this gives me a headache

  32. Erika Reyes

    Erika ReyesDia atrás

    I like this song in awesome

  33. ********

    ********Dia atrás

    This song sounds similar to Michael Jackson's *_"The Way You Make Me Feel"_* 😁

  34. Rey Mesto

    Rey MestoDia atrás

    I thought I warned myself would be single 🥺 but mother also deserves it 🙂🙂

  35. regotror awespazing

    regotror awespazingDia atrás

    New single 🔥

  36. Bellini Maria rosaria

    Bellini Maria rosariaDia atrás

    Genius 😍👍👍

  37. Udit UDIT

    Udit UDITDia atrás

    I'm not pretending any moreee

  38. Experiment Tv

    Experiment TvDia atrás

    Charlie Puth or Justin Bieber: Like Justin Comment Charlie

  39. GS Gaming

    GS GamingDia atrás

    why the fuck did you do this?

  40. swaggy panda

    swaggy pandaDia atrás

    He looks like chester

  41. chandni s

    chandni sDia atrás

    Who is here after selecting the mother as the single

  42. Kimtai Caleb

    Kimtai CalebDia atrás

    Charlie puth you shouldn't have shaved .you look funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Stephen Gaming

    Stephen GamingDia atrás

    Say goodbye to his precious hair ;-;

  44. Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    Vidyut KrishnasrinivasDia atrás

    Wow a song about spoiled teens who don't obey parents. It's like they instigate that behavior...

  45. osus uso

    osus usoDia atrás

    I thought he's Tyler1😂

  46. Strawberry asmr

    Strawberry asmrDia atrás

    O cara mais biscoiteiro do mundo

  47. KLAY

    KLAYDia atrás

    this washes off the trauma from "mother" the movie

  48. Kris Hernandez

    Kris HernandezDia atrás

    Gostoso pra caralho

  49. Jenny Antoine

    Jenny AntoineDia atrás

    reminds of 80s musicccccc

  50. SMH

    SMH2 dias atrás

    Koltuk Altındaki Kılları Alsaydın Keşke

  51. Caro Zoroark

    Caro Zoroark2 dias atrás

    Yeah, nobody had such experience at school The reason is it is just an imaginary persona of high school When in real life high schoolers are still like kids😂😂 And I'm grateful for that

  52. paolo rubini

    paolo rubini2 dias atrás

    The whole sound is extremely fake and the hedonism and parental disrespect is rather infantile.

  53. Arclight Media

    Arclight Media2 dias atrás

    Hit like👍 if you love 💖Charlie Puth😍. . . . . 👇 prove it..

  54. julie thompson

    julie thompson2 dias atrás

    Great song & vocal ❤️

  55. Alexander Rodionov

    Alexander Rodionov2 dias atrás

  56. Alexander Rodionov

    Alexander Rodionov2 dias atrás

  57. Alexander Rodionov

    Alexander Rodionov2 dias atrás

  58. Nabil PLAYZ

    Nabil PLAYZ2 dias atrás

    What happened to his hair

  59. Alex Hierrezuelo-Oro

    Alex Hierrezuelo-Oro2 dias atrás

    Like if this song should be chosen to be on the radio.

  60. bin liao

    bin liao2 dias atrás

    comment if you like his haircut, like if you dont.

  61. bin liao

    bin liao2 dias atrás

    dude. really?

  62. Anthony Commons

    Anthony Commons2 dias atrás

    If your mother knew all the things we do 😉


    ELDON GERALD2 dias atrás


  64. ڪـࣸيـࣸ͡ڪٖٚۿہ فـي̲͡ـڪٰهٰࣸہ

    ڪـࣸيـࣸ͡ڪٖٚۿہ فـي̲͡ـڪٰهٰࣸہ2 dias atrás

    Iliked this 💘😕

  65. Aero Siddy

    Aero Siddy2 dias atrás

    Isn't this like listening to another version of MJ's "The way you make me feel".