Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing High(er) End Kitchen Gadgets


  1. invisiblekid99

    invisiblekid9912 horas atrás

    Great show let down by the fact they use Global Knives. Tut tut lads.

  2. Choppytehbear1337

    Choppytehbear133717 horas atrás

    This is so British, I love it.

  3. ziggythebard

    ziggythebardDia atrás

    Just saying... the BRreporter subtitles are hilarious. "Half a tablespoon for one yolk, maybe?" becomes "Half tablespoonful of man cake, maybe?" Ah, yes... I, too, am a fan of man cake.

  4. Belle Hartley

    Belle HartleyDia atrás

    “Makes whiskey taste better”

  5. Johnny Scissors

    Johnny ScissorsDia atrás

    So what was up with the whiskey glass?

  6. christian wolf

    christian wolfDia atrás

    i want that glass

  7. Aspiring Champion

    Aspiring ChampionDia atrás

    The fuck is a 'tut'?

  8. Vanilla Thunder

    Vanilla ThunderDia atrás

    The background music slowly turns me into a dull man.

  9. Austin Jurgle

    Austin Jurgle2 dias atrás

    "It makes whiskey taste be'er" I mean, at the end of the day, that's all that matters, no?

  10. The Aura Tree

    The Aura Tree2 dias atrás

    After watching the last 15 seconds of this video, I have decided against going to sleep tonight...

  11. Darquez

    Darquez2 dias atrás

    4:59 Mike: “Lookin good” Auto-captions: “Fuckin’ did it” For once I think they were more correct than what was actually said 😂😂

  12. PetitGlace

    PetitGlace2 dias atrás

    So lucky for me these Norlan glasses in the US are about 20quid cheaper. And I just bought them for my.husbands birthday. So here is hoping he likes them!

  13. Brando

    Brando3 dias atrás

    The first item might be good if you're keen on making sushi and want to finely julienne some vegetables without the learning curve of sheeting with a knife. I especially prefer doing that with things like cucumber where you don't want the seeds and it's easier to chop than a bunch of stacked planks.

  14. billiondollardan

    billiondollardan3 dias atrás

    tf is tut?

  15. CaliMeatWagon Gaming

    CaliMeatWagon Gaming3 dias atrás

    Microwave is actually the healthiest way to cook food. But do to the lack of external temperature it's extremely difficult to get a good texture, which is the biggest contributor to taste. That device is very interesting.

  16. Bianca Malan

    Bianca Malan3 dias atrás


  17. Mat

    Mat3 dias atrás

    i live in a van and i have that grilled cheese maker thing and its a fucking GODSEND i love it to death i would pay 100 $ for it

  18. Rev Jonathan Wint

    Rev Jonathan Wint3 dias atrás

    40 pounds = 80 to 120 dollars

  19. Alex Perkins

    Alex Perkins4 dias atrás

    As someone who bought the original Norlan glasses it truly makes spirits taste better....about to go buy the black set now...

  20. Jean Charles Navet

    Jean Charles Navet4 dias atrás

    Betty BS since 1956 ... The Swiss super market brand Coop own it , canned food from China and plastic gadgets from China is what this Coop thing is doing best ... most of Betty food ingredients are from China or worst from reading there labels btw ... The microwave grill I got for 15 euros in a shop in france but can't remember which one .

  21. Blizardstar1200

    Blizardstar12004 dias atrás

    The microwave griddle is excellent as someone in a university dorm with no access to a proper stove that sounds wonderful. God I miss making my own grilled cheese.

  22. TheRealRose

    TheRealRose5 dias atrás

    Please do more kitchen gadgets!

  23. Tyler Camp

    Tyler Camp5 dias atrás

    It was the shape of the glass not it’s looks. Look up “tulip whisky glass” and it does the same thing. It really just funnels the aroma

  24. Carlton Bell

    Carlton Bell5 dias atrás

    Captions on 4:58 .....

  25. Rustled Jammies

    Rustled Jammies5 dias atrás

    The microwave griller thing was the best one. Bit steep though, a tenner, maybe a score would be better!

  26. irlrp

    irlrp5 dias atrás

    They should've tried drinking the whisky out of a regular ceramic mug for comparison, i'm really interested :p And i often drink from a mug, lol !

  27. exetipper

    exetipper6 dias atrás

    Where can I get the microwave thing?!! Online link??

  28. Philip Van Vaerenbergh

    Philip Van Vaerenbergh6 dias atrás

    Just buy a Glencairn!

  29. Alvis F

    Alvis F6 dias atrás

    The redhead looks like toby from the office us

  30. 1996 Toyota Camry

    1996 Toyota Camry7 dias atrás

    That mayo thing would make a dang goo whip cream

  31. Cassandra Douthett

    Cassandra Douthett7 dias atrás

    I need more kitchen gadget videos!!! There is wish, Amazon, the internet in General!! Lol

  32. Tony Miller

    Tony Miller7 dias atrás

    So wait, what does the whisky glass do? I watched 3 times and all I can make out is it has stacked mirrors on the inside. Is that right?

  33. leon2356

    leon23567 dias atrás

    How about "Chefs review foreign kitchen gadgets". The Japanese have some crazy kitchen gadgets, and I am sure you could find some other wacky gadgets from all over the world.

  34. SoSickRick

    SoSickRick7 dias atrás

    What I've gathered is the UK as seen on TV market is way more expensive than the US

  35. Brett Ellison

    Brett Ellison7 dias atrás

    IDK "are you ready for some quality gadge" sounds sort of erotic

  36. ZSandmann

    ZSandmann7 dias atrás

    The grill is $41.70 US on Amazon :(

  37. James Freeman

    James Freeman8 dias atrás

    Not a single personality between them.

  38. thegoodbadmusic

    thegoodbadmusic8 dias atrás

    The gadget itself scares the Ebbers out of me.

  39. Ralph Swan

    Ralph Swan8 dias atrás

    At 4:58 when you say "Looking good!" the closed captions say "Fuckin' did it" hahaaha

  40. Katie Finnegan

    Katie Finnegan8 dias atrás

    Have ye ever tried the Thermomix? $1500 and wondering if it's worth it!

  41. blake keating

    blake keating9 dias atrás

    Great video, especially their reactions this time.

  42. Hampus Bergqvist

    Hampus Bergqvist10 dias atrás

    Putting ice in they whiskey makes its molecules move slower. Thus smelling less.

  43. Alex Turner

    Alex Turner10 dias atrás

    Captions are great

  44. The Thundercool

    The Thundercool10 dias atrás

    "I'm not offended" which is british for "are you fkn kiddin' me"

  45. NiNi Na

    NiNi Na10 dias atrás

    Mike's gagging made my day! :D

  46. James Orbeck née Watkins

    James Orbeck née Watkins11 dias atrás

    Please review the hexclad pan. Supposedly nonstick but also pretty rugged?

  47. Roelof Konijnenberg

    Roelof Konijnenberg11 dias atrás

    Well here I was having finally decided those Norlan glasses were probably bs marketing and I didn't need them and now I feel like I definitely do. Thanks guys!

  48. eliza m

    eliza m12 dias atrás

    Excellent dad joke!

  49. TIG312

    TIG31212 dias atrás

    Please make more gadget videos. I enjoys these so much especially when the gents have no idea what the hell they do!?!. keep up the great videos!

  50. andrew thompson

    andrew thompson12 dias atrás

    So at 4:57 the subtitles dropped the f bomb

  51. Frykauf La Kosta

    Frykauf La Kosta12 dias atrás

    Whiskey glasses - Number 1 is Duo that's supposedly best of all of them ($48, immensely expensive abroad) but it's fragile, the second is classic Glencairn whisky glass it's much much cheaper (actually makes sense), sturdier, widely available worldwide and very close to Duo. (So just buy the Glencairn glass over any other glass when you first buy whiskey/bourbon glasses). The Norlan is behind both of them and for that price you can buy a lot of Glencairn glasses. Probably more than you'll ever break, especially because the Glencairn is supposedly quite sturdy. (It's like 4.3x more expensive). I'll probably buy it myself cause even here in my country I can get one for the price of british fiver.

  52. Frykauf La Kosta

    Frykauf La Kosta12 dias atrás

    F* that glass. There are useful whiskey gadgets like a form for very large ice cubes (just fits the glass) that doesn't dilute your drink because it's so large it doesn't melt. Or you know, not a gadget but more of a tip, always use only distilled or deionised water to reduce your whiskey to drinking strength.

  53. Frykauf La Kosta

    Frykauf La Kosta12 dias atrás

    You know what, toasters are expensive for what they do and take up lot of space. I wouldn't mind that non-metal thing. Saves space and would be usable for more things.

  54. Amanda Leblanc

    Amanda Leblanc12 dias atrás

    That microwave grill would be PERFECT for dorm rooms

  55. Michael Kirk

    Michael Kirk12 dias atrás

    That microwave grill is worth every penny.

  56. my back hurts

    my back hurts13 dias atrás

    I would probably also buy a knock off version of the whiskey cup

  57. Damian S

    Damian S13 dias atrás

    4:55 😂😂

  58. Mohammad Farhan Sukarjo

    Mohammad Farhan Sukarjo14 dias atrás

    "and hot right to the middle fi- fillings.." oh, that is a close call brah.. XD

  59. Melanie Raymond

    Melanie Raymond14 dias atrás

    Please review this item (Philips Smart Pasta Maker, Avance Collection) I am someone with a degenerative muscular disorder, and can no longer make pasta by hand, II have had it on my wish list for years but the cost is high and I question if it's worth the cost?

  60. Carlos Vargas

    Carlos Vargas14 dias atrás

    Honestly might consider the microwave grill cooker just cause getting off work im not bringing out pots and pans after 9-10 hour shifts. I usually just eat cereal and milk. This might encourage me to eat actual food for dinner after work with less to clean up