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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)


  1. Jennifer Hayley

    Jennifer HayleyHora atrás

    Hey please sub to my channel:)

  2. gmail account

    gmail accountHora atrás

    These vibes got me like !!! 🍹😋💃🐚🌅

  3. Luke Joseph

    Luke Joseph2 horas atrás


  4. Ndenge Ndenge

    Ndenge Ndenge2 horas atrás

    Only recently got into Childish Gambino and jheez the vibes🔥

  5. aboardsetoffici

    aboardsetoffici3 horas atrás

    if donald glover made music it would probably sound like this tbh

  6. M2

    M22 horas atrás

    wow(thats wow spelled backwards)

  7. honghonghong

    honghonghong3 horas atrás

    Hey dudes😊 i hope someone will see my comment below here and will answer to my question correctly! When i lived in america, i said the word “summer time” in front of my friend, which (i thought) meant “daylight saving time”. But the friend said that was an old term for it, then he said a certain word instead of summer time. However, it happened when my english was not the best, so i was not able to remember the term(the only thing i remember is that he said summer time is the old one).HERE IS THE THING. Plzzzzzz guess that word for me. Im dying to figure it out😂😂😂😂 (FYI, i lived in Georgia)

  8. Singula

    Singula3 horas atrás

    Fuck you troy, fuck you.

  9. Hayden Flynn

    Hayden Flynn3 horas atrás

    This, Summertime and America have been kinda underwhelming compared to internet and awaken

  10. Keron Boodoosingh

    Keron Boodoosingh4 horas atrás


  11. Rovan Lama

    Rovan Lama4 horas atrás

    Is this really Childish Gambino?

  12. Joe Breezy

    Joe Breezy5 horas atrás

    A R T

  13. SkippingLegs

    SkippingLegs5 horas atrás

    Very nice house vibe.

  14. DENIAL

    DENIAL6 horas atrás Izi money

  15. Mehad Keether

    Mehad Keether6 horas atrás

    Donald Glover: professional music maker, actor, comedian, and world renowned for his skills in the note block

  16. Jamie Riley

    Jamie Riley7 horas atrás

    All the spam about a damn note block from minecraft

  17. Qouran james

    Qouran james8 horas atrás


  18. Terence Chim

    Terence Chim9 horas atrás Please check this Summertime Magic animation I did!

  19. uoh uoh

    uoh uoh9 horas atrás

    Oh fuck off fairy faggot go stuff ur FILTH up ur hog cunt

  20. Trippy Mctrip

    Trippy Mctrip9 horas atrás

    This is *Minecraft*

  21. Lords of Media

    Lords of Media9 horas atrás

    sounds like squeaky farts in the background.

  22. Lords of Media

    Lords of Media9 horas atrás


  23. CaTs mEoW

    CaTs mEoW9 horas atrás

    But I thought *this is America.*

  24. ph2fr3sh !

    ph2fr3sh !11 horas atrás

    When you’re a loser and you tend to love every one! This a vibe😇😅 #musicsavedmylife

  25. dinca eduard

    dinca eduard11 horas atrás

    You know its good when a song can give you a summer like experience

  26. SK 101

    SK 10112 horas atrás

    *Minecraft music video intensifies*

  27. Quincy Branch

    Quincy Branch12 horas atrás

    He is one of gods gifts. Thank you god for creating such a humble soul and having him have a platform to show the world. To me this is magic how one human can have so much talent. Even when it goes to his Deadpool serious. God thank you for letting this man be apart of my life at the times I need his music the most. Tearing up typing this lol. 👏🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 king Donald.

  28. Bennyc Reacts

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    Subscribe y’all ❤️

  29. Tianna Fanney

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    why does this only have 3million views?

  30. redacted

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    hi im ur fan :) please like my comment

  31. TheAsbe5

    TheAsbe514 horas atrás

    though it does sound like a note block, they aren't. they're steel drums.

  32. Jessica Reyes

    Jessica Reyes14 horas atrás

    Play it at 1.25 it’s ACTUAL FIRE🐝

  33. Phegello Phoshoko

    Phegello Phoshoko14 horas atrás

    Am i the only one that thinks of a certain girl when listening to this song??

  34. A M

    A M14 horas atrás

    Donald Gambino looks like Childish Glover

  35. RavenTOH

    RavenTOH14 horas atrás

    I need another song like Redbone, Donald....just one more

  36. Mr. Murdabeatz

    Mr. Murdabeatz15 horas atrás

  37. Jamal 'Games'come Andrew

    Jamal 'Games'come Andrew15 horas atrás

    who thinks this is better than this is america

  38. Female Dude

    Female Dude15 horas atrás

    ew horrible song

  39. DarkSagan

    DarkSagan15 horas atrás

    Love it..keep em coming.

  40. Fatimah Muhammad

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  41. MissRo 310

    MissRo 31016 horas atrás


  42. BOY TN

    BOY TN16 horas atrás

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  43. The Best The World Had To Offer Channel

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  44. Anthony Laurence

    Anthony Laurence17 horas atrás


  45. APoem YouNeed

    APoem YouNeed17 horas atrás

    This man is unreal. It doesn't make sense how much I love his music

  46. Sssirkillerman

    Sssirkillerman17 horas atrás

    Never trust an edited comment

  47. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson18 horas atrás

    Danny Glover can't distract me from tpying about jcp frsh shld being do cheap under 6 dollars per share but not for long 10 EST they will be 20 times more than close today

  48. Raul Sanchez

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  49. justin buckles

    justin buckles19 horas atrás

  50. Gout Gawd

    Gout Gawd20 horas atrás

    Really hope Toro Y Moi is on the new album

  51. Cynicayke

    Cynicayke20 horas atrás

    Shit. I can't unhear Razz P. Berry's voice.

  52. Caulyn Asher

    Caulyn Asher21 hora atrás

    Love gambino so much. Look at his transition from freaks and geeks to this kind of stuff. He can truly do anything.

  53. Dennis Feletoa

    Dennis Feletoa21 hora atrás

    Did he steal this one too?


    ROVOLUTION21 hora atrás

    Who think this is better than This is America?

  55. Change

    Change5 horas atrás

    ROVOLUTION I do but I still don’t think this is amazing it’s catchy but it’s meh to me. I would prefer Donald to go back to rapping like how he did in because the internet

  56. Jamie Riley

    Jamie Riley7 horas atrás

    ROVOLUTION nobody

  57. Tanguy Vernay

    Tanguy Vernay21 hora atrás

    j'adore es bites

  58. Bλu Boi

    Bλu Boi21 hora atrás

    Summertime Minecraft Magic

  59. Scorpion

    Scorpion22 horas atrás

    The steel drums cold 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Keke_umm

    Keke_umm22 horas atrás


  61. Sk8 4 life

    Sk8 4 life22 horas atrás

    *we are mining diamonds*

  62. DEE Antonio

    DEE Antonio22 horas atrás

    @1:39 when i get a whole thin crust Hawaiian pizza to myself. start singing to it like do luh me do luh me do I luv ya

  63. That Dandy★Dude

    That Dandy★Dude22 horas atrás

    This really reminds me a lot of the 'Kauai' album

  64. Prasomya Gunawan

    Prasomya Gunawan23 horas atrás

    Yessss yess yesss !!!!

  65. C Stouls

    C Stouls23 horas atrás

    Feeling like this and feels like summer are just gonna be summertime singles

  66. Giatri B. Mahadeo

    Giatri B. Mahadeo23 horas atrás

    I love how you use the steel pan in the start!

  67. NXZW

    NXZW23 horas atrás

    This sounds tight right here man. XD

  68. HITMAN Wong

    HITMAN WongDia atrás

    Goosebumps all around me

  69. Walmart Yodler

    Walmart YodlerDia atrás

    What the fuck is notblock??

  70. Sam Saw

    Sam SawDia atrás

    Love this track. Check out my version here!

  71. Wiz Khalifa

    Wiz KhalifaDia atrás

    like my comment if you love that song

  72. Connor r

    Connor rDia atrás

    Bell job Donald Glover amaze balls !!

  73. Lex React

    Lex ReactDia atrás

    love that steel-pan

  74. Kitty Sayuri

    Kitty SayuriDia atrás

    this song is amazing another great hit !!!

  75. Liza Bee

    Liza BeeDia atrás

    Summertime Sadness--

  76. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony GarciaDia atrás

    First it was r&bino then it was childish librino now he’s back to old Gambino

  77. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony GarciaDia atrás

    Noteblockish Gambino

  78. Dmusk Music

    Dmusk MusicDia atrás

    Reminds me of the shit they play in the mall. He couldn't have made anything more generic if he tried.

  79. TheProgressive Scoop

    TheProgressive ScoopDia atrás

    Very disappointing

  80. It’s Dreeeká

    It’s DreeekáDia atrás

    You guys should totally go check out my covers. ☺️😅

  81. Supreme_Username

    Supreme_UsernameDia atrás

    Note Block=Best music

  82. emanuscriptgraphics

    emanuscriptgraphicsDia atrás

    This dude is not a fraud like Kanye. Writes his own shit.

  83. instructme

    instructmeDia atrás

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  84. im retarted

    im retartedDia atrás

    Its not summer yet in mah country but the spirit is started when i heard this song...

  85. Alexa Villanueva

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  86. Orgil skhn

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  87. TheRealContore

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  88. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir PutinDia atrás

    But I thought that THIS IS AMERICA

  89. Louisa Brown

    Louisa BrownDia atrás

    Kuai vibes

  90. Kaustubh Datta

    Kaustubh DattaDia atrás

    There will always be a place for childish Gambino and Lemar

  91. Miss Kiki Liu

    Miss Kiki LiuDia atrás

    kiki do you love me i love you

  92. mario benitez

    mario benitezDia atrás

    ---> Criticism is Welcomed. Listen to Judge. Thank You.

  93. Yuzi 雄二

    Yuzi 雄二Dia atrás

    Minecraft Summertime.exe

  94. Gary Agg

    Gary AggDia atrás


  95. Josh Sumner

    Josh SumnerDia atrás

    Tryna make a happy type hip hop playlist (shit like ispy) anyone got any song recommendations with them *positivevibes*

  96. SwordOfTheRaven

    SwordOfTheRavenDia atrás

    Both songs are dope I can't choose which one is better

  97. Jay Tab

    Jay TabDia atrás

    Childish is a good name for this piece of shit

  98. smcg

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  99. Sebastian Beltran

    Sebastian BeltranDia atrás

    Hi! here a lyrics video i hope you like it

  100. l3xiiiiii

    l3xiiiiiiDia atrás

    Sick summer beat!

  101. lil sanchez

    lil sanchezDia atrás

    bruh I was listening since he first came out

  102. Yung Femz

    Yung FemzDia atrás

    I've been playing this continuously since this came out.

  103. R.E.D of y.a.e

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