CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!


  1. Lily Burt

    Lily Burt2 horas atrás

    O my god eeeeeeeeeeeeee I love him 😍

  2. Bennett Drackett

    Bennett Drackett2 horas atrás

    I love this

  3. Alvareux

    Alvareux3 horas atrás

    I like how you stole your show idea.

  4. James BeoWulf3000

    James BeoWulf30004 horas atrás

    I loved fallen kingdom


    GAME N' DAYS4 horas atrás

    Awqwrrrrd situations

  6. Chopped Liver

    Chopped Liver7 horas atrás

    What is Anthony doing nowdays?

  7. Darío Castro

    Darío Castro10 horas atrás

    I see Chris Pratt a Little unconfortable

  8. Mikael Lalli

    Mikael Lalli10 horas atrás

    I really like courtneys type of humor

  9. Tegan Gregory

    Tegan Gregory13 horas atrás

    Lol Chris pratts birthday is the same as mine & fallen kingdom is out 1 day after my birthday he he he

  10. The Purple Phoenix

    The Purple Phoenix18 horas atrás

    9:33 Listen closely is that Shayne laughing let me now

  11. Cozy LovesMusic

    Cozy LovesMusic20 horas atrás

    courtney is ME in any uncomfortable situation

  12. FaliClt Heitz

    FaliClt Heitz22 horas atrás

    Chris Pratt should play Ed Warren in the conjuring movies.

  13. ivy

    ivyDia atrás

    Oh my goodness if I saw Chris Pratt I would be like hi can I have a photo and then after I go away scream XD I wish I could make Chris Pratt except he's famous and I'm not so 💧cry

  14. gamer pro Jesse

    gamer pro JesseDia atrás

    Dinosaurs 🦖 dinosaurs 🦕 yessssśßš

  15. Aud Ng

    Aud NgDia atrás

    I love how loud Shayne is laughing and how identifiable his laugh is

  16. Patrick Ly

    Patrick LyDia atrás

    Holy God theres 169k LIKES! I liked :D also I feel bad for courtney cause she had an awkward slow dance with a celebrity that she was a big fan of

  17. Angela Goins

    Angela GoinsDia atrás

    As much as I loved Courtney and Chris dancing I would have loved to see Ian and Chris dance. 😂😂

  18. Aimee Campbell

    Aimee CampbellDia atrás

    Me 2

  19. Francisco Cazares

    Francisco CazaresDia atrás

    Get you someone who looks at you like courtney looks at Chris Pratt

  20. Tae Tae

    Tae TaeDia atrás

    Shane's laugh is great (in the backround)

  21. Antisocial Butterfly

    Antisocial ButterflyDia atrás

    I came back to watch this and I realized that on a lot of Courtney's tweets had the words 'Chris', 'Pratt', or 'Starlord' in bold which means they were sought out and not just aimlessly scrolled by and I live for it

  22. ender hero

    ender heroDia atrás

    Chris Pratt is my tenth cousin no lies.

  23. David Grimard

    David Grimard2 dias atrás

    Imagine that part in gotg 2 where groot is eating the candy or whatever it was, but he’s watching Courtney and Pratt getting spicy

  24. Jaylen Gao

    Jaylen Gao2 dias atrás

    Chris I’m mad at you for what you did in infinity war

  25. Isabel Pestana-Bastos

    Isabel Pestana-Bastos2 dias atrás

    You should have brought in MatPat instead

  26. Koren Hoang

    Koren Hoang2 dias atrás

    8:53 I eat the tail....

  27. rai 1000

    rai 10002 dias atrás

    talk about someone taking "my breath away" 2:17

  28. The Try Not To Laugh King

    The Try Not To Laugh King2 dias atrás

    That was probably the best day of courtney"s life

  29. Rebecca Garden

    Rebecca Garden2 dias atrás

    I'm laughing do hard my eyes are filled with water lol😂😂😂😂

  30. Diamond

    Diamond2 dias atrás

    "I'm sorry" "I'm not"

  31. Aidan Gaming time

    Aidan Gaming time2 dias atrás

    Courtney - “Criss prat makes me so happy...” Criss Pratt - *hug* Courtney - *crys* WHAT?!

  32. aileykate

    aileykate2 dias atrás

    *i feel like chris keeps looking at them both really intense to make them nervous*

  33. KingCyrus

    KingCyrus3 dias atrás

    i ship them


    EDY Is AWESOME3 dias atrás

    That Olivia is freaken hot

  35. TvFun #TvArmy :p

    TvFun #TvArmy :p3 dias atrás

    9:31 is that Shaynes laugh in the background? xD

  36. awesomelego24 awesomelego24

    awesomelego24 awesomelego243 dias atrás

    This is totally staged, but its still pretty funny

  37. Haise KuzaLure

    Haise KuzaLure3 dias atrás

    Courtney loves him ;)

  38. Expert Gamer

    Expert Gamer3 dias atrás

    Courtney tries to hard to be funny

  39. Macray Flanders

    Macray Flanders3 dias atrás

    Chris Pratt grew up in my town. Lake Stevens

  40. Nea Dietz

    Nea Dietz3 dias atrás


  41. Olivia :D

    Olivia :D3 dias atrás

    Shane in the audience 😂

  42. Mister sprinkles09

    Mister sprinkles093 dias atrás

    I could see Courtney saying in her mind, “Why me?”

  43. Supergummytaco

    Supergummytaco3 dias atrás

    OMG that was so adorable XD

  44. Crazy Cactus0702

    Crazy Cactus07023 dias atrás

    that would be me lmfao

  45. Crazy Cactus0702

    Crazy Cactus07023 dias atrás

    chris pratt is my dad...

  46. KillsterDanger321

    KillsterDanger3214 dias atrás

    I think the half horse half man guy was Tonska...

  47. xXShadow_LordXx

    xXShadow_LordXx4 dias atrás

    9:43 if they were beautiful would that make it a hot pocket

  48. Sfrijol Duraznos

    Sfrijol Duraznos4 dias atrás


  49. Happy_Hannah 77

    Happy_Hannah 774 dias atrás

    Courtney is mood wtf like it’s so accurate

  50. abdul malik

    abdul malik4 dias atrás

    what is the song they are dancing to?

  51. jp green

    jp green4 dias atrás

    Ok, this is super funny...sorry it's at your expense Courtney, but you were great! :) 😂🤣

  52. Kyisoe Thant

    Kyisoe Thant4 dias atrás

    i don't even know girls poop 😂😂

  53. Mr.ThunderChief

    Mr.ThunderChief4 dias atrás

    9:30 is that Shane laughing super loudly in the background? hahaha

  54. Jadyn Manning

    Jadyn Manning4 dias atrás

    I'm so jelly and I luv Chris Pratt

  55. dino team 9641

    dino team 96414 dias atrás

    Oh my f***ing god!!!!!! Thats the real one ong wtf man its soooo cool!!

  56. Chrl3 s

    Chrl3 s4 dias atrás

    9:33 you can hear shane in the background

  57. heyitzchris m

    heyitzchris m4 dias atrás

    Everybody know Chris Pratt because of guardians of the galaxy

  58. Infinisauraus

    Infinisauraus4 dias atrás

    I can hear Shayne laughing in the background the whole video

  59. gavin davis

    gavin davis5 dias atrás

    I love how embarrassing this was for Courtney

  60. Ryu Sotelo

    Ryu Sotelo5 dias atrás

    I fell bad for courtney

  61. Coby Sims

    Coby Sims5 dias atrás

    I bet Chris is like screw this

  62. jpkirby242

    jpkirby2425 dias atrás

    You can here Shayne in the background at 9:33

  63. MakeupTroll

    MakeupTroll5 dias atrás

    I nearly peed myself laughing at this

  64. Mark McShane

    Mark McShane5 dias atrás

    both hotter than his wife

  65. Christopher Delagarza

    Christopher Delagarza5 dias atrás

    y ee aaaa...

  66. Maverick's Arcade

    Maverick's Arcade5 dias atrás

    OMG, this was so perfect the entire time, I kept having the skip back 5 seconds to see her awkwardness when she's try to talk and pay attention to anything LOL

  67. CraxPlayZ

    CraxPlayZ5 dias atrás

    Chris pratt looks like Star-Lord

  68. CraxPlayZ

    CraxPlayZ4 dias atrás

    +I steal my friends videos ik jk😂😂

  69. I steal my friends videos

    I steal my friends videos5 dias atrás

    CraxPlayZ he was the actor of star lord. Never knew?

  70. Satturn

    Satturn5 dias atrás

    Swoozie is mad rn



    If you listen closely you can hear Shane laughing in the crowd

  72. tac7777777

    tac77777775 dias atrás

    Poor courtney 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Kayden Covel

    Kayden Covel5 dias atrás

    Im sorry chris pratt

  74. rita gonzalez

    rita gonzalez5 dias atrás


  75. MorganWolf09

    MorganWolf095 dias atrás

    Courtney was so happy XD

  76. DJ at the Disco Gaming

    DJ at the Disco Gaming5 dias atrás

    I legit cried at the slow dance part, because I wanted a slow dance with Chris Pratt

  77. KefkaFanatic

    KefkaFanatic5 dias atrás

    this was actually such a sweet prank omg ♡♡♡

  78. Scp-069

    Scp-0695 dias atrás

    Why is it when I meet a stranger I’m all cool, but I meet a person a like, I can’t a count to 5 in Spanish

  79. Justin Tran

    Justin Tran5 dias atrás

    More Game Shows lmao

  80. Kiara Polifka

    Kiara Polifka5 dias atrás

    Does anyone else hear Shayne laughing in the background at 9:32?

  81. Manuel Chavez

    Manuel Chavez5 dias atrás

    I think everyone hear him xD

  82. Dominic Playz

    Dominic Playz5 dias atrás

    Star lord 101

  83. Javier Tovar

    Javier Tovar6 dias atrás

    Who is this Chris Pratt I know him as Andy Dyer

  84. Sebastian Schiøttz 7D Vestskolen

    Sebastian Schiøttz 7D Vestskolen6 dias atrás

    I really hope they bring in the yogscast at some point. I don't think so though

  85. Ian Flores

    Ian Flores6 dias atrás

    I turn on the notifications and I subscribed

  86. Meghan Ancheta

    Meghan Ancheta6 dias atrás

    I would FREAK

  87. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker6 dias atrás

    Chris was so cute in this video😭

  88. trippie redd fan

    trippie redd fan6 dias atrás

    Omfg were is anthony omg it's not the same without him

  89. Hunter Wheeler

    Hunter Wheeler6 dias atrás

    Chris Pratt was so uncomfortable the whole time

  90. whaddyamean99

    whaddyamean996 dias atrás

    I wonder if courtney wants Christ to poop on her chest?

  91. Aditya Kushwaha

    Aditya Kushwaha6 dias atrás

    October 2018.???

  92. Cringey vlogs32 - Entertainment

    Cringey vlogs32 - Entertainment6 dias atrás

    i feel so bad for courtney

  93. Keisha Priddle

    Keisha Priddle6 dias atrás

    i know shanye is in the auddince

  94. Brie !

    Brie !6 dias atrás

    I dont know what this is, but Im loving it.

  95. Fytz *

    Fytz *6 dias atrás

    I could just hear shayne laughing in the backround

  96. Dimension Destroyer

    Dimension Destroyer6 dias atrás

    the starlord has arrived!

  97. Andrew Bonafilia

    Andrew Bonafilia6 dias atrás

    Dont even know who she is but Im really happy for her

  98. Olivia Cole

    Olivia Cole6 dias atrás

    love this for Courtney, I'm jealous

  99. Rose Rain

    Rose Rain6 dias atrás

    Omg Chris Pratt!!

  100. Random Ambipom

    Random Ambipom6 dias atrás

    I MUST KNOW WHAT SONG PLayed during the slow damxe!! Anyone D:

  101. TheCrow Scavenger

    TheCrow Scavenger6 dias atrás

    Looked like Chris was going to cringe

  102. L.Ash. RbunnyWolf

    L.Ash. RbunnyWolf7 dias atrás



    KEEGAN CURRYPOWERS7 dias atrás

    Shane's laugh in the backround

  104. Abigail Martin

    Abigail Martin7 dias atrás

    This is how I would be except I would pass out after the dance