Chris Webby - High Grade (feat. Dizzy Wright & Alandon) [prod. JP On Da Track & Nox Beatz]


  1. Phaninder Kumar

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    LYRICS Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Yeah Smoking on Indo (yeah man) So put down the Coke and the Benzo's No Opiate choking your mental Let your stress go, no dress code Just breathe it and feel it And if you can find it And need some I'll get it Got peoples who flip it Believe me they putting more trees On the street than the week After Christmas, hah Only need that shit that grow from out the ground Got the plug from Collie Buddz And then we cop it by the pound yeah Dispensaries are popping up all over town No more law to stop me now it's going down Yeah, no longer do we gotta hide it Or only smoke up when in private In this recreational climate No Five-O be looking through my whip Smelling like bud at the function No worries about your assumptions No worries about people's judgement And if they judge then fuck them, we puffing Start the ganja party like we Tasha Marley Rastafari, eating calamari, too much pot to carry I be on some other shit, roll another spliff Blast off into outer space on the mother ship Fucking loving it, yeah High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (high grade, high grade) (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Spliff on the tip of me tongue Marijuana smoke full up my lungs Water bowl with the chalice ah bun Tell the farmer fi carry a tonne Cross the border we have it a run Like Jimmy Cliff, ah di harder they come Lighting a spliff with a spark of me gun Highest of grades under di the sun, yeah Smoking my own strain I got Sativa 'cause Indica's hype I been doing my own thing Minding my business and twisting my fire And suddenly, I see my phone rang I keep it Dizzy Wright Me and Webby make you feel like you in the wrong lane Turned up, living through the stone age Take you to a higher place bro This shit's wonderful if I can say so No hate in my heart, I let hate go I'm on the legal marijuana payroll Can't believe this my reality, right? I know you wanna be mad at me But it get hard when you finding them flavors you like You know it's fire if them haters get right You assuming it correctly More flavors, I'm great in the night You can tell I'm wavy, like I'm on a jet-ski I keep all the players in sight Giving them choices and she think it's sexy I'm keeping it G if I'm saying it right Would you like to smoke, come impress me? They dizzy dreaming, Durban poison And I got that strawberry cough going Wesley (yeah) Rocking my shades like Blade Bitch, I'm still moving you suckers can't catch me (woah) Handle my business I tell 'em I want them to send me the money directly Fuck all them people that tried to convince all my stoners that this shit was deadly (right) Dizzy hippie only fucking with it if it's heavy 'cause man High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (high grade, high grade)(oh yeah) High grade marijuana smoking (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Somebody roll it up Spliff on the tip of me tongue Marijuana smoke full up my lungs Water bowl with the chalice ah bun Tell the farmer fi carry a tonne Cross the border we have it a run Like Jimmy Cliff, ah di harder they come Lighting a spliff with a spark of me gun Highest of grades under di the sun, yeah No bush weed, no bush weed Songwriters: Brian Eisner / La'Reonte Wright / Alan Lynfatt / Christian Webster High Grade lyrics © Ultra Tunes

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    Dizzy kills this too tho🔥 fr

  3. jackie liukkonen

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    This got a Bob Marley sound to it. I love it!! Nice job webby!

  4. Gabe Walker

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    I'm glad this song is 4:20 long😂

  5. casablancakisich

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    Freddy's Fat Drop sample. Gahhh melting. This is dope!

  6. Patrick Roscher

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    jah bless 🙏

  7. Joe Deibert

    Joe Deibert7 dias atrás

    229 people were like wait he's not mumbling about lean

  8. Aaron French

    Aaron French7 dias atrás

    Those keys sampled from NewZealand band Fat freddy's drop -ernie?🔥🔥🔥

  9. casablancakisich

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    For sure it is!

  10. Adrian Kossakowski

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    Not bad 😁

  11. Jannes J

    Jannes J8 dias atrás

    original beat from

  12. Zkiller 108

    Zkiller 1089 dias atrás

    Webby I love this shit I'm a county boy and your the only rapper I listen to

  13. Bryton Strawberry

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    Happy 420💨💨💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Chris webby at it again 💯💯💯

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    Marijuana fill up my lungs

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    This sucks

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    Comment 1,000

  19. nino blum

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    da boooooommmmBBBB

  20. Merovech2018 Gremly

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    They keep claiming it causes cancer lol

  21. Yua-vtuv King

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    Webby you murder every beat!! Keep up these fire ass flows brother!!

  22. Chris Bertrand

    Chris Bertrand15 dias atrás

    Fat Freddys Drop Raaa!

  23. Kayla Logan

    Kayla Logan15 dias atrás

    This songs 4:20 long, was that intentional?😂

  24. Brandon Zukowski

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    🔥 🔥 🔥

  25. Andrew

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    Yup, this shyt ryght hur


    INfAMOUS BLVCK16 dias atrás

    Not the fat Freddy’s drop 😂

  27. Bobby Walls

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    You know it's fire if them h8rs get right

  28. VAB

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    Real Hip Bob🔥🍁🌈

  29. D3S3RCRAT3

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    New daily jam

  30. Akrimonious KING

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    DIZZY Hippie

  31. Official DJ Hybrid

    Official DJ Hybrid17 dias atrás

    JP and Nox are fucking KILLIN it

  32. kingsize xxl420

    kingsize xxl42018 dias atrás

    Banger 🔥

  33. Daehani

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    This song is 4:20 minutes long on purpose lmfao

  34. Cameron Schindler

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  35. Icon Bandit

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    Yo this beats off Fat Freddie’s drop #nz

  36. Brandon Terry

    Brandon Terry20 dias atrás

    I sent an email to your agent hope you enjoyed ❣😁😂😂

  37. Antoine Gadbois-Nadeau

    Antoine Gadbois-Nadeau21 dia atrás

    Found out about Webby like a month ago and been listening to it non-stop. I got 4 albums so far and I just fucking love it. Hopefully you read this, I love your work and you got yourself a new fan. Love your raw thoughts too, it fits my point of view. Keep it on!! No need to sell your soul, you'll get that solid gold bowl !

  38. Ivan De Swardt

    Ivan De Swardt21 dia atrás

    Another brilliant track!

  39. xd timetoaster Gaming

    xd timetoaster Gaming22 dias atrás

    I'm waiting fpr the next one its WENSDAY :)

  40. The Broken G.o.D. Ghostenks

    The Broken G.o.D. Ghostenks22 dias atrás

    Anyone else waiting for Webday

  41. Mark Rothka

    Mark Rothka23 dias atrás

    webbbbbbyyyyy this shit dumpssss homie. Keep that fucking bass yo. sounds so good.

  42. Kyle Thomas

    Kyle Thomas23 dias atrás

    By far one of his best

  43. justin4ec

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    Let's just all smoke some dank weed and get high together!

  44. Kayla Rodriguez

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    Went to his concert in Colorado Denver

  45. Kayla Rodriguez

    Kayla Rodriguez23 dias atrás

    Went to his concert in Colorado Denver

  46. Jesse Rose

    Jesse Rose24 dias atrás

    Love some Dizzy. Another Smokeout Conversation would be raw

  47. blaZe& beattS

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    What a dope sesh song 👽🎧🔥

  48. Netanel Edri

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    I dont know if you read the comments but I gotta say I found out about you last week, listened to tons of your songs, each song you are improving for sure.

  49. Modern Day Jack The Ripper

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    Well guess what nothing new Chris Webby is still the fucking best

  50. Ricky Lahey

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    This is the burn to track no doubt I've only bumped it about 30 times so far

  51. jamie hilland

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    All the dislikes be the cop touts!!

  52. Micheal Lancy

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    This track goes hard as fuck man, mad respect. Webby & Dizzy = deadliest weapon

  54. MassMurderx

    MassMurderx26 dias atrás

    Fucking youtube. Why am I seeing this song a week after fucking 4:20!?!?

  55. William Wells

    William Wells26 dias atrás

    If you guy's dig this, you should check out dizzys song, maintain by dizzy wright.

  56. Connal McLaren

    Connal McLaren26 dias atrás

    Is it coincidence this came out around 420 and its 4 minutes 20 seconds?

  57. P Dudy

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    Already underrated

  58. Paper Castles

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    This is how many people want Chris Webby on XXL Freshmen list 👇👇👇

  59. Jeremiah Netmaker

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    chill just to much

  60. fallen ghost offical

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    Webby and dizzy did it again fuckin 🔥 🔥 🔥 flame

  61. Venustas

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    absolute fucking banger lads

  62. Joey The Misfit

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    Fuckin lovin it

  63. Dylan Francisco

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    Ahh another legend rasta based song🔥🔥

  64. ned dorsey

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    Worl boss

  65. zacho cracy

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    Great stoner rap, 2nd to *Twist Again* imo

  66. zacho cracy

    zacho cracy5 dias atrás

    +Alyssa Medina or Turnt up, that other 🔥 track with Dizzy a while back

  67. Alyssa Medina

    Alyssa Medina27 dias atrás

    Twist: the continual

  68. ned dorsey

    ned dorsey28 dias atrás

    Vybz kartel

  69. la'Grantos

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    you appreciate this a lot more when your high!

  70. A Zephyr Sunrise

    A Zephyr Sunrise28 dias atrás

    Fuck man k was supposed to see you in The Imperial on the 30th. Me and the girl completely forgot to put aside my ticket money. Can't believe im gonna miss seeing you come to Vancouver. 😭 Aside from that hope you had a great 420 holiday man. I have a feeling you're already in BC. 😄

  71. skyrockshit

    skyrockshit28 dias atrás

    Love the reggae vibes. More like this please

  72. William Wells

    William Wells26 dias atrás

    You may like the song maintain by dizzy

  73. TwigzMso

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    Rip to all the kids smoking reggie listening to this

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    Gotta start somewhere

  75. Angel Solorzano

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  76. Chris Lubitz

    Chris Lubitz28 dias atrás

    I still cant believe webby been around so long and i just stumbled on his music last year... sooo many good tracks... and he keeps throwing them out there... 🤘 appreciate your time Webby

  77. Joey The Misfit

    Joey The Misfit28 dias atrás

    He will never disappoint

  78. Hopes_and_Dreams

    Hopes_and_Dreams28 dias atrás

    Played this song like 100 times on 420 thank you webby for the primo music every single time

  79. Aiiden Gaames

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    Ohhh my daaaaayzzzzzzzzzz

  80. AnonnymouZ

    AnonnymouZ29 dias atrás

    Lyrics where??

  81. Garrett Maynard

    Garrett Maynard29 dias atrás

    Webby is the only rapper to put out fire songs every time. Glad the wait for webby Wednesday #3 is over!

  82. Game Drop

    Game Drop29 dias atrás

    Omg i didn't realize how good dizzys verse was bc i focused in on webby but holy fuck.

  83. SC ScruffYY

    SC ScruffYYMês atrás

    Whoever dislikes this fire is the type of person to enjoy "lil this and that and those" mumble rap...

  84. Hadley Hilderbrand

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    I mean or you can appreciate both lol

  85. MARS MARS*691

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    This Is Bomb FIYAH!!🔥👈💯



    Smooth asf track 🌟

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    I wish i had this track on 4/20

  88. Lil TRip

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    Fuck with me cuzo

  89. Spencer Habbie

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    A modern day stoner anthem

  90. Anthony Anthony

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    Need that plug whats up wit the number

  91. Cj Wassamire

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    Anytime webby and dizzy you know it's gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  92. savannah ballanceau

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    Happy 420 well late

  93. Donald Bennett

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    Fucking fire like if u agree webby is bck

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    Aye this shit is still fire two days later🤑🥰🤔🤔🥳😁

  95. Kaden Jenkins

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    Webby deserves way more followers

  96. NZBakerZ Original

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    Big ups the Fat Freddies Drop samples on the track!

  97. Johé Richer

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    Yeah man light it up smoke it up caught it up

  98. Headshotpro6 Gaming

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    Fuck the 117 dislikes on this badass track

  99. Music Is Love Music Is Life

    Music Is Love Music Is LifeMês atrás

    116 people didn't get a High Grade in school

  100. JeezcakesHD

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    Yo this piano is from the band Fat Freddys Drop!

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    definitely getting high to this 🔥

  103. the stoners circle

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    check out our newest track featuring dizzy wright!!! we just like to give good smoking songs!!! hope yall like it!!!

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    Why didn't you drop this 4 days later? :/

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    This song straight 🔥🔥

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    This is literally the greatest smoke song ever.

  107. randyrandyyrandyyy

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    Dizzy always coming through with that hot lava flow

  108. Nate Tilley

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  109. lit guy42

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    I would love a webby + hopsin collab