1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna4 meses atrás

    HEY GUYS!! I made a Patreon for my music stuff I have a TON of behind the scenes stuff and more, but it doesn't really do well on these channels and I don't want to water down my content for most people who subscribed for my vlogs and stuff. I have a LOT of really cool, fun, exclusive content, click the link to see what I'm making over there :) HOPE TO SEE SOME OF YOU THERE! The community we've built so far is already SO SWEET, I love getting in the chat rooms with you!!!

  2. Tia Games

    Tia GamesMês atrás

    You predicted that u would have pink hair at 1:22

  3. WillowsWilldWayyss

    WillowsWilldWayyssMês atrás

    Gabbie Hanna I LOVE THE QUEEN SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ashlynn Nicole

    Ashlynn NicoleMês atrás

    Hey Gabbie umm I love your shirts aka Queen shirt's I'm 13 btw and am OBSESSED with Queen. I have the white bohemian rhapsody shirt also so um twinning. Okay bye just thought i would type this.

  5. Leah Brownie

    Leah Brownie2 meses atrás

    I’m literally wearing the same queen T-shirt as you rn !! Queeeeen sttaaans uniteeeee!!!

  6. Lydia Silverwood

    Lydia Silverwood2 meses atrás

    I can't I live in England and have stuff to do

  7. Emmie Cookie

    Emmie Cookie10 horas atrás

    why do I lowkey ship Irene and Gabbie??? Because honestly living for it.

  8. Anna Cowie xo

    Anna Cowie xo17 horas atrás

    Gabbie and Irene: why do people think we're gay?! Also Gabbie and Irene: 8:05

  9. Jordyn Pokorny

    Jordyn PokornyDia atrás

    23:16 - 24:19 is my favorite part of this video

  10. InMyOpinion

    InMyOpinionDia atrás

    23:13 onwards *every Asian household.* *e v e r.*

  11. Anxiety pills

    Anxiety pillsDia atrás

    I started to sing I’m not okay by mcr when she said she’s not okay- I nearly screamed when Irene said she never heard it.

  12. Emily Matthews

    Emily MatthewsDia atrás

    Can irene and gabbie do a fucking song together please

  13. Alex Jobe

    Alex Jobe3 dias atrás

    I have the same birthday

  14. may Gabby

    may Gabby3 dias atrás

    They wonder why every one thanks there dating when in the video she kisses gabby on the cheek 8:05

  15. Arabella Kath

    Arabella Kath4 dias atrás

    Gabbie: I’ve ate bacon everyday for 8 years Me: never ate a piece of bacon in my 10 years of living

  16. Pug Kittens

    Pug Kittens4 dias atrás



    CATS RCOOL5 dias atrás


  18. Elliot Warren

    Elliot Warren6 dias atrás

    I 100% need to know what brand leggings Gabbie wears

  19. Gajana kulasegaram

    Gajana kulasegaram6 dias atrás

    is everyone just ignoring the fact that she said a paperclip to hold your rubber bands when its a clothes pin..?

  20. Charlie The tree

    Charlie The tree6 dias atrás

    Gabbie guessed her next hair color

  21. Bonnie Jane

    Bonnie Jane6 dias atrás

    Y’all could get fucking married and still act like it’s weird people think you’re dating

  22. Tips Channel

    Tips Channel9 dias atrás

    Way does gabbie’ friend sound like tana mongeou

  23. Natalie Melvin

    Natalie Melvin9 dias atrás

    1:36 No one noticed Irene's vine reference.😔

  24. Trystenya Lacerate

    Trystenya Lacerate9 dias atrás

    I thought I was the only one who does that with my nails when I paint them! 😂

  25. oscar

    oscar10 dias atrás

    i’ve watched this so many times and i just now noticed she actually made irene showstopper of the week lmao

  26. Jonesy

    Jonesy10 dias atrás

    The bags holy shit!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. pretty patrick

    pretty patrick10 dias atrás

    Gabby calling parents "creators" 😂😂😂

  28. Nename Saek

    Nename Saek12 dias atrás

    When she went through the bag drawer it was so funny

  29. Anna Miller

    Anna Miller13 dias atrás

    Can you scrub your cabinets?

  30. Lila Hall

    Lila Hall13 dias atrás

    In the beginning I noticed that she has a Queen T-shirt.

  31. The Fandom Queen

    The Fandom Queen14 dias atrás

    8:03 MY HEART.

  32. taxourwhiskey

    taxourwhiskey14 dias atrás

    why am i watching all of these at once

  33. King Clydesdale

    King Clydesdale14 dias atrás

    Gabbie: takes bags out Me: what kinda Mary Poppins ish?

  34. King Clydesdale

    King Clydesdale14 dias atrás

    Gabbie: I dont think u could do it tho Irene: iM sTiLl GoNnA sEnD iT...!

  35. Olivia Harder

    Olivia Harder15 dias atrás

    i have a bag cubbie too! lol

  36. Mad Life

    Mad Life16 dias atrás

    Gabbie..... I really need those heating pads... if ANYONE knows. PLEASE TELL ME!! I have horrible cramps every month

  37. Eileen Gallegos

    Eileen Gallegos16 dias atrás

    that intro had me dying

  38. Life Begins With A Cob

    Life Begins With A Cob16 dias atrás

    Gabbie+Irene=date night.. I SHIP!!

  39. Autumn Gould

    Autumn Gould16 dias atrás


  40. Jai Grace

    Jai Grace18 dias atrás

    i love how even in the sponser ship clip shes wearing a queen shirt

  41. Deandre Hamilton

    Deandre Hamilton19 dias atrás

    Yasssss I remember this video because it was a day after my birthday March 24th 🥰

  42. Tigertail

    Tigertail19 dias atrás

    I had to turn off this video bc I’m sick and my throat hurts when I laugh 😂 “I love jars” “What a quirky personality trait” “Yeah it’s like my new tinder bio”

  43. KaeKae Denise

    KaeKae Denise19 dias atrás

    15:40 read the subtitle

  44. Nicole Aldaz

    Nicole Aldaz19 dias atrás

    I use hello fresh

  45. simply kara

    simply kara19 dias atrás

    8:05 so damnnn cuteee

  46. JaneJane

    JaneJane20 dias atrás

    Did this annoy any other clean freaks like me and wanted to clean it for sis

  47. Bree K.

    Bree K.21 dia atrás

    gabbie: * angry venting * irene: "jabby" gabbie: * instant mood change, hysteric laughing * big mood

  48. Jenny Monroe

    Jenny Monroe21 dia atrás

    Gabbie I love your videos!!! Thank you for sharing your kitchen journey! Now your in your new house doing this all over lol! Orange bunny is for pancakes : )

  49. The Reel Boy

    The Reel Boy21 dia atrás

    12:26-13:40 Why is this what the presidential debates look like

  50. Chantelle P.L Hickman

    Chantelle P.L Hickman21 dia atrás

    When she started singing MCR I was quacking like the shitty emo I am

  51. Kath Rida

    Kath Rida21 dia atrás

    23:17 Gabbies Lebanese side showing up 😂 Like every Arab has a storage of just plastic bags. I know my fam does

  52. LittleLadyForgetful

    LittleLadyForgetful22 dias atrás

    Oh it seems I'm not the only one that has a bag cabinet

  53. Jessica Thompson

    Jessica Thompson22 dias atrás

    22:50 thats a clothespin not a paper clip lol

  54. Emma's life

    Emma's life22 dias atrás

    Oml my b-d is feb lol

  55. H̷a̷v̷a̷n̷a̷ A̷.

    H̷a̷v̷a̷n̷a̷ A̷.23 dias atrás

    I ship Irene and Gabbie

  56. Shaelyn Schatz

    Shaelyn Schatz23 dias atrás


  57. Shaelyn Schatz

    Shaelyn Schatz23 dias atrás


  58. Luder Zucker

    Luder Zucker23 dias atrás

    damn jabbie is thicc

  59. Nick Adams

    Nick Adams24 dias atrás

    The intro is my work day all summed up. Stop to cry. Stop to drink Do you think we should start working? Laugh about it hiding back the tears

  60. jaedyn davis

    jaedyn davis24 dias atrás

    1:55 when the senior give freshmen a “drink” at a party. aka water

  61. Tøp Turtle

    Tøp Turtle24 dias atrás

    now your fridge

  62. Bellow Diamond

    Bellow Diamond24 dias atrás

    8:02 I ship 😂

  63. KJDoesMinecraft

    KJDoesMinecraft24 dias atrás

    She should make a song about irene

  64. Lousy Lion

    Lousy Lion25 dias atrás

    Turns out the water was vodka

  65. Shawna Poole

    Shawna Poole25 dias atrás

    legit love how she knows MCR like we liveeeeeeeee