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  2. Ruby Montiel

    Ruby MontielAnos atrás

    Red velvet peek a boo plzzzz

  3. Ruby Montiel

    Ruby MontielAnos atrás

    FBE red velvet peek a boo plzzzz

  4. PEPSIMAX2020

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  5. i don’t like you

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  7. Ryan Nguyen

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    Jisoo is my girl 😍😍

  8. kil koh

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    BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA,..... I wish,....

  9. cherry cherry chim

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    React to Shoot me by Day6 :)

  10. Its Bunny Heart

    Its Bunny HeartAnos atrás

    React to BTS next!!!

  11. leslie walls

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    Pleeeeeeease react to JESSI - DOWN

  12. leslie walls

    leslie wallsAnos atrás

    Please react to JESSI - DOWN

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  14. Ays Channel

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    You should watch this cover 😍

  15. Hyunxins _

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    React to BTS singularity

  16. Wooziry _

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  17. Azat Gabdulin

    Azat GabdulinAnos atrás

    College kids react to Far east movement

  18. Niki Liu

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    if its possible, can you do kpop stars reacting to kpop reactions

  19. li na

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  20. Bookie

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    You should do a reaction to Jessi. To me she's the best, at least for me.

  21. Theresa Iafeta

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    1:19 college kids react to easy E

  22. EST

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  23. Azhar Lalymova

    Azhar LalymovaAnos atrás

    RUSSIAN sub

  24. —maría velazco

    —maría velazcoAnos atrás

    React to 2NE1!💕

  25. iiBrxken_ Bekah

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    They have 9.4 mil subscribers

  26. iiBrxken_ Bekah

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    Ou that’s beats fiyreeee boii

  27. Justice Gemini

    Justice GeminiAnos atrás

    We Asians will change the culture. I’m proud that the music is not stereotypical ❤️

  28. misty

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    I love the video, I love blackpink, this was so great 🐙😄💘. I would recommend you to react to dreamcatcher.

  29. -_- Sumfreshbread -_-

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    Please react to Dream Theater

  30. LunaMatic

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    I’ve waited for this

  31. ItsMeGlitter

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  32. Kena Bean

    Kena BeanAnos atrás

    I’m a Blackpink fan and Twice fan.. Could you react to Twice!?? Btw great vid 👍👍

  33. colleen grace

    colleen graceAnos atrás

    I think the next time they have people react to kpop they need to mention fansigns and fan events, also things like fancafe. Many idols dont have personal instagram/twitter accounts but share one account with all members. This also insures that one member doesn't have more followers than the others. Idols also dont usually have a lot of time to post so its easier to have one account instead of many for different idols. Fansigns are where you buy a groups new album from a certain place released by the company and you are put in a raffle to win to go and get your album signed and talk to the members (the more albums you buy the better your chances of getting in). Usually around 100 fans get in per fansign, but during a groups promotions there are many fansign opportunities in various cities in South Korea. This gives fans to actually sit and have a conversation with their idols instead of just liking a picture on instagram. there also fancafe, which you do have to pay for but there you can interact with idols as well, idols post a lot on fancafe. they usually post updates about their lives and what their doing and talk about random things like the weather or music they're working on. kpop idols rely a lot on social media following, thats why kpop is as big as it is. but they also do a lot more to connect with fans in person than any american idol i have seen.

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  35. The Lord

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  36. Natalie Cabrera

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  37. Jennifer

    JenniferAnos atrás

    I freakin love blackpink like if you do as well 🖤💖

  38. egbean

    egbeanAnos atrás

    4:54 Me: well duh yeah it's not just Korean

  39. ONCE upon a time Polinsky

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  40. Allyza Albani

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    YEY black pink my sis fav

  41. Dravin Nagalingam

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  42. mk

    mkAnos atrás

    i remember the very first reactions. of course it's the editting also but i feel korean music has come a long way since.

  43. Marcelo Riveros

    Marcelo RiverosAnos atrás

    Teens react to twice dance the night away

  44. maddie cramer

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    0:39 Tori voicing my thoughts lmao

  45. 박대서

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    99% of people are kpop fans

  46. Janeli Patrael

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    박지Raiden OFC!

  47. Tori D

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    react to love scenario by ikon!!

  48. willow ti

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    React to twice pllleeeaaassseeeee

  49. Yhusif Rama Armando

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    React to Produce48 please.

  50. Kpop Lover ._.

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    Can you please react to wanna one or seventeen

  51. Tapi X

    Tapi XAnos atrás

    We all know now. Asians are the best dancers.

  52. Its Lollipop

    Its LollipopAnos atrás

    2ne1! Or Twice

  53. Shirley Tatha

    Shirley TathaAnos atrás

    Why am I so excited about this and I'm Kenyan???

  54. Kirby A.

    Kirby A.Anos atrás

    They are actually the most viewed kpop music video with in 24 hrs

  55. caspereau

    caspereauAnos atrás

    FBE react to EXO please!! Thank you

  56. Mr. Bad

    Mr. BadAnos atrás

    I got goosebumps when the beat drop

  57. Haganezuka Evergarden

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    React to bigbang!

  58. đeo kính đi du học

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    react to EXID,pls

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  60. joshtor29

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    so proud of my queens

  61. Hamizanhakim Aidil

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    React to bigbang?

  62. amira

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    0:43 same girl same

  63. Lydia Sastra

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    react to bigbang

  64. Cowboy Emoji

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    5:10 YESS GIRL!

  65. Karina Putri

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    React to nissa sabyan

  66. Karina Putri

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    Ilham Fauzie wkwkwkwk

  67. Ilham Fauzie

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    Indonesian detected

  68. Naja Kofler

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    the girl at 5:07 is soooo right😅🙃

  69. Jessycac

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    My queens

  70. DereMeme

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    hi i am Jimin's abbs that username tho 😂