College Vlog: Productive Weekend in My Life - lots of stuDYING - Michigan State University


  1. Ruby Miller

    Ruby Miller3 dias atrás

    you have amazing handwriting!!!!!!!!! you go girl you study so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kendall Morrison

    Kendall Morrison3 dias atrás

    just subscribed!! watched a few vids and loved them

  3. Poppy Rendall

    Poppy Rendall10 dias atrás

    13:38 I think your benzyl and phenyl groups are the wrong way around, benzyl is -Ch2(C6H5) and phenyl is -C6H5, just in case!

  4. c c

    c c11 dias atrás

    just found your channel and im loving your college vlogs

  5. Lacy MacK

    Lacy MacK12 dias atrás

    OMG this is the same study music I use! It makes me so productive, idk why

  6. Marleen Hoogendoorn

    Marleen Hoogendoorn14 dias atrás

    What program do you use for your notes?

  7. Gianna Skye

    Gianna Skye14 dias atrás

    you are seriously such an inspiration to me. i am currently dealing with a lot of anxiety because of things i’ve been bottling up the last few years of my life. my anxiety completely keeps me from studying (something i enjoy doing and need to do to be mentally sane at school) but lately i haven’t been able to because of how anxious i’ve been... do you have any tips for when you are in a funk with anxiety to become motivated again to study? btw i love your study videos so so much!!

  8. Gianna Skye

    Gianna Skye10 dias atrás

    megan raftery thanks so much :)) i will definitely take this advice!!

  9. megan raftery

    megan raftery11 dias atrás

    Hey, I'm so sorry. If you're able to, I'd recommend therapy (maybe your school has a counselling service?). If not, something like journalling to offload the things that you're bottling up. What I do when I'm anxious and need to get things done is a stream of consciousness feelings journal, often listing all the things I'm anxious about, then make a really really specific list of things I need to do (breaking bigger tasks up into really small and specific things - sometimes literally like sit down/look at book/read page). The other things that helps me is making a nice mood - I study in a library on campus that I like, listen to some good music (I find music with lyrics that I know distracts my brain - so I'm half focused on the music and half on the work, and I have less brain power to be anxious) (but if I need to really focus, the instrumental stuff). I also like being really cosy in comfortable clothes, and lighting nice smelling candles. Good luck, please remember that your mental health is important and that you can get through this ❤️

  10. connie

    connie17 dias atrás

    what app do you use for note taking? also where do you get those kinda flashcards from? love your videos btw xx

  11. Hannah Godfrey

    Hannah Godfrey17 dias atrás

    What animation is that? I didnt catch it.

  12. Gina Fourie

    Gina Fourie20 dias atrás

    Do you have any vids about your ESA?

  13. Shiv

    Shiv22 dias atrás

    wow! all that studying and the semester just started! good luck !!! btw I made a college vlog on my channel too

  14. BeauTAEful Me

    BeauTAEful Me23 dias atrás

    What note-taking app do you use? I'm looking for new love your videos, they always motivate me to study more and believe me, I need to study.

  15. culturue

    culturue23 dias atrás

    What app do you use to take notes

  16. Captainch

    Captainch25 dias atrás

    My personal favorite tea is Yogi Blueberry tea with some honey in it. OMG ITS SO GOOD

  17. Captainch

    Captainch25 dias atrás

    Might buy a 7th gen iPad and get an Apple Pencil later Btw I also live in Michigan

  18. Dani Stone

    Dani Stone26 dias atrás


  19. Kaylee G

    Kaylee G28 dias atrás

    I tend to get in a pattern of doing my homework on time and getting it all done asap then I just get lazy and procrastinate because I’m doing so well. Next thing I know I’m in homework debt. It’s like an endless cycle.

  20. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn Films27 dias atrás

    Kaylee G I’ve been there and done that. The best thing to do is to find time to study/do homework for a couple hours everyday so you keep up and maintain your grades :)

  21. Clare Davey

    Clare Davey28 dias atrás

    What app do you use on your iPad to take notes??

  22. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn Films27 dias atrás

    Clare Davey GoodNotes and notability

  23. Brianna Nichola

    Brianna Nichola29 dias atrás

    What ipad do you have?

  24. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn Films28 dias atrás

    The newest iPad Air 64GB and first generation Apple Pencil. I talk more about it in my newest video too!

  25. Mariana Dias

    Mariana DiasMês atrás

    omgggg that organic chemistry notes are so beautifulllll

  26. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Thank you ❤️❤️

  27. Sara Boiler

    Sara BoilerMês atrás

    michigan check

  28. Sara Boiler

    Sara BoilerMês atrás

    thanks 😂

  29. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Hahah I love this comment

  30. Jenn V

    Jenn VMês atrás

    Hey! Great video, check out my account pleasee!

  31. Isabel Moreno

    Isabel MorenoMês atrás

    i love your notes so much!! also what pen size do you use?

  32. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    In goodnotes I use 0.45mm on the GoodNotes standard paper size!

  33. Steph araujo

    Steph araujoMês atrás

    can someone please tell me what the music she used in her intro is? everyone uses it but i can’t seem to find it

  34. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Heres the link to it:

  35. Fiddels Worth

    Fiddels WorthMês atrás

    It was so satisfying watching you do the flash cards. Your writing is soooo pretty. It’s like a Font. 🥰

  36. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww thank you so much!!

  37. Nicole Pinkerton

    Nicole PinkertonMês atrás

    I like watching the screen recording note taking!

  38. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Thank you for letting me know ❤️

  39. Kayla Jones

    Kayla JonesMês atrás

    When ur doing ur note taking do you think you actually comprehend the information? If not how do you make sure you do.

  40. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I try to be as mindful as possible when taking notes after class and really focus on how ideas connect to each other. I also try to word things in my own way so I have to really think about what I'm writing. And when I feel like I didn't comprehend it I'll study the notes more by re reading, making flash cards, etc.

  41. Kayla Jones

    Kayla JonesMês atrás

    How did you like the paper like screen protector, can you do a review

  42. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I'm not sure if I like it yet. I like how it feels when I write but I think it might be wearing down the tip of my Apple Pencil. When I figure it out though ill do a review!

  43. mira d

    mira dMês atrás

    i’ve been trying to make college vlogs too but wow i love your editing style! and your handwriting is soo nice

  44. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Thank you so so much ❤️

  45. Sai Prasanth R

    Sai Prasanth RMês atrás

    How to make iPad screen record time lapse?

  46. Sai Prasanth R

    Sai Prasanth RMês atrás

    Thank you

  47. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I just screen record and then when I edit the video I turn it into a time lapse!

  48. Nellieke Roukens

    Nellieke RoukensMês atrás

    Love it again

  49. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww I hope that you're feeling better ❤️

  50. Oindrilla Seal

    Oindrilla SealMês atrás

    OMG!!! Chilled cow for the win

  51. Oindrilla Seal

    Oindrilla Seal29 dias atrás

    Kaitlyn Films Totally :’)

  52. Kaitlyn Films

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  53. Nura A.

    Nura A.Mês atrás

    seriously Kait, make your handwriting into a font! I'm in love!

  54. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I'm definitely thinking about it!! Thank you ❤️

  55. ello_kita

    ello_kitaMês atrás

    Organization is key! Living for the college vlogs from one college gal to another ❤️✨

  56. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Thank you ❤️

  57. fox gryffindor

    fox gryffindorMês atrás

    Hello! Do you post your notes online *physics and orgo? I'm also taking up those subjescts right now and I'm on my sophomore year in college :)

  58. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I don't think I'm allowed to post notes online because its not my material, but ill try to look into it!

  59. chloé

    chloéMês atrás

    I subscribed 💖

  60. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Thank you, welcome to the fam❤️

  61. Katy C

    Katy CMês atrás

    OMG im amazed at how good you are with goodnotes with transiting the question from somewhere else to the notebook. Anyway you can do a quick tutorial on that? I know your super busy with school. its okay if you can't I understand. Love your notes and handwriting!

  62. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I don't know exactly which part you're asking about, is it the physics part? If so ill try to talk about it in my How I Study video!

  63. Katy C

    Katy CMês atrás

    Apollo makes me want a kitty

  64. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás


  65. The Japanda

    The JapandaMês atrás

    shout out to high school musical haha

  66. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Haha ❤️

  67. Stephanie T

    Stephanie TMês atrás

    What app do you use on your iPad for notes?

  68. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Notability in class and I record the audio, and then GoodNotes for copying lectures after class!

  69. Chantelle Schaubhut

    Chantelle SchaubhutMês atrás

    Your videos are my favorite! They make me feel so motivated! Plus I love how open you are about your health and mental health. I don’t feel so alone! I hope you feel better!

  70. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww this made my day, I never want you guys to feel alone in your struggles❤️

  71. Mia Copeland

    Mia CopelandMês atrás

    i don’t know if you will see the other comment i left lol kinda left it in an obscure place, but i’m a senior in high school and have recently been accepted into a bio program with a focus on pre vet and zoology, so i am either going into the or pre vet animal sciences depending on a admissions decision coming up, but since i saw that you were interested in going to vet school as well i was wondering how you have liked your major so far? Also how have you started doing your hands on (i have been trying to gain some from volunteering at barns and getting hands on work with horses in at abt 30 hours so far) and maybe any tips or anything you have regarding the major/schooling. sorry this is a lot i really enjoy talking to and learning from individuals wanting to go into the same field as me (especially older people who would have more to share) If you are able to answer this thank you so much !

  72. Mia Copeland

    Mia CopelandMês atrás

    Kaitlyn Films thank you sooo much

  73. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aw I love that you're an animal lover too! I have a lil bit to share: -When you get to college focus on at least getting a 3.0 because that's the minimum gpa for a lot of vet schools. But a 3.6 or higher is competitive. -I recommend looking up the general vet school application to see the different sections for hours and immediately talking to an advisor about it to ask any questions. -If you're deciding between animal science and zoology just look at the classes you'll be taking to fulfill each and see which one has classes youll like the most (doesn't really matter which you major in) -I recommend getting a job or internship working with animals over the summer such as a local vet clinic or doggie daycare (vet clinic will be better though) this will get you hours -You need a unique experience with animals as well for your vet school app so think about that and brainstorm ideas -Remember to also do clubs and things outside of animal stuff, one of my issues right now is that I have too much animal related stuff and not other clubs not having to do with animals Good luck girlie! If you ever have more questions lmk!!

  74. Vanessa Herrera

    Vanessa HerreraMês atrás

    Love this cause I'm in OChem too I know your struggle girl

  75. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Ugh you do know the struggle haha ❤️

  76. sharmina B

    sharmina BMês atrás

    Omg I love your videos! If you don’t mind me asking what pen thickness do you use on GoodNotes? and how did you get your handwriting so neat when writing on an iPad!?

  77. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww thank you ❤️ I use the 0.45 mm on standard GoodNotes sized paper. I also used gridlines and that helps with neatness.

  78. klarissa s

    klarissa sMês atrás

    i always listen to the same lo-fi music! i love the chill study vibes 💕

  79. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Love that ❤️

  80. Sofia Rojas Alvarez

    Sofia Rojas AlvarezMês atrás

    i feel like u r so happy or at least happier and that makes me happyyyy

  81. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww ❤️❤️

  82. Brianna G

    Brianna GMês atrás

    SOoo what was the app you were using?

  83. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I used GoodNotes and notability. In my most recent study with me video I go more in depth with which apps I use!

  84. Leamy

    LeamyMês atrás

    I hope you'll get better! stay strong, love your vids

  85. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I am much better. Thank you ❤️

  86. Romy

    RomyMês atrás

    How is scrolling with the paper like screen protector? ☺️

  87. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    It was weird at first but now im totally used to it !

  88. sophia ?

    sophia ?Mês atrás

    sorry if you said this but what software do you use to take notes?

  89. sophia ?

    sophia ?26 dias atrás

    Kaitlyn Films thank you!

  90. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Notability is what I take notes on and record lecture audio in class then I copy the notes neatly into GoodNotes!

  91. Candy Ortiz

    Candy OrtizMês atrás

    Ok but why was watching you write your notes so calming

  92. Kaitlyn Films

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  93. Sabrena Jones

    Sabrena JonesMês atrás

    Candy Ortiz and aesthetic tbh

  94. Wiktoria Spinczyk

    Wiktoria SpinczykMês atrás

    I love lofi hip hop either:*

  95. Kaitlyn Films

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  96. Aaliyah Patel

    Aaliyah PatelMês atrás

    omg you are so motivated! Wish I had drive like you do. What career are you hoping to go into?

  97. Aaliyah Patel

    Aaliyah Patel29 dias atrás

    @Kaitlyn Films omg thats so cool! I can understand why you have to learn all this stuff. I want to be a dentist!

  98. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww thank you. I'm hoping to be a veterinarian one day!!

  99. Amie Heitchue

    Amie HeitchueMês atrás

    I had the stomach flu last week to for two days and slept a crap ton! It’s going around metro Detroit too! Hope you are feeling better!

  100. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww I'm hoping you're feeling better too ❤️



    When i saw your videos i subscribed right away!! I really loved everything about your videos....💕 💕 Honestly I feel you deserve more.... I hope you will be able to achieve all your goals!! And also hope that i achieve all mine too..... Just love you!!!💕 💕 Hope you get lot of support!!

  102. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    AWW thank you so much ❤️

  103. özge :p

    özge :pMês atrás

    i am turkish and i dont understand anything but i like this ok ASKADFAJFJ

  104. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    AWW ❤️❤️

  105. Simona Albanesi

    Simona AlbanesiMês atrás

    You’re my favourite college-youtuber! Your videos motivate me to study in this period (exam session in Italy)! Love uuu 😘

  106. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Aww this is so sweet, I love you guys too!❤️❤️

  107. Ayshia Rodriguez

    Ayshia RodriguezMês atrás

    how many classes are you taking? btw i love you 💘

  108. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    Five classes which is only 12 credits but I'm drowning in work so can't really take any more but wish I could haha. Love you guys too ❤️

  109. Danni Gibson

    Danni GibsonMês atrás

    Do you prefer digital notes or paper notes

  110. Kaitlyn Films

    Kaitlyn FilmsMês atrás

    I definitely prefer digital!

  111. Jelly Fish

    Jelly FishMês atrás

    that dining hall mug 😂😂

  112. Kaitlyn Films

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