1. Jacqui Bishop

    Jacqui Bishop3 meses atrás

    Hi Gemma, you have skills & patience lol looks good & yummy! & ? Where did u get the sweater soooo cute?!? 🥰

  2. Kelleigh Willocks

    Kelleigh Willocks8 meses atrás

    Cupcakes and more cakes! ❤️

  3. Kiochu- Gacha

    Kiochu- Gacha8 meses atrás

    Instead of putting so much effort in putting butter on it use spray butter

  4. Distant Radiance

    Distant Radiance11 meses atrás

    I wd of stuck a matessa bunny on it and stuck icing on top for the rabbit lol 😂 I love your cake it’s fab xxxx❤️❤️❤️

  5. ghulam shah

    ghulam shahAnos atrás


  6. Roz

    RozAnos atrás

    Loved this. Think I'm going to have to get back into baking! Xx 🙂👍❤️

  7. Sammy Sweets

    Sammy SweetsAnos atrás

    I need that pink bowl in my life !

  8. Lisa Owens

    Lisa OwensAnos atrás

    Wow that was so good,you should be proud of yourself. Amazing I struggle with box cakes lol 🙄

  9. Tammy Reisewitz

    Tammy ReisewitzAnos atrás

    Emma, it turned out awesomely 🎂😊

  10. Aimee Dobbs

    Aimee DobbsAnos atrás

    You should do some Christmas cooking!!!


    GIRL& GAMERAnos atrás

    Oh! You got a new subscriber ! I'm from morocco an arabic country.... And i loved u ❤❤❤ and your accent is just like wow amazing ! Loved u ❤💝

  12. chris H

    chris HAnos atrás

    I love to bake for my family, and especially birthday cakes for the grandkids. I have to say your PR cake was really very good for a first attempt of a character cake. I was very impressed. Clever girl!

  13. Ellie Hesford

    Ellie HesfordAnos atrás

    What does she work as? Xx

  14. Hayley Fuller

    Hayley FullerAnos atrás

    Think it's lovely you made your nephew christening cake! Turned out lovely!...Loved watching the video we need more cooking & baking videos 👍🏻 xx

  15. MysteryBaker

    MysteryBakerAnos atrás

    How lovely what a great cake xxx

  16. gill williams

    gill williamsAnos atrás

    Well done Gem - that cakes looks fab - well done hunny ❤❤

  17. Debra Hutchison

    Debra HutchisonAnos atrás

    Where did you get the pink mixing bowl?

  18. Mrs Loveridge

    Mrs LoveridgeAnos atrás

    is that the 9 inch or 7inch tin?

  19. מאירה גיני

    מאירה גיניAnos atrás

    Love it👌

  20. Martina Williamson

    Martina WilliamsonAnos atrás

    Loved this video. It's made me want to bake. Please do healthy meal ideas :) x

  21. Emma Leach

    Emma LeachAnos atrás

    Gemma I have never ever baked a cake in my life but watching this has made me want to try. More cake cooking videos please xx

  22. Sue Monteiro

    Sue MonteiroAnos atrás

    Ohhhh Gemma..You did a fabulous job darling 😘 Do more of these video especially for Autumn,Halloween, Christmas New Year aaahhh who am I kidding any day is good for a cake 😍😋

  23. Rachel Boyle

    Rachel BoyleAnos atrás

    Hi Gemma, love ur channel. Please do a dining room tour as I need to know where your wallpaper if from x

  24. Charlotte Rose Bedford

    Charlotte Rose BedfordAnos atrás

    Love this Gemma!! What camera do you use? What would you recommend for my first camera for vlogging and videos? Xxxxx

  25. Jess C

    Jess CAnos atrás

    Well done Gemma the cake is so nice make more videos like this please 😘

  26. Juliette Clark

    Juliette ClarkAnos atrás

    Aww look at Tilly running about. ❤️❤️

  27. Joanne Marie

    Joanne MarieAnos atrás

    Also how did your white jumper stay white 😂 i end up so messy xx

  28. Joanne Marie

    Joanne MarieAnos atrás

    Well done chick. Loved this video xx

  29. Big sis vs lil sis

    Big sis vs lil sisAnos atrás

    That cake looks yummy well done you! I love the way you talk I find you relaxing, I'd have loved to see the inside of the cake! X

  30. Gem Bets

    Gem BetsAnos atrás

    Omg I need you pastel bowls where are they from booooo!!!

  31. Sparkle eva

    Sparkle evaAnos atrás

    really good attempt i think Peter the rabbit looks good! you wouldn't even need to buy birthday cakes for your own kids one day! x

  32. karen whitehead

    karen whiteheadAnos atrás

    Well done 👍🏻 the cake looks amazing did u only put jam in the inside I usually put jam and cream so it’s not too dry . Love watching your videos Gemma your not fake like some you tubers just down to earth and honest xx

  33. Needing Less

    Needing LessAnos atrás

    That sweater! Love it!! Tillie wants to assist you! She is sooo beauuuutiful! Loving your pink & blue bowls. Oh heck! I love everything of yours! That cake looks pretty good to me!

  34. Jade m

    Jade mAnos atrás

    Your cake was amazing babe well done I bet it'll taste amazing 💝

  35. Rachel Weatherhead

    Rachel WeatherheadAnos atrás

    Ahhh it's fab Gemma!! 🐇

  36. Miss sinclair

    Miss sinclairAnos atrás

    Should of cut the the too make it even then stack them on top x

  37. Helen Stokes

    Helen StokesAnos atrás

    Gemma, if it went perfectly first time folks wouldn’t have believed that you did it. It’s cute and it’s not like your nephew will remember if Peter’s eats aren’t ‘en pointe’! I think it’s adorable.xx

  38. Helen Stokes

    Helen StokesAnos atrás

    If you want to save butter, lightly butter it then sprinkle flour on the butter or, line with greaseproofed paper.

  39. Jade Bridger

    Jade BridgerAnos atrás

    You can turn my bad day into a good day! Your so fab! P.s I work for Aldi and I love it to 😂😂

  40. Naz Dollz

    Naz DollzAnos atrás

    Great job hun x

  41. Kay Cor

    Kay CorAnos atrás

    Omg that’s such an easy way to grease a tin! I always get in such a mess trying to grease a tin, butter all over my hands 😷, your way looks so much better, great tip! Xxx



    soooo cute! good job gemma!

  43. Paula xx

    Paula xxAnos atrás

    really cute . halloween stuff i need tips xx

  44. Lauren Matthews

    Lauren MatthewsAnos atrás

    Gemma it’s amazing!!! So so good ☺️ I’m definitely going to have a try of this! 🍰 X

  45. Jennifer Dobbie

    Jennifer DobbieAnos atrás

    when i was in school i used to get picked on because my family shopped at aldi and netto (rip netto D;) but now that im an adult like omg why would you shop anywhere else, m and s who please ?

  46. Leylakayla

    LeylakaylaAnos atrás

    Yes!!!! Make it a regular thing girl! Amazing vid x

  47. Jason Steven Grant

    Jason Steven GrantAnos atrás

    Excellent Video Miss Gemma! It's always a grand occasion to watch your videos I love them dearly, I hope you don't forget that I have two BRreporter accounts for the time being haha lol 😄 💯💯💯👍👍❤

  48. Jason Steven Grant

    Jason Steven GrantAnos atrás


  49. Jason Steven Grant

    Jason Steven GrantAnos atrás

    Thank you Gemma and you have a great day as well! 😉☕☀

  50. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    Michael Kelley hey!!!!! Don’t worry I remember you have two accounts of course!! Thank you for your lovely comment. Have a great day xxx

  51. Chloe Ford

    Chloe FordAnos atrás

    Where are your mixing bowls from hun?

  52. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    Chloe Ford they were from Sainsbury’s babe xx

  53. Michael Kelley

    Michael KelleyAnos atrás

    How Splendid Miss Miles! x

  54. F

    FAnos atrás

    Well done! It was very ambitious but u had a good go at it lol better than i could do for sure. Bet it tastes yummy!

  55. _xjc Xxx

    _xjc XxxAnos atrás

    Did anyone else skip to the end before watching to see how it came out? Haha. You did good! I can’t even get my cookies off the cooking paper 😂

  56. _xjc Xxx

    _xjc XxxAnos atrás

    Oh no I watched it after!!! 😂 just had to see it x

  57. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    _cxj S nooooooo!!!! You can’t skip it 😂😅😅😅😅😅😅

  58. Sophie Brown

    Sophie BrownAnos atrás

    I think you did amazing! Definitely tempted to do this for my little boys birthday xxx

  59. Jessica Turner

    Jessica TurnerAnos atrás

    Gemma u did a fab job and love that u put the cat out sorry I’m like no animals in the kitchen any I’m going of the topic but does ur brick wall paper make ur kitchen feel smaller as I’m thinking of get that wallpaper for my house but if u have time to answer would be great thanks have a lovely day xxxxx

  60. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    Jessica Turner no cat hair in my cake haha!!!! No the wallpaper made such a huge difference and I think it makes it look bigger!! 💕💕

  61. Sheila Ramsey

    Sheila RamseyAnos atrás

    Great job! Is there anything you cant do??

  62. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    Sheila Ramsey BLESS YOU!!! Well I can’t sing... sound like a cat being strangled 😂😂😂


    JILLIAN LAnos atrás

    GBBO Celebrity Edition should be calling you soon!!! Way too cute!!🐰🐰🐰

  64. G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E S

    G E M M A L O U I S E M I L E SAnos atrás

    JILLIAN L OMGGGGGGGG I would be terrible 😂😂😂😂😂

  65. melanie craig

    melanie craigAnos atrás

    Came across your channel a few days ago, absolutely love your haul videos and home decor videos ☺️

  66. Nina Belfield

    Nina BelfieldAnos atrás

    Omg the cake 🍰 is mega cute xxxxxx👍🏻😁🧚‍♀️👠

  67. Em D

    Em DAnos atrás

    Wow the cake turned out so good! Please make more baking videos I’m obsessed already and your so good at it 🤩

  68. Julie Drabble

    Julie DrabbleAnos atrás

    Well done chick you did a fab job xxx

  69. SoGel And Beauty

    SoGel And BeautyAnos atrás

    Gemma this was amazing well done girl!!! 👏👏👏😘😘😘