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    Love it😍

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    Jesus Christ I just wanted to slim my nose with light makeup, not plug all of my pores. Disgusting.

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    I love you 😍

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    Wow i just wana try this nose conturinggg 🥰👌

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    Yup, best contouring video. Thank u

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    my nose is huuge so its impossible to hide it but at least balancing it helps some :)) sometimes i accidentally make it look bigger tho 😅

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    Holy sh*t you look totally different

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    I really need to try the trick with the sponge.

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    Love that the video is short and straight to the point. Thank you for that !

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    where are your gold earrings from?

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    Omg girl. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 I NEEDED THIS VIDEO!

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    Girl u hvnt blended ur contour lines well on ur forehead..... the blending of lines anywhere isnt perfect n the nose job isnt really for a working woman....

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    Absolutely loved it. My all the features are small except my nose. This is gonna be so useful. ✌🏻

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    Just please know, your natural nose is beautiful and really cute. If you want to contour that's perfectly fine but you definitely don't "need" to. :*

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    This is too much

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    Best tips

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    😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭 thank you sooo very much.. Finally, I'm going to try this technique..

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    very beautiful.. thank you

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    her forehead kinda pissed me off

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    I would love to know if you use a whitening kit for your amazing teeth or get it professionally done? Love your videos

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    Excellent job!!!

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    So amazing. Thank you, this was extremely helpful

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    There’s a square in her forehead. What a shame... luckily shes pretty. Nose job is ok.

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    I’ll give this a try since my nose is flat and hopefully this method will work great tutorial! 👍

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    Super video

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    How to cover the mole near eyes make a video fr that

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    Thanks for sharing WOW I see the difference ! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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    Wow a great tutorial thanks

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    I need to try thisb

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    It was super helpful ❤ thanks !

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    Thank you for this helpful tutorial! ^_^

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    The video was really helpful 😍😍😍

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    Literally the best nose contour I’ve ever seen

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    That was great ty, im just learning ao will sub and check your other vids out

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    Sorry but before looks way better. I really don't understand where that stupid long thin nose look fashion came from.

  39. Mo Ri

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    That my friend is a hell of a nose took so much and long work ..just for the nose.Now i know why my friend who loves contouring spend 2 hours on her make up.

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    Love it thank u👌🌹

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    Beautiful before and after. Crafty 💯💯💯

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    Which shade color you will choose for you face if you have CC+ Cream 50..??? Because your shade same as me ,I need your help!😊 ,Thank you

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    Who agrees that her eyeshape is beautiful? 😍

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    the nose looks made up, prefer without .. you are beautiful anyway

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    Great video! I’m doing this tonight! Hey any new youtubers let’s be friends! 👋🏼😘

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    The best nose contouring video 👌

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    amazing!! loved the trick✨

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    She looks like brazilian....

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    Andrea this technique is amazing, thank you for sharing. I would love to see your other videos, eyeshadow, eyebrows. 🙏🏼💗💅🏽

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    Honestly the best nose contouring video ever!!! This was actually helpful..yay

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    It's amazing

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    very helpful thanks for the video and your time. ^-^

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    Well done! Thanks for posting

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    Your natural shape is beautiful and fits your face better.

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    Wow! Thank you! You explained this contour well.

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    I must be old because that's a lot of work

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    I don't even know why I'm watching this video, I don't wear makeup, and I've been told I have a great nose. 😂

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    My nose too fat for this shit

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    Great job! Very helpful! Thank you!

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    Very good

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    Loved!!! Looks so natural, but yet made such a huge difference! Amazing 🙌🏽

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    Your nose is beautiful before you contour but I'm glad you found something that makes you happy. Thanks for the instructions though because they are very easy to understand

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    Sorry, too complicated for me.

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    Who has the time, how ridiculous contouring is. Just love your natural nose!

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    Damn u r so gorgeous

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    Yassss girl thank you!!

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    Kelly Belly2 meses atrás

    I definitely learned something new from you but what would really help is at the end of your video adding a diagram of what you did in creating the perfect nose! It would be great to have a standard face like the make-up companies draw up but with your work drawing lines. It would be great to see where you used sponge, had dotted lines with brush use to blend and product titles (bronzer, matte powder) included from your video basically providing a simple snap shot where your subscribers can review your technique in steps. For example, step 1, step 2, if multiple layers or products in the same area and same step use a the steps 3 a. 3b. and label what you used next to each would help the lay persons who like your style actually implement it if we are not as quick or are having to try different colors to get it right. It gets a little annoying to rewatch the same first 10 steps 20 times just to start perfecting step 11. You seem nice and all but putting on my make-up is my me time - not my let’s get confused and annoyed that my face looks like my kid took a crayon to it when in reality I am just unable to master and take my time blending my colors in a mirror and not going back and forth to BRreporter constantly. This isn’t meant to offend. I am just someone who likes to take my time and likes your videos but don’t have your innate talent. Maybe you can make it your signature to have user friendly attachments to print so those who like to sit alone and practice can then have time to go work at it. Then you could add printed advertisements to your instructional pages. Just an idea. Thank you. Sorry if I offended you. Not my intent.

  73. Erika America

    Erika America2 meses atrás

    Great video👍🏻😊Often times my contour looks crooked. The make up wedge is a super idea☀️

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    Nicely done! Very useful.

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    glad you enjoyed!

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    Spending all this time and this amount of powder on a nose contour!!!!! Fu** that

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    Number of lip stick ??? Which is? Thank u

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    You did an AMAZING job!

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    thank you :)

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    I only have contour, foundation and eye makeup I have to buy bronzer and all that?

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    @Alina K. ok thank you!!!

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    You habe contour Product? Use them instead of the Bronzer!

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    I'm 4 years late but ever grateful that I saw this video

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    No shade... Well, a little does anyone else see the square? [ ]

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    Wow! Really helpful video!

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    Your nose is beautiful and fits your face. You don't need to contour but I am sure people appreciate your knowledge.

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    Her nose is beautiful to start off with.

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    Amazing!!!! I have the same exact nose as you and cane up with a similar technique myself through trial and error, but I still learned some great things from you. Thank you so much!!

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    First time watching you it’s was a easy tip. I enjoy it

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    You do NOT have a thick nose. Great video though!

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    Wowww, that looks like a LoT of work and a LoT of steps.. I got lost with alllll those steps ..i didn't get it :(

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    I use my index finger to contour bronze my nose, yeah I brush it a little after wards

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    Wow, great effect! Thank you!

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    She does a fantastic job in this video, but I actually think she looks younger and prettier with her "real" nose.

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    Waouh c'est impressionnant

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    what kind and color of lipstick are you wearing here

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    This was great, my nose is a bit bumpy so is hard to draw a straight line!! Lol the wedge trick is great thank you xxx

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